Cricket Scorecard

England tour of Australia 2014

Australia vs. England, 1st ODI

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Jan 12, 2014

Match Information

Match StatusAustralia won by 6 wkts
Man Of The MatchFinch
TossEngland (Elected to Bat)
UmpiresRanmore Martinesz (SL) & Simon Fry (Aus)
Third UmpireKumar Dharmasena (SL)
Match RefereeRanjan Madugalle (SL)

Batting: England

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Alastair Cook (C)caught Haddin b McKayAlastair Cook (C)
caught Haddin b McKay
Ian Bellbowled b DohertyIan Bell
bowled b Doherty
Joe Rootlbw b McKayJoe Root
lbw b McKay
Gary Ballancecaught Doherty b McKayGary Ballance
caught Doherty b McKay
Eoin Morgancaught Coulter-Nile b MaxwellEoin Morgan
caught Coulter-Nile b Maxwell
Ravi Boparacaught Haddin b Coulter-NileRavi Bopara
caught Haddin b Coulter-Nile
Ben Stokesbowled b FaulknerBen Stokes
bowled b Faulkner
Jos Buttler (WK)battingJos Buttler (WK)
Tim BresnanbattingTim Bresnan
Extras (3 wides, 1 leg byes)4 
Total (269-7 in 50 overs) 269 
Extras (3 wides, 1 leg byes)4 
Total (269-7 in 50 overs) 269 

Fall of Wickets

1/4 (Alastair Cook, 0.4 ov.), 2/22 (Joe Root, 6.5 ov.), 3/62 (Ian Bell, 17.3 ov.), 4/145 (Eoin Morgan, 31.4 ov.), 5/173 (Ravi Bopara, 37.5 ov.), 6/206 (Ben Stokes, 42.6 ov.), 7/228 (Gary Ballance, 45.4 ov.)

Bowling: Australia

Clint McKay1004434.4
Nathan Coulter-Nile1005115.1
Glenn Maxwell804015.0
Xavier Doherty702914.1
James Faulkner1006816.8
Shane Watson503607.2

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
49.3SIXCoulter-Nile to Buttler, SIX, slower short delivery on leg-stump, Buttler makes room and pulls it to deep mid wicket, Clarke was 10 meters inside the ropes and the ball lands correctly on the ad hoardings264/7
48.5SIXFaulkner to Bresnan, SIX, what a shot! This was a length delivery on the stumps, Bresnan clears his front leg and swings across the line, the ball goes sailing way into the crowd at deep mid wicket256/7
47.5FOURCoulter-Nile to Bresnan, FOUR, low full toss on the stumps, Bresnan stays on leg-stump and thumps the drive past the diving mid-on fielder245/7
45.4OUTMcKay to Ballance, out Caught by Doherty!! Well cricket is a funny game. Doherty gets to make amends in the same over. Full delivery again outside off, Ballance slashes hard and gets an outside edge, the ball flies down to third man where Doherty runs in and takes a good low catch. He is excited as he completes the catch, throws the ball in anger and it almost hits McKay. That ends a brilliant innings from the youngster. Ballance c Doherty b McKay 79(96) [4s-6]228/7
45.3FOURMcKay to Ballance, FOUR, short delivery on the stumps, Ballance swivels and pulls it to the backward square leg fence, he got the placement right as well228/6
45.1DROPPEDMcKay to Ballance, 1 run, Dropped! Doherty has put down a sitter, this was a full delivery outside off, Ballance goes for the drive and gets a thickish outside edge, the ball flies to third man where Doherty runs in and spills the catch223/6
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Batting: Australia

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Aaron Finchcaught Ballance b StokesAaron Finch
caught Ballance b Stokes
David Warnercaught Stokes b J RootDavid Warner
caught Stokes b J Root
Shane Watsonbowled b C JordanShane Watson
bowled b C Jordan
Michael Clarke (C)caught Cook b T BresnanMichael Clarke (C)
caught Cook b T Bresnan
George BaileybattingGeorge Bailey
Glenn MaxwellbattingGlenn Maxwell
Extras (10 wides, 6 leg byes)16 
Total (270-4 in 45.4 overs) 270 
Extras (10 wides, 6 leg byes)16 
Total (270-4 in 45.4 overs) 270 

Recent Overs

0 1 1 1 1 1   -  1 0 0 2 1 1   -  1 Wd 1 1 0 L1 4   -  1 1 0 2

Fall of Wickets

1/163 (David Warner, 27.5 ov.), 2/165 (Shane Watson, 28.4 ov.), 3/237 (Aaron Finch, 39.3 ov.), 4/247 (Michael Clarke, 41.6 ov.)

Bowling: England

Boyd Rankin805306.6
Chris Jordan1005015.0
Tim Bresnan9.405615.8
Ben Stokes1006416.4
Ravi Bopara603005.0
Joe Root201115.5

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
45FOURStokes to Bailey, FOUR, Bailey wants to get this over with quickly. It was fuller on off this time, Bailey gets forward and lofts it to long off266/4
42OUTBresnan to Clarke, out Caught by Cook!! Just a few runs left to win and Australia are losing unnecessary wickets. It was a short of a length delivery on off, Clarke comes on the front foot and mistimes the uppish drive to mid-off. Simple catch for Cook, there is no huge celebration from him as the match is almost done and dusted. Clarke c Cook b Bresnan 43(42) [4s-6]247/4
39.4FOURStokes to Clarke, FOUR, short of length delivery outside off, Clarke steers it nicely to the third man fence for a boundary241/3
39.3OUTStokes to Finch, out Caught by Ballance!! Finch perishes in the quest for quick runs. It was a length delivery on off, Finch sliced it as the bottom hand came off, gets a thick outside edge and the ball goes ballooning in the air to third man where Ballance holds onto a good low catch. Finch gets a standing ovation as he makes his way back to the pavilion. Bailey gives him a pat on the back as he walks in to bat. Finch c Ballance b Stokes 121(128) [4s-12]237/3
39.2FOURStokes to Finch, FOUR, short of length delivery on leg, Finch stays back and pulls it to the fine leg ropes237/2
38.3FOURJordan to Clarke, FOUR, edged and four. It was a back of a length delivery outside off, Clarke looks to play it squarer but ends up getting a thick outside edge. The ball flies between the keeper and a diving slip and races away to third man233/2
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