Indian T20 League 2014

Bangalore vs. Chennai, 53rd Match

M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, May 24, 2014

Batting: Bangalore

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.5OUTNehra to Rossouw, out Bowled!! Nehra exults after bowling out Rossouw. Early blow for Bangalore. Was there an inside edge? Not so sure. Rossouw played all around an off-stump delivery, trying to whip to leg, the bat came down at an angle and he missed the shot. The stump was pegged back. Rossouw b Nehra 1(4)2/1
2FOURBadree to Takawale, FOUR, Takawale spoils what could've been a potential maiden over from Badree. Full and on off, Takawale knelt down and slog-swept it powerfully to the deep mid-wicket fence. Hit that really well and timed it right out of the middle of the bat.6/1
2.5SIXNehra to Zol, SIX, Zol has picked the slower delivery and lofts Nehra back over his head. Went down on his knee and hit it beautifully, right over the sightscreen14/1
3.1FOURBadree to Takawale, FOUR, Takawale has decided sweep is the best option against Badree. Takes it from off and goes behind square, the conventional sweep this time and he has timed it well to get the boundary20/1
3.3FOURBadree to Takawale, FOUR, poor bowling, with short fine inside the circle, can't bowl down leg, an easy sweep behind square and another boundary for Takawale.24/1
4FOURBadree to Takawale, FOUR, the ball had too much pace for Mohit Sharma to cut it off. Pulled off the back foot, wide of long-on, Mohit ran a long way to his right, but the ball slipped under his body as he dived to stop it. That's the third boundary of the over for Takawale and the Bangalore crowd have just got going28/1
4.5OUTAshwin to Takawale, out Lbw!! Comical raising of the finger from Anil Chaudhary. Looks to his left, towards mid-on and then raises the finger in one motion. For one second, I thought he was signalling that it was slipping down leg, when he started to raise his finger. Anyway coming back to the wicket, it pitched around off and struck Takawale on the pads, after he missed the forward defence. Was it spinning back in to hit the stumps? Or was it going on with the angle from round the wicket to miss off? Need a replay to confirm. My assumption is that it would've hit off. Let's wait for the replay folks. Takawale lbw b Ashwin 19(17) [4s-4]31/2
5.4OUTMohit Sharma to Zol, out Bowled!! Dreadful batting from Zol. Tries to slog a length ball across the line and misses it completely. It was a good length delivery on middle, for some strange reason, Zol wanted to go over mid-wicket, lots of pre-meditation in that shot and suddenly Bangalore are three down and in familiar trouble. Zol b Mohit Sharma 13(12) [6s-1]33/3
9.3SIXAshwin to Kohli, SIX, that's Kohli's favorite shot. Down the track, to the pitch of it and then the bottom-hand does the rest. Wide of long-on, a flat hit and it went all the way. Lots of wristwork in that shot from Kohli55/3
11.2SIXAshwin to Kohli, SIX, very short and on the stumps, Kohli pounces on it, rocks back and hammers a flat pull over deep mid-wicket71/3
12.4FOURRaina to Yuvraj, FOUR, Yuvraj is down on the floor. But the end result is all that matters. Slipped while executing the slog-sweep, lay flat on the floor, almost did a split. But got the timing and the gap at deep mid-wicket for an one-bounce four79/3
12.5FOURRaina to Yuvraj, FOUR, back-to-back boundaries now. Very short and wide outside off, short third was inside, all it needed was the gap and Yuvraj late-cut it wide of that man. The crowd again find their voice83/3
14OUTRavindra Jadeja to Yuvraj, out Caught by Raina!! That's as easy as it gets. Ravindra Jadeja does the double fist pump. Yuvraj wanted to go over deep mid-wicket with the slog sweep, but since he had to take it from outside off, the timing was awry, came right off the toe-end and a simple catch to Raina, who goes down on one knee to take it. Yuvraj c Raina b Ravindra Jadeja 25(24) [4s-2]88/4
14.2SIXBadree to Kohli, SIX, terrific blow. Down the track and onto that in a flash, one flowing swing of the bat and the ball has gone over long-off. A flat hit again96/4
16.4FOURAshwin to Kohli, FOUR, now nails the pull. Short and down leg, Kohli rocks back and swivels to pull behind square, beating the man on the fence116/4
17FOURAshwin to de Villiers, FOUR, cheeky pre-meditated reverse paddle. Past short third inside the ring. Taken on the full from middle and swept past the man121/4
17.1FOURNehra to Kohli, FOUR, low full toss on the stumps, thumped away to the deep mid-wicket fence. He hit that really hard. Good start to the over125/4
17.3FOURNehra to de Villiers, FOUR, no-one on the deep mid-wicket fence and though de Villiers completely mistimed the slog, he got it over short mid-wicket and then the ball rolled over the rope130/4
17.4OUTNehra to de Villiers, out Bowled!! What.A.Man Nehra is! Look at that celebration. A big roar, accompanied by a vigorous fist pump to send the world's best batsman - at least in my book he is - back to the dugout. Superb yorker from the experienced Delhi man, right on middle, de Villiers swung across the line, missed and the ball slid under the bat to shatter the stumps. He is a wicket-taking bowler alright and he still can produce those yorkers. All those Nehra doubters can eat humble pie. de Villiers b Nehra 10(6) [4s-2]130/5
18.1SIXMohit Sharma to Kohli, SIX, just over the leaping Jadeja at deep mid-wicket. Kohli swung hard at a length ball and just about timed it to evade Jaddu who leapt high, wanted to palm it back, so that he could come back in play again and catch it, ala Pollard, but fails to even get a finger on it. Another six to start the over138/5
19.1SIXNehra to Kohli, SIX, that is a massive hit. Comes down and takes it on a length, swipes high and handsome over deep mid-wicket. Really got under it well and ensured he got maximum power into the shot150/5
19.2OUTNehra to Kohli, out Bowled!! Nehra has bowled Kohli out. Another good yorker, tailing in on leg, Kohli jams it out, but it brushes the pad and then rolls back onto the stumps. No real celebration this time from Nehra. Just calmly looks at the batsman who walks off. Kohli b Nehra 73(49) [4s-2 6s-5]150/6

Batting: Chennai

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.1FOURRampaul to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, that must be one of the shots of the tournament. What way to greet the Trinidadian. Rampaul stands there in the middle of the pitch, admiring the shot, with both hands on his hips - the double teapot pose. It was a back of a length delivery on off, Dwayne Smith smoked that with a straight bat, held the pose as he punched it past mid-on. The ball just went like a bullet to the fence. The timing on that shot and the sound it made as it hit the willow was heavenly. Unbelievable on-the-up punch from Smith9/0
1.5FOURRampaul to du Plessis, FOUR, down the track and picks the length, goes across the line and swats it to the deep mid-wicket fence for a four. He hit that well14/0
2SIXRampaul to du Plessis, SIX, and again. But much better result as it has gone all the way. Lifts the length ball over long-off. Looks like someone in the crowd caught that. 15 off that over and these two have piled the pressure early on the bowlers20/0
2.2SIXJakati to Dwayne Smith, SIX, look at this stroke. Just look at this. Dwayne Smith isn't known to be a classy strokemaker, more a butcher of the ball. But this time, he makes room and unfurls a classy lofted flat hit, over long-off, all the way too. Another one for the photographers28/0
2.4FOURJakati to du Plessis, FOUR, now du Plessis makes room and cracks it hard, through cover, the ball was in the air for a while, but wide of the man inside the ring, beats AB's dive at long-off too. Too much power in the stroke33/0
3.2FOURStarc to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, blasted! This was drilled back at the rate of knots. Half-volley on off, murdered wide of mid-off. No-one moved a muscle on the field. This is jaw-dropping batting from the butcher from Barbados.41/0
3.3FOURStarc to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, one hand came off the bat handle, still it went for an one-bounce four. Didn't time it well, but such is his power that the lofted extra cover drive almost went all the way. Starc under serious pressure45/0
4SIXStarc to du Plessis, SIX, Virat Kohli's face tells the story of this innings so far. The 50 has come in four overs. du Plessis got under the short delivery and top-edged the pull over fine leg. The pace of Starc proving to be a blessing for du Plessis as he got a maximum. Kohli looks crest-fallen and puts his head down in disappointment53/0
4.1FOURRampaul to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, the carnage continues. Rampaul foxed Dwayne Smith with a slower delivery, but the batsman went through with the lofted shot, got it over the bowler and beat long-on running across from his left. Another boundary for Smith57/0
4.2OUTRampaul to Dwayne Smith, out Caught by Kohli!! Relief for Bangalore. Smith is gone. Was early into the flick to the slower delivery, that meant the top edge went straight up in the air and towards mid-wicket for a dolly catch. Kohli wants to vent his frustration out after taking the catch, but shows good composure to rein himself in. Dwayne Smith c Kohli b Rampaul 34(17) [4s-4 6s-1]57/1
6FOURStarc to du Plessis, FOUR, rifled to the long off fence. The hit was so powerful that it almost took down Raina. He falls on the floor and takes evasive action. du Plessis races down the track, converts it into a half-volley, drills it hard and pings the boundary64/1
7.5FOURSachin Rana to Raina, FOUR, the short ball is supposed to be Raina's weak link but he has nailed this. Short and just outside off, Raina pulls it over a leaping Yuvi at mid-wicket75/1
8.1FOURChahal to Raina, FOUR, flat and pushed through on middle, Raina forays down the track, goes for a slog, he can only drag it between mid-wicket and long on, but it is good enough to reach the fence, for he split the gap well80/1
9.3OUTYuvraj to Raina, out Stumped!! Raina is gone. Good bowling from Yuvraj. Fired it in seeing Raina advance, the batsman didn't take it on the full, missed the squeeze and a sharp stumping from Takawale. The ball bounced in front of him, but he kept cool and gathered cleanly to whip the bails off. Raina st Takawale b Yuvraj 18(18) [4s-2]85/2
14.4FOURChahal to Dhoni, FOUR, pre-meditated paddle sweep, takes it on the full and gets it past short fine inside the ring. A crucial boundary and relieves the pressure a bit. First boundary after 33 balls. The whistles grow louder110/2
15.1FOURYuvraj to Dhoni, byes, FOUR, just look at Yuvraj's face! Missed stumping and that could be the game! Yuvraj isn't pleased at all. Kohli kicks the turf in disgust. Well bowled, slower and lured Dhoni out of the crease, for the big hit, the skip missed and the ball went right through Takawale's legs. What's worse it's four byes as well. For sure Dhoni will make Bangalore pay for this.115/2
15.2SIXYuvraj to Dhoni, SIX, can't give this man a chance. Just can't. Comes down and lofts it beautifully over long-on. Hit it a lot straighter. Salt to the wound for Yuvraj121/2
15.3SIXYuvraj to Dhoni, SIX, even better. Much bigger and higher too. Again Dhoni skips down the track and belts it way back over the bowler's head. The ball kept soaring and soaring and landed over the sightscreen. That is the perfect way to reply to a missed chance. The game is slowly but surely slipping away from Bangalore127/2
16FOURYuvraj to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni has killed the game off. In just 5 balls. Nails the pull, beating deep square to his left. Hit it really hard and that's 22 runs off the over. Could've been so much better for Bangalore, if only Takawale had collected the ball and whipped the bails off in the opening delivery of the over. Now it's a cakewalk for Chennai.133/2
16.2FOURStarc to Dhoni, FOUR, Kohli is very straight at long-off, Dhoni drills it wide of him and he has no chance of cutting that off. That wasn't well timed, but the important thing was he placed it in the gap138/2
17.1FOURJakati to Dhoni, FOUR, heaved wide of short fine inside the ring and that will be a boundary. Came right off the bottom of the blade, but he found the gap147/2
17.2SIXJakati to Dhoni, SIX, immense power that, Dhoni came forward and then rocked back, flat-batted it over long-on. Generated all the power and somehow sent the ball flying over the fence. He wants to end the game quickly153/2
17.4SIXJakati to du Plessis, SIX, that will do nicely for Chennai. They have thrashed Bangalore. Also improved their NRAJ. Fifty for du Plessis and he does it in style. Dancing down and lifting it over long-off. A great way to finish the game off. Chennai break their losing streak of three games on the bounce as well with this win160/2