Cricket Scorecard

Asia Cup

Afghanistan vs. Pakistan, 3rd Match

Khan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium, Fatullah, Feb 27, 2014

Match Information

Match StatusScores delayed by 15 mins Pakistan won by 72 runs
Man Of The MatchU Akmal
TossAfghanistan (Elected to Bowl)
UmpiresBilly Bowden (NZ) & Johanes Cloete (RSA)
Third UmpireNandan (Ind)
Match RefereeChris Broad (Eng)

Batting: Pakistan

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Sharjeel Khancaught Ali Zadran b HotakSharjeel Khan
caught Ali Zadran b Hotak
Ahmed Shehzadbowled b ShenwariAhmed Shehzad
bowled b Shenwari
Mohammad Hafeezcaught Nabi b MirwaisMohammad Hafeez
caught Nabi b Mirwais
Sohaib Maqsoodcaught Stanikzai b ShenwariSohaib Maqsood
caught Stanikzai b Shenwari
Misbah-ul-Haq (C)runout Mohammad ShahzadMisbah-ul-Haq (C)
runout Mohammad Shahzad
Umar Akmal (WK)battingUmar Akmal (WK)
Shahid Afridibowled b Dawlat ZadranShahid Afridi
bowled b Dawlat Zadran
Anwar Alicaught Nawroz b MirwaisAnwar Ali
caught Nawroz b Mirwais
Umar Gulbowled b Dawlat ZadranUmar Gul
bowled b Dawlat Zadran
Saeed AjmalbattingSaeed Ajmal
Extras (2 wides, 1 no balls, 2 leg byes)5 
Total (248-8 in 50 overs) 248 
Extras (2 wides, 1 no balls, 2 leg byes)5 
Total (248-8 in 50 overs) 248 

Fall of Wickets

1/55 (Sharjeel Khan, 12.3 ov.), 2/78 (Mohammad Hafeez, 19.5 ov.), 3/89 (Ahmed Shehzad, 22.6 ov.), 4/89 (Misbah-ul-Haq, 23.1 ov.), 5/108 (Sohaib Maqsood, 26.5 ov.), 6/117 (Shahid Afridi, 29.3 ov.), 7/177 (Anwar Ali, 42.4 ov.), 8/217 (Umar Gul, 47.6 ov.)

Bowling: Afghanistan

Shapoor Zadran914204.7
Dawlat Zadran1007327.3
Mohammad Nabi804605.8
Hamza Hotak812212.8
Mirwais Ashraf812923.6
Samiullah Shenwari703424.9

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
49.5SIXDawlat Zadran to U Akmal, SIX, unbelievable innings from Umar Akmal, he came in at a position when Pakistan were in tatters, but he's reached 2nd ODI ton, it was slower delivery on off, Akmal gets across the stumps and swings it between midwicket and long on247/8
49.3FOURDawlat Zadran to U Akmal, no ball, FOUR, he is inching closer to his 2nd ton, rubbish ball from Dawlat, high full-toss way too high and well down the leg side, Akmal just helps it away past the fielder to fine leg241/8
49.2FOURDawlat Zadran to U Akmal, FOUR, this time he's hit that well, fuller length delivery on middle, Akmal gets under it and drills it straight down the ground, the fielder in the deep couldn't stop it236/8
48.2FOURShapoor to U Akmal, FOUR, these are some crucial runs for Pakistan, another slower delivery on the stumps, Akmal picks it early and slogs it away past the fielder to backward square leg227/8
48.1SIXShapoor to U Akmal, SIX, a mis-hit has gone all the way for a six, Shapoor starts off with a slower delivery, Akmal charges down the track, didn't exactly get to the pitch of the ball, but goes through with the swing over to long on223/8
48OUTDawlat Zadran to Umar Gul, out Bowled!! Dawlat Zadran has had the last laugh here, full and straight on the stumps, Gul goes for another swing across the line, missed it completely and the ball crashed into the middle and leg stump, Gul is not happy, but he's played his part. Umar Gul b Dawlat Zadran 15(12) [4s-1 6s-1]217/8
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Batting: Afghanistan

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Mohammad Shahzad (WK)caught U Akmal b U GulMohammad Shahzad (WK)
caught U Akmal b U Gul
Noor Ali Zadranlbw b AjmalNoor Ali Zadran
lbw b Ajmal
Asghar Stanikzaicaught M Hafeez b AfridiAsghar Stanikzai
caught M Hafeez b Afridi
Nawroz Mangalrunout AjmalNawroz Mangal
runout Ajmal
Mohammad Nabi (C)lbw b U GulMohammad Nabi (C)
lbw b U Gul
Najibullah Zadranbowled b M HafeezNajibullah Zadran
bowled b M Hafeez
Samiullah Shenwaribowled b M HafeezSamiullah Shenwari
bowled b M Hafeez
Mirwais Ashrafrunout M HafeezMirwais Ashraf
runout M Hafeez
Dawlat Zadranbowled b AjmalDawlat Zadran
bowled b Ajmal
Shapoor Zadrancaught Ajmal b M HafeezShapoor Zadran
caught Ajmal b M Hafeez
Hamza HotakbattingHamza Hotak
Extras (8 byes, 5 wides)13 
Total (176-10 in 47.2 overs) 176 
Extras (8 byes, 5 wides)13 
Total (176-10 in 47.2 overs) 176 

Recent Overs

W 0 0 1 1 0   -  0 0 1 0 0 W   -  0 0 0 1 0 0   -  0 W

Fall of Wickets

1/32 (Mohammad Shahzad, 4.6 ov.), 2/65 (Noor Ali Zadran, 18.5 ov.), 3/139 (Asghar Stanikzai, 36.6 ov.), 4/140 (Nawroz Mangal, 37.1 ov.), 5/151 (Najibullah Zadran, 39.5 ov.), 6/159 (Mohammad Nabi, 40.4 ov.), 7/172 (Mirwais Ashraf, 44 ov.), 8/172 (Dawlat Zadran, 44.1 ov.), 9/175 (Shapoor Zadran, 45.6 ov.), 10/176 (Samiullah Shenwari, 47.2 ov.)

Bowling: Pakistan

Umar Gul904424.9
Anwar Ali402305.8
Junaid Khan611602.7
Shahid Afridi1003113.1
Saeed Ajmal912522.8
Mohammad Hafeez*9.202933.1

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
47.2OUTHafeez to Shenwari, out Bowled!! Pakistan pick up a bonus point and top the table now, this was short and turning in, the ball also kept a tad low, Shenwari shaped in to play the pull shot, but it wasn't short enough for the shot, the ball sneaked under his bat and crashed into the stumps. Shenwari b Hafeez 14(20) [4s-1]176/10
46OUTHafeez to Shapoor, out Caught by Ajmal!! Pakistan can gain a bonus point here, well tossed up delivery on the stumps, Shapoor couldn't resist and goes for an almigthy hoick towards midwicket, but the ball goes off the leading edge to point, where Ajmal takes an easy catch. Shapoor c Ajmal b Hafeez 1(7)175/9
44.1OUTAjmal to Dawlat Zadran, out Bowled!! The magician has struck, Dawlat Zadran had absolutely no clue about the doosra Ajmal bowled, he played down the wrong line and the ball sneaks past his defences to crash into the stumps. Dawlat Zadran b Ajmal 0(1)172/8
44OUTHafeez to Shenwari, out Mirwais Run Out!! Yet another mix-up has resulted in another run-out, flatter delivery outside off, Shenwari taps it to point and initially sets off for a single, Mirwais reacted quickly and came almost half way down the track, but Shenwari sends him back and Junaid was very quick to hurl in an accurate throw at the bowler's end, Mirwais was way short of the crease. Mirwais run out (Junaid Khan/Hafeez) 4(12)172/7
42.1FOURAjmal to Shenwari, FOUR, that is a very good shot from Shenwari, tossed up delivery outside off, Shenwari gets down and reverse sweeps it to deep backward point, that almost went for a six168/6
40.4OUTUmar Gul to Nabi, out Lbw!! Billy took a long time to raise his finger, Nabi is bit unfortunate here, this one nips back in sharply from outside off, Nabi is hit on the back leg as the ball kept a tad low, that would have missed the leg stump, but Nabi has to go now. Nabi lbw b Umar Gul 15(13) [4s-3]159/6
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