Indian T20 League 2014

Kolkata vs. Mumbai, 40th Match

Barabati Stadium, Cuttack, May 14, 2014

Batting: Mumbai

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.3FOURU Yadav to C Gautam, FOUR, thank you very much Yadav says Gautam as the bowler delivers a friendly full delivery down the leg side, with fine leg very square, Gautam helps it away very fine to beat Sunil Narine in the deep7/0
2.2OUTM Morkel to C Gautam, out Caught by Suryakumar Yadav!! He timed that very well but unfortunately, he's hit it straight to cover. Gautam went leg-side a bit to go over the infield, the ball was right in the slot as it came from a fullish length, probably credit to the bowler for cramping the batsman for room as it ended up around the leg stump, Gautam went through with the inside-out drive and in the end he picks out the man perfectly. C Gautam c Suryakumar Yadav b M Morkel 8(9) [4s-1]12/1
2.5SIXM Morkel to Rayudu, SIX, Ambati Rayudu you beauty! Stunning hit! Mind you it's not easy to advance and take on a tall fast bowler, it was a good length delivery on the stumps, Rayudu gave the charge and lofted it over the infield, it had enough to clear the long-on fence23/1
3.3FOURShakib to Simmons, FOUR, this time the emphasis is on placement as he attempts the sweep, Shakib made Simmons' life easy by firing it full on the leg stump, Simmons lunged forward and helped it away past Morne at short fine27/1
3.5FOURShakib to Simmons, FOUR, after the previous four, the fielder at short fine leg was moved squarer and this time Simmons sends the paddle-sweep to the right of the fielder. Poor Morne was really tested in this over and he would not want be diving around the field, especially having just bowled a couple of overs31/1
4.4DROPPEDNarine to Rayudu, 2 runs, Shakib spills one, tough chance but he did the tough part of covering a lot of distance running from deep mid-wicket, he got both hands to it but the ball hit the wrist and jumped out. Rayudu top-edged the slog-sweep and got lucky on that occasion35/1
5.1OUTShakib to Simmons, out Bowled!! He ran forward and ran right across it! This flighted delivery kept low as well, Shakib saw Simmons advance and dropped it short, Simmons was way early into the lofted drive, he misses and the leg pole is uprooted. Crucial wicket this for Kolkata. Simmons was looking good. Simmons b Shakib 12(14) [4s-2]35/2
6.2FOURU Yadav to Rayudu, FOUR, no one at long-off and Rayudu takes some calculated risk. Full delivery on the off stump, Rayudu shimmies down the track and lofts it handsomely over the infield, one bounce into the fence41/2
8.4FOURY Pathan to Rayudu, FOUR, well done Rayudu! Precise placement from the right-hander. Short and wide enough for Rayudu to free his arms, he goes right back in the crease and cuts it very late to bisect backward point and short third man53/2
11.4FOURChawla to Rayudu, FOUR, can't bowl short and wide with no one at sweeper cover, Rayudu rocks back and cuts handsomely past the man at cover-point to pick up four70/2
11.5OUTChawla to Rayudu, out Caught by Suryakumar Yadav!! Chawla accounts for a well set man and in fact an in-form batsman! Flighted delivery on the stumps, Rayudu advanced and went for a gallery hit, he didn't get to the pitch of the ball yet he went through with the loft only to mistime it straight into the hands of long-on. Rayudu c Suryakumar Yadav b Chawla 33(27) [4s-3 6s-1]70/3
12.3DROPPEDM Morkel to Rohit, 1 run, oh Yusuf Pathan, what have you done? That was straight down his throat and he has spilled it at deep mid-wicket. Short of a length delivery on the off stump, Rohit mistimes the slog high up in the air, Pathan tries to grab the ball with his fingers pointing upwards but it bursts through and it hits his throat before going down71/3
13FOURM Morkel to Rohit, FOUR, the top-edge and it almost goes all the way. Short delivery on the off stump, Rohit doesn't get hold of the hook, luckily the man at fine leg was very square and Mumbai get four crucial runs76/3
13.3SIXChawla to Corey Anderson, SIX, baaang! Chawla missed the length, landed the flighted delivery very full and Anderson smoked it handsomely onto the sight-screen84/3
13.4FOURChawla to Corey Anderson, FOUR, again the back foot drive hit very hard and the man at deep extra-cover couldn't get there in time. This is turning out to be a great over for Mumbai88/3
14FOURChawla to Rohit, FOUR, Chawla errs in length again as he drops it short and wide outside off stump, Rohit rocks back and cuts it past cover-point and there was no one in the deep. 17 runs off the over eventually93/3
15.3SIXM Morkel to Rohit, SIX, smashed! Can't miss your length to this man. Full delivery outside off stump, Rohit held a nice shape while playing the lofted drive and it went sailing over long-off107/3
15.4SIXM Morkel to Rohit, SIX, Morne Morkel, you simply can't run in and bowl length, certainly not to this man. Gee! The ease with which Rohit hit this inside-out over extra-cover was quite amazing to watch. Good length delivery outside off stump and it disappeared114/3
16OUTM Morkel to Corey Anderson, out Caught by Chawla!! A dolly, an absolute dolly for Chawla and he swallows it. Nothing but a length delivery on the leg stump, on another day, that would have been sent out of the ground by Anderson, but this time though, he flicks it straight to mid-wicket who didn't have to move an inch! Anderson was staring at the pitch after playing the shot, probably the ball stopped a touch! Corey Anderson c Chawla b M Morkel 18(12) [4s-1 6s-1]115/4
17FOURShakib to Rohit, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, for some reason, Gambhir doesn't have a sweeper cover to his spinners and Rohit handsomely rocks back and times the cut shot to perfection. The man at cover-point had no chance whatsoever123/4
18.4FOURU Yadav to Rohit, FOUR, fifty number 21 in the Indian T20 League for Rohit. Full delivery outside off stump, squeezed out nicely past backward point and it races away to the fence135/4
19.2OUTNarine to Rohit, out Bowled!! Bingo! Narine gets a wicket in the last over again. On-field umpire, why did u check for the no-ball on that occasion? More than half of Narine's foot was inside the line! Short delivery on the off stump, Rohit goes right across the sticks and tries to scoop it away, he misses and it pegs back the off stump. Anyway, the Mumbai skipper has played a very crucial hand here! Rohit b Narine 51(45) [4s-4 6s-2]138/5

Batting: Kolkata

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.2FOURMalinga to Uthappa, FOUR, lovely shot, this was full and drifting onto Uthappa's pads, he covers for the movement and flicks it wide of mid-wicket for a boundary4/0
1.3OTHERBumrah to Uthappa, 1 run, that was close! Uthappa nudged one that angled back into him in front of mid-wicket and sets off for a quick single, the fielder shys at the bowler's end and misses, had he hit, Uthappa was short of his crease by a couple of yards9/0
2FOURBumrah to Gambhir, FOUR, that spoils the over for Bumrah, he drifts this one on Gambhir's pads, easy pickings for the left-hander as he helps it on its way, beats the man at fine leg as well13/0
3FOURHarbhajan to Uthappa, FOUR, risky but four, Uthappa shimmies down the track to a well tossed up ball, and he ends up chipping it over mid-off. Malinga leaped as high as he could, but the ball was always going over him, nice way to end the over21/0
3.4FOURBumrah to Uthappa, FOUR, cracking shot, length ball on off, Uthappa gets a good stride forward and drills it back past the bowler, it was in the air but no fielder had a chance of getting anywhere near it26/0
3.5FOURBumrah to Uthappa, FOUR, Uthappa is looking in good touch once again, on a length and just outside off, Uthappa leans forward, offers the full face of the bat, high elbows as he lifts it through the line, clears mid-off and races away to the fence30/0
4.3SIXP Ojha to Uthappa, SIX, lovely shot, this was well flighted by Ojha, Uthappa comes down the track and lofts it high and over long on for a maximum37/0
5.5FOURMalinga to Uthappa, FOUR, edged and four, unlucky for Malinga, this one held its line outside off, Uthappa pushed hard, gets a thick edge that races away towards third man. Ojha was squarer, and even a dive can't stop the boundary45/0
6.5OTHERP Ojha to Gambhir, 1 run, Ojha drops this one short and quicker, Gambhir cuts it straight to short third man, Uthappa calls for a quick single, a better throw might have had him in trouble50/0
7.2OUTHarbhajan to Gambhir, out Bowled!! Mumbai needed this one, Harbhajan is chuffed to bits as he punches the air in delight. This was tossed up on off and held its line, Gambhir was making room for the cut, gets cramped for room, gets an under edge, and the ball rolls back to hit the stumps. The opening partnership has been broken finally. Gambhir b Harbhajan 14(18) [4s-1]50/1
9FOURP Ojha to Uthappa, FOUR, that is very well placed by Uthappa, this was dropped short by Ojha, Uthappa made room for the cut, but is surprised as the ball spins away, he does well to dab it behind point and earns a boundary61/1
9.2FOURHarbhajan to Uthappa, FOUR, poor effort from Bumrah at short fine, this was drifted on Uthappa's pads, Uthappa went for the sweep, hit it in the air, the ball dropped just in front of the fielder who allows it to go through him66/1
10.3FOURSimmons to Uthappa, FOUR, very well played by Uthappa, this one kept very low on off, Uthappa watches it all along, opens the face of the bat at the last moment and runs it past short third man for a boundary75/1
10.4OTHERSimmons to Uthappa, 1 run, another fifty for Uthappa, he has been the man in form for Kolkata, this is his 11th fifty, short of a length and just outside off, nudged square on the off-side for a single76/1
13.2FOURBumrah to Uthappa, FOUR, slapped, poor full toss from Bumrah, Uthappa gets forward and drills it square on the off-side for a boundary, the fielder in the deep was very square92/1
14.1OUTHarbhajan to M Pandey, out Bowled!! Chopped on. This one kept very low, the off-break, tossed up well outside off and spinning back in, Pandey was making room for the cut, gets a bottom edge and drags it back onto the stumps. Is there a chance of Mumbai making a comeback? M Pandey b Harbhajan 14(21)96/2
15.1SIXSimmons to Uthappa, SIX, magnificent, slower leg-cutter from Simmons, Uthappa spots it early and lofts it high and over long off for a maximum, that should ease any pressure on Kolkata106/2
15.2SIXSimmons to Uthappa, SIX, this is Uthappa's highest score in the Indian T20 League, this was full and on off, Uthappa presents a high elbow and goes inside out over extra cover for a maximum112/2
16OUTSimmons to Uthappa, out Bowled!! Simmons gets one to sneak through Uthappa's defences, but is it all too late? Another leg-cutter on the stumps, Uthappa was making room for the inside out drive, misses and the middle stump is pegged back. Uthappa falls after a fine knock, is it a match-winning one? We will get to know in a while. Uthappa b Simmons 80(52) [4s-9 6s-3]116/3
16.1FOURMalinga to Y Pathan, FOUR, poor bowling from Malinga, once again Malinga drifts one onto the pads, Yusuf gets inside the line and helps it on its way for a boundary121/3
16.4FOURMalinga to Shakib, FOUR, shot, width on offer from Malinga, Shakib gets on top of the bounce and cuts it up and over backward point, the ball scurries away to the fence126/3
17DROPPEDMalinga to Y Pathan, 1 run, Malinga drops a return catch and nearly palmed it over to Rohit at cover, this was a low full toss on off, Pathan was early into the flick, closes the face of the bat and spoons it back at the bowler. Malinga grabs at that and palms it just wide of Rohit who was rushing across at cover128/3
17.1FOURSimmons to Y Pathan, FOUR, they are finishing it early here, short and on Pathan's pads, pulled away behind square, beats the diving Tare at the backward square leg fence132/3
18.3OUTMalinga to Shakib, out Caught by Rayudu!! Shakib falls on the threshold of victory. This was pitched up and held its line, Shakib went for the big lofted shot, but mistimes it high in the air, Rayudu holds onto a simple catch at mid-on. No celebrations in the Mumbai camp. Shakib c Rayudu b Malinga 9(8) [4s-1]138/4
18.4FOURMalinga to Y Pathan, FOUR, Kolkata win, Rohit ponders in disappointment, this was short and on the stumps, Pathan swivels across and pulls it past the man in the deep, he throws his arms up in the air in delight142/4