Cricket Scorecard

T20 WC 2014

Netherlands vs. New Zealand, 25th Match, Group 1

Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong, Mar 29, 2014

Match Information

Match StatusScores delayed by 15 mins New Zealand won by 6 wkts
Man Of The MatchB McCullum
TossNew Zealand (Elected to Bowl)
UmpiresBruce Oxenford (Aus) & Aleem Dar (Pak)
Third UmpireSteve Davis (Aus)
Match RefereeDavid Boon (Aus)

Batting: Netherlands

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Stephan Myburghcaught M Guptill b T BoultStephan Myburgh
caught M Guptill b T Boult
Michael Swartstumped Ronchi b N McCullumMichael Swart
stumped Ronchi b N McCullum
Wesley Barresi (WK)caught Ronchi b McClenaghanWesley Barresi (WK)
caught Ronchi b McClenaghan
Peter Borren (C)caught Williamson b MillsPeter Borren (C)
caught Williamson b Mills
Tom CooperbattingTom Cooper
Ben CooperbattingBen Cooper
Extras (8 byes, 2 wides, 1 no balls, 4 leg byes)15 
Total (151-4 in 20 overs) 151 
Extras (8 byes, 2 wides, 1 no balls, 4 leg byes)15 
Total (151-4 in 20 overs) 151 

Fall of Wickets

1/34 (Stephan Myburgh, 5.5 ov.), 2/42 (Wesley Barresi, 7.4 ov.), 3/81 (Michael Swart, 12.1 ov.), 4/141 (Peter Borren, 17.6 ov.)

Bowling: New Zealand

Kyle Mills302016.7
Trent Boult402516.2
Corey Anderson201909.5
Nathan McCullum402015.0
Mitchell McClenaghan402917.2
Kane Williamson1017017.0
James Neesham20904.5

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
19.3FOURBoult to T Cooper, FOUR, that's a fine hit from Cooper. Full and angling away from the right hander, Cooper stays deep in the crease and slices the drive, the ball goes past backward point and there is no one in the deep148/4
18OUTMills to Borren, out Caught by Williamson!! In the air and straight to the man at backward point. He's be kicking himself for not putting that away. Widish full ball outside off stump, Borren reaches out and tries to squeeze it out, the fielder didn't have to move an inch. Anyway, a fine hand from the skipper! Borren c Williamson b Mills 49(35) [4s-7 6s-1]141/4
17.3SIXMills to T Cooper, SIX, he's picked the slower ball and nailed it to perfection. Goes deep in the crease, waits for the ball and muscles it over long-on. That was right in the slot for Cooper to go big140/3
17.1FOURMills to Borren, FOUR, full delivery just outside off stump, Borren gets down on one knee and slog sweeps it over the infield, no one at deep square leg and it escapes to the fence133/3
16.3FOURNeesham to T Cooper, FOUR, can't bowl short with no one behind square on the off-side. Sat up nicely to be hit, Cooper cuts over the infield and it races away to the backward point fence127/3
15.4SIXMcClenaghan to T Cooper, SIX, this is sensational hitting by Cooper. Full delivery on the leg stump, Cooper smashes it handsomely over the deep mid-wicket fence. He got it from the middle of the bat120/3
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Batting: New Zealand

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Martin Guptillcaught Barresi b van der GugtenMartin Guptill
caught Barresi b van der Gugten
Kane Williamsoncaught Barresi b van BeekKane Williamson
caught Barresi b van Beek
Brendon McCullum (C)caught Bukhari b van der GugtenBrendon McCullum (C)
caught Bukhari b van der Gugten
Ross Taylorcaught Barresi b van der GugtenRoss Taylor
caught Barresi b van der Gugten
Corey Anderson* battingCorey Anderson*
James NeeshambattingJames Neesham
Extras (2 wides, 2 leg byes)4 
Total (152-4 in 19 overs) 152 
Extras (2 wides, 2 leg byes)4 
Total (152-4 in 19 overs) 152 

Recent Overs

2 6 1 4 1 2   -  1 6 0 4 W 1   -  6 1 1 1 1 0   -  1 1 0 2 0 Wd 2

Fall of Wickets

1/14 (Martin Guptill, 3.2 ov.), 2/56 (Kane Williamson, 8.3 ov.), 3/88 (Ross Taylor, 12.2 ov.), 4/134 (Brendon McCullum, 16.5 ov.)

Bowling: Netherlands

Michael Swart10606.0
Timm van der Gugten403037.5
Mudassar Bukhari403107.8
Ahsan Malik*4043010.8
Peter Borren201005.0
Pieter Seelaar201608.0
Logan van Beek201417.0

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
17.1SIXAhsan Malik to Corey Anderson, SIX, lovely shot, length ball and right in the zone for Anderson's swing, he gets forward and swings it high and over wide mid-wicket for a maximum141/4
16.5OUTvan der Gugten to Brendon McCullum, out Caught by Bukhari!! McCullum falls, but is it too late for the Dutch? This was the floater from van der Gugten, full and wide outside off, McCullum was making room to go over extra cover, has to reach out in the end, does not get enough power behind the shot. Bukhari runs in from sweeper cover, dives forward and completes a fine catch. Brendon McCullum c Bukhari b van der Gugten 65(45) [4s-4 6s-3]134/4
16.4FOURvan der Gugten to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, poor fielding at point and the match is slipping away from Netherlands, this was short and on the stumps, McCullum made room and cut it to the right of point, the ball skid under the fielder's dive, Borren is unhappy with the effort, but apologises almost immediately134/3
16.2SIXvan der Gugten to Brendon McCullum, SIX, crunched, fractionally short from van der Gugten, McCullum is quick to rock back and pulls it high and over deep square leg for a maximum, that went at the rate of knots130/3
15.4FOURAhsan Malik to Corey Anderson, FOUR, Anderson gets going as well, length ball on the stumps, Anderson shimmies down the track and drills it back past the bowler for a boundary120/3
15.2SIXAhsan Malik to Brendon McCullum, SIX, magnificent shot, McCullum comes down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and sends it flying way over long off for a maximum, brings up his 13th T20I fifty115/3
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