LiveAustralia vs. England

Final at W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth

1st Innings: Australia (42 for 2 in 10.4 overs)*

Jan 31New Zealand vs. Pakistan

1st ODI at Westpac Stadium, Wellington

New Zealand won by 7 wkts

Jan 30England vs. India

6th Match at W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth

England won by 3 wkts

Jan 29New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

7th ODI at Westpac Stadium, Wellington

Sri Lanka won by 34 runs

Jan 28South Africa vs. West Indies

5th ODI at SuperSport Park, Centurion

South Africa won by 131 runs

Jan 26Australia vs. India

5th Match at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

No result

Jan 25South Africa vs. West Indies

4th ODI at St George's Park, Port Elizabeth

West Indies won by 1 wkt

Feb 03 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

2nd ODI at Napier

Feb 14 03:30New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

1st Match, Pool A at Christchurch

Feb 14 09:00Australia vs. England

2nd Match, Pool A at Melbourne

Feb 15 06:30South Africa vs. Zimbabwe

3rd Match, Pool B at Hamilton

Feb 15 09:00India vs. Pakistan

4th Match, Pool B at Adelaide

Feb 16 03:30Ireland vs. West Indies

5th Match, Pool B at Nelson


South Africa tour of Sri Lanka, 2014

Sri Lanka vs. South Africa, 2nd ODI

Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Pallekele, Jul 09, 2014

Batting: Sri Lanka

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.4FOURSteyn to Dilshan, FOUR, lovely shot, fraction too full from Steyn, ends up offering a half-volley on middle, Dilshan prods forward and drives it all along the carpet, beats mid-on and races away to the fence7/0
1.3FOURPhilander to K Perera, FOUR, poor ball from Philander, a real half-tracker on the middle stump line, Perera swivels across and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary14/0
2.3FOURSteyn to Dilshan, FOUR, edged and four, this was full and wide from Steyn, Dilshan throws the kitchen sink at that, gets a thick edge past the lone slip, it needed a 3rd slip to pouch that, third man is very square and the ball races away to the fence22/0
2.4FOURSteyn to Dilshan, FOUR, top-edge and four, Dilshan is riding his luck here, Dilshan bangs one short and on the stumps, Dilshan was looking to pull, gets a top-edge that flies over fine leg who was in the ring, the ball rolls away past the ropes26/0
3.4OUTPhilander to K Perera, out Caught by Amla!! Early strike by Philander. Another failure for Perera, this was full and on his pads, Perera was looking to work it towards the on-side, looked like he played at it a bit too early, gets a leading edge that is easily taken by Amla at short mid-wicket. SA needed this wicket, they have broken through after a pacy start. K Perera c Amla b Philander 7(9) [4s-1]26/1
4.1FOURSteyn to Dilshan, FOUR, cracking shot, Dilshan is looking in wonderful touch, this was pitched up by Steyn, Dilshan leans forward, presents the full face of the bat and drives it through the line, beats mid-off and races away to the fence30/1
4.2DROPPEDSteyn to Dilshan, no run, that would have been a stunner had Steyn taken it, he was taking evasive action. This was pitched up on off, Dilshan was looking for a repeat of the previous shot, ends up spooning it back at the bowler. Steyn was taking evasive action, puts his hands up but the ball doesn't stick30/1
4.5FOURDuminy to Dilshan, FOUR, excellent use of the feet from Dilshan, comes down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and goes high over mid-off for a boundary36/1
5.3FOURPhilander to Sangakkara, FOUR, nicely played by Sangakkara, this was full and on off, Sangakkara gets a good stride forward and drives it past mid-on for anothjer boundary. This is turning out to be an excellent start for SL44/1
6.4FOURM Morkel to Dilshan, FOUR, edged and four, length ball from Morkel, width on offer as well, Dilshan frees his arms and slashes at that, gets a thick edge that flies high and wide of Kallis at 1st slip52/1
7.3FOURMcLaren to Dilshan, FOUR, this is excellent batting from Dilshan, McLaren banged one short and on the stumps, Dilshan was quick to swivel back, rolls his wrists and pulls it over square leg for a boundary57/1
8.2FOURM Morkel to Dilshan, FOUR, Dilshan continues to enjoy himself, this was full and wide from Morkel, Dilshan threw his bat at that and drills it past cover point for a boundary62/1
8.5OUTM Morkel to Sangakkara, out Caught by de Kock!! Big wicket for Morkel, this was short and on Sangakkara's body, he was looking for the pull, gets cramped up and only manages to glove it to the keeper. The bowler was up in an appeal but Sangakkara did not wait for the umpire's decision, off he went. Sangakkara c de Kock b M Morkel 7(9) [4s-1]63/2
9.5OTHERMcLaren to Dilshan, 1 run, length ball on Dilshan's pads, tucked away behind square for a single, brings up a classy fifty, his 37th fifty66/2
14FOURMcLaren to Thirimanne, FOUR, short, wide and four, easy pickings for Thirimanne, leans into the square cut and sends it racing past point for a boundary, his first of the innings86/2
17.4FOURM Morkel to Thirimanne, FOUR, that's handy from Thirimanne, Morkel went short and on the stumps, Thirimanne gets on top of the ball and helps it very fine past the keeper for a boundary103/2
21.3FOURPhilander to Thirimanne, FOUR, a slog from Thirimanne and he gets a boundary, this was full and just outside off, Thirimanne was clearing his left leg for the slog, gets a thick inside edge that beats the keeper and races away to the fence120/2
21.4FOURPhilander to Thirimanne, FOUR, nicely played by Thirimanne, this was short and well outside off, Thirimanne waits on it, opens the face of the bat and ramps it over the keeper for another boundary124/2
22.1OUTTahir to Thirimanne, out Caught by Amla!! Tahir gets another freebie! This was a half-tracker form Tahir, short and on the stumps, Thirimanne was looking for the pull, doesn't get hold of the shot and ends up finding Amla to a nicety at deep mid-wicket. Thirimanne is gutted as he walks back to the hut. Thirimanne c Amla b Tahir 36(49) [4s-4]125/3
29.2FOURM Morkel to Dilshan, FOUR, cracking shot from Dilshan. Dragged short and outside off, Dilshan latches onto in a flash as he swivel-pulls it away to the deep mid-wicket at the fence149/3
30.4OUTDuminy to Dilshan, out Bowled!! Soft dismissal that, no hundred for Dilshan at Pallekele today. He shakes his head in disgust as he walks back to the hut. This was slid through on middle and leg from round the stumps, Dilshan hunts for a sweep but he makes a hash of it, the ball brushes the glove and dislodges the off-bail. The umpires did check for a possible no-ball but Duminy is okay on that count as well. Dilshan b Duminy 86(90) [4s-9]154/4
35.3SIXMcLaren to Mathews, SIX, Mathews sends the crowd into rapture. He charges down the track, converts the shortish ball into a length ball and launches it over long on for the first six (88mts) of the game181/4
39.2FOURPhilander to Mathews, FOUR, much shorter and outside off but that does not deter Mathews from making room outside off and flaying it over point202/4
40.4FOURDuminy to M Jayawardene, FOUR, MJ now demonstrates the reverse-sweep. Fired on the leg-stump, Jayawardene reverses hands and swats it away to the sweeper cover fence. Fast hands did the trick there215/4
42.4OUTTahir to M Jayawardene, out Bowled!! Tahir nabs the prize scalp of MJ. The leggie sets off on a customary celebratory sprint. This was the quicker googly, turning in a bit as well, Jayawardene looks to slap it through cover but misses it entirely as the ball crashes onto the middle stump. M Jayawardene b Tahir 48(70) [4s-1]225/5
43.3FOURMcLaren to Priyanjan, FOUR, length ball outside off, Priyanjan throws the kitchen sink at it, the under-edge goes to the third man fence. The man at gully was a mere by-stander234/5
45.3SIXM Morkel to Priyanjan, SIX, length delivery on off, right in the slot, Priyanjan slams it high and over mid-on, clears the fence easily249/5
45.4FOURM Morkel to Priyanjan, FOUR, short and on off, Priyanjan swings his bat and sends it to the deep mid wicket fence to raise the 250 for SL253/5
46.1OUTMcLaren to Mathews, out Caught by de Kock!! Mathews has nicked off. This was a good length ball moving away, Mathews looks to dab it away to deep third man with his feet planted to the ground, he gets a healthy nick that is snaffled by de Kock. Mathews c de Kock b McLaren 34(38) [4s-1 6s-1]256/6
46.5OUTMcLaren to N Kulasekara, out Caught by de Villiers!! Another double-strike from McLaren. This was a length delivery on the stumps, Kulasekara goes for a crude mow across the line, does not get hold of it, skies it to cover off a top-edge. AB steadies himself and pouches it safely. N Kulasekara c de Villiers b McLaren 0(4)256/7
47OUTMcLaren to Priyanjan, out Caught by Duminy!! Make that a triple strike. Priyanjan has to depart now. This was dragged short and outside off, Priyanjan aims for the pull, splices it and deposits it into the hands of JPD at mid-on. Priyanjan c Duminy b McLaren 25(15) [4s-2 6s-1]256/8
47.3FOURM Morkel to Senanayake, FOUR, Sena enjoyed that hit. A bit of glove love between the duo. Length ball outside off, Senanayake props forward and lofts it over mid-off262/8
48.5OUTMcLaren to A Mendis, out Caught by de Kock!! Fourth wicket for McLaren. Mendis forays down the track, McLaren engineers a bouncer,the former was in two minds whether to play at it or bail out. He has his bat thrust upward in the air, the ball kisses the edge and carries through to de Kock, who snags a sharp catch. A Mendis c de Kock b McLaren 2(6)266/9
49.2OUTPhilander to Malinga, out Caught by M Morkel!! Sri Lankan have been wiped out for 267. Malinga holes out to long-on. This was fullish on off, Malinga swings hard but hits it straight down the gullet of big Morne at long-on. Malinga c M Morkel b Philander 0(2)267/10

Batting: South Africa

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1FOURMalinga to de Kock, FOUR, lovely shot, de Kock doesn't miss out this time, another length ball on the pads, he gets inside the line and flicks it past mid-wicket for a boundary5/0
2FOURN Kulasekara to Amla, FOUR, that's easy pickings for Amla, length ball on his pads, Amla gets across and whips it past mid-wicket, the timing is sweet and the ball races away to the fence in a hurry9/0
2.1OUTMalinga to de Kock, out Bowled!! Cleaned up!. Excellent bowling from Malinga, he came from round the wicket, created the angle into the left-hander, de Kock was sucked into pushing forward, creates a big gap between bat and pad, the ball went on to crash into the middle and leg-stump. de Kock looks disconsolate as he walks back to the hut. Early strike by Sri Lanka. de Kock b Malinga 4(6) [4s-1]9/1
3.1FOURN Kulasekara to Amla, FOUR, Amla is looking in good touch, fraction too straight from Kulasekara, Amla shuffles across and clips it in front of square, beats square leg and the ball races away to the fence16/1
3.2FOURN Kulasekara to Amla, FOUR, Kula overcompensates and bowls this one short and wide outside off, Amla gets on top of the bounce and cuts it square past point for another boundary20/1
4.1FOURMalinga to Amla, FOUR, Amla is looking in good touch, Malinga came from round the wicket and angled one on the stumps, Amla stays back, uses his wrists and flicks it in front of square on the on-side, no need to run for those25/1
4.5OUTMalinga to Kallis, out Caught by Sangakkara!! Kallis fails for a second time on the tour, Malinga has his second wicket. This was an excellent bouncer, short and on the stumps, Kallis was late as went for the pull, gets a top-edge that is easily held by Sangakkara moving across to his left. South Africa are in some early trouble here. Kallis c Sangakkara b Malinga 1(7)26/2
5.4FOURN Kulasekara to Amla, FOUR, beautifully played, Kulasekara errs in line and drifts once again onto Amla's pads, clipped away past mid-wicket for a boundary30/2
6FOURN Kulasekara to de Villiers, FOUR, nice way to get going, AB starts with an exquisite boundary, this was full and wide from Kula, de Villiers gets down on one knee and creams it through cover for a boundary35/2
7.2FOURSenanayake to Amla, FOUR, very well played by Amla, too full and too wide from Senanayake, Amla gets forward and caresses it past extra cover, the timing is sublime and the ball races away to the fence42/2
9.5FOURSenanayake to Amla, FOUR, lovely shot, Senanayake gave this one plenty of air, Amla gets a big stride forward, gets to the pitch and caresses it through extra cover for a boundary50/2
10.2FOURMathews to de Villiers, FOUR, cracking shot, Mathews overpitched this one well outside off, AB gets forward, leans into the drive, presents a high elbow and drills it past extra cover for a boundary56/2
14.3FOURN Kulasekara to Amla, FOUR, touch too short and wide from Kula, he has struggled against Amla, quick reflexes as he cracks it square past point for another boundary, brings up his 24th ODI fifty73/2
16.1FOURN Kulasekara to Amla, FOUR, Amla is playing on a different surface here, short of a length and just outside off, nothing wrong with the ball, Amla stays back and punches it through extra cover for another boundary83/2
17FOURN Kulasekara to de Villiers, FOUR, lovely shot, AB does a little shimmy, gets to the pitch of the ball and drills it through extra cover for a boundary90/2
19.2OUTDilshan to de Villiers, out Caught by (sub)T Perera!! AB has thrown his wicket away. This was a good piece of bowling from Dilshan, slows down the pace and invites de Villiers to have a go at him. AB came down the track, was done in by the spin and ended up dragging it towards long on where Thisara held on to a safe catch. Massive wicket for Sri Lanka. de Villiers c (sub)T Perera b Dilshan 29(41) [4s-3]101/3
20.1OUTA Mendis to Duminy, out Caught by Sangakkara!! Another blow for Sri Lanka. Mendis has his first wicket. This was tossed up outside off and skidded through, Duminy was looking to dab it towards third man, gets a faint tickle on the way. Sangakkara was quick to grab it, Duminy knew he was a goner, he just turned his head down and walked away towards the pavilion. SL are right on top now. Duminy c Sangakkara b A Mendis 1(4)104/4
21.1DROPPEDDilshan to Amla, no run,was that a catch?, it went right off the face of the bat. This was tossed up and on the stumps, Amla shuffled across and looked to flick towards the on-side, the ball went off the face, Sangakkara grabbed at that and let it go104/4
21.3DROPPEDDilshan to D Miller, no run, another tough catch put down, this was flighted and well outside off, Miller was early into the drive, spoons it in the air and to the right of short cocver, the fielder dived, got both hands and lets it go105/4
21.4FOURDilshan to D Miller, FOUR, that should perk up Miller, Dilshan dropped one short and well outside off, Miller makes room and crashes it behind point, beats the valiant dive in the deep109/4
21.5OUTDilshan to D Miller, out Caught by Senanayake!! Miller never looked at ease, and he falls now. SA are in huge trouble. SL are cock-a-hoop, this was tossed up invitingly from Dilshan, the ball dipped as Miller went for the drive, he couldn't keep it down as he laced it towards cover. Senanayake dived forward, gets his fingers underneath and clings onto a sharp catch. D Miller c Senanayake b Dilshan 4(8) [4s-1]109/5
24.2FOURA Mendis to Amla, FOUR, floated outside off, Amla lunges forward, drives it airily and caresses it wide of extra-cover for a boundary119/5
26.5OUTSenanayake to McLaren, out Caught by N Kulasekara!! The pressure tells on McLaren. Senanayake gives this more air, gets some turn as well, McLaren aims to go big over mid-wicket, he only slices it high in the air, oh wait, it may have come off a leading edge of sorts. Kula steadies himself underneath it and takes a good catch behind point. McLaren c N Kulasekara b Senanayake 3(17)124/6
28OUTDilshan to Philander, out Caught by Sangakkara!! Dilshan is pumped. He nails his third wicket to with the fifty early on in the day. He pulls off the airplane celebration. This was the slider, pushed through quicker outside off, Philander aims for the cut. He can only nick it as Sanga holds onto it. Sri Lanka are just three wickets away from a series-leveling win. Philander c Sangakkara b Dilshan 1(5)127/7
30.3FOURSenanayake to Steyn, FOUR, thwacked! Floated too full just outside off, Steyn drills it down to the long off fence. So, then his finger injury is not that bad after all?139/7
33FOURPriyanjan to Steyn, FOUR, slower through the air, Steyn invests in a lofted-drive, he does not execute it properly, just about chips it over mid-off, beats long-on as well150/7
34FOURMathews to Steyn, leg byes, FOUR, another short of length delivery outside off, Steyn is late to sway away, the ball thuds onto the shoulder and runs away past the keeper157/7
35.4FOURMalinga to Amla, FOUR, top shot from Amla. This was a length ball on the stumps, Amla presents a high elbow and lofts it nicely for a one bounce four over mid-on167/7
36OTHERMalinga to Amla, 1 run, 14th ODI ton for Amla, his second in as many games. Low full toss on middle, whipped away to mid wicket. The job is not done yet168/7
36.3FOURSenanayake to Steyn, FOUR, tossed up on off, Steyn charges down the track and lofts it over backward point with a slicing motion173/7
36.5FOURSenanayake to Steyn, FOUR, floated on the stumps, Steyn races down the track and goes inside out over extra-cover to raise the fifty of the rearguard stand179/7
37.2OUTMalinga to Amla, out Caught by Senanayake!! Would you believe that? Amla has fallen to a full toss. This was a full toss just below waist-height, qualifying as a legitimate ball, Amla flicks it with no power and finds Sena at mid-wicket. I guess that's the death knell for South Africa. Amla c Senanayake b Malinga 101(102) [4s-11]180/8
37.4OUTMalinga to M Morkel, out Bowled!! Castled. This was a Malinga special - slower yorker - Morne has no clue about it as he looks to play to the leg-side, he is a week early into the shot, the ball crashes clunk into the off stump. M Morkel b Malinga 0(2)180/9
38.1OUTA Mendis to Steyn, out Lbw!! Mendis administers the last rites. Sri Lanka level the series 1-1. This was the googly coming back in, Steyn is caught on the back foot as he does not get hold of the cut, the ball hits the flap of the front pad before Steyn eked out an inside edge. The tracker shows that the ball would have carried on to crash onto the top of the off-stump. Steyn lbw b A Mendis 23(35) [4s-4]180/10