Cricket Scorecard

Indian T20 League 2014

Delhi vs. Kolkata, 28th Match

Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi, May 07, 2014

Match Information

Match StatusScores delayed by 15 mins Kolkata won by 8 wkts
Man Of The MatchGambhir
TossDelhi (Elected to Bat)
UmpiresBruce Oxenford (Aus) & Chettithody Shamsuddin (Ind)
Third UmpireRajesh Deshpande (Ind)
Match RefereeJavagal Srinath (Ind)

Batting: Delhi

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Quinton de Kockcaught Gambhir b UmeshQuinton de Kock
caught Gambhir b Umesh
Murali Vijaycaught Narine b KallisMurali Vijay
caught Narine b Kallis
Kevin Pietersen (C)runout UthappaKevin Pietersen (C)
runout Uthappa
Dinesh Karthik (WK)caught Kallis b ShakibDinesh Karthik (WK)
caught Kallis b Shakib
Jean-Paul DuminybattingJean-Paul Duminy
Laxmi Shuklabowled b NarineLaxmi Shukla
bowled b Narine
Kedar JadhavbattingKedar Jadhav
Extras (2 wides, 6 leg byes)8 
Total (160-5 in 20 overs) 160 
Extras (2 wides, 6 leg byes)8 
Total (160-5 in 20 overs) 160 

Fall of Wickets

1/14 (Quinton de Kock, 2.3 ov.), 2/26 (Kevin Pietersen, 5.3 ov.), 3/61 (Murali Vijay, 8.6 ov.), 4/85 (Dinesh Karthik, 11.5 ov.), 5/105 (Laxmi Shukla, 15.5 ov.)

Bowling: Kolkata

Suryakumar Yadav10808.0
Jacques Kallis403819.5
Umesh Yadav402616.5
Shakib Al Hasan401313.2
Sunil Narine403819.5
Vinay Kumar3031010.3

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
20SIXNarine to Duminy, SIX, empahtic finish from JPD! Narine tries to reprise the yorker, misses the length, offers a low full toss, the southpaw sends it clattering into the sight-screen160/5
18.5FOURKallis to K Jadhav, leg byes, FOUR, short and homing in on the waistline, Jadhav pulls only connects with thin air, the ball travels to the third man fence after grazing his hips. Delhi would not mind these. This has been an admirable rearguard action from JPD and Jadhav148/5
18.2SIXKallis to Duminy, SIX, massive, Duminy now pings the top-tier. The yorker goes awry, ends up as a full toss, Duminy larrups it, sending it sailing over the bowler's head143/5
17.5FOURNarine to K Jadhav, FOUR, an angry fizzer outside off from Narine, an icy cool Jadhav just exploits the pace of Narine and runs it down to the third man fence off the face of the bat135/5
17.4FOURNarine to K Jadhav, FOUR, Delhi are fighting fire with fire. This was darted outside off, Jadhav shimmies forward and slices it past short third man off a thickish outside edge131/5
17.2SIXNarine to Duminy, SIX, cracking hit from JPD! Pushed through full, Duminy down on one knee, slog-sweeps it flat and hard, clearing long-on126/5
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Batting: Kolkata

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Robin Uthappa (WK)lbw b ParnellRobin Uthappa (WK)
lbw b Parnell
Gautam Gambhir (C)caught D Karthik b ParnellGautam Gambhir (C)
caught D Karthik b Parnell
Manish Pandey* battingManish Pandey*
Jacques KallisbattingJacques Kallis
Extras (1 wides, 11 leg byes)12 
Total (161-2 in 18.2 overs) 161 
Extras (1 wides, 11 leg byes)12 
Total (161-2 in 18.2 overs) 161 

Recent Overs

2 2 1 0 4 1   -  1 4 1 0 6 1   -  0 W 0 0 4 1   -  4 1

Fall of Wickets

1/106 (Robin Uthappa, 11.5 ov.), 2/151 (Gautam Gambhir, 17.2 ov.)

Bowling: Delhi

Mohammed Shami402305.8
Wayne Parnell402125.2
Laxmi Shukla201909.5
Siddarth Kaul302909.7
Jean-Paul Duminy2024012.0
Shahbaz Nadeem*3.2034010.2

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
18.1FOURS Nadeem to Kallis, FOUR, Kallis is showing his class here, flighted just outside off, Kallis comes on the front foot and caresses the drive past short cover, long off chases but in vain
17.5FOURParnell to Kallis, FOUR, edged and four, fuller and slanted across, Kallis goes for the booming drive, the ball flies off the outside edge to the third man fence. That sums up Delhi's day155/2
17.2OUTParnell to Gambhir, out Caught by D Karthik!! Karthik pulls off a stunner to send Gambhir back. But it all seems a bit too late. This was the quick short delivery around off, Gambhir goes for the hook, top-edges it to the keeper, Karthik leaps up and grabs it with one-hand. He puts down an easy one and takes a difficult one, that is cricket folks. Gambhir c D Karthik b Parnell 69(56) [4s-5 6s-2]151/2
16.5SIXDuminy to Gambhir, SIX, Gambhir is in a hurry now to finish things off, flighted delivery outside off, he shimmies down the wicket and lofts it beautifully over the bowler's head for a maximum150/1
16.2FOURDuminy to M Pandey, FOUR, smashed! Flat and outside off, Pandey comes on the front foot and slaps it past cover, he beats the man in the deep quite easily143/1
15.5FOURS Kaul to Gambhir, FOUR, Vijay is having a shocker in the field, he lets it go through his legs for a boundary, short and outside off, Gambhir cuts it to the left of sweeper, he does all the hard work by running around but fails to stop the ball.137/1
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