Asia Cup

Bangladesh vs. Afghanistan, 5th Match

Khan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium, Fatullah, Mar 01, 2014

Batting: Afghanistan

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
2.2OUTRubel to Mohammad Shahzad, out Lbw!! An incisive off-cutter and Rubel pins Mohammad Shahzad lbw! The crowd go bonkers as Billy raises his crooked finger. This was a slower ball on good length, it moved back in. Mohammad Shahzad fails to defend it as he is trapped in front of off. Rubel is pleased as punch. Mohammad Shahzad lbw b Rubel 2(8)6/1
5.2FOURRazzak to Najibullah, FOUR, tossed up outside off, Najibullah forays down the track and smashes it over mid-off with considerable power, the ball has enough impetus to reach the long off fence19/1
7.5FOURRazzak to Najibullah, leg byes, FOUR, freebie, sliding down leg, Najibullah misses the flick but the ball brushes the thigh pad en-route to the fine leg fence25/1
8.5FOURRubel to Najibullah, FOUR, Najibullah pulls again, this time he fetches a boundary. Najibullah picks up this short ball quickly, rocks back and pulls it away past mid-wicket. The only man in the deep on the on-side was squarer32/1
11.2SIXA Sunny to Sadiq, SIX, enough is enough says Sadiq as he chips down the track and unleashes a lofted drive over the long-on fence. That will reduce the pressure, albeit momentarily40/1
12OUTA Sunny to Sadiq, out Caught&Bowled!! Sadiq chips it back to the bowler as his tortued vigil ends. This was flighted with a bit of turn it, Sadiq, who as aiming to work it away to the leg-side, gets a leading edge that loops back to the bowler. A simple catch, I must say. Sadiq c and b A Sunny 12(36) [6s-1]40/2
13.4OUTA Sunny to Najibullah, out Bowled!! The arrangement of stumps is disturbed as A Sunny has his second scalp. This was the arm ball skidding in, Najibullah, who was skating down the track even before the ball was delivered misses it entirely only to hear the death rattle. What was Najibullah trying to do on that occasion? Replays reveal that the handle got struck in the flap of the pad, foiling his balance. Najibullah b A Sunny 21(36) [4s-2]43/3
14.5FOURNasir Hossain to Nawroz, FOUR, sliding down leg, Nawroz bends down and plays a nifty sweep stroke to the deep backward square leg fence48/3
19.1FOURA Sunny to Nawroz, FOUR, Nawroz reaps reward for positive intent. Nawroz skips down the track and whips it away to the long on fence61/3
21FOURMominul to Nawroz, FOUR, edged but to profitable results for Afghanistan. This was pushed through outside off, Nawroz slashes it off a thickish outside edge that runs away to the third man boundary72/3
22.2OUTMominul to Nawroz, out Nawroz Run Out!! Naeem's brilliance in the field rings the death knell of Nawroz as Afghanistan slum further. This was tossed up around off, Nawroz dabs it in front of point and sets off for a risky single, he is sent back but it's all too late as Islam's one-handed pick-up and direct throw shatters the stumps at the striker's end to catch Naroz short of his crease. Nawroz run out (Naeem Islam) 24(33) [4s-3]74/4
26.5OUTMominul to Nabi, out Caught by Nasir Hossain!! outside edge and snaffled at slip, sharp work from Nasir. This was hurled in just outside off, Nabi lines up for a wild slash with the resultant outside edge traveling at some speed to first slip, who pouches it. Nabi c Nasir Hossain b Mominul 7(15)90/5
34.3FOURMominul to Shenwari, FOUR, flighted on middle and leg, Shenwari gets his front foot out of the way and lofts it over mid-on, well calculated shot as the fielder was inside the circle122/5
37.2FOURRazzak to Shenwari, FOUR, short and width offered, Shenwari latches onto it in a flash, he rocks back and cuts it past the in-field on the off-side and picks up a boundary132/5
39.5FOURRazzak to Shenwari, FOUR, this time he connects the sweep shot. The 50-run partnership comes up. Full and on leg-stump, Shenwari goes on his knees and sweeps it to the long leg fence, there was no one protecting the boundary there143/5
40FOURRazzak to Shenwari, FOUR, floated outside off, Shenwari stays on leg-stump and lofts it inside out over cover. Shenwari looking good and trying to accelerate147/5
41FOURMominul to Shenwari, FOUR, Shenwari getting on with it now, short and outside off, it sat up there to be put away, he does just that as he goes back and cuts it powerfully to the deep extra cover fence154/5
41.1FOURRubel to Stanikzai, FOUR, length delivery on the stumps, Stanikzai gives the charge and tries to heave it, but the ball deflects off the inside edge and runs down to the fine leg fence158/5
42.1FOURA Sunny to Shenwari, FOUR, pushed through on the stumps, Shenwari gets inside the line goes on his knees and sweeps it to long leg, the fielder was at backward square leg so that was easy pickings166/5
43.4SIXRubel to Stanikzai, SIX, Stanikzai after playing a patient knock so far gets to his 4th ODI fifty with a six. Length delivery on the stumps, Stanikzai hoicks it over the cow corner and gets maximum result176/5
44FOURRubel to Stanikzai, FOUR, this time he finds the gap, slower delivery outside off, Stanikzai rocks back and slaps it to the sweeper cover fence. Everyone was inside the ring on the off-side180/5
44.1FOURRazzak to Shenwari, FOUR, Shenwari joins his partner and gets his 4th ODI fifty. This was slightly short and outside off, Shenwari square drives it to the sweeper cover fennce184/5
45SIXRazzak to Stanikzai, SIX, well, well who knew that Stanikzai could play such shots? This was tossed up on off, Stanikzai dances down the wicket and lofts it straight down the ground for his second maximum. The partnership between these also goes past 100193/5
45.1FOURA Sunny to Shenwari, FOUR, full delivery around off, Shenwari goes on his knees and slog sweeps it between deep mid wicket and long on, he split the two fielders to perfection197/5
46FOURA Sunny to Shenwari, FOUR, gives this bit more air which is enough for Shenwari to get under it and loft it straight down the ground, Rubel puts in the dive but can't prevent the ball from touching the ropes206/5
46.1FOURZiaur to Stanikzai, FOUR, full on middle and leg, Stanikzai gets his feet out of the way and looks to squeeze it, the ball squirts off the inside edge to the fine leg fence. The ball went between Stanikzai's legs210/5
47FOURZiaur to Shenwari, FOUR, excellent innovation from Shenwari, he shuffles across and converts it into a full toss, scoops it handsomely over the short fine leg fielder. The ball goes on the bounce and into the fence222/5
47.1FOURRubel to Stanikzai, FOUR, started with a nice juicy fulkl toss, Stanikzai puts it away with utter ease as he swings it to deep square leg and picks up a boundary226/5
48FOURRubel to Stanikzai, FOUR, Dropped! Rubel finishes with a full toss outside off, Stanikzai slices it to sweeper cover, Kayes who is on as a substitute misjudges it runs in too far forward and lets it go over his head, he got a finger on it as well230/5
48.4DROPPEDRazzak to Stanikzai, 2 runs, Dropped! Again the culprit being Kayes. This was a full toss on leg-stump, Stanikzai top edges it towards deep square leg, he settles under it and lets it go through his hands, the ball seems to be following him235/5
49SIXRazzak to Shenwari, SIX, fabulous hitting! This was given bit more air outside off, Shenwari skips down the wicket and cross bats it in the air straight down the ground for a six. The 150-stand comes up242/5
49.3SIXRubel to Stanikzai, SIX, length delivery on off-stump, Stanikzai gets underneath it and slams it into the stands at deep mid wicket for a maximum250/5
49.4FOURRubel to Stanikzai, FOUR, full toss outside off, Stanikzai backs away slightly and slices it over backward point, picks up another boundary and is into the 90's now. Can he get a 100?254/5
49.5OUTRubel to Stanikzai, out Shenwari Run Out!! End of a magnificent innings. This was a slower delivery outside off, Stanikzai does not connect as the ball goes through to the keeper, Shenwari wanted the single and was at the striker's end, Anamul throws the ball to Rubel who takes the bails off. Shenwari run out (Anamul/Rubel) 81(69) [4s-10 6s-1]254/6

Batting: Bangladesh

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.5OUTShapoor to Shamsur, out Bowled!! No need of the umpire as Shapoor castles the stumps. This was much fuller and holds its line, Shamsur tries to work it to the on-side but misses, the ball uproots the off-stick. Perfect start for Afghanistan and they are delighted. Shamsur b Shapoor 0(2)1/1
2OUTHamid to Anamul, out Lbw!! Hamid consolidates the start given by Shapoor. The players and coaching staff seem thrilled with the start. This was a good length delivery that nips back in, Anamul goes for the flick but the ball skids on and strikes him on the pads, umpire Bowden has a good hard look and then raises his finger. The ball would have gone on to hit the leg-stump. Bangladesh in deep trouble here. Anamul lbw b Hamid 1(9)1/2
3.2FOURHamid to Rahim, FOUR, half volley on the pads, Rahim presses forward and flicks it beautifully to deep mid wicket, he got that right off the middle and the ball runs away to the fence. The crowd are back on their feet13/2
4.3FOURShapoor to Mominul, FOUR, that was just too predictable from Shapoor, short and outside off, Mominul was waiting for it on the back foot, he muscles the pull to the deep mid wicket fence20/2
7FOURShapoor to Mominul, FOUR, excellent shot! This was fuller and around off, Mominul gets forward and flicks it with utter ease wide of mid-on, that had four written all over it31/2
8.5FOURSadiq to Mominul, FOUR, bit short and just outside off, Mominul does not miss out on those as he rocks back and cuts fiercely to the third man fence37/2
9.3FOURHamid to Mominul, FOUR, full and on the stumps, Mominul gets into good position and flicks it superbly to deep mid wicket, the timing takes it to the fence42/2
11.2FOURMirwais to Mominul, FOUR, straying onto the pads, Mominul glances it down to the fine leg fence, poor delivery, he just had to get bat on that and he got plenty of it50/2
14.1FOURNabi to Mominul, byes, FOUR, gives this plenty of air outside off, Mominul goes after it and does not make contact, Shahzad is up early and lets the ball goes through his legs for bonus runs59/2
18.1OUTNabi to Rahim, out Lbw!! Nabi wins the skipper vs skipper battle. The crowd are stunned into silence. This was flighted and turning in, Rahim was on the move as he tries to work it to the on-side, the ball hits the pads and he was in-line as well, umpire gives it in favour of the bowler. The ball would have crashed into middle and leg-stump. This is a huge wicket for Afghanistan. Rahim lbw b Nabi 23(42) [4s-1]69/3
20.2FOURNabi to Mominul, FOUR, breaking the shackles, fired in full on middle, Mominul gets down and sweeps it away to backward square leg, found the gap well and it raced away to the fence76/3
22.5DROPPEDShenwari to Nasir Hossain, no run, Hossain has survived yet again, it was a fullish delivery on middle, Hossain absolutely smacks it straight back to the bowler, no need to play those types of shots, but no one can stop him from doing so, that was hit hard and Shenwari couldn't hold onto it83/3
23.4OTHERHotak to Mominul, 1 run, well compiled 2nd ODI fifty by the pocket dynamo, turning into the pads, Mominul goes back and works it to backward square leg86/3
24.3OUTShenwari to Mominul, out Bowled!! Yet again Mominul has failed to convert a good start into a big one, poor shot from him, it was tossed up and turning in, Mominul charges down the track aimlessly, missed it completely and the ball sneaks under his bat to crash into the stumps, the umpire checked for the no-ball and Shenwari was well behind the line, the camera angles were inconclusive as the fielders from either ends were blocking the view, but in the end, the umpire rules him out. Mominul b Shenwari 50(72) [4s-6]88/4
32.1FOURShenwari to Nasir Hossain, FOUR, Hossain has finally managed to find a boundary after coming down the track, turning down the leg side, Hossain came down the track, but the bowler slips it down the leg side, he adjusts well in the end and sweeps it to backward square leg119/4
36FOURNabi to Naeem Islam, FOUR, that is a terrible fielding from Hamid Hassan, it was tossed up on off, Islam drives it firmly to mid off, Hamid would have stopped with a slide, but was bit late and in the end leaves the ball through his legs and the ball races away to long off135/4
37.3SIXNabi to Nasir Hossain, SIX, they just don't want to get Hossain out today, 4th catch is being dropped off him, it was tossed up on middle, Hossain comes down the track and mishits a lofted shot to long on, got loads of power, but not height, Najibullah didin't time his jump and to rub salt to the injury, he palms it over the ropes148/4
38.2FOURMirwais to Naeem Islam, FOUR, that's into the gap, this one a beautiful placement from Islam, it was fuller and slower in the slot, Islam picks it and drills it past the diving fielder to long off156/4
39OUTMirwais to Nasir Hossain, out Caught by Shenwari!! Finally someone has caught, after dropping 2 catches off his own bowling, Shenwari has caught a simple catch at point, it was short and wide and there to be hit, Hossain after leading a charmed life so far, cuts it straight into the hands of Shenwari at point, who runs all away quickly and celebrates it wildly. Nasir Hossain c Shenwari b Mirwais 41(60) [4s-1 6s-1]161/5
39.5OUTHamid to Naeem Islam, out Caught by Nawroz!! Afghans are on verge of their first win in Asia Cup, fuller length delivery on off, Islam charges down the track and was looking to hit it over mid off, but gets it off the bottom part of the bat and Mangal at mid off quickly goes to his right and pulls off a blinder. Naeem Islam c Nawroz b Hamid 35(51) [4s-2]165/6
40OUTHamid to Razzak, out Razzak Run Out!! This is a school boy stuff from Razzak, absolutely mindless running from him, he pushes it towards mid off and sets off for a single rather lazily, the fielder swooped in quickly and hits the stumps at the bowler's end, Razzak was running slowly and by the time the wickets were broken his foot was in the air and he didn't even grounded the bat. Razzak run out (Najibullah) 0(1)165/7
40.1OUTShapoor to A Sunny, out Caught by Mohammad Shahzad!! 3 in 3 for Afghanistan and they might end up with a bonus point also, nothing delivery from Shapoor, on a length and angling down the leg side, Sunny could have left it alone, but looks to help it around to fine leg, the ball just grazes his gloves on it's way to the keeper, who jumps up in delight, this is an awesome performance from Afghans. A Sunny c Mohammad Shahzad b Shapoor 0(1)165/8
41.2FOURMirwais to Ziaur, FOUR, they need more of these, that's the only option, slower delivery outside off, Ziaur comes down the track and swings it across the line to deep mid wicket171/8
41.4FOURMirwais to Ziaur, FOUR, he's going after everything, slower and shorter outside off, Ziaur picks the length quickly and heaves it away to deep mid wicket fence175/8
41.5SIXMirwais to Ziaur, SIX, he's turning it on here, Mirwais is becoming too predictable with his length here, pitched up and in the slot, Ziaur gets under it nicely and lofts it through the line over long off, the crowds are up on their feet now181/8
42FOURMirwais to Ziaur, FOUR, Ziaur is kicking the turf even though he has got a boundary, he wanted to retain the strike, but Hamza had other plans in the deep, he runs in quickly to the ball and lets it through his legs and the ball reaches the backward square leg fence185/8
43.1SIXHamid to Ziaur, SIX, there's life in this match still, superb shot from Ziaur, it was a fuller length delivery on middle, Ziaur makes room and lofts it inside out over wide long off, that was a super shot under these circumstances195/8
43.3FOURNabi to Ziaur, FOUR, Afghanistan can't even catch a cold tonight, this is very poor from them, flighted delivery and turning in, Ziaur slog sweeps it in the air between midwicket and long on, Mangal was bit slow to run in and he dived forward, but he couldn't go anywhere close to the ball and even let the ball cross the ropes199/8
43.4SIXNabi to Ziaur, SIX, to rub salt into the wounds, he's launched it over the fielder at deep mid wicket, Afghanistan can't get the bonus point, tossed up and turning in, Ziaur gets down and slog sweeps it across the line over deep midwicket205/8
44OUTNabi to Ziaur, out Bowled!! What an anti-climax this has been, terrific bowling from Nabi under pressure, he had the courage to toss the ball and this one turns in sharply to crash into the off and middle stump, Ziaur was beaten by the flight and left a huge bat-pad gap, but a wonderful innings nonetheless from him. Ziaur b Nabi 41(22) [4s-4 6s-3]205/9
44.3FOURShapoor to Rubel, FOUR, this is not over yet, smashing shot from Rubel, shortish delivery outside off, Rubel stands tall and slaps it past the fielder to long off, that went off the meat of the bat and raced away quickly211/9
44.4FOURShapoor to Rubel, FOUR, outside edge and Bangladeshis will not mind it, fuller length delivery on off, Rubel was swinging at it across the line, but it flies off the thick outside edge past the keeper to third man215/9
47.5OUTNabi to Rubel, out Caught by Nawroz!! Afghanistan's first win in the Asia Cup and they are not celebrating it wildly, well tossed up and turning in, Rubel had to go for shots, hits one in the air towards deep midwicket, no timing on that and Mangal runs in from the deep to pouch a simple catch. Rubel c Nawroz b Nabi 17(19) [4s-2]222/10