Cricket Scorecard

T20 WC 2014

Australia vs. West Indies, 23rd Match, Group 2

Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka, Mar 28, 2014

Match Information

Match StatusScores delayed by 15 mins West Indies won by 6 wkts
Man Of The MatchSammy
TossAustralia (Elected to Bat)
UmpiresIan Gould (Eng) & Marais Erasmus (RSA)
Third UmpireRichard Kettleborough (Eng)
Match RefereeRanjan Madugalle (SL)

Batting: Australia

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Aaron Finchbowled b SamuelsAaron Finch
bowled b Samuels
David Warnerbowled b BadreeDavid Warner
bowled b Badree
Shane Watsonstumped Ramdin b NarineShane Watson
stumped Ramdin b Narine
Glenn Maxwellcaught DJ Bravo b BadreeGlenn Maxwell
caught DJ Bravo b Badree
George Bailey (C)caught Sammy b SamuelsGeorge Bailey (C)
caught Sammy b Samuels
Brad Hodgebowled b NarineBrad Hodge
bowled b Narine
James Faulknercaught DJ Bravo b K SantokieJames Faulkner
caught DJ Bravo b K Santokie
Brad Haddin (WK)battingBrad Haddin (WK)
Mitchell Starccaught A Russell b DJ BravoMitchell Starc
caught A Russell b DJ Bravo
James MuirheadbattingJames Muirhead
Extras (2 byes, 7 wides, 6 no balls)15 
Total (178-8 in 20 overs) 178 
Extras (2 byes, 7 wides, 6 no balls)15 
Total (178-8 in 20 overs) 178 

Fall of Wickets

1/33 (Aaron Finch, 3.4 ov.), 2/41 (David Warner, 4.5 ov.), 3/41 (Shane Watson, 5.4 ov.), 4/77 (George Bailey, 9.3 ov.), 5/100 (Glenn Maxwell, 11.3 ov.), 6/152 (Brad Hodge, 17.5 ov.), 7/154 (James Faulkner, 18.2 ov.), 8/171 (Mitchell Starc, 19.3 ov.)

Bowling: West Indies

Krishmar Santokie403017.5
Samuel Badree403729.2
Marlon Samuels2020210.0
Sunil Narine411924.8
Darren Sammy1016016.0
Dwayne Bravo403919.8
Andre Russell1015015.0

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
20FOURDwayne Bravo to Haddin, FOUR, the extra ball costs four runs for Bravo and West Indies. Fantastic shot from Haddin, went right back in the crease and lofted the drive inside-out past extra-cover and long-off had no chance178/8
19.3OUTDwayne Bravo to Starc, out Caught by A Russell!! Fantastic catch by Russell at long-on. Length delivery just outside off stump, right in the slot, Starc tries to smash it hard but doesn't time it all that well, long-on runs around to his right and takes a good grab diving low to his right. Starc c A Russell b Dwayne Bravo 4(4)171/8
19.1DROPPEDDwayne Bravo to Haddin, 1 run, slower delivery outside off stump, hit straight to Santokie at cover and he spills it. Bravo can't believe his luck. Haddin made room to go over the off-side but he couldn't pierce the off-side field, the fumble allows a single169/7
18.4SIXSantokie to Haddin, SIX, oh that's a handy hit from Haddin. He's managed to clear the longer boundary. Full delivery delivery on the off stump, Haddin just picks it up very well, times it very well and clears deep mid-wicket162/7
18.2OUTSantokie to Faulkner, out Caught by Dwayne Bravo!! Bravo, almost made a mess of it but managed to put in a sensational dive to grab it on the second attempt! Slower delivery outside off stump, Faulkner tries to smash it out of the ground, mistimed it high in the air, Bravo was chraging in from long-off, he almost over ran and fumbled but recovered well. Faulkner c Dwayne Bravo b Santokie 13(17) [4s-1]154/7
17.5OUTNarine to Hodge, out Bowled!! Just two more balls to go in Narine's spell and why would you want to try something fancy? Slowish and very full, Hodge goes for the reverse sweep but misses and the ball crashes into the base of middle and leg. Hodge b Narine 35(26) [4s-2 6s-1]152/6
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Batting: West Indies

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Dwayne Smithcaught Haddin b M StarcDwayne Smith
caught Haddin b M Starc
Chris Gaylecaught Maxwell b J MuirheadChris Gayle
caught Maxwell b J Muirhead
Lendl Simmonscaught Maxwell b D BollingerLendl Simmons
caught Maxwell b D Bollinger
Marlon Samuelscaught Haddin b M StarcMarlon Samuels
caught Haddin b M Starc
Dwayne BravobattingDwayne Bravo
Darren Sammy* (C)battingDarren Sammy* (C)
Extras (2 byes, 2 wides, 6 leg byes)10 
Total (179-4 in 19.4 overs) 179 
Extras (2 byes, 2 wides, 6 leg byes)10 
Total (179-4 in 19.4 overs) 179 

Recent Overs

2 2 W 1 0 6   -  1 0 4 1 1 4   -  6 2 4 2 4 1   -  0 0 6 6

Fall of Wickets

1/50 (Dwayne Smith, 4.6 ov.), 2/101 (Chris Gayle, 12.1 ov.), 3/107 (Lendl Simmons, 13.5 ov.), 4/130 (Marlon Samuels, 16.3 ov.)

Bowling: Australia

Shane Watson211105.5
Mitchell Starc4050212.5
Doug Bollinger403418.5
Glenn Maxwell302809.3
James Faulkner*3.402707.4
James Muirhead302117.0

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
19.4SIXFaulkner to Sammy, SIX, Sammy runs away in delight after striking the winning blow. He is still celebrating and is mobbed around by the rest of the team-mates. This was full and on the stumps, no last over heroics from Faulkner, Sammy gets forward and drills it back over the bowler's head, he knew it was going only one way. Sammy threw his bat away and ran in celebration, Dwayne Bravo joined him in the party, Gayle rushed in from the dug-out, it is one huge party out in the middle179/4
19.3SIXFaulkner to Sammy, SIX, massive blow, will this win it for WI? Faulkner loses his yorker, turns out to be a low full toss, Sammy clubs it towards long off, just about clears the man at long off for a maximum173/4
18.5FOURStarc to Sammy, FOUR, this is poor bowling from Starc, keeps it full and wide outside off, Sammy made room, reaches out for the drive and slices it over backward point for a boundary, already 18 runs from the over166/4
18.3FOURStarc to Sammy, FOUR, what was that? Wristy flick from Sammy and this is turning out to be a costly over from Starc, length ball on the pads, Sammy gets inside the line and clips it over square leg for a boundary160/4
18.1SIXStarc to Sammy, SIX, massive, Starc misses his yorker, ends up offering a length ball to Sammy, he clears his left leg and heaves it high and over long on for a maximum154/4
18FOURBollinger to Dwayne Bravo, FOUR, 11 from the over, it is the last ball which costs Bollinger again, he moves across in his crease, Bollinger goes for the yorker and ends up offering a full toss, clipped past the keeper for a boundary148/4
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