Indian T20 League 2014

Bangalore vs. Delhi, 38th Match

M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, May 13, 2014

Batting: Bangalore

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
2SIXShami to Gayle, SIX, there goes Gayle. Charges Shami and heaves it over the man at deep mid wicket. The fielder thought he was in with a chance, but the flat hit went over his head9/0
2.3SIXDuminy to Gayle, SIX, Gayle has got going and this will be worrying signs for Delhi. Down the track in a flash and a beautiful lofted shot over long-on. A huge six too as the ball lands in the crowd16/0
2.4FOURDuminy to Gayle, FOUR, Gayle is attacking Duminy. This wasn't well-timed, but it doesn't matter. Again advances and drags the big hit wide of the diving man at mid wicket, was in the air, but no danger of being caught. The crowd are chanting the franchise name repeatedly20/0
4FOURShami to Parthiv Patel, FOUR, cracking drive on the up. Just leant forward and drove the full and wide delivery to the deep cover fence. Beat the infield easily28/0
5FOURS Kaul to Parthiv Patel, FOUR, that's a gift which Parthiv Patel has encashed on. Low full toss on middle, flicked away to the deep mid wicket fence. Even though the fielder was there, there was no way he was going to stop that as the ball raced away on the slick outfield33/0
5.3OUTRahul Shukla to Gayle, out Bowled!! Bowled 'im. The leg-stump goes cartwheeling and Rahul Shukla is jubilant. Gayle has flattered to deceive the capacity Bangalore crowd. He charged Shukla and tried to hit him to the nearby Cubbon Park, but turns back to see the inside edge smash the leg-stump out of the ground. That is a big wicket and that itself is an understatement. The crowd are stunned into silence. Gayle b Rahul Shukla 22(23) [4s-1 6s-2]33/1
8.1OUTTahir to Kohli, out Kohli Run Out!! 1 run completed. What has Kohli done here? First things first, he nearly dragged a low full toss back on, the ball evaded leg-stump and ran down to fine leg. It was a two but Kohli was a bit slow in turning back for the second, and coupled to that fact was a bullet throw from Shukla right over the bails. Still Kohli could've made it with a dive, he doesn't, tries to stretch and get his bat over the line, but can't drag it over. What's that old Cricket saying: never take on a fast bowler's arm and Kohli has just done that, and paid the price. Kohli run out (Rahul Shukla/de Kock) 10(11)45/2
10FOURDuminy to de Villiers, FOUR, super shot. Though it was fraction short outside off, de Villiers' quick feet meant that he was back in a flash, cut it hard and beats deep extra cover to the fence. The ball had too much timing on that60/2
10.4FOURTahir to Parthiv Patel, FOUR, Sid Kaul is shaking his head after failing to beat that firm lofted drive at long-off. He dived, but the ball beat him to the fence. Too well-timed for Kaul to do anything. The ball just skidded off the turf.68/2
11FOURTahir to Parthiv Patel, FOUR, short and asking to be hit, sat up to be pulled and Parthiv Patel did just that beating deep square to his right. Placed the shot really well74/2
11.4FOURS Kaul to de Villiers, FOUR, Kaul isn't happy with Vijay who has let it go through right under his hands. It was a full toss outside off, de Villiers sliced it, Vijay slid to his right at sweeper, went down too quickly, the ball came on slowly and eluded his grasp to go away to the fence. Vijay seems to suggest that the ball skidded on with the dew82/2
11.5SIXS Kaul to de Villiers, SIX, Bang! Picks the back-of-the-hand slower delivery and muscles a flat pull over deep mid wicket. A mini six if one may call it that way88/2
12FOURS Kaul to de Villiers, FOUR, suddenly in the space of three balls the Delhi fielding has gone to pieces. Now Shukla is the man at long-off who is the culprit. A flat skimmy lofted drive from de Villiers, once Shukla allowed the ball to bounce in front of him, without getting his body behind it, it was always a recipe for disaster, the ball doesn't even touch his fingers and rushes under the hands to the fence. He didn't even attack the ball, in trying to catch that. Just stood there and tried to stop it, and made a right royal mess of it. de Villiers has just upped another gear92/2
12.3OUTShami to Parthiv Patel, out Caught by D Karthik!! Parthiv Patel has got out to what one should call a confused shot. He was in two minds on what shot he should be playing, when the shortish slower delivery arrived outside off, he ended up playing a half-hearted slice in the air, the ball was going over his head at point, but DK jumped and took a smart catch. That is a wicket Delhi badly wanted to check the momentum that Bangalore was building up. Parthiv Patel c D Karthik b Shami 29(28) [4s-4]94/3
13.2FOURTahir to Yuvraj, FOUR, 'catch' was the cry of anguish from Tahir, but the outside edge flies over KP's head at point and runs away to the fence, beating the chasing fielder. Tahir isn't impressed at all. The Bangalore cheergirls make funny faces at the fielder after the ball rolled away past the rope. I for one wouldn't be impressed if someone did that to me on the field.99/3
14.1FOURS Kaul to de Villiers, FOUR, I said Delhi's fielding has gone to pieces of-late and this is another example. A cracking drive on the up is hit straight to the fielder - who is KP at cover - and he allows the ball to go under his body even as he dived to prevent it. de Villiers gets a bonus boundary.107/3
14.2OUTS Kaul to de Villiers, out Bowled!! Kaul roars. And why should he not. He has just bowled out the world's best batsman. How much will that cost Bangalore? I would say a fair lot. de Villiers tried to slog across the line, the balance wasn't there, the shape too and that resulted in the ball creeping under the bat and hitting the top of off. Kaul does a fist pump. de Villiers b S Kaul 33(17) [4s-4 6s-1]107/4
16.2SIXTahir to Yuvraj, SIX, Smashed! Picks the not-so-short delivery on the stumps and times the pull way over square leg. That is a clean hit121/4
16.3SIXTahir to Yuvraj, SIX, unbelievable inside out hit. That is Yuvraj at his very best. Reached out and played the lofted drive over cover. The ball kept sailing. The Bangalore crowd go nuts.127/4
16.4SIXTahir to Yuvraj, SIX, Yuvraj has hit three in a row and that has caused the Bangalore crowd to go mental. They are howling like wild dogs in the night. What a strike that is. Picks the tossed up delivery from outside off and goes through with the lofted hit over long-off. What a followthrough as well, when he hits them, there is no better striker of a Cricket ball in the world than this man. Can he make it 5 in a row? A slight delay as Tahir who is under pressure, adjusts his field133/4
17.3SIXShami to Yuvraj, SIX, that shot is reminiscent of the one he played off Brett Lee in the 2007 World T20 in South Africa. Down leg and full, so that allowed Yuvraj to show his full range, and also to allow his natural followthrough to come out, just a flick and the ball sailed into the second tier. That ball had ice on it as it came down on it's path. Yuvraj is going bonkers at the crease now145/4
18FOURShami to Sachin Rana, FOUR, tries the slower short delivery, Sachin Rana pulls and gets a top-edge that runs away over short fine and beats him to the boundary. The fielder tried to pull it back with a dive, but couldn't. The ball won150/4
18.5SIXS Kaul to Yuvraj, SIX, but if you miss your lengths, Yuvraj will put you away. The yorker goes wrong and it turns out to be a full toss, smashed just over the leaping fielder at deep mid wicket. What will S Kaul do now?159/4
19.2SIXRahul Shukla to Yuvraj, SIX, Yuvraj, take a bow son! That is some way to get to a fifty. Back-to-back for him as well. And look at the celebration - he is making a point to someone by pointing his bat at one specific spot. A trademark Yuvraj lofted drive over cover. What grace and what timing from the man. When the lefties play those strokes, it is a joy to watch.167/4
19.3SIXRahul Shukla to Yuvraj, SIX, and he is now on song. Picks the slower delivery and goes over cover. A carbon copy of the previous delivery and this one went even further. Superb execution of the lofted extra-cover drive. What will Rahul Shukla do now? He is under serious pressure.173/4
19.4SIXRahul Shukla to Yuvraj, SIX, again a hat-trick of sixes. This one is the change-up - the short delivery, maybe Yuvraj was expecting it, stays back and pulls over the deep mid wicket fielder who was leaping to catch it. Just over the man. What hitting this is.179/4
19.5SIXRahul Shukla to Yuvraj, SIX, 4th six off the over and 9th of Yuvraj's innings. Gosh! My fingers are sore. I badly need a break. But the carnage continues. This time a flat six over fine leg. The ball drifted down leg and Yuvraj helped that on its way. Again a pulled shot and he just about got enough on it to clear the fence. What can Rahul Shukla do? Just run in and bowl I guess and hope for the best.186/4

Batting: Delhi

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.2OTHERMuralitharan to Vijay, 1 run, a direct hit from Yuvraj and that would've seen Vijay run out. It was pushed towards mid-off, but Yuvi didn't hit direct even as Vijay was struggling1/0
0.3OTHERMuralitharan to de Kock, 1 run, another run-out chance missed! What is happening out there? Muralitharan fails to collect the throw and de Kock was miles out. The throw was on the bounce to the bowler, who fluffed the take. That is two run-outs missed in two balls2/0
0.4OUTMuralitharan to Vijay, out Lbw!! Vijay is gone. Muralitharan has got a wicket in his first over. Did that pitch in line from round the wicket? Certainly the ump thought so. Vijay went down on one knee to sweep and missed. Replays showed that it did pitch in line and that is a good decision from Tucker. That would've crashed into off and middle. Muralitharan and Kohli are pumped. Vijay lbw b Muralitharan 1(3)2/1
1FOURMuralitharan to de Kock, FOUR, 'ayyo' shouts Muralitharan after the outside edge eludes the 2nd slip and runs away to the third man fence. Lovely delivery, drew de Kock into the push away from the body, the edge was found, but it didn't go into hand7/1
2OUTStarc to de Kock, out Bowled!! Timber. Bangalore roars and so does Starc. This was a cross-seamer, it jagged back in, de Kock attempts to whip it to the on-side, he can only drag it back onto the leg-stump off a thick inside edge. Delhi find themselves in an early strife at 10-2. de Kock b Starc 6(6) [4s-1]10/2
2.4SIXMuralitharan to M Agarwal, SIX, Muralitharan flights this on off, Agarwal lofts it handsomely, clearing long on, it was sheer timing18/2
3DROPPEDMuralitharan to M Agarwal, no run, looped up on off, Agarwal bunts it to the man at cover18/2
3.4FOURStarc to M Agarwal, FOUR, crunched. This was on a length and outside off, Agarwal drives it over point, the timing was once again excellent24/2
4.1FOURAbu Nechim to Pietersen, byes, FOUR, beauty first up from Nechim but bonus runs for Delhi. This was a back of a length ball hurled in close to the off-stump, Pietersen wants to whip it away but no dice, the ball just whizzes over the stumps30/2
5.1FOURChahal to Pietersen, FOUR, that's emphatic from KP. Dragged short and outside off, Pietersen camps on the back foot and punches it to the sweeper cover fence. This shot should ease his nerves a bit40/2
5.3DROPPEDChahal to M Agarwal, no run, turning away outside off, Agarwal looks to cut it away, the ball goes off the outside edge to first slip, where Chris Gayle shells it. Was he a bit late to react? It was unpardonable, for it was a dolly. Kohli is distraught41/2
5.5FOURChahal to M Agarwal, FOUR, Chahal does not learn from his mistakes as he drags another one short and offers room as well, Agarwal stays back and cuts it away to the sweeper cover boundary45/2
6.4SIXYuvraj to Pietersen, SIX, emphatic hit that! Fraction short on off, Pietersen is quick to rock back and smash a pull into the stands at deep mid-wicket. Generated great bat-speed to get the ball all the way over. That should calm him down a bit53/2
7.5SIXChahal to M Agarwal, SIX, superb strike! Down the track, to the pitch and a clean strike into the sight-screen. That's how you play the leggie65/2
8.3FOURYuvraj to Pietersen, FOUR, we saw Yuvraj playing some beautiful extra cover drives, now it's the turn of Pietersen. Uses his long reach and goes over cover. No chance for sweeper. Hit on the up which it made it even better71/2
9.2OUTAbu Nechim to M Agarwal, out Caught by Sachin Rana!! Agarwal has holed out. That has brought the crowd back to life. It swung in on middle, Agarwal wanted to go over long-on, but didn't hit as well as he would've liked to, Rana had to leap a little and takes a good catch going backwards. The stand is broken. M Agarwal c Sachin Rana b Abu Nechim 31(25) [4s-2 6s-2]73/3
11.1SIXChahal to Duminy, SIX, Duminy is the man in form and he has nailed that. Picks the googly and deposits down to the long-on fence. Too full from Chahal, that allowed Duminy to go down on one knee and take full toll88/3
11.4SIXChahal to Duminy, SIX, poor delivery from Chahal, half-tracker, and Duminy is too good a player to miss out. Goes back and smokes a pull way back into the stands at deep mid wicket. That's the second six off the over96/3
12OUTChahal to Pietersen, out Stumped!! Chahal redeems himself. He has got Pietersen out with a beautiful leggie. Pietersen may have done the wrong thing by stepping out too early, that gave Chahal a chance to pull the length back, Pietersen was aiming for the flick to leg, the ball turned past the outside edge and PP did the rest. Pietersen knew as soon as he missed the shot, that he had made a fatal error. Chahal does a fist pump. Pietersen st Parthiv Patel b Chahal 33(29) [4s-2 6s-1]97/4
13OUTMuralitharan to D Karthik, out Caught by Chahal!! That should've been sent into the stands. Instead Karthik has picked out Chahal. Short and ample time to play the pull over deep mid wicket, but Karthik could only find the man with a weak shot. That brings a smile on Chris Gayle's face. D Karthik c Chahal b Muralitharan 1(2)102/5
13.5FOURYuvraj to Duminy, FOUR, bad ball and that has been put away. Short and wide outside off, Duminy has cut that, beating point's dive to the left. The ball raced away. Imperative for Delhi that Duminy is there till the end, if they have to make a match of it110/5
15SIXChahal to Duminy, SIX, makes up for the previous delivery, by rocking back and pulling way over deep mid wicket. Went deep into his crease, made the length shorter and muscled it. Good end to the over for Delhi119/5
16.1FOURAbu Nechim to Duminy, FOUR, from round the wicket and Duminy has hit that straight back over Abu Nechim's head. Full and tailing in, even though Duminy didn't time it so sweetly as he would've liked, it nearly went all the way, one bounce over the ropes127/5
16.4SIXAbu Nechim to K Jadhav, SIX, this game isn't done yet. That is a flat hit and even Abu Nechim looks stunned with that shot. Full and wide outside off - gave Jadhav the room he needed, he frees his arms and goes over deep extra cover. Duminy too liked that and has a smile on his face134/5
16.5FOURAbu Nechim to K Jadhav, FOUR, now shoveled wide of mid wicket. Came right off the toe end of the bat, but once it beat mid wicket inside the circle, it was always a boundary138/5
17DROPPEDAbu Nechim to Duminy, 1 run, dropped by Gayle at point. Low full toss, sliced in the air and it was evading Gayle, who leapt, got his right-hand, then pushed to his left, and then onto the ground. Three strikes and shelled. The big man has a smile on his face, while Kohli looks disappointed. That could've been the match right there141/5
17.3FOURStarc to Duminy, FOUR, what a shot that is! Knows Starc will bowl full and wide outside off, he goes down and angles the bat with an open face, intentionally played over point and nearly goes all the way, one bounce over the ropes. The look on Kohli's face says it all.147/5
17.4OUTStarc to Duminy, out Bowled!! Is that the game? Could well be. Starc knocks Duminy over. Angled in, still a length ball, but bowled at pace, it swings in and beats Duminy's swing to leg. The ball hits the top of middle. The umps check for the now mandatory no-ball, but Starc was fine. Relief in the crowd. Duminy b Starc 48(30) [4s-3 6s-3]147/6
18.1FOURAbu Nechim to K Jadhav, FOUR, streaky but four. Abu Nechim digs it in and gets it to rise onto Jadhav, who rocks back and pulls, he can only top-edge it, the ball is out of the keeper's grasp as well. It runs away to the deep third man fence151/6
18.2FOURAbu Nechim to K Jadhav, FOUR, fine improvisation. This was back of a length and angled across, Jadhav looks to ramp it over, he checks his shot, opens the face of the bat and places it wide of short third man for back to back boundaries155/6
19.1SIXStarc to K Jadhav, SIX, what a hit! Starc bowls a cutter outside off, Jadhav camps on the back foot and smashes it over extra-cover, the ball has enough legs to sail into the stands167/6
19.4OUTStarc to Rahul Shukla, out K Jadhav Run Out!! Starc shortens his length outside off, nothing different from Rahul Shukla - blind swing and a miss. He wants to turn over the strike to Jadhav, the latter backs up and rushes across. PP hits the sticks to catch him short. He should have dived in a bid to return to safety. The attempted scampered bye goes awry. K Jadhav run out (Parthiv Patel) 37(20) [4s-3 6s-2]168/7
19.5OTHERStarc to Shami, 1 run, very full and hurled in on off, Shami pushes it tamely to mid off169/7