Jan 26Australia vs. India

5th Match at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

No result

Jan 25South Africa vs. West Indies

4th ODI at St George's Park, Port Elizabeth

West Indies won by 1 wkt

Jan 25New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

6th ODI at University Oval, Dunedin

New Zealand won by 120 runs

Jan 23New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

5th ODI at University Oval, Dunedin

New Zealand won by 108 runs

Jan 23Australia vs. England

4th Match at Bellerive Oval, Hobart

Australia won by 3 wkts

Jan 21South Africa vs. West Indies

3rd ODI at Buffalo Park, East London

South Africa won by 9 wkts

Jan 28 17:00South Africa vs. West Indies

5th ODI at SuperSport Park, Centurion

Jan 29 06:30New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

7th ODI at Wellington

Jan 30 08:50England vs. India

6th Match at Perth

Jan 31 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

1st ODI at Wellington

Feb 01 08:50Australia vs. TBC

Final at Perth

Feb 03 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

2nd ODI at Napier

Cricket Scorecard

South Africa in Zimbabwe, 2014

Zimbabwe vs. South Africa, Only Test

Harare Sports Club, Harare, Aug 09, 2014

Match Information

Match Status
South Africa won by 9 wkts
Man Of The Match
D Piedt
Zimbabwe (Elected to Bat)
Aleem Dar (Pak) & Chris Gaffaney (NZ)
Third Umpire
Jeremiah Matibiri (Zim)
Match Referee
Roshan Mahanama (SL)

Batting: Zimbabwe

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Vusi Sibandacaught A Petersen b Steyn07000.00
Hamilton Masakadzabowled b D Piedt45935048.39
Mark Vermeulenlbw b D Piedt14361038.89
Brendan Taylor (C)caught Duminy b D Piedt931598058.49
Regis Chakabva (WK)caught Amla b D Piedt02000.00
Sean Williamscaught de Kock b Steyn24343070.59
Richmond Mutumbamilbw b Steyn21782026.92
Tinashe Panyangaracaught de Kock b Philander12142085.71
Donald Tiripanobatting15801018.75
Tendai Chataracaught de Kock b Steyn22264084.62
John Nyumbucaught de Kock b Steyn229006.90
Extras (2 wides, 2 no balls, 4 leg byes)8 
Total (256-10 in 92.4 overs)256 

Fall of Wickets

1/0 (Vusi Sibanda, 2.1 ov.), 2/33 (Mark Vermeulen, 15.1 ov.), 3/90 (Hamilton Masakadza, 32.2 ov.), 4/90 (Regis Chakabva, 32.4 ov.), 5/120 (Sean Williams, 40.5 ov.), 6/179 (Richmond Mutumbami, 62.6 ov.), 7/204 (Tinashe Panyangara, 67.1 ov.), 8/220 (Brendan Taylor, 76.1 ov.), 9/246 (Tendai Chatara, 82.4 ov.), 10/256 (John Nyumbu, 92.4 ov.)

Bowling: South Africa

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Dale Steyn22.410465002.0
Vernon Philander185511202.8
Morne Morkel193390022.1
Dane Piedt241904003.8
Jean-Paul Duminy90260002.9

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
92.4OUTSteyn to John Nyumbu, out Caught by de Kock!! Steyn finishes off things! He also picks up another 5-wicket haul. It is his 24th in Tests. Not the best of deliveries though, strays down leg, Nyumbu gets a faint edge as he looks to glance, de Kock collects it comfortably, umpire raises his finger quickly and gives the marching orders. John Nyumbu c de Kock b Steyn 2(29)256/10
82.4OUTSteyn to Chatara, out Caught by de Kock!! That's a top nut from Steyn! Chatara is livid with the decision! That ball missed everything! Poor call from the umpire. Outswinging short of length delivery on the stumps, Chatara was beaten by the late movement, looks to defend, the ball goes off the thigh to the keeper. Steyn is pumped up! Chatara points to his thigh pad suggesting that he didn't hit it. Chatara c de Kock b Steyn 22(26) [4s-4]246/9
81.4FOURPhilander to Chatara, FOUR, these are handy runs for Zimbabwe! Full and down the leg side, Chatara tries to help it away, the ball goes off the bottom edge to the fine leg fence245/8
81.3FOURPhilander to Chatara, FOUR, Chatara brings the crowd on its feet again. Full delivery on the leg stump, Chatara leans forward and clips it away through backward square leg241/8
79.5FOURDuminy to Chatara, FOUR, goes over the top again and this time sends it over the mid-wicket fielder, these are some handy runs for Zimbabwe235/8
76.4FOURD Piedt to Chatara, FOUR, Chatara goes aerial and almost hits for a six. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Chatara goes down on one knee and launches it over mid-wicket224/8
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Batting: South Africa

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Dean Elgarcaught Mutumbami b Donald Tiripano611467041.78
Alviro Petersencaught Mutumbami b John Nyumbu32582155.17
Faf du Plessis* caught Chakabva b John Nyumbu9826411037.12
Hashim Amla (C)caught Sibanda b Chatara4270014.81
AB de Villierscaught Sibanda b John Nyumbu7340020.59
Quinton de Kock (WK)caught Sibanda b Sean Williams811525153.29
Jean-Paul Duminycaught Brendan Taylor b John Nyumbu551342041.04
Vernon Philanderbowled b Sean Williams17871019.54
Dale Steyncaught Donald Tiripano b John Nyumbu191802105.56
Dane Piedtlbw b Donald Tiripano13280046.43
Morne Morkelbatting240050.00
Extras (3 byes, 1 no balls, 4 leg byes)8 
Total (397-10 in 158.3 overs)397 

Fall of Wickets

1/57 (Alviro Petersen, 22.2 ov.), 2/132 (Dean Elgar, 47.4 ov.), 3/146 (Hashim Amla, 57.5 ov.), 4/157 (AB de Villiers, 68.4 ov.), 5/276 (Faf du Plessis, 110.3 ov.), 6/292 (Quinton de Kock, 115.6 ov.), 7/334 (Vernon Philander, 143.4 ov.), 8/367 (Dale Steyn, 148.5 ov.), 9/395 (Dane Piedt, 157.4 ov.), 10/397 (Jean-Paul Duminy, 158.3 ov.)

Bowling: Zimbabwe

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Tinashe Panyangara3012390001.3
Donald Tiripano268652102.5
John Nyumbu49.371575003.2
Tendai Chatara2712341001.3
Sean Williams*262952003.7

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
158.3OUTJohn Nyumbu to Duminy, out Caught by Brendan Taylor!! Second Zimbabwean to take a fifer on debut. He's pumped. Has his hands aloft pointing towards the sky. He kisses the badge on his shirt and celebrates with his teammates. Flighted delivery on the off stump, Duminy goes for the reverse sweep, gloves it and offers a simple catch to first slip. Duminy c Brendan Taylor b John Nyumbu 55(134) [4s-2]397/10
157.4OUTDonald Tiripano to D Piedt, out Lbw!! Aleem Dar's finger went up in a flash! Good length delivery swinging back in sharply, Piedt was foxed by the sharp late swing into him, he falls over while trying to play across the line and is hit in line with middle and leg. Was it doing too much? No, according to the umpire. In my view, that would just clip the leg stump or just miss it! D Piedt lbw b Donald Tiripano 13(28)395/9
153.4OTHERPanyangara to Duminy, 2 runs, gently turns the short of length delivery wide of backward square leg and gets to his 6th Test fifty384/8
148.5OUTJohn Nyumbu to Steyn, out Caught by Donald Tiripano!! A brisk cameo comes to an end. Nice piece of bowling from Nyumbu, gave this one plenty of air and gets it to spin away. Steyn was tempted into another big shot, only manages to get a thick outside edge that is well caught by Tiripano running back from cover. 4th wicket for Nyumbu. Steyn c Donald Tiripano b John Nyumbu 19(18) [6s-2]367/8
148.1FOURJohn Nyumbu to Duminy, FOUR, tossed up and just outside off, Duminy gets down on his knees, rolls his wrists and sweeps it in front of square on the on-side, the fielder gives chase and pulls the ball back in, his palms were touching the ropes while doing so, and a boundary is signalled364/7
146.1SIXJohn Nyumbu to Steyn, SIX, lovely shot, Nyumbu gives this one more air, Steyn gets a big stride forward, picks up the length and hoists it high over long on for a maximum353/7
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Batting: Zimbabwe

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Hamilton Masakadzacaught de Villiers b M Morkel19351154.29
Vusi Sibandacaught D Piedt b D Piedt451116140.54
Donald Tiripanobowled b D Piedt563007.94
Mark Vermeulenlbw b Steyn21682030.88
Brendan Taylor (C)caught Elgar b D Piedt590055.56
Regis Chakabva (WK)bowled b M Morkel15232065.22
Sean Williamscaught Duminy b M Morkel3190015.79
Richmond Mutumbamicaught de Kock b Steyn43696062.32
John Nyumbucaught D Piedt b D Piedt13520125.00
Tendai Chatarabatting04000.00
Tinashe Panyangarabowled b Steyn260033.33
Extras (2 byes, 1 no balls, 7 leg byes)10 
Total (181-10 in 76.2 overs)181 

Fall of Wickets

1/25 (Hamilton Masakadza, 9.1 ov.), 2/58 (Donald Tiripano, 28.1 ov.), 3/98 (Mark Vermeulen, 45.4 ov.), 4/98 (Vusi Sibanda, 46.2 ov.), 5/113 (Brendan Taylor, 48.4 ov.), 6/121 (Regis Chakabva, 53.5 ov.), 7/124 (Sean Williams, 55.4 ov.), 8/178 (Richmond Mutumbami, 74.3 ov.), 9/178 (John Nyumbu, 75.1 ov.), 10/181 (Tinashe Panyangara, 76.2 ov.)

Bowling: South Africa

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Dale Steyn21.29383001.8
Vernon Philander103250102.5
Morne Morkel159153001.0
Dane Piedt253624002.5
Jean-Paul Duminy21120006.0
Dean Elgar30200006.7

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
76.2OUTSteyn to Panyangara, out Bowled!! The off-stump is knocked out. Steyn wraps up the Zimbabwe innings. Back of a length delivery from the South African quick, Panyangara looks to defend but the ball dips in late and shoots through to uproot the off-stump. Panyangara b Steyn 2(6)181/10
75.1OUTD Piedt to John Nyumbu, out Caught&Bowled!! Chipped back to the bowler, what a tame dismissal. Piedt now has the best match haul by a RSA spinner on debut. Tossed up just outside off, John Nyumbu seeks to drive but can only chip it back to the bowler. John Nyumbu c and b D Piedt 13(52) [6s-1]178/9
74.3OUTSteyn to Mutumbami, out Caught by de Kock!! Mutumbami has nicked off. End of a fighting effort from the Zim keeper. Another good length ball in the channel of uncertainty, Mutumbami feels for it with laden feet, the thin outside edge is gleefully gobbled up by QDK. Steyn beams like a cheshire cat. Mutumbami c de Kock b Steyn 43(69) [4s-6]178/8
73.2FOURElgar to Mutumbami, FOUR, Mutumbami fetches this from outside off and sweeps it powerfully in front of square, the ball purrs away to the fence. That raises the fifty of the partnership as well177/7
71.4FOURElgar to Mutumbami, FOUR, pushed through quicker and on off, Mutumbami goes down on one knee and slogs it away to the deep mid wicket boundary173/7
70.3FOURSteyn to Mutumbami, FOUR, crunched. Steyn errs too full and offers some room, it was a half volley in fact. Mutumbami leans forward and drives it with a bent knee, banishing the ball to the deep extra cover fence166/7
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Batting: South Africa

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Dean Elgarbowled b Chatara21283175.00
Alviro Petersenbatting17303056.67
Faf du Plessis* batting561083.33
Extras (1 leg byes)1 
Total (44-1 in 10.4 overs)44 

Recent Overs

0 0 0 0 0 0   -  1 0 0 0 0 4   -  0 4 0 W 0 1   -  0 0 0 4

Fall of Wickets

1/39 (Dean Elgar, 9.4 ov.)

Bowling: Zimbabwe

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
John Nyumbu40240006.0
Tinashe Panyangara3150001.7
Tendai Chatara2151002.5
Sean Williams*1.4090005.4

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
10.4FOURSean Williams to du Plessis, FOUR, South Africa win by 9 wickets. Sean Williams gives this ample air on off, du Plessis gives the charge, lifting it over mid-off44/1
9.4OUTChatara to Elgar, out Bowled!! Elgar has dragged on. He is livid as he trudges back to the hut. This was a fraction back of a length and outside off, Elgar aims to force it away from his body. He can only chop it back onto the stumps off a thick inside edge. Elgar b Chatara 21(28) [4s-3 6s-1]39/1
9.2FOURChatara to Elgar, FOUR, good length ball outside off, Elgar heaves it over to the long on fence. He did not time that but South Africa will take those39/0
9FOURSean Williams to A Petersen, FOUR, Sean Williams digs it short, Petersen rocks back and pulls it over mid-wicket for his second four35/0
6.2SIXJohn Nyumbu to Elgar, SIX, massive blow from Elgar. Tossed up on the stumps, Elgar gets under it and lofts it over the bowler's head in an authoratative fashion30/0
4.3FOURJohn Nyumbu to A Petersen, FOUR, 2000 Test runs for Alviro. Petersen bends down, takes it from outside off and sweeps it to the fine leg boundary21/0
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