Cricket Scorecard

T20 WC 2012

Sri Lanka vs. West Indies, Final

R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo, Oct 07, 2012

Match Information

Match StatusWest Indies won by 36 runs
Man Of The MatchMarlon Samuels
TossWest Indies (Elected to Bat)
UmpiresAleem Dar (Pak) & Simon Taufel (Aus)
Third UmpireRod Tucker (Aus)
Match RefereeJeff Crowe (NZ)

Batting: West Indies

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Johnson Charlescaught N Kulasekara b A MathewsJohnson Charles
caught N Kulasekara b A Mathews
Chris Gaylelbw b A MendisChris Gayle
lbw b A Mendis
Marlon Samuelscaught J Mendis b A DananjayaMarlon Samuels
caught J Mendis b A Dananjaya
Dwayne Bravolbw b A MendisDwayne Bravo
lbw b A Mendis
Kieron Pollardcaught A Dananjaya b A MendisKieron Pollard
caught A Dananjaya b A Mendis
Andre Russelllbw b A MendisAndre Russell
lbw b A Mendis
Darren Sammy (C)battingDarren Sammy (C)
Denesh Ramdin (WK)battingDenesh Ramdin (WK)
Extras (3 wides, 2 leg byes)5 
Total (137-6 in 20 overs) 137 
Extras (3 wides, 2 leg byes)5 
Total (137-6 in 20 overs) 137 

Fall of Wickets

1/0 (Johnson Charles, 0.5 ov.), 2/14 (Chris Gayle, 5.5 ov.), 3/73 (Dwayne Bravo, 13.6 ov.), 4/87 (Kieron Pollard, 15.2 ov.), 5/87 (Andre Russell, 15.3 ov.), 6/108 (Marlon Samuels, 17.1 ov.)

Bowling: Sri Lanka

Angelo Mathews411112.8
Nuwan Kulasekara302207.3
Lasith Malinga4054013.5
Ajantha Mendis401243.0
Akila Dananjaya Perera301615.3
Jeevan Mendis2020010.0

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
20FOURNuwan Kulasekara to Sammy, FOUR, very full, Sammy comes on the frontfoot and drives it hard and straight for a boundary to finish well.137/6
19.2FOURNuwan Kulasekara to Sammy, FOUR, slow again, Sammy hangs back and pulls it nicely in the gap between deep mid wicket and long on. One bounce and over the ropes.128/6
18.2FOURMalinga to Sammy, FOUR, the french cut from Sammy! Right in the blockhole, Sammy tries to jam it out but gets an inside edge and it races down to the fine leg fence117/6
17.1OUTA Dananjaya to Marlon Samuels, out Caught by Jeevan Mendis!! Marlon Samuels falls after a fine knock. It was short, Samuels gets deep and drags the pull flat and hard down to deep mid wicket. Jeevan takes it well and sinks West Indies. Sammy appreciates the effort even as Samuels walks off very slowly. Marlon Samuels c Jeevan Mendis b A Dananjaya 78(56) [4s-3 6s-6]108/6
16.5SIXMalinga to Marlon Samuels, SIX, Marlon Samuels is in some mood now. Full again, Samuels clears his front foot and lofts it high and deep into the stands over long on. 108m. The longest six of the tournament.107/5
16.4SIXMalinga to Marlon Samuels, SIX, banged in short, Samuels hooks and connects very well to send it well over the ropes at fine leg this time. Very good hit that.101/5
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Batting: Sri Lanka

Batsman BatsmanRB4s6sSR
Mahela Jayawardene (C)caught D Sammy b S NarineMahela Jayawardene (C)
caught D Sammy b S Narine
Tillakaratne Dilshanbowled b R RampaulTillakaratne Dilshan
bowled b R Rampaul
Kumar Sangakkara (WK)caught K Pollard b S BadreeKumar Sangakkara (WK)
caught K Pollard b S Badree
Angelo Mathewsbowled b D SammyAngelo Mathews
bowled b D Sammy
Jeevan Mendisrunout S NarineJeevan Mendis
runout S Narine
Thisara Pererarunout D RamdinThisara Perera
runout D Ramdin
Lahiru Thirimannecaught J Charles b D SammyLahiru Thirimanne
caught J Charles b D Sammy
Nuwan Kulasekaracaught S Badree b S NarineNuwan Kulasekara
caught S Badree b S Narine
Lasith Malingacaught DJ Bravo b S NarineLasith Malinga
caught DJ Bravo b S Narine
Ajantha Mendiscaught DJ Bravo b Marlon SamuelsAjantha Mendis
caught DJ Bravo b Marlon Samuels
Akila Dananjaya PererabattingAkila Dananjaya Perera
Extras (1 no balls, 2 leg byes)3 
Total (101-10 in 18.4 overs) 101 
Extras (1 no balls, 2 leg byes)3 
Total (101-10 in 18.4 overs) 101 

Recent Overs

1 1 6 4 N4 4 1   -  2 0 W 0 0 L1   -  0 1 1 1 W 1   -  0 0 0 W

Fall of Wickets

1/6 (Tillakaratne Dilshan, 1.1 ov.), 2/48 (Kumar Sangakkara, 9.3 ov.), 3/51 (Angelo Mathews, 10.4 ov.), 4/60 (Mahela Jayawardene, 12.1 ov.), 5/61 (Jeevan Mendis, 12.3 ov.), 6/64 (Thisara Perera, 13.1 ov.), 7/69 (Lahiru Thirimanne, 14.3 ov.), 8/96 (Nuwan Kulasekara, 16.3 ov.), 9/100 (Ajantha Mendis, 17.5 ov.), 10/101 (Lasith Malinga, 18.4 ov.)

Bowling: West Indies

Samuel Badree402416.0
Ravi Rampaul3031110.3
Marlon Samuels401513.8
Chris Gayle201407.0
Sunil Narine3.40932.5
Darren Sammy20623.0

Innings Highlights

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
18.4OUTNarine to Malinga, out Caught by Dwayne Bravo!! There is the moment. West Indies are the 2012 T20 Cup champions. All the players are assembled in line and are doing the Gangnam. Full and loopy delivery just outside off, Malinga hoicks it high to long on, it settles down in the safe hands of Dwayne Bravo who takes the catch, all the West Indies players run out and celebrate wildly, what a moment this is for the West Indies. Malinga c Dwayne Bravo b Narine 5(13)101/10
17.5OUTMarlon Samuels to Ajantha Mendis, out Caught by Dwayne Bravo!! West Indies are doing the Gangnam. Full and flat delivery outside off, Ajantha again moves to the off side and attempts the heave, he does not achieve the distance and Bravo takes the catch at deep mid wicket, all the West Indian fielders gather around Samuels and dance wildly. Ajantha Mendis c Dwayne Bravo b Marlon Samuels 1(2)100/9
16.3OUTNarine to Nuwan Kulasekara, out Caught by Badree!! The last hope of resistance has ended. Slightly short and slow delivery outside off, Kulasekara backs away a touch and carves it uppishly to sweeper cover, Badree runs in and takes the catch, the West Indies fans in the stand are absolutely overjoyed. Nuwan Kulasekara c Badree b Narine 26(13) [4s-3 6s-1]96/8
15.5FOURRampaul to Nuwan Kulasekara, FOUR, full ball outside off, Kulasekara clears the front leg as he slices the drive to third man, Samuels runs in and tries to catch it, he does not realize that it is a free-hit, the ball bounces in front of him and it goes to the third man boundary93/7
15.5FOURRampaul to Nuwan Kulasekara, no ball, FOUR, are we onto something here now? This is good stuff from Kulasekara, Rampaul again errs in his line and length by bowling this delivery too short and wide outside off, Kulasekara flays it to deep backward point for a boundary, free-hit coming up89/7
15.4FOURRampaul to Nuwan Kulasekara, FOUR, short ball on the middle and leg stump, Kulasekara latches onto it and pummels the pull shot to the deep mid wicket fence84/7
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