Cricket Scorecard

Indian T20 League 2014

Kolkata vs. Delhi, 6th Match

Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai, Apr 19, 2014

Match Information

Match StatusScores delayed by 15 mins Delhi won by 4 wkts
Man Of The MatchDuminy
TossKolkata (Elected to Bat)
UmpiresAleem Dar (Pak) & Vineet Kulkarni (Ind)
Third UmpireAnil Chaudhary (Ind)
Match RefereeGraeme Labrooy (SL)

Batting: Kolkata

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Jacques Kalliscaught Ross Taylor b ShamiJacques Kallis
caught Ross Taylor b Shami
Gautam Gambhir (C)caught Duminy b Coulter-NileGautam Gambhir (C)
caught Duminy b Coulter-Nile
Manish Pandeybowled b S NadeemManish Pandey
bowled b S Nadeem
Robin Uthappa (WK)caught Ross Taylor b UnadkatRobin Uthappa (WK)
caught Ross Taylor b Unadkat
Shakib Al HasanbattingShakib Al Hasan
Yusuf Pathanbowled b Coulter-NileYusuf Pathan
bowled b Coulter-Nile
Suryakumar YadavbattingSuryakumar Yadav
Extras (12 wides, 1 no balls, 1 leg byes)14 
Total (166-5 in 20 overs) 166 
Extras (12 wides, 1 no balls, 1 leg byes)14 
Total (166-5 in 20 overs) 166 

Fall of Wickets

1/1 (Jacques Kallis, 0.1 ov.), 2/11 (Gautam Gambhir, 1.4 ov.), 3/75 (Manish Pandey, 10.6 ov.), 4/132 (Robin Uthappa, 16.6 ov.), 5/157 (Yusuf Pathan, 19.4 ov.)

Bowling: Delhi

Mohammed Shami403318.2
Nathan Coulter-Nile402726.8
Jaydev Unadkat402516.2
James Neesham2026013.0
Shahbaz Nadeem302919.7
Jean-Paul Duminy302508.3

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
20FOURCoulter-Nile to Suryakumar Yadav, FOUR, Kolkata finish with a flourish. The last two balls spoil Coulter-Nile's good work. This was a full toss outside off, Suryakumar Yadav revserses hands and swats it to the deep third man fence166/5
20FOURCoulter-Nile to Suryakumar Yadav, no ball, FOUR, beamer and what more? It goes for a boundary. High full toss, Suryakumar Yadav somehow scoops it over to the fine-leg fence off the outside half of the bat162/5
19.4OUTCoulter-Nile to Y Pathan, out Bowled!! Chopped on, Yusuf walks back to the change room. This was fullish and just outside off, Y Pathan lines up for a mighty swipe but only drags it back onto the off-stump. So, another personal failure for Yusuf in Kolkata colours. Y Pathan b Coulter-Nile 11(8) [4s-1]157/5
18.1FOURShami to Shakib, FOUR, clever manipulation from Shakib! This was the cutter outside off, Shakib walks across and plays a fancy scoop to the fine leg fence148/4
17.5FOURCoulter-Nile to Shakib, FOUR, poor line from Coulter-Nile. Shortish and on the leg-stump, Shakib pulls it well, he uses the pace of the bowler and just gives it direction to the fine leg fence143/4
17.1FOURCoulter-Nile to Y Pathan, FOUR, misses the yorker by a few inches, Y Pathan gets underneath that and slogs it to the deep mid wicket fence. Duminy from long on dashes across, dives but only palms it away to the fence136/4
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Batting: Delhi

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Murali Vijayrunout M PandeyMurali Vijay
runout M Pandey
Mayank Agarwalcaught Chawla b M MorkelMayank Agarwal
caught Chawla b M Morkel
Dinesh Karthik (WK) (C)lbw b NarineDinesh Karthik (WK) (C)
lbw b Narine
Ross Taylorbowled b KallisRoss Taylor
bowled b Kallis
Jean-Paul Duminy* battingJean-Paul Duminy*
Manoj Tiwarycaught Narine b M MorkelManoj Tiwary
caught Narine b M Morkel
James Neeshamcaught Y Pathan b ChawlaJames Neesham
caught Y Pathan b Chawla
Nathan Coulter-NilebattingNathan Coulter-Nile
Extras (5 wides, 6 leg byes)11 
Total (167-6 in 19.3 overs) 167 
Extras (5 wides, 6 leg byes)11 
Total (167-6 in 19.3 overs) 167 

Recent Overs

0 0 1 1 6 0   -  0 2 4 Wd 6 6 2   -  0 0 1 L1 L3 0   -  0 W 6

Fall of Wickets

1/10 (Murali Vijay, 0.5 ov.), 2/39 (Mayank Agarwal, 3.6 ov.), 3/60 (Ross Taylor, 6.6 ov.), 4/118 (Dinesh Karthik, 14.3 ov.), 5/127 (Manoj Tiwary, 15.6 ov.), 6/161 (James Neesham, 19.2 ov.)

Bowling: Kolkata

Vinay Kumar403508.8
Morne Morkel4041210.2
Shakib Al Hasan302508.3
Jacques Kallis201517.5
Piyush Chawla*2.3027110.8
Sunil Narine401814.5

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
19.3SIXChawla to Duminy, SIX, Delhi win! Duminy finishes things off in style, he also reaches his fifty, quicker delivery on leg-stump, Duminy gets inside the line and helps it over the long leg fence167/6
19.2OUTChawla to Neesham, out Caught by Y Pathan!! The pressure gets the better of Neesham. This match is going down the wire. Seam up delivery from Chawla, Neesham comes down the track and pulls it straight down the throat of deep mid wicket, Pathan collects it calmly. Neesham c Y Pathan b Chawla 8(11) [6s-1]161/6
17.5SIXM Morkel to Duminy, SIX, another brilliant shot! Morne misses the yorker as it goes on the full, Duminy shuffles across and scoops it, he got plenty of bat as the ball just clears the fine leg fence154/5
17.4SIXM Morkel to Duminy, SIX, stunning shot! Short delivery on leg-stump, Duminy pulls it off the front foot, he muscled it way over the backward square leg fence. Gambhir's expression says it all148/5
17.3FOURM Morkel to Duminy, FOUR, pitched up delivery outside off, Duminy clears his front leg and swats the drive over mid-off. Good calculated batting from Duminy141/5
16.5SIXChawla to Neesham, SIX, a much needed six for Delhi, this was the wrong'un from Chawla, Neesham shimmies down the wicket and sends it sailing over long off fence. That went for 90 meters and it looked like a mishit135/5
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