Cricket Scorecard

Sri Lanka tour of England and Ireland 2014

England vs. Sri Lanka, 1st ODI

Kennington Oval, London, May 22, 2014

Match Information

Match StatusEngland won by 81 runs (D/L method)
Man Of The MatchC Jordan
TossSri Lanka (Elected to Bowl)
UmpiresChris Gaffaney (NZ) & Rob Bailey (Eng)
Third UmpireMarais Erasmus (RSA)
Match RefereeJeff Crowe (NZ)

Batting: England

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Alastair Cook (C)caught Sangakkara b N KulasekaraAlastair Cook (C)
caught Sangakkara b N Kulasekara
Ian Bellcaught Malinga b MathewsIan Bell
caught Malinga b Mathews
Gary Ballancecaught Chandimal b SenanayakeGary Ballance
caught Chandimal b Senanayake
Eoin Morganbowled b SenanayakeEoin Morgan
bowled b Senanayake
Joe Rootlbw b N KulasekaraJoe Root
lbw b N Kulasekara
Ravi Boparalbw b SenanayakeRavi Bopara
lbw b Senanayake
Jos Buttler (WK)battingJos Buttler (WK)
Chris JordanbattingChris Jordan
Extras (1 byes, 5 wides, 1 leg byes)7 
Total (247-6 in 39 overs) 247 
Extras (1 byes, 5 wides, 1 leg byes)7 
Total (247-6 in 39 overs) 247 

Fall of Wickets

1/22 (Alastair Cook, 5.2 ov.), 2/101 (Ian Bell, 20.4 ov.), 3/104 (Eoin Morgan, 21.2 ov.), 4/145 (Gary Ballance, 29.2 ov.), 5/152 (Ravi Bopara, 31.2 ov.), 6/193 (Joe Root, 35.3 ov.)

Bowling: Sri Lanka

Lasith Malinga807108.9
Nuwan Kulasekara816027.5
Suranga Lakmal603405.7
Thisara Perera302508.3
Angelo Mathews602514.2
Sachithra Senanayake803033.8

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
39SIXMalinga to Jordan, SIX, Jordan has given England a superb total here, slower delivery again, Jordan picks it perfectly, gets under it nicely and lofts it through the line over long off, another massive hit!247/6
38.5FOURMalinga to Jordan, FOUR, Malinga is having a bad day at office today, slower low full-toss, Jordan swings hard at it and the ball squirts off the inside edge past the leg stump to fine leg241/6
38.3SIXMalinga to Buttler, SIX, that's a humangous hit, that is hit into the second tier, he picks the slower delivery this time and swings it hard way into the stands over long on for half a dozen236/6
38FOURN Kulasekara to Jordan, FOUR, what an over for England, 19 runs off it, overpitched and on middle, Jordan moves across to the leg side and drills it straight down the ground, perfect placement and no stopping that228/6
37.3SIXN Kulasekara to Jordan, SIX, he's hit that a long way, pitches it up and lands it in the arc for the swing, Jordan gets under it nicely and lofts it right over the bowler's head over long off, that easily cleared some 10 rows back220/6
37.2FOURN Kulasekara to Jordan, FOUR, he's playing some brilliant shots today, overpitched and in the slot, Jordan makes room and lofts it inside out to deep extra cover214/6
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Batting: Sri Lanka

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Lahiru Thirimannelbw b J AndersonLahiru Thirimanne
lbw b J Anderson
Tillakaratne Dilshancaught Ballance b C JordanTillakaratne Dilshan
caught Ballance b C Jordan
Kumar Sangakkara (WK)bowled b H GurneyKumar Sangakkara (WK)
bowled b H Gurney
Mahela Jayawardenecaught E Morgan b J TredwellMahela Jayawardene
caught E Morgan b J Tredwell
Angelo Mathews (C)caught Cook b J TredwellAngelo Mathews (C)
caught Cook b J Tredwell
Dinesh Chandimalcaught J Buttler b C JordanDinesh Chandimal
caught J Buttler b C Jordan
Nuwan Kulasekaracaught J Buttler b C JordanNuwan Kulasekara
caught J Buttler b C Jordan
Thisara Pereracaught J Root b J TredwellThisara Perera
caught J Root b J Tredwell
Sachithra Senanayakecaught Bell b H GurneySachithra Senanayake
caught Bell b H Gurney
Lasith Malingabowled b R BoparaLasith Malinga
bowled b R Bopara
Suranga LakmalbattingSuranga Lakmal
Extras (5 byes, 6 wides, 2 no balls, 2 leg byes)15 
Total (144-10 in 27.5 overs) 144 
Extras (5 byes, 6 wides, 2 no balls, 2 leg byes)15 
Total (144-10 in 27.5 overs) 144 

Recent Overs

0 0 0 4 0 0   -  0 4 2 1 0 0   -  0 N1 N1 0 W 0 2 1   -  1 0 B1 L1 W

Fall of Wickets

1/0 (Lahiru Thirimanne, 0.5 ov.), 2/19 (Kumar Sangakkara, 5.3 ov.), 3/63 (Tillakaratne Dilshan, 14.1 ov.), 4/88 (Mahela Jayawardene, 17.3 ov.), 5/108 (Dinesh Chandimal, 20.3 ov.), 6/108 (Nuwan Kulasekara, 20.6 ov.), 7/114 (Angelo Mathews, 21.6 ov.), 8/118 (Thisara Perera, 23.2 ov.), 9/138 (Sachithra Senanayake, 26.3 ov.), 10/144 (Lasith Malinga, 27.5 ov.)

Bowling: England

James Anderson512214.4
Harry Gurney502024.0
Chris Jordan602534.2
Joe Root10707.0
Ravi Bopara4.502515.2
James Tredwell603836.3

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
27.5OUTBopara to Malinga, out Bowled!! England win by 81 runs. This was always on the cards as Malinga was living on a knives edge. The back of the hand delivery from Bopara, Malinga makes room, looks to cut but gets a bottom edge back onto the stumps. Malinga b Bopara 10(16) [4s-1]144/10
26.3OUTGurney to Senanayake, out Caught by Bell!! This was always on the cards. Gurney deserved that wicket as he has been excellent today. Full and in the slot for the batsman, Senanayake gets under it and looks to send it over long on, he does not middle it and finds Bell at long on. Senanayake c Bell b Gurney 11(11) [4s-1]138/9
25.2FOURBopara to Senanayake, FOUR, bit too straight from Bopara, Senanayake pulls it behind square, Anderson runs across and puts in the dive but can't prevent the ball from reaching the ropes131/8
24.4FOURJordan to Malinga, FOUR, goes for the sucker ball, full and on the stumps, Malinga was upto it, he gets under it and lofts it over mid-off, he didn't middle it but the ball had enough to reach the fence127/8
23.2OUTTredwell to T Perera, out Caught by J Root!! Perera's dodgy innings comes to an end. He tried to hit his way out. The quicker delivery just outside off, Perera does not get under it, he mistimes it completely to long on, Root runs to his right and takes an excellent catch. T Perera c J Root b Tredwell 2(6)118/8
22OUTTredwell to Mathews, out Caught by Cook!! The reverse sweep turns out to be the downfall for Mathews. This was the quicker delivery outside off, Mathews goes for his most productive shot in this innings, he does not middle it, gets a top-edge over short third man, Cook runs back and completes a superb catch. He had his eyes on the ball till the end. Mathews c Cook b Tredwell 18(21) [4s-2]114/7
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