Feb 01Australia vs. England

Final at W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth

Australia won by 112 runs

Jan 31New Zealand vs. Pakistan

1st ODI at Westpac Stadium, Wellington

New Zealand won by 7 wkts

Jan 30England vs. India

6th Match at W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth

England won by 3 wkts

Jan 29New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

7th ODI at Westpac Stadium, Wellington

Sri Lanka won by 34 runs

Jan 28South Africa vs. West Indies

5th ODI at SuperSport Park, Centurion

South Africa won by 131 runs

Jan 26Australia vs. India

5th Match at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

No result

Feb 03 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

2nd ODI at Napier

Feb 14 03:30New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

1st Match, Pool A at Christchurch

Feb 14 09:00Australia vs. England

2nd Match, Pool A at Melbourne

Feb 15 06:30South Africa vs. Zimbabwe

3rd Match, Pool B at Hamilton

Feb 15 09:00India vs. Pakistan

4th Match, Pool B at Adelaide

Feb 16 03:30Ireland vs. West Indies

5th Match, Pool B at Nelson

Cricket Scorecard

Sri Lanka in Bangladesh 2014

Bangladesh vs. Sri Lanka, 1st Test

Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka, Jan 27, 2014

Match Information

Match Status
Sri Lanka won by an innings and 248 runs
Man Of The Match
M Jayawardene
Sri Lanka (Elected to Bowl)
Paul Reiffel (Aus) & Nigel Llong (Eng)
Third Umpire
Sharfuddoula (Ban)
Match Referee
Javagal Srinath (Ind)

Batting: Bangladesh

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Tamim Iqbalcaught Lakmal b S Eranga6281021.43
Shamsur Rahmancaught D Perera b S Eranga33347097.06
Marshall Ayublbw b Mathews160016.67
Mominul Haquecaught Kithuruwan Vithanage b Lakmal8162050.00
Shakib Al Hasanlbw b Herath55919060.44
Mushfiqur Rahim (WK) (C)lbw b Lakmal611229050.00
Nasir Hossaincaught Chandimal b S Eranga471057.14
Sohag Gazicaught S Eranga b Lakmal42566175.00
Robiul Islamcaught D Perera b S Eranga5161031.25
Rubel Hossainbowled b Herath250040.00
Al-Amin Hossainbatting670185.71
Extras (5 no balls, 4 leg byes)9 
Total (232-10 in 63.5 overs)232 

Fall of Wickets

1/35 (Tamim Iqbal, 9.1 ov.), 2/40 (Marshall Ayub, 10.4 ov.), 3/40 (Shamsur Rahman, 11.4 ov.), 4/60 (Mominul Haque, 17.1 ov.), 5/145 (Shakib Al Hasan, 40.1 ov.), 6/150 (Nasir Hossain, 41.4 ov.), 7/203 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 57.4 ov.), 8/219 (Sohag Gazi, 59.3 ov.), 9/222 (Rubel Hossain, 60.5 ov.), 10/232 (Robiul Islam, 63.5 ov.)

Bowling: Sri Lanka

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Suranga Lakmal18.13663503.6
Shaminda Eranga17.42494102.8
Angelo Mathews63181003.0
Dilruwan Perera*112450004.1
Rangana Herath111502004.5

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
63.5OUTEranga to Robiul Islam, out Caught by Dilruwan Perera!! That ends the innings. Good length delivery outside off, Robiul comes slightly forward and slashes hard, the ball goes off the outside edge to gully, Perera takes a smart catch to his right. Robiul Islam c Dilruwan Perera b Eranga 5(16) [4s-1]232/10
62.2SIXHerath to A Hossain, SIX, flighted delivery on off, Hossain stays in the crease and frees his arms to loft it over the long on fence for a maximum232/9
61.1FOURLakmal to Robiul Islam, FOUR, half volley outside off, even a tail-ender won't miss that, Robiul comes forward and smacks the drive to deep extra cover fence226/9
60.5OUTHerath to Rubel, out Bowled!! Bangladesh are just losing the plot here. This was the arm-ball that skids on, Hossain plays for the one that turns away and leaves a gap between bat-pad, the ball sneaks through and goes on to hit the middle stump. Rubel b Herath 2(5)222/9
59.3OUTLakmal to Gazi, out Caught by Eranga!! Gazi departs playing one shot too many. Another short delivery outside off, Gazi makes room and pulls it straight to mid-on, where Eranga takes a simple low catch. That ends an entertaining innings from the all-rounder. Gazi c Eranga b Lakmal 42(56) [4s-6 6s-1]219/8
59.1FOURLakmal to Gazi, FOUR, back of a length on middle and leg, Gazi backs away and slaps it over the bowler past mid-on, that was hit quite powerfully. The ground is now echoing of Gazi's name218/7
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Batting: Sri Lanka

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Dimuth Karunaratnecaught R Islam b Shakib531136046.90
Kaushal Silvalbw b Shakib13924416256.97
Kumar Sangakkaracaught Nasir Hossain b A Hossain751829041.21
Mahela Jayawardenebatting20327216474.63
Dinesh Chandimal (WK)bowled b Shakib40512278.43
Suranga Lakmalcaught Nasir Hossain b Gazi06000.00
Angelo Mathews (C)caught M Ayub b Gazi861627153.09
Kithuruwan Vithanagebatting10310412299.04
Extras (12 byes, 12 wides, 7 no balls)31 
Total (730-6 in 187.5 overs declared)730 

Fall of Wickets

1/118 (Dimuth Karunaratne, 37.2 ov.), 2/273 (Kumar Sangakkara, 86.6 ov.), 3/302 (Kaushal Silva, 91.5 ov.), 4/374 (Dinesh Chandimal, 107.1 ov.), 5/375 (Suranga Lakmal, 108.2 ov.), 6/554 (Angelo Mathews, 158.4 ov.)

Bowling: Bangladesh

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Robiul Islam2921090323.8
Al-Amin Hossain3231181153.7
Rubel Hossain200840354.2
Sohag Gazi3951302003.3
Shakib Al Hasan4361593003.7
Mominul Haque60200003.3
Nasir Hossain10.50600005.5
Marshall Ayub80380004.8

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
187.5SIXNasir Hossain to M Jayawardene, SIX, Mahela gets to his double hundred in style, floated around off, gets on his knees and slog sweeps it over deep mid wicket, i.e his 7th double ton in Tests730/6
187.1SIXNasir Hossain to M Jayawardene, SIX, Jayawardene inches closer to his double hundred, tossed up on off, Jayawardene hoicks it over deep mid wicket for a maximum722/6
186.1FOURGazi to M Jayawardene, FOUR, full delivery on off-stump, Jayawardene reverse sweeps it handsomely to the third man fence713/6
185.4FOURNasir Hossain to Kithuruwan Vithanage, FOUR, shortish and outside off, Vithanage dispatches it square of the wicket on the off-side with a firm cut to get to his maiden hundred707/6
183.4SIXNasir Hossain to Kithuruwan Vithanage, SIX, flighted delivery outside off, Vithanage unleashes a lofted drive straight down the ground695/6
182.5FOURA Hossain to Kithuruwan Vithanage, FOUR, a rank lop hop and Vithanage, who is in an aggressive mood, puts it away with an emphatic pull to the deep mid wicket fence686/6
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Batting: Bangladesh

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Tamim Iqbalcaught D Perera b Herath11182061.11
Shamsur Rahmancaught Chandimal b S Eranga9241037.50
Marshall Ayubcaught K Silva b Lakmal18363050.00
Mominul Haquelbw b D Perera50578087.72
Shakib Al Hasanlbw b D Perera25322178.12
Mushfiqur Rahim (WK) (C)bowled b D Perera14302046.67
Nasir Hossaincaught Herath b D Perera29415070.73
Sohag Gazilbw b Lakmal231922121.05
Robiul Islamlbw b Lakmal115006.67
Rubel Hossaincaught K Silva b D Perera17233073.91
Al-Amin Hossainbatting321814177.78
Extras (9 byes, 2 no balls, 10 leg byes)21 
Total (250-10 in 51.5 overs)250 

Recent Overs

0 L4 1 4 0 0   -  0 6 1 0 0 1   -  0 4 0 0 0 4   -  0 6 0 1 W

Fall of Wickets

1/15 (Tamim Iqbal, 3.3 ov.), 2/35 (Shamsur Rahman, 9.2 ov.), 3/50 (Marshall Ayub, 14.5 ov.), 4/102 (Shakib Al Hasan, 23.5 ov.), 5/133 (Mominul Haque, 31.1 ov.), 6/150 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 35.3 ov.), 7/183 (Sohag Gazi, 40.3 ov.), 8/197 (Robiul Islam, 44.3 ov.), 9/197 (Nasir Hossain, 45.3 ov.), 10/250 (Rubel Hossain, 51.5 ov.)

Bowling: Sri Lanka

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Suranga Lakmal144393202.8
Shaminda Eranga61261004.3
Rangana Herath93471005.2
Dilruwan Perera*19.501095005.5
Angelo Mathews30100003.3

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
51.5OUTDilruwan Perera to Rubel, out Caught by Kaushal Silva!! Sri Lanka win by an innings and 248 runs. Perera gets his first 5-wicket haul. This was fired in outside off, Rubel goes for the drive but only manages an edge to the keeper, Silva takes a good low catch. Rubel c Kaushal Silva b Dilruwan Perera 17(23) [4s-3]250/10
51.2SIXDilruwan Perera to A Hossain, SIX, Al-Amin does not seem to mishit any, floated outside off, Al-Amin slams the sweep over deep mid wicket for his fourth six249/9
51FOURHerath to Rubel, FOUR, quicker delivery outside off, Rubel hangs back and late cuts it nicely, he beats Sanga at short third man and the ball races away243/9
50.2FOURHerath to Rubel, FOUR, tossed up around off, Rubel slogs it between deep mid wicket and long on for a one bounce four239/9
49.2SIXDilruwan Perera to A Hossain, SIX, Al-Amin is giving something for the crowd to cheer, this was flighted on middle, Al-Amin goes on his knees and slog sweeps it over deep mid wicket fence. That brings up Perera's 100233/9
48.4FOURLakmal to Rubel, FOUR, Rubel somehow survives the inswinging yorker, he gets hid bat down in time and gets a thick inside edge, the ball races away to the fine leg fence227/9
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