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  1. India makes first crude oil purchaseThe Times of India(14 hours ago)125
  2. What UP village does when bridegrooms turn up lateThe Times of India(10 hours ago)48
  3. Expats, families may land in new black money netThe Times of India(13 hours ago)47
  4. Solar Impulse lands in ChinaThe Times of India(18 hours ago)45
  5. Capitation fee in med, engg colleges may dropThe Times of India(21 hours ago)36
  6. Google doodle: 6 things to know about Eiffel TowerThe Times of India(14 hours ago)29
  7. Kannada mandatory subject in Karnataka schoolsThe Times of India(5 hours ago)14
  8. Lunar eclipse on April 4 to be seen all over IndiaThe Times of India(5 hours ago)8
  9. SC rejects Jat reservation in medical coursesThe Times of India(8 hours ago)8
  10. Amazon's model set to make a splash in marketsThe Times of India(10 hours ago)8

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Mar 29New Zealand vs. AustraliaAustralia won by 7 wkts

Mar 26Australia vs. IndiaAustralia won by 95 runs

Mar 24New Zealand vs. South AfricaNZ won by 4 wkts (D/L method)

Apr 08 20:00Kolkata vs. Mumbai1st Match at Kolkata

Apr 09 20:00Chennai vs. Delhi2nd Match at Chennai

Apr 10 20:00Punjab vs. Rajasthan3rd Match at Pune