Cricket Scorecard

T20 WC 2014

Ireland vs. Zimbabwe, 3rd Match, Group B

Sylhet Stadium, Sylhet, Mar 17, 2014

Match Information

Match StatusScores delayed by 15 mins Ireland won by 3 wkts
Man Of The MatchStirling
TossIreland (Elected to Bowl)
UmpiresMarais Erasmus (RSA) & Steve Davis (Aus)
Third UmpireBruce Oxenford (Aus)
Match RefereeDavid Boon (Aus)

Batting: Zimbabwe

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Hamilton Masakadzacaught Porterfield b Andy McBrineHamilton Masakadza
caught Porterfield b Andy McBrine
Sikandar Razacaught Sorensen b CusackSikandar Raza
caught Sorensen b Cusack
Brendan Taylor (WK) (C)caught Ed Joyce b DockrellBrendan Taylor (WK) (C)
caught Ed Joyce b Dockrell
Sean Williamsstumped G Wilson b Andy McBrineSean Williams
stumped G Wilson b Andy McBrine
Vusi Sibandacaught Sorensen b DockrellVusi Sibanda
caught Sorensen b Dockrell
Elton ChigumburabattingElton Chigumbura
Timycen MarumabattingTimycen Maruma
Extras (1 byes, 1 wides, 4 leg byes)6 
Total (163-5 in 20 overs) 163 
Extras (1 byes, 1 wides, 4 leg byes)6 
Total (163-5 in 20 overs) 163 

Fall of Wickets

1/14 (Sikandar Raza, 1.5 ov.), 2/56 (Hamilton Masakadza, 6.2 ov.), 3/78 (Sean Williams, 8.5 ov.), 4/111 (Vusi Sibanda, 14.3 ov.), 5/131 (Brendan Taylor, 16.6 ov.)

Bowling: Ireland

Paul Stirling402406.0
Alex Cusack4053113.2
Max Sorensen1011011.0
George Dockrell401824.5
Andy McBrine402626.5
Kevin O'Brien302608.7

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
19.5SIXCusack to Chigumbura, SIX, again misses the length and again perishes. He's a powerful hitter is Chigumbura, waits for the ball and smashes it high over long-off again. These are handy runs for Zimbabwe162/5
19.2SIXCusack to Chigumbura, SIX, can't bowl length at this stage. Full outside off stump, Chigumbura lofts it handsomely over long-off and it sails over the boundary line154/5
17.5SIXCusack to Maruma, SIX, he's connected that really well and it's gone all the way. The slower delivery goes very short, Maruma rocks back and muscles the pull really hard, the ball goes flat over deep square leg139/5
17OUTDockrell to Brendan Taylor, out Caught by Ed Joyce!! Fantastic over from Dockrell, he put pressure on the batsmen by keeping it tight and he gets a big wicket. Flighted delivery on the off stump, Taylor makes room and tries to go inside-out, lofts it high in the air and the man at sweeper cover runs to his right to take a fine catch. Anyway, Taylor has done his job, top knock that. Brendan Taylor c Ed Joyce b Dockrell 59(46) [4s-6 6s-2]131/5
15.5FOURK O'Brien to Brendan Taylor, FOUR, swings it across the line and the man at long-on can't stop the ball. He ran to his right but the ball bounced badly for him to make a brave attempt. The length was short and Taylor hammered that very well128/4
15.4FOURK O'Brien to Brendan Taylor, FOUR, another slower ball and this time Taylor gently lofts it over the infield it beats long-on and long-off to perfection124/4
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Batting: Ireland

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
William Porterfield (C)caught Maruma b Sean WilliamsWilliam Porterfield (C)
caught Maruma b Sean Williams
Paul Stirlingcaught S Raza b ChataraPaul Stirling
caught S Raza b Chatara
Ed Joycebowled b PanyangaraEd Joyce
bowled b Panyangara
Andrew Poyntercaught Chigumbura b PanyangaraAndrew Poynter
caught Chigumbura b Panyangara
Gary Wilson (WK)caught H Masakadza b PanyangaraGary Wilson (WK)
caught H Masakadza b Panyangara
Kevin O'Briencaught Sean Williams b PanyangaraKevin O'Brien
caught Sean Williams b Panyangara
Stuart ThompsonbattingStuart Thompson
Max Sorensenrunout Sean WilliamsMax Sorensen
runout Sean Williams
Alex CusackbattingAlex Cusack
Extras (1 byes, 3 wides, 4 leg byes)8 
Total (164-7 in 20 overs) 164 
Extras (1 byes, 3 wides, 4 leg byes)8 
Total (164-7 in 20 overs) 164 

Recent Overs

L1 0 0 L1 0 2   -  6 4 1 1 4 W   -  1 0 0 1 1 0   -  1 1 W W 1 B1

Fall of Wickets

1/80 (William Porterfield, 8.2 ov.), 2/100 (Paul Stirling, 10.3 ov.), 3/129 (Andrew Poynter, 14.4 ov.), 4/129 (Gary Wilson, 14.6 ov.), 5/157 (Kevin O'Brien, 17.6 ov.), 6/162 (Ed Joyce, 19.3 ov.), 7/162 (Max Sorensen, 19.4 ov.)

Bowling: Zimbabwe

Prosper Utseya403809.5
Tafadzwa Kamungozi201708.5
Tendai Chatara402015.0
Tinashe Panyangara413749.2
Sean Williams402716.8
Hamilton Masakadza2020010.0

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
19.4OUTPanyangara to Sorensen, out Sorensen Run Out!! Another Irish wicket falls. This was a low full toss from Panyangara, Sorensen drives it towards mid-off and scampers for a quick single, Williams rushes in from mid-off and makes a direct hit at the bowler's end, no chance for the batsman. 2 needed from 2 balls now. Sorensen run out (Sean Williams) 0(1)162/7
19.3OUTPanyangara to Ed Joyce, out Bowled!! Is there a twist in the tale? A superb inswinging yorker, right on the base of leg stump, Joyce fails to dig it out, the ball kisses the leg stump on its way to the boundary. Ireland have lost their main man, but they are just 2 runs away. Ed Joyce b Panyangara 22(28)162/6
18OUTPanyangara to K O'Brien, out Caught by Sean Williams!! Panyangara has the wicket, but is it too late? This was full and on off, O'Brien was looking to go over extra cover, the bat turned in his hands and he ends up ofering a simple catch to Williams at long off. K O'Brien c Sean Williams b Panyangara 17(10) [4s-2 6s-1]157/5
17.5FOURPanyangara to K O'Brien, FOUR, more runs for K O'Brien, this was the attempted yorker, turns into a low full toss, O'Brien swings hard and gets an inside edge past short fine for a boundary157/4
17.2FOURPanyangara to K O'Brien, FOUR, O'Brien is leading Ireland to victory, this was full and on off, O'Brien gets under the ball and scoops it over extra cover for a boundary151/4
17.1SIXPanyangara to K O'Brien, SIX, that is a much needed blow from O'Brien, length ball from Panyangara, O'Brien gets forward and thumps it high and towards deep mid-wicket, kept the fielder interested all along before just going over him147/4
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