Jan 31New Zealand vs. Pakistan

1st ODI at Westpac Stadium, Wellington

New Zealand won by 7 wkts

Jan 30England vs. India

6th Match at W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth

England won by 3 wkts

Jan 29New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

7th ODI at Westpac Stadium, Wellington

Sri Lanka won by 34 runs

Jan 28South Africa vs. West Indies

5th ODI at SuperSport Park, Centurion

South Africa won by 131 runs

Jan 26Australia vs. India

5th Match at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

No result

Jan 25South Africa vs. West Indies

4th ODI at St George's Park, Port Elizabeth

West Indies won by 1 wkt

Feb 01 08:50Australia vs. England

Final at W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth

Feb 03 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

2nd ODI at Napier

Feb 14 03:30New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

1st Match, Pool A at Christchurch

Feb 14 09:00Australia vs. England

2nd Match, Pool A at Melbourne

Feb 15 06:30South Africa vs. Zimbabwe

3rd Match, Pool B at Hamilton

Feb 15 09:00India vs. Pakistan

4th Match, Pool B at Adelaide

Cricket Scorecard

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka in UAE, 2013-14

Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka, 2nd Test

Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai, Jan 08, 2014

Match Information

Match Status
Sri Lanka won by 9 wkts
Man Of The Match
M Jayawardene
Sri Lanka (Elected to Bowl)
Bruce Oxenford (Aus) & S Ravi (Ind)
Third Umpire
Richard Kettleborough (Eng)
Match Referee
Javagal Srinath (Ind)

Batting: Pakistan

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Khurram Manzoorcaught P Jayawardene b Lakmal731367153.68
Ahmed Shehzadlbw b N Pradeep3270011.11
Mohammad Hafeezbowled b N Pradeep21594035.59
Younis Khancaught P Jayawardene b S Eranga13291044.83
Misbah-ul-Haq (C)caught P Jayawardene b S Eranga170014.29
Asad Shafiqcaught K Silva b Lakmal6340017.65
Sarfraz Ahmed (WK)caught P Jayawardene b N Pradeep7160043.75
Bilawal Bhattibatting24493148.98
Saeed Ajmalcaught K Silva b Herath8101080.00
Rahat Alilbw b Herath04000.00
Junaid Khanlbw b Herath2120016.67
Extras (7 leg byes)7 
Total (165-10 in 63.5 overs)165 

Fall of Wickets

1/28 (Ahmed Shehzad, 9.3 ov.), 2/78 (Mohammad Hafeez, 27.5 ov.), 3/107 (Younis Khan, 38.1 ov.), 4/109 (Misbah-ul-Haq, 40.1 ov.), 5/118 (Khurram Manzoor, 46.5 ov.), 6/127 (Asad Shafiq, 50.2 ov.), 7/129 (Sarfraz Ahmed, 53.4 ov.), 8/151 (Saeed Ajmal, 57.2 ov.), 9/151 (Rahat Ali, 57.6 ov.), 10/165 (Junaid Khan, 63.5 ov.)

Bowling: Sri Lanka

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Suranga Lakmal216452002.1
Shaminda Eranga144252001.8
Nuwan Pradeep182623003.4
Rangana Herath10.53263002.4

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
63.5OUTHerath to Junaid Khan, out Lbw!! That was pretty plumb. Another review goes in waste for Pakistan. This was the quicker arm ball from Herath, pitched on off and went with the angle, Junaid Khan was lunging forward in defence, misses and is trapped below the knee roll. That was crashing into the stumps, easy call for umpire Oxenford. Junaid Khan lbw b Herath 2(12)165/10
62.5SIXEranga to Bhatti, SIX, handy runs for Bhatti, this was banged in short by Eranga, Bhatti went for the pull, gets a top edge that soars over the fine leg boundary for a maximum165/9
58OUTHerath to Rahat Ali, out Lbw!! The arm ball does the trick for Herath, this was tossed up and came with the angle, Rahat Ali was lunging forward in defence, misses and is struck low on the front pad. The impact was on middle and the ball was going on to hit middle and leg. Easy call for the umpire, Rahat Ali took a chance with the review but it was in waste. Rahat Ali lbw b Herath 0(4)151/9
57.2OUTHerath to Ajmal, out Caught by Kaushal Silva!! A piece of individual brilliance from Kaushal at FSL, yet another stuning catch by him. This was tossed up and on the stumps, Ajmal nudged it towards the on-side, Silva stuck his right hand and plucks it out of thin air. Pakistan have lost their eighth wicket, and Herath has his first for the match. Ajmal c Kaushal Silva b Herath 8(10) [4s-1]151/8
56.5FOURLakmal to Bhatti, FOUR, edged and four, on a good length and holding its line on off, Bhatti prods at that with soft hands, the edge falls in front of the slip fielder and races away to the fence151/7
56.2FOURLakmal to Ajmal, FOUR, nicely done by Ajmal, this was short and just outside off, Ajmal waits on it and chops it past the gully fielder for a boundary146/7
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Batting: Sri Lanka

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Dimuth Karunaratne* lbw b Junaid Khan32437074.42
Kaushal Silvalbw b M Hafeez9522110042.99
Kumar Sangakkaralbw b Rahat Ali26364072.22
Dinesh Chandimalcaught Rahat Ali b Junaid Khan12231052.17
Mahela Jayawardenebowled b Ajmal12927815046.40
Angelo Mathews (C)caught S Ahmed b Rahat Ali42885047.73
Prasanna Jayawardene (WK)bowled b Junaid Khan9321028.12
Rangana Herathrunout Rahat Ali6410150.00
Shaminda Erangabowled b B Bhatti14303046.67
Suranga Lakmalbatting10270037.04
Nuwan Pradeeplbw b Ajmal3230013.04
Extras (1 byes, 1 wides, 1 no balls, 7 leg byes)10 
Total (388-10 in 134 overs)388 

Fall of Wickets

1/40 (Dimuth Karunaratne, 10.6 ov.), 2/75 (Kumar Sangakkara, 21.1 ov.), 3/88 (Dinesh Chandimal, 26.3 ov.), 4/227 (Kaushal Silva, 77.5 ov.), 5/320 (Angelo Mathews, 107.2 ov.), 6/341 (Prasanna Jayawardene, 116.3 ov.), 7/348 (Rangana Herath, 117.2 ov.), 8/365 (Mahela Jayawardene, 123.3 ov.), 9/377 (Shaminda Eranga, 126.5 ov.), 10/388 (Nuwan Pradeep, 133.6 ov.)

Bowling: Pakistan

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Junaid Khan3671023002.8
Rahat Ali3661312003.6
Saeed Ajmal*3411562001.6
Bilawal Bhatti223801113.6
Mohammad Hafeez61111001.8

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
134OUTAjmal to Pradeep, out Lbw!! Ajmal at last gets a decision in his favour. This was tossed up and turning in, Pradeep comes half way forward and is struck below the knee roll, the ball would have gone on to hit the leg-stump. Umpire Ravi got one right as well. Pradeep lbw b Ajmal 3(23)388/10
132OTHERAjmal to Pradeep, no run, quicker and on the stumps, Pradeep is rapped on the pads, umpire Ravi raises his finger this time, but Pradeep's team-mates tell him to go for the review, they got it right as this was missing leg-stump386/9
131.2OTHERAjmal to Pradeep, no run, quicker delivery that turns in, Pradeep comes slightly forward and is struck on the pads, umpire Ravi was unmoved, Ajmal convinces Misbah to go for the review. Hawk-Eye showed that it was clipping leg-stump, hence the on-field call remained386/9
126.5OUTBhatti to Eranga, out Bowled!! Eranga's resistence comes to an end. This was a short delivery around off, Eranga goes for the cut but is cramped for room, the ball takes an inside edge and crashes into off-stump. Bhatti gets his first wicket of the match. Eranga b Bhatti 14(30) [4s-3]377/9
126.2FOURBhatti to Eranga, FOUR, tad short and on the stumps, Eranga hangs back and plays the half pull/flick between midwicket and mid-on, the timing takes it to the fence377/8
124.2FOURJunaid Khan to Eranga, leg byes, FOUR, errs in line and drifts it on leg-stump, Eranga gets some pad and the ball rolls away to the fine leg fence369/8
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Batting: Pakistan

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Khurram Manzoorcaught P Jayawardene b N Pradeep6221027.27
Ahmed Shehzadcaught P Jayawardene b Herath9720128.57
Mohammad Hafeezcaught P Jayawardene b N Pradeep140025.00
Younis Khancaught P Jayawardene b Lakmal771735044.51
Misbah-ul-Haq (C)bowled b Herath972488139.11
Asad Shafiqcaught D Karunaratne b S Eranga23753030.67
Sarfraz Ahmed (WK)bowled b Lakmal741427052.11
Bilawal Bhattibowled b S Eranga32754042.67
Saeed Ajmalbowled b Lakmal21511041.18
Rahat Alicaught P Jayawardene b Lakmal8241033.33
Junaid Khanbatting240050.00
Extras (1 byes, 8 leg byes)9 
Total (359-10 in 137.3 overs)359 

Fall of Wickets

1/11 (Ahmed Shehzad, 2.5 ov.), 2/12 (Mohammad Hafeez, 3.3 ov.), 3/19 (Khurram Manzoor, 7.5 ov.), 4/148 (Younis Khan, 59.1 ov.), 5/200 (Asad Shafiq, 81.3 ov.), 6/245 (Misbah-ul-Haq, 95.3 ov.), 7/312 (Bilawal Bhatti, 116.6 ov.), 8/334 (Sarfraz Ahmed, 127.4 ov.), 9/354 (Rahat Ali, 135.3 ov.), 10/359 (Saeed Ajmal, 137.3 ov.)

Bowling: Sri Lanka

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Suranga Lakmal28.34784002.7
Shaminda Eranga369742002.1
Nuwan Pradeep193502002.6
Rangana Herath48101322002.8
Angelo Mathews5190001.8
Kumar Sangakkara1070007.0

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
137.3OUTLakmal to Ajmal, out Bowled!! Pakistan have been bowled out for 359. A toe-crusher does the job for Lakmal. This was the inswinging yorker, Ajmal fell across as he looked to work it towards the on-side, misses and is struck on the front toe, the ball ricochets back onto the stumps. A limping Ajmal walks away, shades of Johnson hitting Broad on his toes in the recent Ashes Test, only that Lakmal pace was not a patch on Mitchell's. Ajmal b Lakmal 21(51) [4s-1]360/10
135.3OUTLakmal to Rahat Ali, out Caught by P Jayawardene!! Lakmal has another wicket, the 9th wicket is down for Pakistan. This was pitched up around off and holds its line, Rahat Ali has a feel for that, gets a thin edge through to the keeper. Easy decision for umpire Ravi. Pakistan lead by 131 runs at the moment. Rahat Ali c P Jayawardene b Lakmal 8(24) [4s-1]355/9
131.5FOURLakmal to Ajmal, FOUR, cracking shot, Lakmal bangs one short and just outside off, Ajmal swivels across and pulls it wide of mid-wicket for a boundary354/8
130.4FOURHerath to Rahat Ali, FOUR, clubbed by Rahat Ali, handy runs for Pakistan. This was tossed up and on the stumps, Ali clears his left leg and clouts it high and wide of long on for a boundary348/8
127.4OUTLakmal to Sarfraz Ahmed, out Bowled!! An absolute corker from Lakmal. This was pitched up on off, lures Sarfraz Ahmed forward before nipping back in sharply, Sarfraz was looking to defend, opens up a big gap between bat and pad in the process. The ball sneaks through and hits the top of off-stump. A vital breakthrough for Sri Lanka. Sarfraz Ahmed b Lakmal 74(142) [4s-7]335/8
124.5OTHEREranga to Ajmal, no run, on a good length and a hint of shape back into Ajmal, he was caught in his crease as he looked to defend, the ball hits the flap of the pad on the way to the keeper. He just about managed to get outside the line though333/7
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Batting: Sri Lanka

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Dimuth Karunaratne* batting621258049.60
Kaushal Silvalbw b Ajmal581345043.28
Kumar Sangakkarabatting9201045.00
Extras (3 byes, 1 no balls, 4 leg byes)8 
Total (137-1 in 46.2 overs)137 

Recent Overs

0 0 0 0 0 0   -  1 0 0 1 0 B1   -  0 0 0 1 0 0   -  4 1

Fall of Wickets

1/124 (Kaushal Silva, 40.3 ov.)

Bowling: Pakistan

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Mohammad Hafeez83220002.8
Junaid Khan102340103.4
Rahat Ali111290002.6
Saeed Ajmal*17.25451002.6

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
46.1FOURAjmal to Sangakkara, FOUR, dug in fractionally short and just outside off, Sangakkara rocks back in a flash and smacks the pull to the deep mid-wicket fence136/1
45.2OTHERRahat Ali to Sangakkara, no run, this was back of a length and tailing in as Sangakkara fails to work it to the on-side. He is rapped high above the knee roll, a clear indication that the ball would have missed the stumps131/1
40.3OUTAjmal to Kaushal Silva, out Lbw!! Some consolation for Pakistan as Ajmal pins Silva lbw. This was pushed through quicker and turning in, Silva prods at it in vain as he is struck on the knee roll in front of middle and leg, Hawk Eye reveals that the ball would have clipped top of leg. So, the on-field call is upheld. Kaushal Silva lbw b Ajmal 58(134) [4s-5]124/1
40.2OTHERAjmal to Kaushal Silva, no run, spinning down leg, turned behind square124/0
39.5FOURRahat Ali to D Karunaratne, FOUR, back of a length and outside off, Karunaratne camps on the back foot and punches it, the ball scurries away to the deep extra cover fence. Mahela Jayawardene applauds the shot from the change room124/0
35.3OTHERRahat Ali to D Karunaratne, 2 runs, on a length and on the pads, Karunaratne flicks it neatly through mid-wicket for a couple. That brings up his fifty. Silva wraps Karunaratne in a hug108/0
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