Cricket Scorecard

Indian T20 League 2014

Hyderabad vs. Rajasthan, 4th Match

Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi, Apr 18, 2014

Match Information

Match StatusScores delayed by 15 mins Rajasthan won by 4 wkts
Man Of The MatchA Rahane
TossRajasthan (Elected to Bowl)
UmpiresBilly Bowden (NZ) & Richard Illingworth (Eng)
Third UmpireChettithody Shamsuddin (Ind)
Match RefereeAndy Pycroft (Zim)

Batting: Hyderabad

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Aaron Finchcaught Kane Richardson b D KulkarniAaron Finch
caught Kane Richardson b D Kulkarni
Shikhar Dhawan (C)caught Kane Richardson b R BhatiaShikhar Dhawan (C)
caught Kane Richardson b R Bhatia
David Warnercaught Kane Richardson b R BhatiaDavid Warner
caught Kane Richardson b R Bhatia
Lokesh Rahul (WK)caught A Rahane b D KulkarniLokesh Rahul (WK)
caught A Rahane b D Kulkarni
Darren Sammycaught Samson b Kane RichardsonDarren Sammy
caught Samson b Kane Richardson
Venugopal RaobattingVenugopal Rao
Karan Sharmacaught Hodge b Kane RichardsonKaran Sharma
caught Hodge b Kane Richardson
Dale SteynbattingDale Steyn
Extras (1 byes, 9 wides, 5 leg byes)15 
Total (133-6 in 20 overs) 133 
Extras (1 byes, 9 wides, 5 leg byes)15 
Total (133-6 in 20 overs) 133 

Fall of Wickets

1/2 (Aaron Finch, 0.5 ov.), 2/77 (Shikhar Dhawan, 11.3 ov.), 3/82 (David Warner, 13.2 ov.), 4/108 (Lokesh Rahul, 16.6 ov.), 5/111 (Darren Sammy, 17.3 ov.), 6/130 (Karan Sharma, 19.4 ov.)

Bowling: Rajasthan

Dhawal Kulkarni402325.8
Kane Richardson402526.2
James Faulkner302709.0
Pravin Tambe402305.8
Rajat Bhatia402225.5
Stuart Binny10707.0

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
19.4OUTKane Richardson to Karan Sharma, out Caught by Hodge!! Again goes for the big hit but makes poor contact! Good length delivery on the stumps, Karan hits it straight to long-on. Karan Sharma c Hodge b Kane Richardson 4(5)130/6
18.2FOURFaulkner to V Rao, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, Rao cuts very well and hits it over backward point, the man at third man had no chance120/5
17.3OUTKane Richardson to Sammy, out Caught by Samson!! A body blow for Hyderabad! If they were looking to go past 140, Sammy was their man! Short of a length delivery on the stumps, Sammy looks to go big over the leg-side, mistimes it completely and it goes straight up in the air, the keeper calls for the catch and takes it easily. Sammy c Samson b Kane Richardson 6(11)111/5
17OUTD Kulkarni to Rahul, out Caught by Rahane!! Oh he's hit a full toss straight to the fielder! Rahul cannot believe what he's done! Rahul looks to go over the mid-wicket fence but doesn't time it properly and holes out in the deep. Rahul c Rahane b D Kulkarni 20(18) [4s-1 6s-1]108/4
16.4SIXD Kulkarni to Rahul, SIX, one slower ball too many and Rahul takes full toll of that! Right in the slot, picked the length up very early, cleared the front foot out of the way and smoked it way over deep mid-wicket107/3
15.5FOURR Bhatia to Rahul, FOUR, oh we have a boundary finally! SLower delivery on the off stump, Rahul gets outside the line and fetches the sweep, bit of a top edge but it evades short fine leg98/3
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Batting: Rajasthan

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Abhishek Nayarlbw b SteynAbhishek Nayar
lbw b Steyn
Ajinkya Rahanecaught Finch b A MishraAjinkya Rahane
caught Finch b A Mishra
Sanju Samson (WK)caught Dhawan b BhuvneshwarSanju Samson (WK)
caught Dhawan b Bhuvneshwar
Shane Watson (C)caught Rahul b IshantShane Watson (C)
caught Rahul b Ishant
Stuart BinnybattingStuart Binny
Brad Hodgecaught Sammy b A MishraBrad Hodge
caught Sammy b A Mishra
Rajat Bhatiacaught Finch b SteynRajat Bhatia
caught Finch b Steyn
James Faulkner* battingJames Faulkner*
Extras (2 wides, 3 leg byes)5 
Total (135-6 in 19.3 overs) 135 
Extras (2 wides, 3 leg byes)5 
Total (135-6 in 19.3 overs) 135 

Recent Overs

0 0 1 1 0 0   -  1 0 0 W 4 2   -  4 0 W 4 0 1   -  1 4 4

Fall of Wickets

1/4 (Abhishek Nayar, 0.3 ov.), 2/15 (Sanju Samson, 3.3 ov.), 3/31 (Shane Watson, 6.2 ov.), 4/108 (Ajinkya Rahane, 15.6 ov.), 5/111 (Brad Hodge, 17.4 ov.), 6/121 (Rajat Bhatia, 18.3 ov.)

Bowling: Hyderabad

Dale Steyn402927.2
Bhuvneshwar Kumar*3.302116.0
Ishant Sharma402917.2
Darren Sammy201909.5
Amit Mishra402626.5
Karan Sharma20804.0

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
19.3FOURBhuvneshwar to Faulkner, FOUR, Faulkner wins it for Rajasthan, Bhuvneshwar misses the yorker again, turns out to be a low full toss, Faulkner slices it behind point for the winning boundary135/6
19.2FOURBhuvneshwar to Faulkner, FOUR, fab shot, overpitched by Bhuvneshwar, he missed out on the yorker, Faulkner gets forward and drills it through extra cover for a boundary131/6
18.4FOURSteyn to Binny, FOUR, cracking shot, Binny is batting stupendously, this was the slower ball from Steyn, ends up short and wide outside off, Binny cracks it square on the off-side, beats the man in the deep for a boundary125/6
18.3OUTSteyn to R Bhatia, out Caught by Finch!! You can't stop Steyn from having a say, this was the slower ball on off, Bhatia spotted it early, gets forward and lifts it towards long on. Finch rushed in from the deep, dived forward even as the ball dipped on him, takes the catch cleanly as he tumbled forward. The 3rd umpire has a look and sends Bhatia on his way. R Bhatia c Finch b Steyn 4(3) [4s-1]121/6
18.1FOURSteyn to R Bhatia, FOUR, cracking shot from Bhatia, the cross seam ball from Steyn, full and on the stumps, Bhatia waits on it and drills it through mid-wicket for a boundary121/5
17.5FOURMishra to Binny, FOUR, Binny is playing a real gem here, this was pushed through by Mishra, Binny gets on top of the bounce and sweeps it behind square, beats the man in the deep for a much needed boundary115/5
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