Indian T20 League 2014

Rajasthan vs. Delhi, 41st Match

Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad, May 15, 2014

Batting: Rajasthan

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.2FOURDuminy to Rahane, FOUR, half tracker from Duminy, Rahane takes full toll of it, he rocks back and cuts it square of the wicket on the off-side, nice way to get off the mark4/0
1.1FOURRahul Shukla to Rahane, leg byes, FOUR, poor start from Shukla, wrong line, on the pads, Rahane fails to get bat on that but gets some pad on the way, Karthik dives in vain11/0
1.2FOURRahul Shukla to Rahane, FOUR, again wrong line and length, angling in and sliding down the leg side, Rahane leans forward and flicks it in the air, but there is no one at mid-wicket and the ball races away to the fence15/0
2FOURRahul Shukla to Rahane, FOUR, superb shot! A copybook cover drive from Rahane, half volley outside off, he leans forward and caresses the drive between extra cover and mid-off19/0
3.4FOURRahul Shukla to Rahane, FOUR, edged but four, Rahul Shukla smiles at Rahane, what more can he do? The slip had been taken out at the start of the over, good length delivery just outside off, draws Rahane into the drive, he only manages to get an edge and the ball races away to the third man fence27/0
4.2SIXS Kaul to Nair, SIX, cracking shot! Overpitched outside off, Karun comes on the front foot, he transfers his weight forward and lofts it over extra cover for a maximum, that was a flat hit from Karun35/0
5FOURS Kaul to Nair, FOUR, Kaul is not learning from his mistake, pitched up and outside off, slower delivery as well, Karun comes well forward and smacks it on the bounce into the deep extra cover fence, it almost went the distance43/0
5.3OUTS Nadeem to Nair, out Lbw!! Nadeem strikes in his first over. The dangerous looking partnership has been broken. It was cleverly bowled, after flighting two deliveries, Nadeem pushes this one quicker, Karun presses forward and tries to work it to the on-side, he misses it and is rapped on the pads, the umpire had no hesitation in raising his finger. That would have hit the middle and leg-stump. Nair lbw b S Nadeem 19(14) [4s-1 6s-1]44/1
6SIXS Nadeem to K Cooper, SIX, Cooper is up and running, spoils what was turning out to be a good over from Nadeem, tossed up just outside off, it was in the slot, Cooper frees his arms and sends the ball sailing over the long off fence52/1
7.4SIXS Nadeem to K Cooper, SIX, at first it looked like a mishit but he just about clears Duminy at long off, floated around off, Cooper takes his front leg out of the way and toe-ends the loft just over long off66/1
8.2FOURTahir to K Cooper, FOUR, he is getting some useful runs here, flighted outside off, Cooper goes chasing after it, he gets a thick outside edge and the ball races away to the third man fence71/1
8.3FOURTahir to K Cooper, FOUR, much better shot from Cooper, the googly once again, he picks it off the pitch and slams it over the bowler's head, Kaul runs across from long off and slides but can't prevent the ball from reaching the fence75/1
9.5FOURS Nadeem to Rahane, FOUR, excellent shot! There was no one at sweeper and Rahane placed it superbly, tossed up outside off, Rahane waits for it and cuts it to the sweeper cover fence, the man in the deep was at extra cover85/1
10.1SIXDuminy to K Cooper, SIX, quicker and on the stumps, in the arc for Cooper, he makes a bit of room and goes through with the lofted shot, he gets plenty of bat and it thuds into the sight-screen93/1
10.2OUTDuminy to K Cooper, out Caught by Rahul Shukla!! A job well done by Kevon Cooper. He also achieved his highest score in T20 cricket. Flighted well wide of off-stump, Cooper has to reach out for it and he gets it off the bottom of the bat, Shukla at deep extra cover, settles under it and takes a good catch. K Cooper c Rahul Shukla b Duminy 32(16) [4s-2 6s-3]93/2
11.3SIXM Tiwary to Samson, SIX, Samson unleashes himself on the part-timer, tossed up gently outside off, he shimmies down the wicket and lofts it straight down the ground for a maximum103/2
12FOURM Tiwary to Rahane, FOUR, poor judgement near the rope, again short and outside off, Rahane cuts it between deep extra cover and long off, Duminy and Taylor were looking at each other and let the ball go through for a boundary108/2
14FOURTahir to Samson, FOUR, what is it these days that the fielder in the deep on the off-side is at extra cover rather than sweeper? Short and outside off, Samson slaps it the vacant sweeper cover region, he picks up an easy four124/2
14.2SIXS Kaul to Samson, SIX, fabulous shot! This youngster can hit it clean, length delivery just outside off, Samson lofts it on the up, he sends it into the second tier over long off131/2
14.4SIXS Kaul to Samson, SIX, dug in short and outside off, Samson flat-bats it straight back over the bowler's head, that was a top quality shot139/2
15.2FOURRahul Shukla to Samson, FOUR, another slower delivery, but wrong line, on the pads, Samson tickles it fine, the fielder was inside the circle, Kaul still gives chase but comes second146/2
15.4FOURRahul Shukla to Rahane, FOUR, Rahane's amazing run for Rajasthan continues, 13th Indian T20 League fifty, slower one on off and middle, Rahane shuffles across and helps it past the short fine leg fielder151/2
16FOURRahul Shukla to Rahane, FOUR, nothing going right for Delhi, full toss around off, Rahane goes for the drive, gets a thick inside edge towards deep backward square leg, Kaul runs across from fine leg, he overruns and allows the ball to trickle away to the fence157/2
16.2SIXS Nadeem to Rahane, SIX, rubbish bowling from Nadeem, a juicy full toss on the stumps, Rahane clears his front leg and swings it across the line, clears deep mid wicket easily165/2
16.5OUTS Nadeem to Rahane, out Bowled!! Rahane goes after another impressive knock. This was much better from Nadeem, he didn't fire this one, he held it back and slowed it up, Rahane advances down the wicket and is beaten by the turn, the ball goes onto hit the top of leg-stump. KP is also delighted with that wicket. Can Delhi pull things back now? Rahane b S Nadeem 64(50) [4s-8 6s-1]167/3
17.3OUTTahir to Binny, out Stumped!! Binny perishes for the team's cause. Tries to take on the leg-spinner but loses his wicket instead. Tossed up delivery, Binny comes down the track, looks to heave it across the line, misses and Karthik does the rest. Binny tries to get his bat back down but is too late. An easy decision for the third umpire. Binny st D Karthik b Tahir 0(2)168/4
18OUTTahir to Samson, out Caught by K Jadhav!! Samson departs after playing a fine knock. Delhi have pulled things back in the last couple of overs. Tahir flights this up cleverly outside off, Samson reaches out for it and toe-ends the loft to long on, Jadhav runs forward, dives and takes a stunning catch. He did well to hold onto it even after putting in the dive. Samson c K Jadhav b Tahir 40(25) [4s-2 6s-3]169/5
18.3SIXM Tiwary to Ben Cutting, SIX, Cutting does not miss out on the long hop, he goes deep in the crease and pulls it well over deep mid wicket, he sent it out of the ground. That went for 101 metres, the biggest of the night178/5
18.5SIXM Tiwary to Faulkner, SIX, the move to give Tiwary the ball isn't working for KP, tossed up outside off, Faulkner goes on his knees and slog sweeps it into the stands over deep mid wicket185/5
19.4SIXRahul Shukla to Faulkner, SIX, you can't bowl length to Faulkner and expect to get away, he is one of the cleanest striker's of the cricket ball, Faulkner gets his left leg out of the way and hoicks it over cow-corner for a maximum, it was the slower ball as well195/5
19.5SIXRahul Shukla to Faulkner, SIX, 200 comes up with another big hit, again, a length ball offered outside off, Faulkner gets underneath it and sends it sailing over long on. It went onto the second tier201/5
20OUTRahul Shukla to Faulkner, out Ben Cutting Run Out!! Faulkner misses out on the length delivery, he toe-ends it back to the bowler, Rahul Shukla keeps his cool, collects the ball and runs Cutting out who was backing up way too much. Ben Cutting run out (Rahul Shukla) 8(6) [6s-1]201/6

Batting: Delhi

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.3FOURD Kulkarni to M Agarwal, FOUR, Agarwal gets his bearings right straightaway. This was a fraction back of a length and on off, Agarwal makes a touch of room, presents a high elbow and lofts it over extra-cover5/0
0.4DROPPEDD Kulkarni to M Agarwal, 1 run, Cutting drops a simple catch. Dhawal has his hands on his head. Kulkarni tests Agarwal with a bouncer, Agarwal moves back and hooks it, he only manages a top-edge, the ball balloons over to deep fine leg, Cutting runs across, tries to take it with hard hands perhaps but shells it. That should have been swallowed at this level6/0
1.1FOURBen Cutting to M Agarwal, FOUR, Cutting angles this down leg, all Agarwal had to do was to tickle it away, he does that and the ball reaches the deep fine leg fence10/0
1.2FOURBen Cutting to M Agarwal, FOUR, Cutting's night is not getting any better. This was on a length and width on offer, Agarwal opens the face of the bat and places it wide of point14/0
2.3OUTFaulkner to M Agarwal, out Caught by S Smith!! Agarwal tries to pull off an Uthappa high elbow lofted drive but offers a simple catch to mid-off. This was shortish and on off, Agarwal seeks to lift it over Steve Smith but the bat twists in his hand, Agarwal chips it feebly to the man there. Another failure for Agarwal. M Agarwal c S Smith b Faulkner 17(10) [4s-3]19/1
3FOURFaulkner to Pietersen, FOUR, top shot, talk about rubbing salt into a wound. Back of a length and outside off, Pietersen punches it over mid-off25/1
4.4OUTD Kulkarni to D Karthik, out Caught by Ben Cutting!! Cutting redeems himself, he makes no mistake now, DK has to depart. This was the slower bouncer from Kulkarni, Karthik rocks back and carries through with the pull shot, he hit it reasonably well but straight to Cutting at deep fine leg. The change of pace and the rise on that ball may have put off DK. Dhawal roars while Cutting throws the ball into the night sky. D Karthik c Ben Cutting b D Kulkarni 3(8)30/2
6.4SIXTambe to Duminy, SIX, thumped! Tambe errs short and outside off, sat up to be hit, Duminy smashes it over long on43/2
6.5OUTTambe to Duminy, out Caught by Nair!! Take that for a response. JPD is gone. Tambe is fired up. This was not all that short and pushed across, Duminy rocks back and committs to the cut-shot. The ball travels to Nair at backward point, who takes a smart catch. Delhi's reply is in tatters at 43-3. Duminy c Nair b Tambe 8(8) [6s-1]43/3
7.4OUTR Bhatia to Pietersen, out Bowled!! Delhi slide further, KP is sent packing. He cannot cash in on the umpiring mishap. This was another slower cutter from Bhatia, Pietersen wants to thwack it over cover, he is way too early into the big hit, he drags it back onto the stumps off an inside edge. Arguably, his form has mirrored Delhi's fortunes throughout the tourney. Pietersen b R Bhatia 13(18) [4s-1]48/4
9.2OUTR Bhatia to Ross Taylor, out Caught&Bowled!! Plucked out with his right hand. Another batsman surrenders to Bhatia's slower ball. This was a wicket gifted away. This was on a length, Taylor looks to punch it past the bowler, he does not account for the change of pace and lobs it back to the bowler, who takes it in his followthrough with one hand. Ross Taylor c and b R Bhatia 4(5)58/5
11.2FOURBen Cutting to M Tiwary, FOUR, back of a length and on middle, Tiwary picks it up and dispatches it to deep mid wicket. Good wristwork from Tiwary71/5
11.3FOURBen Cutting to M Tiwary, FOUR, Cutting ventures short and outside off, slower one as well, Tiwary waits for an age, opens the face of the bat and runs it down to the deep third man fence75/5
11.4OUTBen Cutting to M Tiwary, out K Jadhav Run Out!! Delhi look for a kamikaze single and lose Jadhav. This was the slower length delivery on middle, Tiwary walks into the shot, drops it in front of cover. Jadhav backs up for the single. He is half away down the pitch before Tiwary sends him back. The bowler runs across, gathers the ball and catches Jadhav short by virtue of an accurate direct hit. This is all going pear-shaped for Delhi. K Jadhav run out (Ben Cutting) 3(3)75/6
12.5SIXR Bhatia to M Tiwary, SIX, slower delivery from Bhatia again, Tiwary comes down the track, then pauses and when the ball arrived he smacked it hard, sending it over wide long on84/6
13.2OUTBen Cutting to S Nadeem, out Bowled!! The leg-stump is knocked back. This was on a good length and tailing in, Nadeem seeks to whip it away past mid-wicket perhaps but the inward movement causes the ball to shoot through and crash clunk into the leg-stump. Nadeem misses while Cutting hits. S Nadeem b Ben Cutting 1(4)86/7
13.4FOURBen Cutting to Tahir, FOUR, much fuller and just outside off, Tahir clears his front leg and hacks it past extra cover. It's all too late I guess90/7
14.4OUTBinny to Tahir, out Bowled!! Binny joins the party. This was a good length ball on off, Tahir shuffles across and tries to scoop it over fine leg. But his attempt is in vain as he misses it entirely, the off-stump is disturbed. Tahir b Binny 4(6) [4s-1]91/8
16.2FOURK Cooper to Rahul Shukla, FOUR, length delivery on the stumps, Shukla slogs it hard and powers it to the long on fence104/8
17FOURK Cooper to M Tiwary, FOUR, on a length and outside off, Tiwary opens the face of the bat and runs it down to the deep third man fence109/8
17.1FOURBinny to Rahul Shukla, FOUR, pitched up and on the stumps, Shukla powers it to long off, Cutting slides but cannot prevent it from reaching the boundary113/8
18FOURBinny to M Tiwary, FOUR, good length ball outside off, Tiwary revere-sweeps it down to the deep third man fence120/8
18.1OUTK Cooper to Rahul Shukla, out Caught by S Smith!! Steve Smith helps himself to another catch. This was a low full toss outside off, Shukla looks to power it away but he mishits it straight to extra-cover. Smith did not even have to budge. Rahul Shukla c S Smith b K Cooper 14(12) [4s-2]120/9
18.5FOURK Cooper to M Tiwary, FOUR, Cooper delivers the slower bouncer outside off, Tiwary toe-ends the pull and gets it wide of deep square leg125/9
19OTHERK Cooper to M Tiwary, 1 run, fullish and pushed on the off-stump, Tiwary knocks it to cover to reach his 5th fifty in the Indian T20 Leage. A fighting effort from Tiwary but Delhi continue to slide further126/9
19.4SIXD Kulkarni to M Tiwary, SIX, nice juicy full toss on the stumps, Tiwary whacks it hard, sending it over deep square leg137/9