LiveSouth Africa vs. West Indies

5th ODI at SuperSport Park, Centurion

1st Innings: South Africa (361-5 in 42 overs)

2nd Innings: West Indies (30-1 in 4.1 overs)*

Jan 26Australia vs. India

5th Match at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

No result

Jan 25South Africa vs. West Indies

4th ODI at St George's Park, Port Elizabeth

West Indies won by 1 wkt

Jan 25New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

6th ODI at University Oval, Dunedin

New Zealand won by 120 runs

Jan 23New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

5th ODI at University Oval, Dunedin

New Zealand won by 108 runs

Jan 23Australia vs. England

4th Match at Bellerive Oval, Hobart

Australia won by 3 wkts

Jan 21South Africa vs. West Indies

3rd ODI at Buffalo Park, East London

South Africa won by 9 wkts

Jan 29 06:30New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

7th ODI at Westpac Stadium, Wellington

Jan 30 08:50England vs. India

6th Match at Perth

Jan 31 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

1st ODI at Wellington

Feb 01 08:50Australia vs. TBC

Final at Perth

Feb 03 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

2nd ODI at Napier

Feb 14 03:30New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

1st Match, Pool A at Christchurch

Cricket Scorecard

Australia tour of South Africa 2014

South Africa vs. Australia, 1st Test

SuperSport Park, Centurion, Feb 12, 2014

Match Information

Match Status
Australia won by 281 runs
Man Of The Match
South Africa (Elected to Bowl)
Richard Illingworth (Eng) & Aleem Dar (Pak)
Third Umpire
Ian Gould (Eng)
Match Referee
Roshan Mahanama (SL)

Batting: Australia

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Chris Rogerscaught Duminy b M Morkel4190021.05
David Warnerbowled b Steyn12162075.00
Alex Doolancaught R Peterson b McLaren27515052.94
Shaun Marshcaught Graeme Smith b Philander14828815051.39
Michael Clarke (C)caught Philander b Steyn23452051.11
Steven Smithcaught A Petersen b McLaren10021313046.95
Brad Haddin (WK)lbw b R Peterson03000.00
Mitchell Johnsonbowled b R Peterson33546061.11
Ryan Harrisbowled b Steyn19312061.29
Peter Siddlebowled b Steyn2110018.18
Nathan Lyonbatting4300133.33
Extras (4 byes, 11 wides, 2 no balls, 8 leg byes)25 
Total (397-10 in 122 overs)397 

Fall of Wickets

1/15 (David Warner, 4.1 ov.), 2/24 (Chris Rogers, 8.2 ov.), 3/72 (Alex Doolan, 23.1 ov.), 4/98 (Michael Clarke, 33.5 ov.), 5/331 (Steven Smith, 103.3 ov.), 6/332 (Brad Haddin, 104.1 ov.), 7/348 (Shaun Marsh, 108.3 ov.), 8/391 (Ryan Harris, 119.3 ov.), 9/391 (Mitchell Johnson, 120.1 ov.), 10/397 (Peter Siddle, 121.6 ov.)

Bowling: South Africa

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Dale Steyn296784052.7
Vernon Philander245691002.9
Morne Morkel225731053.3
Ryan McLaren204722213.6
Robin Peterson150492003.3
Jean-Paul Duminy121440003.7

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
122OUTSteyn to Siddle, out Bowled!! Steyn finishes it off. This was another full delivery around off, Siddle goes for the drive and he too like his bowling partners drags it back on to the stumps. The off-pole is discarded from the ground. Siddle b Steyn 2(11)397/10
120.1OUTR Peterson to Johnson, out Bowled!! The bowling change has worked straightaway. This was a tossed up delivery outside off, Johnson goes for the sweep and ends up inside edging it on to the middle-stump. He practises the shot after being dismissed and walks back shaking his head in disappointment. Johnson b R Peterson 33(54) [4s-6]391/9
119.3OUTSteyn to R Harris, out Bowled!! Harris chops one back onto his stumps. No reactions from Steyn. This was a fuller length delivery around off, Harris stays rooted to the crease and looks to drive but only manages an inside edge on to his off-stump. R Harris b Steyn 19(31) [4s-2]391/8
118FOURSteyn to Johnson, FOUR, short of length outside off, Johnson is quick to pick up the length and hammer the pull in front of square, the ball bullets away to the fence384/7
116.2FOURDuminy to R Harris, FOUR, well a rare sight, Amla misfields and allows the ball to roll away to the fence, short and outside off, Harris rocks back and cuts it to sweeper, where Amla makes a mess of it378/7
112.5FOURPhilander to Johnson, FOUR, fullish and widish outside off, Philander forces Johnson to play a false shot with the outside edge running past gully to the third man fence. 5th four for Mitch367/7
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Batting: South Africa

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Graeme Smith (C)caught S Marsh b Johnson10820125.00
Alviro Petersencaught Haddin b Johnson2120016.67
Hashim Amlalbw b P Siddle17422040.48
Faf du Plessiscaught Clarke b Johnson350060.00
AB de Villiers (WK)caught Warner b Johnson9114810261.49
Jean-Paul Duminycaught Johnson b N Lyon25481152.08
Ryan McLarenbowled b Johnson8331024.24
Robin Petersoncaught Clarke b Johnson10232043.48
Vernon Philanderlbw b N Lyon15350042.86
Dale Steynbatting7130053.85
Morne Morkelcaught Haddin b Johnson01000.00
Extras (14 byes, 1 wides, 1 no balls, 2 leg byes)18 
Total (206-10 in 61.1 overs)206 

Fall of Wickets

1/11 (Graeme Smith, 1.4 ov.), 2/15 (Alviro Petersen, 5.3 ov.), 3/23 (Faf du Plessis, 7.1 ov.), 4/43 (Hashim Amla, 12.6 ov.), 5/110 (Jean-Paul Duminy, 30.5 ov.), 6/126 (Ryan McLaren, 39.2 ov.), 7/140 (Robin Peterson, 45.1 ov.), 8/189 (Vernon Philander, 57.2 ov.), 9/202 (AB de Villiers, 59.6 ov.), 10/206 (Morne Morkel, 61.1 ov.)

Bowling: Australia

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Ryan Harris*173510003.0
Mitchell Johnson17.11687014.0
Peter Siddle131331102.5
Nathan Lyon140382002.7

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
61.1OUTJohnson to M Morkel, out Caught by Haddin!! Morkel falls for a golden duck and the innings is over. 7 for Johnson. From round the wicket and a searing short delivery, Morkel's weight was on the back foot, looked to guide it to third man with an open face, a tiny edge and that's all is what is needed. Australia lead by 191 now. M Morkel c Haddin b Johnson 0(1)206/10
60OUTJohnson to de Villiers, out Caught by Warner!! Good leaping catch by Warner at mid-off. No hundred for de Villiers. But what an outstanding knock he has played. The last delivery of the over, he wanted to play another big stroke, but mistimed the slower delivery, Warner timed his leap well and pouched it without any trouble. de Villiers c Warner b Johnson 91(148) [4s-10 6s-2]202/9
59.5FOURJohnson to de Villiers, FOUR, smashed over cover. Down on one knee and clouts the slower delivery. Into the nineties now. Nods at Steyn after that boundary202/8
57.4SIXLyon to de Villiers, SIX, terrific shot. de Villiers down the wicket and launching Lyon into the stands at long-on. Clean swing of the bat and the ball was going only one way and that was over the ropes196/8
57.2OUTLyon to Philander, out Lbw!! Looked an innocuous appeal at first, but that is a very good review from Australia. From round the wicket, it pitches in line and beats Philander's flick, thuds into the pads. Would've taken out middle and leg. Pretty out and the third umpire confirms the same. Illingworth didn't give it out initially and then Australia went for the review. So Lyon breaks the dangerous looking stand. Philander lbw b Lyon 15(35)189/8
53.3FOURLyon to de Villiers, FOUR, de Villiers' class on show there. Down the wicket in a flash, to the pitch and hammers the drive wide of cover. Mid-off had no chance too. The ball screams away to the fence180/7
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Batting: Australia

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Chris Rogersbowled b Steyn140025.00
David Warnercaught Graeme Smith b R Peterson11515013276.67
Alex Doolancaught de Villiers b Duminy8915412157.79
Shaun Marshcaught de Villiers b Steyn44845152.38
Michael Clarke (C)batting17413041.46
Extras (3 byes, 7 wides, 14 leg byes)24 
Total (290-4 in 72.2 overs declared)290 

Fall of Wickets

1/1 (Chris Rogers, 1.1 ov.), 2/206 (David Warner, 46.5 ov.), 3/243 (Alex Doolan, 57.1 ov.), 4/290 (Shaun Marsh, 72.2 ov.)

Bowling: South Africa

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Vernon Philander112280002.5
Dale Steyn14.22612014.3
Ryan McLaren110470014.3
Morne Morkel134380002.9
Robin Peterson190871054.6
Jean-Paul Duminy40121003.0

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
72.2OUTSteyn to S Marsh, out Caught by de Villiers!! Marsh is gone and Australia have declared as well. Nothing shot from Marsh as he poked at a ball well outside off and edged it low to the left of the keeper. AB took it easily and as soon as the wicket fell, both batsmen run off the field, followed by the South Africans. S Marsh c de Villiers b Steyn 44(84) [4s-5 6s-1]290/4
67.4FOURM Morkel to S Marsh, FOUR, another outside edge that runs away to the third man fence. Good length delivery outside off stump, Marsh defends and gets lucky286/3
62.3FOURR Peterson to S Marsh, FOUR, picks this flighted delivery from well outside off stump, gets his front foot a long way across and sweeps it along the ground to the backward square leg fence274/3
61.4FOURSteyn to S Marsh, FOUR, lucky boundary. Short of a length outside off stump, Steyn bent his back for this ball, extra bounce the result but unfortunately, the ball goes over the slip cordon even though it went of the shoulder of the bat269/3
60.5FOURR Peterson to Clarke, FOUR, Clarke saw the full toss coming, waited for it and swept it easily to the deep mid-wicket fence. He didn't even bother to run265/3
59.5FOURSteyn to Clarke, FOUR, slightly gets across the stumps and tickles the short of length delivery very fine, there is no one at fine leg to stop the ball260/3
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Batting: South Africa

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sSR
Alviro Petersencaught Haddin b Johnson190011.11
Graeme Smith (C)caught A Doolan b Johnson4101040.00
Hashim Amlacaught S Marsh b R Harris35716049.30
Faf du Plessislbw b P Siddle18473038.30
AB de Villiers (WK)caught S Smith b Johnson48905053.33
Jean-Paul Duminycaught A Doolan b Johnson10600016.67
Ryan McLarencaught Haddin b Johnson6190031.58
Robin Petersonbowled b P Siddle21233091.30
Vernon Philanderbatting261841144.44
Dale Steyncaught Clarke b R Harris380037.50
Morne Morkelrunout Haddin140025.00
Extras (10 byes, 11 wides, 1 no balls, 5 leg byes)27 
Total (200-10 in 59.4 overs)200 

Recent Overs

0 0 2 0 0 0   -  4 1 W 0 0 0   -  4 0 0 0 6 1   -  4 Wd 4 1 W1

Fall of Wickets

1/6 (Alviro Petersen, 1.5 ov.), 2/12 (Graeme Smith, 3.4 ov.), 3/49 (Faf du Plessis, 16.5 ov.), 4/97 (Hashim Amla, 29.4 ov.), 5/128 (Jean-Paul Duminy, 45.4 ov.), 6/140 (Ryan McLaren, 49.3 ov.), 7/151 (AB de Villiers, 51.6 ov.), 8/165 (Robin Peterson, 54.6 ov.), 9/178 (Dale Steyn, 57.3 ov.), 10/200 (Morne Morkel, 59.4 ov.)

Bowling: Australia

BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsNo BallsWidesEconomy Rate
Ryan Harris*12.45352012.8
Mitchell Johnson1635951103.7
Peter Siddle166552003.4
David Warner2030001.5
Nathan Lyon131330002.5

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
59.4OUTR Harris to M Morkel, out M Morkel Run Out!! 1 run completed. What was Morne doing there? Never a second run in it. Probably, he wanted the game to be over quickly. Turns the short of length delivery to backward square leg, Philander was just jogging, as Morne calls for the second, he responds and Lyon's throw is bang on target. Haddin takes the bails off and the square leg umpire puts his finger up straightaway. M Morkel run out (Lyon/Haddin) 1(4)200/10
59.2FOURR Harris to Philander, FOUR, another good looking drive. The field is up why not take full toss of it. Full delivery outside off stump, this time Philander sends it to sweeper cover198/9
59.1FOURR Harris to Philander, FOUR, Johnson doesn't want to put in the dive and stop the ball. Full delivery outside off stump, Philander drives off the front foot to the deep extra-cover fence193/9
58.5SIXSiddle to Philander, SIX, this time Philander has timed it really well and it sails over the backward square leg fence. Gets on top of the bounce and hooks, gets full value for the shot188/9
58.1FOURSiddle to Philander, FOUR, short delivery on the off stump, Philander pulls it along the ground to the backward square leg fence182/9
57.3OUTR Harris to Steyn, out Caught by Clarke!! Give me the ball, I'll take you the wickets! Short of a length delivery outside off stump, the ball nips away, Steyn pokes and gets a thick edge which goes at a good height to second slip. Steyn c Clarke b R Harris 3(8)178/9
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