Sri Lanka in Bangladesh 2014

Bangladesh vs. Sri Lanka, 2nd T20I

Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong, Feb 14, 2014

Batting: Bangladesh

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.3DROPPEDDilshan to Shamsur, 1 run, Jeez! That would go down as Dropped and Malinga is the guilty culprit. This was heading down leg, Shamsur sets up for a sweep, miscues it to short fine leg, where Malinga propeled himself upward, he got his right hand to it but was unable to cling on to it2/0
0.5OUTDilshan to Shamsur, out Caught by Chandimal!! The move to hand the new ball over to Dilshan has turned out to be masterstroke. Well done, Chandimal. This was quicker, slightly back of a length and outside off, Shamsur looks to mow it over the leg-side, he did not get enough power behind that as he finds Chandimal at mid-wicket, who takes a smart catch. Shamsur c Chandimal b Dilshan 1(3)3/1
1.2OUTN Kulasekara to Tamim, out Caught by A Mendis!! The crowd stunned into silence as Kula also strikes in his first over. This was a good length delivery well outside off, Tamim, having skated down the track, reaches out and slices it uppishly to deep backward point where Ajantha Mendis gobbles it up sans any fuss. Bangladesh in an early strife at 3-2. Tamim c A Mendis b N Kulasekara 2(4)3/2
1.3FOURN Kulasekara to Shakib, FOUR, fullish and outside off, Shakib backs away a touch and drives it delightfully between extra cover and long off7/2
1.5FOURN Kulasekara to Shakib, FOUR, Shakib is in the mood, despite the loss of early wickets. This was on a length and on off, Shakib lifts it over the bowlers head. It went off the bottom of the bat. He did not time that as well as he liked but he reaped profitable results11/2
2FOURN Kulasekara to Shakib, FOUR, Shakib chips down the track again and whips it away to the deep mid wicket fence. The crowd find their voice again15/2
2.2FOURDilshan to Anamul, FOUR, looped up and outside off, Anamul plays a lofted drive, inside-out, the ball travels to the long off fence. He holds his pose and admires that shot. And rightly so19/2
2.4SIXDilshan to Anamul, SIX, tossed up on the stumps, Anamul comes down the track and slams it several rows over deep mid wicket25/2
2.5FOURDilshan to Anamul, FOUR, Anamul shimmies down the pitch and lofts it over the bowler's head, another boundary29/2
3SIXDilshan to Anamul, SIX, Anamul uses his feet again and launches it well over deep mid-wicket. This was even bigger.35/2
3.2OUTSenanayake to Shakib, out Caught by N Kulasekara!! Its all happening here at Chittagong. Kulasekara now pulls off an extraordinary catch. This was marginally tossed up on middle, Shakib bends down and hunts for a slog-sweep, he does not time it properly, the ball goes higher rather than farther. Kula, after a sprightly over back pedalls from mid-on and completes a tumbling catch. One shot too many Shakib. Shakib c N Kulasekara b Senanayake 12(6) [4s-3]35/3
5.3OUTSenanayake to Anamul, out Caught by K Perera!! Kusal Perera matches, in fact surpasses Kula's agility with a sensational leaping, diving catch. This needless rush of blood is hurting Bangladesh. This was a length delivery on the stumps, Anamul comes down the track and tries to slog it with all his might, he would have reaped rich reward if Perera had not intercepted that at deep mid-wicket. He flinged himself upward to grasp that. Anamul c K Perera b Senanayake 24(17) [4s-2 6s-2]41/4
7.3OUTA Mendis to Nasir Hossain, out Caught by Chandimal!! Bangladesh are falling like nine pins in pursuit of rapid runs. This was nicely looped up around off, Nasir Hossain plays a lofted drive straight down the throat of Chandimal at extra-cover. The Lankan skipper will grab those even in his sleep. Nasir Hossain c Chandimal b A Mendis 8(13)47/5
8.2FOURMathews to Mahmudullah, FOUR, slightly back of a length and outside off, Mahmudullah moves deep in the crease, employs his bottom hand and crumps it away to the deep mid wicket fence54/5
10.3OUTN Kulasekara to S Rahman, out Mahmudullah Run Out!! S Rahman sells his partner down the river. Horrendous miscommunication between the wickets. This was a good length delivery just outside off, S Rahman directs it to point and looks for a quick single. Mahmudullah responds and rushes across. The two batsmen were nealy shaking hands at the striker's end. Dilshan had ample time to run and break the stumps at the non-striker's end. Mahmudullah run out (Dilshan) 9(10) [4s-1]59/6
10.4OTHERN Kulasekara to S Rahman, 2 runs, turned off the pads to backward square leg for a brace. The batsmen were quite swift to beat the throw from the deep61/6
14.5OUTN Kulasekara to Reza, out Caught by Chandimal!! Third catch for Chandimal and second wicket for Kula. Sri Lanka are ruling the roost here. This was pitched up and on off, Reza drives it sweetly but straight to extra-cover where Chandimal aceepts it with glee and why won't he. Reza c Chandimal b N Kulasekara 9(14)80/7
15FOURN Kulasekara to Mortaza, FOUR, a tad overpitched and outside off, Mortaza crunches it along the ground past cover84/7
16FOURMalinga to Mortaza, FOUR, full again and outside off, Mortaza looks to heave it away over mid-wicket but the ball goes to the fine leg fence off a streaky inside edge91/7
16.5FOURA Mendis to Mortaza, FOUR, Mortaza finally connects it. This was slightly quicker and on off, Mortaza swipes it between midwicket and long on. He bags a boundary despite not getting enough power and timing behind that one96/7
17FOURA Mendis to Mortaza, FOUR, flighted delivery outside off, Mortaza now strives to club it over the bowler's head. The resultant thickish outside edge runs away to the third man fence100/7
17.3OUTMalinga to Mortaza, out Bowled!! Pin-point yorker that crashes into the base of middle. That is what you call a Malinga special. This was speared on middle, Mortaza backs away again, tries to flay it through the off-side but to no avail. Mortaza b Malinga 17(10) [4s-4]101/8
18FOURMalinga to S Rahman, FOUR, top-notch shot! This was very full seeking the off-stump, S Rahman unleashes a superb drive that beats mid-off easily106/8
18.2FOURN Kulasekara to S Rahman, FOUR, length delivery outside leg, easy pickings for S Rahman as he picks it up and dispatches it to the fine leg fence111/8
19.2FOURMalinga to A Sunny, FOUR, slower full toss again, A Sunny looks to flick it away, instead toe-ends it to the fine leg fence120/8
19.3OUTMalinga to A Sunny, out Caught by Chandimal!! Change of pace again and Sunny yields this time. Malinga delivers an off-speed floaty dull toss, A Sunny is palpably early into the slog, ends up mistiming it tamely to Chandimal. A Sunny c Chandimal b Malinga 5(6) [4s-1]120/9
19.5OUTMalinga to S Rahman, out Caught by N Kulasekara!! Bangladesh have been wiped out before their quota of 20 overs. Fitting end to the innings with Kula grabbing another fabulous catch. This was cannoned full and just outside off, S Rahman slices it uppishly to sweeper cover, who dives forward to complete the take. Fine, low catch that! S Rahman c N Kulasekara b Malinga 26(36) [4s-2]120/10

Batting: Sri Lanka

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.2SIXA Sunny to K Perera, SIX, slower through the air on middle, K Perera skates down the track and slams it over deep mid wicket for a biggie6/0
1.1FOURMortaza to K Perera, FOUR, back of a length delivery on middle, K Perera uses the face and whipped it uppishly through the gap behind square leg11/0
1.3FOURMortaza to K Perera, FOUR, dug in outside off, K Perera plays plays a flailing cut between extra cover and long off15/0
2.3FOURRubel to K Perera, FOUR, full and width on the platter outside off, K Perera jackpots it as he crashes it past cover, sped away to the fence20/0
3.4OUTShakib to K Perera, out Lbw!! K Perera tries for a cute reverse paddle and perishes. Shakib gives this loads of air on middle, K Perera reverses hands and misses it entirely as he is hit him inside on the pad. The umpire raises his finger to singal the end of the dangerman. It would have gone on to clip the off-stump. K Perera lbw b Shakib 21(18) [4s-3 6s-1]23/1
4.1OUTA Sunny to Dilshan, out Bowled!! A Sunny unites Dilshan with his opening partner. Sunny is over the moon and so is Anamul. This was the darter, the one that goes on with the arm. Dilshan elects to make room and thrash it through the off-side but only manages to chop it back onto the stumps off a thin inside edge. That one crept low, really low. Dilshan b A Sunny 3(6)25/2
7OUTMahmudullah to Chandimal, out Lbw!! Bangladesh roar back into the contest. Their fans are jumping up and down. This was tossed up and spinning in a smidge, Chandimal bends down tries to reverse sweep it away but is struck on the thigh in front of the stumps. That was an avoidable shot, one has to say.Chandimal lbw b Mahmudullah 3(8)32/3
9.1OUTMortaza to Perera, out Bowled!! The Bangladesh skipper brinhs himself back into the attack and cleans up Perera. This was slightly back of a length and on off, Perera looks to half pull it away but his effort is in vain as the ball goes clunk into the top of the off-stump. Mortaza is over the moon. Perera b Mortaza 4(8)42/4
10OUTMortaza to Mathews, out Caught by Anamul!! Double-strike from Mortza. This was fuller and jagging away outside off, Mathews swishes at it and nicks it off to the keeper. This is as deadly a blow as any. Mortaza, who is mobbed by his team-mates knows it. Mathews c Anamul b Mortaza 2(3)46/5
11.1OUTMortaza to N Kulasekara, out N Kulasekara Run Out!! Jeepers, Sri Lanka are committing hara-kiri here. This was a tad full and outside off, N Kulasekara drives it straight to the fielder at mid off and sets off for a suicial run. Mamudullah sends down an accurate return to the keeper, who breaks the stumps to catch a diving Kula well short of his ground. N Kulasekara run out (Mahmudullah/Anamul) 2(3)50/6
11.4SIXMortaza to Sangakkara, SIX, Sangakkara skips down the track and lofts it handsomely over the head of the bowler. He is the key for the tourists57/6
12FOURMortaza to T Perera, FOUR, back of a length and on off, T Perera brings out a rasping pull that scurries away to the deep mid wicket fence62/6
13.4FOURRubel to T Perera, FOUR, slightly short of length and outside off, T Perera frees his arms and slices it over backward point to the square third man fence74/6
16.1FOURRubel to Sangakkara, no ball, FOUR, a horrible full toss outside off, above the waistline, Sangakkara slaps it between midwicket and long on, the ball scurries away to the fence. Did the dew unsettle Rubel?92/6
16.4OUTRubel to Sangakkara, out Caught by Tamim!! Bangladesh have dismissed the big fish. This was slightly back of a length and wide outside off, Sangakkara cuts it late into the waiting hands of Tamim at short third man, who makes no mistake. Sri Lanka's hopes feel dashed now. Sangakkara c Tamim b Rubel 37(38) [4s-1 6s-1]96/7
18.3FOURRubel to T Perera, FOUR, crucial boundary for Sri Lanka. This was a back of a length delivery on the stumps, T Perera moves across his stumps and scoops it over to fine leg109/7
20FOURReza to Senanayake, FOUR, Sri Lanka win and sweep the series 2-0! Yet another last ball finish. This was a shabby delivery, shortish and just outside off, Senanayake pulls it away behind square leg123/7