LiveAustralia vs. India

5th Match at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

1st Innings: India (69 for 2 in 16 overs)*

Jan 25South Africa vs. West Indies

4th ODI at St George's Park, Port Elizabeth

West Indies won by 1 wkt

Jan 25New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

6th ODI at University Oval, Dunedin

New Zealand won by 120 runs

Jan 23New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

5th ODI at University Oval, Dunedin

New Zealand won by 108 runs

Jan 23Australia vs. England

4th Match at Bellerive Oval, Hobart

Australia won by 3 wkts

Jan 21South Africa vs. West Indies

3rd ODI at Buffalo Park, East London

South Africa won by 9 wkts

Jan 20New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

4th ODI at Saxton Oval, Nelson

New Zealand won by 4 wkts

Jan 28 17:00South Africa vs. West Indies

5th ODI at Centurion

Jan 29 06:30New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

7th ODI at Wellington

Jan 30 08:50England vs. India

6th Match at Perth

Jan 31 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

1st ODI at Wellington

Feb 01 08:50Australia vs. TBC

Final at Perth

Feb 03 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

2nd ODI at Napier


New Zealand Tour of West Indies, 2014

West Indies vs. New Zealand, 1st T20I

Windsor Park, Roseau, Dominica, Jul 05, 2014

Batting: West Indies

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.5FOURSouthee to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, there is the first boundary of the match, Southee sprays this down leg, Smith tickles it to deep fine leg, very minimal effort required to put those ones away6/0
2OUTBoult to Simmons, out Lbw!! Boult strikes in his first over, Simmons has been pinned LBW. Boult was right on the money here - fullish and curling in- Simmons is late onto the forward defensive push. The impact was pad first. Umpire Nero raises his finger to send Simmons back to the hut. Remember, no referrals in the T20I leg of the tour. Simmons eked out an inside edge but that was only after the ball pinged the pads in front of middle. Simmons lbw b Boult 1(3)8/1
2.5OUTSouthee to Dwayne Smith, out Caught by Watling!! Cracking start for NZ, Smith holes out. This was dug in short, Smith fetches the pull from outside off but does not get requisite power on it, mis-hits it straight down the gullet of BJ Watling at deep square leg. Dwayne Smith c Watling b Southee 8(13) [4s-1]10/2
4SIXBoult to Darren Bravo, SIX, the crowd find their voice. Boult bangs this bouncer outside off, Bravo leaps off his feet and upper-cuts it, clearing the man at deep third man. Slow-mo's show how well he rode the bounce18/2
6SIXBoult to Andre Fletcher, SIX, good length ball just outside off, Fletcher unleashes a heavy swing of the bat and sends it over the long-on fence. This should get the hosts going after the rain-break32/2
8.1SIXIsh Sodhi to Darren Bravo, SIX, nice loopy leggie on middle, Bravo greets Sodhi with a handsome lofted hit that sails over the long-on fence50/2
10.1SIXIsh Sodhi to Andre Fletcher, SIX, smoked! Full and spinning away outside off, Fletcher launches it over the head of Sodhi64/2
10.4FOURIsh Sodhi to Andre Fletcher, FOUR, Fletcher is taking on the debutant. Fuller and outside off again, Fletcher clears his front leg and mows it over mid-on70/2
12.2SIXCorey Anderson to Andre Fletcher, SIX, angled in on off, Fletches takes the aerial route and smacks it away, high and over deep mid-wicket89/2
12.3SIXCorey Anderson to Andre Fletcher, SIX, back-back sixes for Fletcher. Slower length ball on middle, parcelled up and dispatched over deep mid wicket with another meaty blow95/2
12.5DROPPEDCorey Anderson to Andre Fletcher, 1 run, dropped? Looked like a tough chance. Full and on the stumps, Fletcher slaps it back to the bowler, Corey gets both his hands to it but can't cling on98/2
13OUTCorey Anderson to Darren Bravo, out Caught by Ronchi!! The short ball has accounted for Bravo. The dangerous stand has come to a halt. Bravo lines up for the pull, does not connect it properly, gets a top edge that balloons into the air, Ronchi settles under it and pouches it with those big gloves. Darren Bravo c Ronchi b Corey Anderson 30(28) [6s-2]98/3
13.1OTHERNeesham to Andre Fletcher, 1 run,2nd T20I fifty for Fletcher. He is pumped. He reaches the landmark by steering this good length ball outside off to third man99/3
14.1OUTIsh Sodhi to Andre Fletcher, out Caught by Boult!! Maiden T20I wicket for Sodhi, Fletcher has to depart. This was tossed up, some turn as well, Fletcher looks for a lusty blow, against the spin to leg, gets a leading edge of sorts that loops through to Boult at short third man. Andre Fletcher c Boult b Ish Sodhi 52(39) [4s-1 6s-4]104/4
14.5FOURIsh Sodhi to Sammy, FOUR, cracking shot! Might have been the googly thrown up outside off, Sammy slices it over Baz at extra-cover109/4
15SIXIsh Sodhi to Sammy, SIX, Ish Sodhi kicks the ground in disgust. Dropped short and on the stumps, Sammy goes for the pull, launching it over deep mid wicket with ease115/4
15.1SIXBoult to Pollard, SIX, Boult serves up a full-toss, Pollard does not swing hard, he just flicks it over deep mid-wicket122/4
15.3OUTBoult to Sammy, out Caught by Southee!! Banged in short and outside off, Sammy looks to swat it away off the front foot but the ball gets big on him. He takes his eyes off the ball, top-edges it as the ball loops through to short third man, where Southee takes a fine catch looking into the sun. Sammy got into a tangle, he was in two minds whether to swat it or sway out of the line. Sammy c Southee b Boult 10(4) [4s-1 6s-1]123/5
16.5OUTCorey Anderson to A Russell, out Caught by Ross Taylor!! The hosts are failling apart in the death. Length ball outside off, Russell, having created room, has a crack at it, slices it high to sweeper cover, where Rosco runs to his left and swallows it. The ball skewed off the base of the bat. A Russell c Ross Taylor b Corey Anderson 1(5)128/6
17.5OUTSouthee to Pollard, out Caught by Corey Anderson!! Pollard holes out. Another one banged in short and on the leg-stump, Pollard mis-hits the pull to deep mid-wicket, from where Corey rushes in, dives to snap up a low catch, inches from the ground. Pollard c Corey Anderson b Southee 16(16) [6s-1]131/7
18OUTSouthee to Ramdin, out Ramdin Run Out!! 1 run completed. Ramdin is run-out off the last ball of the innings. This was a floaty slow full toss outside off, Ramdin drags it towards long on and looks for a risky double, Neesham rushes forward, picks up the ball and fires an accurate throw to the keeper to catch Ramdin short of his crease. Ramdin run out (Neesham/Ronchi) 1(1)132/8

Batting: New Zealand

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.4OTHERBadree to Neesham, 1 run, push and run to mid off. Russell swoops in on the ball but fails to hit the sticks. Had he hit that, Neesham would have been a goner2/0
1.2SIXSantokie to Neesham, SIX, parcelled up and dispatched. Seam-up length ball on off, Neesham thwacks it over long-on8/0
1.3FOURSantokie to Neesham, FOUR, a tad overpitched and outside off, Neesham flays the drive wide of mid-off, the ball races away12/0
1.5OUTSantokie to Neesham, out Bowled!! Santokie has the last laugh. This was a near yorker darting away on off, Neesham does not get hold of the drive, chops it back onto the stumps off an inside edge. So, the Neesham experiment has backfired. Neesham b Santokie 11(8) [4s-1 6s-1]12/1
3FOURBadree to Williamson, FOUR, buffet ball, slid down leg, Williamson bends down and sweeps it away to the fine leg fence, easily done18/1
4.2SIXSantokie to Brendon McCullum, SIX, Baz has nailed this. Pitched up and outside off, McCullum does not need a second invitation as he drives it up and over extra-cover, flat hit28/1
4.3FOURSantokie to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, dug in short on the leg-stump, McCullum shifts his balance onto the back foot and pulls it away to the backward square leg fence32/1
4.4FOURSantokie to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, short and outside off, McCullum lashes it to sweeper cover to put his team ahead of the D/L par score. Pollard at cover-point dived and got a hand onto it but could not prevent the boundary36/1
7.4FOURNarine to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, rank long hop from Narine, McCullum latches on it in a flash and slams the pull away to the deep mid wicket fence55/1
8.4FOURSammy to Williamson, FOUR, back of a length and on the stumps, Williamson makes room, lofts it nicely with a straight bat. Did the ball strike the ropes on the flush? Nope, the ball bounces in front of the ropes. The TV ump confirms it as well65/1
8.5OUTSammy to Williamson, out Caught&Bowled!! Superb catch from Sammy. This was a slower ball on off, stops on Williamson as he lobs it back to the bowler. Williamson was actually aiming to nudge it to leg and got a leading edge of sorts. Sammy propels himself upward, grabs the ball with his left-hand to help West Indies claw their way back into the contest. Williamson c and b Sammy 19(18) [4s-2]65/2
10.2SIXA Russell to Ross Taylor, SIX, length ball on off, looks like the cross-seam ball, Taylor rolls his wrists and launches it over long-on78/2
10.4SIXA Russell to Ross Taylor, SIX, full and outside off, Taylor checks his lofted drive but the ball has enough fuel to clear long-off84/2
11FOURA Russell to Ross Taylor, FOUR, 18 runs came off the over. Dragged short and outside off, Taylor powers the pull to deep mid wicket88/2
12.3OUTSammy to Brendon McCullum, out Caught by Dwayne Smith!! Sammy gets rid of his counterpart. Dug in short and on the stumps, McCullum miscues the pull off the back foot, picks out Dwayne Smith at deep square leg. Brendon McCullum c Dwayne Smith b Sammy 40(35) [4s-3 6s-1]95/3
13.5SIXPollard to Corey Anderson, SIX, Corey has murdered that! Length delivery on off, right in Anderson's slot as he swings it over the deep mid wicket ropes108/3
14.4FOURSammy to Corey Anderson, FOUR, slower ball gone awry, Sammy serves up a nice juicy full-toss, Anderson feasts on it as he smashes it to the long on fence115/3
14.5OUTSammy to Corey Anderson, out Caught by Narine!! Sammy strikes again. Sammy tests Corey Anderson with another short ball, the latter does not connect with the pull properly, top-edges it over Ramdin's head, Narine runs across to his right from short fine to snaffle the take. Corey Anderson c Narine b Sammy 15(9) [4s-1 6s-1]115/4