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7th Match at Sharjah


India in South Africa 2013

South Africa vs. India, 1st Test

New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, Dec 18, 2013

Batting: India

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.5FOURSteyn to Vijay, FOUR, off the mark with a firm push. Too full on the stumps, Vijay just gets forward and taps the ball down the ground, past mid-on and though the outfield isn't lightning quick, the ball wins the race. That shot should give Vijay confidence4/0
5.3FOURPhilander to Dhawan, FOUR, full and on the pads, Dhawan won't miss out there, firmly flicked past square leg and into the deep square leg fence - that will be Dhawan's first boundary12/0
8.3FOURSteyn to Dhawan, FOUR, Dhawan has a smile on his face after that boundary. I wonder why! Very pacy short ball on the badge of the helmet, Dhawan was in no position to play the hook, decides to go through with the shot, played it half-heartedly and got it into the gap, bisecting the two catching men in the deep on the on-side on the fence17/0
9OUTSteyn to Dhawan, out Caught by Tahir!! Steyn 1 Dhawan 0! Perfect set-up by Steyn, who is pumped up and screams his lungs out. Very bad batting it must be said. He was in trouble all through the over and decides to take on the short ball directed at his head. Rocks back to pull, is in no position to do so, top-edges it straight down fine leg's throat. Why would you want to play a stroke like that when there are two men catching in the deep is beyond me. Worried faces in the Indian dressing room already. Dhawan c Tahir b Steyn 13(27) [4s-2]17/1
13.4DROPPEDM Morkel to Vijay, no run, just eluded Amla at short leg! So nearly the 2nd wicket. Will go down as a dropped catch that. Vijay is hit on the splice of the bat by a steepling delivery on the body, the ball loops to the left of Amla who runs and initially tries to take it with both hands - then realises that he isn't getting there, goes with one and the ball doesn't stick. That was a very awkward delivery and Vijay was in all sorts of trouble. Morkel is gutted the chance wasn't taken24/1
15.1OUTM Morkel to Vijay, out Caught by de Villiers!! Edged and gone. M Morkel has his just reward. He has worked over Vijay relentlessly and now dismisses him. Full and outside off, inviting the drive, Vijay is expecting the short stuff - the feet are stuck to the crease, the bat comes down to meet the ball, well away from the body and the result is an edge through to the keeper. India 2 down and enter Virat Kohli. Vijay c de Villiers b M Morkel 6(42) [4s-1]24/2
18.4FOURKallis to Kohli, FOUR, super way to get off the mark! That's the way to play the hook. Gets right on top of the bounce, rolls his wrists and hooks it away beautifully to the deep backward square leg fence. The ball rocketed to the fence. Everything appeared to be in sync with that shot31/2
20.2FOURPhilander to Pujara, FOUR, good shot! Philander errs fractionally short and Pujara is quick to pounce on that. Rocks back in a flash and thumps the cut hard into the ground, past a diving point.37/2
21.1FOURM Morkel to Kohli, FOUR, very half-hearted from Kohli. He hung his bat out to dry, like a periscope and is lucky that he got a boundary. It was short and rising outside off, Kohli was in two minds to whether play or leave it, eventually does a bit of both, the ball hits the blade and flies over the slip cordon, no third man and a streaky boundary41/2
22.4FOURPhilander to Pujara, FOUR, slashed away! Deliberately up and over the slip cordon. The width was there for the shot to be played and Pujara played it well49/2
25.4FOURSteyn to Kohli, FOUR, an expletive uttered by Steyn in frustration after he drifts onto leg allowing Kohli to get inside the line and glance off the hips into the fine leg fence. Steyn was aiming for the dream delivery and got it wrong after going wide of the crease59/2
26.1FOURTahir to Kohli, FOUR, loosener from Tahir and Kohli doesn't miss the opportunity. Short on the stumps, Kohli rocks back and dispatches the pull to the deep midwicket fence. Pressure release stroke64/2
27FOURTahir to Kohli, FOUR, horrid delivery to end the session and Tahir is lucky that it hasn't gone outside the fence. Very short on the stumps, maybe Tahir tried the flipper, bowls the half-tracker, Kohli pulls it meatily into the deep midwicket fence, one bounce over the ropes. That will be lunch on day 170/2
32.3FOURPhilander to Kohli, FOUR, Philander grunts in frustration after he has bowled a short and wide one outside off, Kohli releases the pressure with a cracking cut shot into the gap79/2
33.5FOURSteyn to Kohli, FOUR, cracker! Steyn digs the short delivery and Kohli is more than up to it, rocks back and rolls the wrists, before unleashing a fierce pull to the deep square leg fence. Steyn has a smile and lots of words for Kohli who just has a chat with his partner. This should be interesting - the battle has just begun between Kohli and Steyn84/2
35.2FOURM Morkel to Kohli, FOUR, another top shot! Kohli is putting those bad balls away - fraction short outside off, but Kohli just generated great power with a rasping cut shot that sped to the fence in a flash. That was a very authoritative shot90/2
38.5FOURTahir to Kohli, FOUR, fifty for Kohli and a top effort. Eighth for him in Tests and certainly one of his best. Gets there with a pull to the deep midwicket fence off a short ball. Kohli was expected to be the leading batsman in this team and he has certainly started the Test series on the right note. Has looked very assured, left balls which were needed to and put the bad ones away. Quality knock from the very talented Delhi lad.97/2
40.1FOURTahir to Kohli, FOUR, now he is oozing class and confidence. Too full outside off and Kohli gets forward to whippily play a punchy cover drive wide of a diving cover fielder. That is another of Kohli's favorite strokes105/2
42.3FOURTahir to Kohli, FOUR, terrible bowling from Tahir, very short on the stumps, Kohli has all the time in the world to rock back and hit it wherever he wanted to - picks out the vacant wide long-on area and gets a boundary113/2
42.4OUTTahir to Kohli, out Pujara Run Out!! Awful from Kohli. He has completely sold Pujara down the river. There was never a run there. It was played just to the right of Tahir who was already moving, Kohli called yes initially, then backed away after he saw the bowler move, by then Pujara was halfway down, an easy run-out in the end as the bowler finds Amla who had gone there to collect the ball. Pujara run out (Tahir/Amla) 25(98) [4s-2]113/3
44.1FOURKallis to Rohit, FOUR, sloppy stuff all around! Kohli is running like a madman now, there was never a single as Rohit defended to point, Kohli set off and Duminy's throw from point ricochets off Kohli's bat and beats mid-on. According to the game's laws it will be a boundary and the first one for Rohit - a lucky one119/3
45.2FOURSteyn to Kohli, FOUR, quality batting! Crisp off-drive, stretching fully forward to meet the ball on the full and driving wide of mid-off. Just a firm push and the ball raced away123/3
46.3FOURKallis to Kohli, FOUR, cheeky from Kallis as he tries to run Rohit out with a deflection off a straight drive, but Rohit is back in and the ball runs away to the boundary. Firmly driven back at Kallis who gets his right hand but cannot stop it cleanly128/3
49FOURKallis to Kohli, FOUR, Kohli is one player in this Indian side who can play the short ball really well. Picks the short one again, rolls his wrists and keeps the shot down, hard into the ground and down to the deep midwicket fence. Lovely batting and he now moves to 78141/3
53.2OUTPhilander to Rohit, out Caught by de Villiers!! Loose stroke from Rohit and he has thrown it away. Philander was testing the batsmen with deliveries outside off and finally Rohit's patience has run out. Full and wide outside off, easily the ball to be leaving alone, but Rohit tries an ambitious cover drive and nicks to the keeper. Philander has been much better in this session and gets his first wicket. Rohit c de Villiers b Philander 14(42) [4s-1]151/4
53.5FOURPhilander to Rahane, FOUR, that was VVS-esque! The same lazy elegant flick that the Hyderabadi wizard used to play so often for India in his career. Slightly full on the pads and Rahane is off the mark with a nice looking shot155/4
54.3FOURTahir to Rahane, FOUR, a gift. Real gift that. Full toss on the stumps, Rahane gets forward and flicks it wide of mid-on160/4
54.4FOURTahir to Rahane, FOUR, Smith will not be a happy man. This is poor bowling. Another full toss, Rahane just had to get some bat on it and placed in the gap past mid-on. Pure timing and he gets his 2nd consecutive boundary164/4
57.1FOURPhilander to Kohli, FOUR, Delectable shot. This was a slightly back of a length delivery outside off, Kohli pootles a lovely drive, the ball whistles away to the sweeper cover fence170/4
62.5FOURDuminy to Kohli, FOUR, now moves to 98 with a late cut. Stretched out and placed it wide of point181/4
63OTHERDuminy to Kohli, 2 runs, Kohli - well played young man! That's his first hundred in Tests in South Africa in his first innings and it has been a high quality knock. Gets there with a flick wide of midwicket, knew it as soon as he hit it, that it was a couple. Lets out a huge roar, jumps in the air in delight, removes the helmet and raises the arms in triumph.183/4
70.3FOURDuminy to Kohli, FOUR, rank bad ball and Kohli with a hundred behind his name won't miss out. Rocks back and hammers it flat one bounce over the ropes at wide long-on. Duminy really dragged that down202/4
70.5FOURDuminy to Rahane, FOUR, now Rahane cashes in on a friendly half-tracker, dragged down really short and Rahane pulls mightily to the deep square leg fence. Duminy like Tahir is going for runs207/4
72.3FOURTahir to Kohli, FOUR, help yourself bowling! Tahir delivers another full toss and Kohli whips it wide of mid-on, easy boundary that212/4
74.5FOURTahir to Rahane, FOUR, Tahir must be kicking himself for bowling one full toss every over and inevitably the bad ball has been put away to the fence. Rahane gets forward and drives in the air wide of Kohli and wide of mid-on219/4
75.3OUTKallis to Kohli, out Caught by Duminy!! Now Kallis gets Kohli. Kohli just bows his head down in disappointment after bunting one straight to the fielder at cover. Very soft dismissal, as he didn't reach the pitch of the ball and went through with the cover drive. No power behind the stroke and looped gently to JP. Kallis has a huge smile on his face after getting rid of the centurion. Certainly whatever he told Kohli the previous ball, seems to have worked. Kohli c Duminy b Kallis 119(181) [4s-18]219/5
78.3FOURM Morkel to Dhoni, FOUR, that has been hit with anger! No shot hit today carried more power, fraction short outside off and Dhoni bulleted that to the deep point fence. Morkel just turned around aftter the ball met bat and went back to bowl the next one224/5
80.3FOURSteyn to Dhoni, FOUR, confident cover drive. Just a firm push with the bottom hand doing all the work that time, got forward, right to the pitch and let the hands do the rest231/5
82.4FOURSteyn to Rahane, FOUR, superb stroke! The trademark Sachin Tendulkar back foot punch has been played by another Mumbaikar - Rahane, emulating his idol. A carbon copy of the shot that the great man used to play so well. Timing, balance, hand-eye co-ordination, everything right about the shot238/5
83.3FOURPhilander to Dhoni, FOUR, edged and over the slip cordon! Dhoni in all sorts of trouble to a ball which he could've not played at - it was outside off and bounced from a good length, he sparred at it and the ball hits the splice and flies over for a boundary247/5
84.2FOURSteyn to Rahane, FOUR, beautiful cover drive. On the up and raced away. Rahane is a class player and that shot was proof of that. Lovely sound as the ball met bat251/5
92.5FOURSteyn to Rahane, FOUR, beautiful shot. It was just fractionally short outside off, Rahane's weight transfer was top notch as he rocked back and punched it through cover. Yesterday he played a similar looking shot, but this was much better as the length was a bit fuller261/5
99OUTM Morkel to Dhoni, out Caught by de Villiers!! Was that a bad decision? No! Clearly out. I was fooled by Dhoni's reaction which suggested he hadn't edged it - maybe it was just the disappointment of him getting out. Morkel has been pushing the ball all through the over in the channel, this one was outside off too, Dhoni went across to defend, but edged it to AB. After he edged it, the bat hit the pad, but a big nick. So South Africa have broken through this morning. Dhoni c de Villiers b M Morkel 19(72) [4s-3]264/6
99.4OUTPhilander to Rahane, out Caught by de Villiers!! Now Rahane goes. Lovely delivery and Philander has got the reward. Pitches on a good length and then moves away, drawing Rahane forward and catching the edge which is snaffled gleefully by AB. Rahane tried to cover the late movement, but it kissed the edge. Just a tiny feather, but good enough. So both the overnight batsmen are dismissed. Rahane c de Villiers b Philander 47(137) [4s-8]264/7
99.5OUTPhilander to Zaheer, out Lbw!! The plumbest of lbws! Can't get any dead in front than that. Pitches on middle and skids on, Zaheer's bat is ages late in coming down and it raps the back pad right in front of middle. Zaheer could've walked for that. Steve Davis has the easiest decision to make and Philander is on a hat-trick now. Zaheer lbw b Philander 0(1)264/8
100.2FOURM Morkel to Ashwin, FOUR, top shot that. Ashwin transferring his weight onto the back foot and then punched it through cover. A classy boundary268/8
100.4FOURM Morkel to Ashwin, byes, FOUR, horrid short delivery, no chance for Ashwin to hook and gives a leaping AB no hope. 4 bonus runs for India272/8
102OUTPhilander to Ishant, out Bowled!! Gone! Ishant always looks to play everything off the back foot and misses this. The feet are stuck in the crease, the ball pitches on middle and moves away past the outside edge of the bat, misses the pad as well and hits off. Brilliant delivery and too good for a tailender like Ishant. Ishant b Philander 0(4)278/9
103OUTM Morkel to Shami, out Bowled!! What a clever fella Morkel is! The no-ball he bowled has given him another go at Shami and he knocks the No. 11 over. This one was the inducker and shooted through to hit the stumps after beating Shami's airy punch. India bowled out for 280. Shami b M Morkel 0(3)280/10

Batting: South Africa

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
5.1FOURShami to A Petersen, FOUR, too full and the off-drive has gone to the fence. Petersen got forward and met the ball with a straight bat and beat mid-off easily14/0
7FOURZaheer to A Petersen, FOUR, can't bowl short on this. Asking to be hit and Petersen obliges by dispatching it to the deep square leg fence. That really was dragged down by Zaheer and he paid the price for it21/0
11FOURZaheer to Graeme Smith, FOUR, on a length and just a shade outside off, Smith waits for it and check-drives it past the bowler to the to long on fence26/0
11.1FOURIshant to A Petersen, no ball, FOUR, banged in short and outside off, Petersen does not flich as he brings out a controlled, albeit uppish hook behind square31/0
12.3FOURZaheer to A Petersen, FOUR, wide outside off with ample width on offer, Petersen cuts it powerfully to square of the wicket, on the off-side. Excellent balance as well36/0
13.1OUTIshant to A Petersen, out Lbw!! Ishant Sharma, who shone in the the rain-ruined ODI, pins Petersen leg before. India strike early after the lunch break. Hang on, the umpires are checking for a possible no-ball. It is all fine as Ishant has a good part of his heel behind the bowling crease. This was a slightly back of a length delivery tailing back in to rap Petersen on the pads in front of middle and off. Petersen pays the penalty for aiming to defend that with his feet nailed to the crease. A Petersen lbw b Ishant 21(41) [4s-4]37/1
14.5FOURZaheer to Graeme Smith, FOUR, picture perfect on-drive. This was marginally pitched up on off, Smith leans forward and drives it handsomely, the sublime timing carries it all the way to the long on fence42/1
15.2FOURIshant to Amla, FOUR, on a length and on the pads, Amla cahes the cheque in as he hangs back and flicks it to the fine leg fence in his own inimitable away46/1
16.4DROPPEDZaheer to Graeme Smith, no run, Has Zak got his man? Oh dear, Ashwin drops it at first slip to deny the wicket.This was the fullish one in the corridor, luring the batsmen to drive, Smith attempts an ambitious airy drive again, this time he snicks it but Ashwin, instead of snaffling it, palms it away. Smith heaves a sigh of relief47/1
17.5FOURIshant to Amla, FOUR, Ishant continues to plug away in the corridor, Amla plays it with soft hands again as the outside edge runs to the third man fence51/1
18.2FOURZaheer to Graeme Smith, FOUR, much straighter and fuller, Smith waits for it and flicks it elegantly towards the vacant deep square leg region, Pujara puts up a chase from FSL in vain as the ball travels to the fence55/1
18.4FOURZaheer to Graeme Smith, FOUR, good length delivery with some hint of away shape, Smith pushes at it streakily, the ball shaves the outside edge and runs away to the third man fence59/1
23FOURIshant to Graeme Smith, FOUR, overpitched and punished. The idea wasn't all that bad from the bowler to bowl full as he banged one short the previous ball, but Smith was up to the task. Leans forward and drives from the meat of the bat past mid-off65/1
24.5FOURIshant to Graeme Smith, FOUR, nicely done! Smith knows how to work that ball to deep mid-wicket, doesn't he? Allows the full delivery to come in with the angle from round the wicket and gently flicks it along the ground and beats Zaheer who chases the ball all the way to the fence73/1
25FOURIshant to Graeme Smith, FOUR, inside edge but safe. Short of a length delivery around the off stump, the ball jags back and surprises Smith, he somehow manages to get the edge past the stumps and Dhoni had no chance77/1
26.1FOURIshant to Graeme Smith, FOUR, edged but safe! Ishant probes in the corridor of uncertainty, this length ball jags away a touch and as Smith played with relatively soft hands, the outside edge dies down immediately and goes between third slip and gully83/1
27.5FOURZaheer to Amla, FOUR, outside edge! Good length delivery just shaping away outside off stump, Amla looks to punch powerfully off the back foot, gets a thick edge but there was no one at gully89/1
29.1FOURZaheer to Amla, FOUR, can't bowl there to this man. The ball was moving away alright but the length was too full and that allowed Amla to transfer his weight forward and cream the drive through extra-cover95/1
29.4FOURZaheer to Amla, FOUR, short of length delivery outside off stump, the length was just short enough for Amla to rock back and punch hard, the ball races away through point. That is a top shot after being beaten a couple of deliveries ago99/1
31.5FOURAshwin to Graeme Smith, FOUR, wants to unsettle the line of the bowler, waits for the flighted delivery to come and lofts it over mid-on. That is the 38th Test fifty for Smith, also his 8th against India. Ashwin shouldn't mind that aggressive hit at all as there was a lot of risk involved106/1
32.3FOURShami to Graeme Smith, FOUR, punched off the back foot, as I said earlier, only two fielders on the off side but Shami gives enough width for Smith to free his arms with this short of length delivery and he doesn't miss out. Dhawan gives chase but can't stop the ball even with a desperate dive115/1
35.4FOURZaheer to Graeme Smith, FOUR, take that for a response. This was a half volley wide outside off, Smith drills it past mid-off to earn a boundary without much feet122/1
36.3FOURIshant to Amla, FOUR, shortish and outside off, Amla goes for a reckless slash, the ball flies off the outside edge to the third man fence. Ishant gives vent to his frustration128/1
38.1OUTIshant to Amla, out Bowled!! Ishant Sharma is over the moon. A rare misjudgment from Amla. This was on a good length and tailing back in late, Hashim Amla offers no shot only to see his off-stump in disarray. Alright, this game is evenly poised and on a knife's edge Amla b Ishant 36(74) [4s-6]130/2
38.2OUTIshant to Kallis, out Lbw!! Jeepers! It is all happening at the Wanderers. India, taking the bull by its horns at the Bullring. Ishant's double strike sends South Africa packing. Believe it or not, Kallis is out for a golden duck. This was a full length, shaping back in to trap Kallis in front of middle and leg, Kallis is late to bring his bat down, going for an expansive drive as he is beaten by pace. Kallis lbw b Ishant 0(1)130/3
39.3OUTZaheer to Graeme Smith, out Lbw!! Wow! India are on top at the Wanderers. Zak strikes to snare his bunny Smith for the 14th time across all formats. It is also the fifth time that Smith has been dismissed lbw by Zaheer. There seemed to be a bit of reverse swing on that occasion. This was fuller length delivery swerving back in, Smith aims to drag it across the line only to get rapped on the pads in front of middle and leg. It would have gone on to clip leg-stump. Hawk Eye confirms it as well.Graeme Smith lbw b Zaheer 68(119) [4s-11]130/4
43.3FOURZaheer to de Villiers, FOUR, Zaheer loses his radar. This was a freebie on the pads, Villiers leans forward and flicks it, presenting the full face of the bat, the ball whistles away to the deep mid wicket fence. That is meat and drink for AB145/4
44.1OUTShami to Duminy, out Caught by Vijay!! Mahendra Singh Dhoni is all smiles as India snare their fourth wicket of the session. This was on a good length and outside off, enticing the batsman to play at that, Duminy catches the bait as he pushes at it, all he manages is an outside edge that is snaffled by Murali Vijay at first slip. There has been more twists and turns than an Alfred Hitchcock thriller in this post tea session. Duminy c Vijay b Shami 2(12)145/5
44.3OUTShami to de Villiers, out Lbw!! Another South African batsman bites the dust. Shami strikes for the second time in this over, this time to net the prize scalp of AB. This was fullish and shaping back in a touch, de Villiers is rapped on the pads in front of middle and leg as he tries to defend that with no feet movement. It would have gone on to clip the leg-stump. de Villiers lbw b Shami 13(21) [4s-1]146/6
52.5FOURIshant to Philander, FOUR, edged and lucky. This is a sensational delivery from Ishant, kept it nice and full around the off stump, this one jagged back a touch, Philander drove with a big bat-pad gap and the edge flew past the stumps. Could have been number 4 for Ishant162/6
53.1FOURShami to Philander, FOUR, take that Shami Ahmed. Short delivery outside off stump, Philander stands tall and middles the pull really well to the deep mid-wicket fence. Gee! The ball made a wonderful sound while making contact with the bat167/6
54.3FOURIshant to Philander, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, Philander rocks back and punches very late, sends it to the left of backward point and the ball races away. These are handy runs for South Africa174/6
56.1FOURZaheer to Philander, FOUR, you might be Zaheer Khan but if you don't get your length right, I'll punish you! A gentle 127.6 kph loosener on the stumps, Philander makes the most of it, just flicks it along the ground to deep square leg182/6
59.5FOURAshwin to du Plessis, FOUR, gets down on his knees quickly and paddles the flighted delivery on the leg stump past Dhoni, Kohli gives up the chase halfway running from first slip194/6
63.3DROPPEDShami to du Plessis, no run, dropped! Would you believe it? That was a sitter. This is a poor effort from Rohit Sharma. This length ball shaped away very late, du Plessis tried to take the bat out of the way but couldn't prevent the thick outside edge, the ball went at a very good height to second slip but he spills it207/6
65.2FOURShami to Philander, FOUR, oh, that's an interesting shot. Doesn't mind to pull the short ball even though is the last over of the day, times it well and sends it over mid-wicket, just a hit away from a fine fifty212/6
66.1FOURIshant to Philander, FOUR, fifty for Philander! And a fine effort this. A gentle loosener from Ishant, short and outside off, Philander rocks back to punch through cover, the ball races away to find the fence. That was a gift from Ishant and Philander's eyes lit up first thing in the morning217/6
66.3FOURIshant to Philander, FOUR, he played a fine back foot punch to the first ball of the day, now this one is a much better shot, as he had to go towards the ball - went and played the horizontal bat shot, there was a man at sweeper cover, but he had no chance as the ball sped away to the fence221/6
69.1OUTZaheer to Philander, out Caught by Ashwin!! Ashwin is screaming away to glory after catching that. Super delivery, brought Philander forward and then left him, the batsman was already on the walk, could only edge at a comfortable height to the spinner's right at 1st slip who takes a good catch. Then comes the heated reaction, which shows he is happy after dropping one off Zak yesterday. India have struck early on day 3 and the bowler is all smiles. Philander c Ashwin b Zaheer 59(86) [4s-7]226/7
71.3FOURZaheer to Steyn, FOUR, long half-volley and Steyn has put that away. Just had to get it wide of mid-off and did with a rasping off-drive232/7
71.4FOURZaheer to Steyn, FOUR, now throws his bat and gets a streaky boundary. Zaheer came over the wicket for this delivery and bowled it outside off, Steyn gets a significant amount of bat on the wild shot and the ball flies over the slip cordon - no third man and that's the second consecutive boundary236/7
72.3OUTIshant to Steyn, out Caught by Rohit!! Steep bounce and that has got Steyn out. Worrying signs for the batsmen looking ahead. This delivery pitched outside off and then shooted from the surface, Steyn's weight was on the back foot and it lobbed off the shoulder of the bat to 3rd slip. A dolly and that's the 4th wicket for Ishant. Steyn c Rohit b Ishant 10(12) [4s-2]237/8
73.5OUTZaheer to du Plessis, out Caught by Dhoni!! Lovely bowling from Zaheer and he has got du Plessis out. He kept on pushing the odd ball out, then brought the ball back in to plant a seed of doubt in the batsmen's mind, now this one angles in, then seams away slightly, du Plessis was already committed to the forward defensive stroke - the late movement foxes him and takes the thin edge. du Plessis c Dhoni b Zaheer 20(77) [4s-1]239/9
75.2FOURZaheer to M Morkel, FOUR, rasping off-drive and certainly came out of the middle of the bat. Zaheer errs by bowling too full, Morkel crashes the drive to the long-off fence244/9
75.3OUTZaheer to M Morkel, out Bowled!! Got him! That's clean bowled and the end of the innings. Zaheer comes back well after the boundary, by bowling full and fast on off stump, Zaheer gets this ball to swing in late and beats the batsman's big drive to hit the off stump low down. India have a lead of 36. M Morkel b Zaheer 7(9) [4s-1]244/10

Batting: India

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.1FOURPhilander to Dhawan, FOUR, slightly short on off stump, Dhawan goes on the backfoot and pushes with an open face behind point, the ball runs away after eluding the fielder5/0
4FOURPhilander to Vijay, FOUR, half-volley and put away by Vijay who plays a delectable off-drive. The mid-off is too wide and once Vijay timed that, it was always a boundary18/0
7.3OUTPhilander to Dhawan, out Caught by Kallis!! The previous delivery had an effect on Dhawan, who falls. This one swings back in too, but on the off stump, Dhawan in trying to defend, edges it to the right of 2nd slip where Kallis grabs it, diving away. India are 1 down and Philander becomes the fastest South African to get to 100 Test wickets. Dhawan c Kallis b Philander 15(21) [4s-1]23/1
12.3FOURM Morkel to Vijay, FOUR, the loose ball has been put away. Too straight on the stumps, flicked away through midwicket. Reward for Vijay's patient game29/1
19.4FOURSteyn to Vijay, FOUR, Vijay is playing to his strengths and when the loose delivery comes along, he doesn't miss out. This one is bowled from wide of the crease and too straight on the stumps, just a mere punch and that is enough to beat mid-on. All timing on that shot from Vijay42/1
20FOURSteyn to Vijay, FOUR, poor bowling and put away by Vijay. Full toss down leg, flicked away past the chasing deep backward square leg fielder. That's the second boundary of the over and Vijay has moved to 2246/1
26.4FOURPhilander to Pujara, FOUR, half-volley on the stumps and that's meat and drink for Pujara who flicks forcefully, wide of midwicket - a top boundary for Pujara who plays that shot really well64/1
27.3FOURTahir to Vijay, FOUR, that's Vijay at his best. Superb extra-cover drive, to the pitch of the ball and the fluid drive beats a diving cover fielder. India won't allow Tahir to settle71/1
29.4FOURKallis to Pujara, FOUR, slashed away! Short and wide outside off, Pujara deliberately goes over the point man, hit in the air, but well over the fielder. An easy boundary80/1
31.3FOURKallis to Pujara, FOUR, controlled pull shot. Rolled the wrists and pulled it down, behind deep backward square leg, the fielder was there, but he had no chance. The short delivery from Kallis didn't rise as much as he would've wanted88/1
33.5OUTKallis to Vijay, out Caught by de Villiers!! Strangled down the leg-side. Rod Tucker puts the finger up immediately and Vijay walks. Nothing delivery, down leg and angling further down, Vijay gets a faint tickle on the leg glance and has to go. After all those unplayable deliveries which missed the edge, a harmless one has produced a wicket - South Africa won't mind it though. They have broken the stand finally. Vijay c de Villiers b Kallis 39(94) [4s-5]93/2
36.5FOURSteyn to Kohli, FOUR, just over a leaping AB. Kohli is taking on the short ball and is lucky that the bottom edge eludes the keeper. Very pacy delivery from Steyn and Kohli was certainly late on the shot, just inches over the gloves of AB who didn't even get a touch on it98/2
37.5FOURKallis to Pujara, FOUR, cracked away past short point. Fraction short outside off, Pujara whiplashes a cut past the left-hand of a diving fielder. No-one in the deep and that's a boundary. Kallis can't afford to bowl there with the field he has104/2
40.1FOURSteyn to Kohli, FOUR, a gentle half volley on middle and leg, Kohli presents a gentle punch, the imperious timing carries it all the way to the deep mid wicket fence113/2
45.3FOURDuminy to Pujara, FOUR, flatter and outside off, Pujara camps on the backfoot and punches it crisply to the long on fence136/2
45.4OTHERDuminy to Pujara, 1 run, wristily flicked to to backward square leg as Pujara raises his 4th Test fifty. He soaks in the applause from the dressing room137/2
46.4DROPPEDTahir to Pujara, no run, Oh dear, Tahir has fluffed a caught and bowled chance. This was nicely tossed up and just outside off, Pujara is duped by the flight as he is early into the drive, the ball loops back to Tahir, who spills a chance that would have allowed South Africa to get out of jail139/2
47.1FOURPhilander to Kohli, FOUR, half-volley on leg and put away. This was a nothing delivery, Kohli underlines his class with a beautiful chip that whistles away to the deep midwicket fence145/2
48.3FOURTahir to Kohli, FOUR, that is some way to bring up the 150 of the innings. This was overpitched on middle, Kohli punches it with all his might to the long off fence150/2
51.3FOURPhilander to Pujara, FOUR, width and put away in a flash by Pujara. Short and wide outside off, asking to be hit, Pujara thumps a rasping cut to the sweeper cover fence. That's what one has to do - when the bad ball comes around, make sure you hit it into the boundary160/2
53.5FOURKallis to Pujara, FOUR, another cracking square cut. Pujara is a strong player square of the wicket and he doesn't miss out on this back of a length delivery outside off, hits it hard into the ground and into the cover region. That looked like a tired delivery from Kallis172/2
54FOURKallis to Pujara, FOUR, can't bowl there Kallis. Just can't. Short and wide again, Pujara's eyes lit up as he goes behind point this time with his favorite square cut. Needed to place that in the gap and did that easily. The Proteas attack is now wilting and Pujara has gone on to 69176/2
54.2FOURTahir to Pujara, FOUR, horrid delivery. Horrible bowling. A full toss way outside leg, Pujara just needed to paddle that past short fine and though he was startled initially, he got it away to the fence. More worries for Smith181/2
56FOURKallis to Kohli, FOUR,Vintage Kohli. This was pitched up and outside off, Kohli pounces on it as he pierces the gap between extra cover and mid-off with an imperious drive189/2
56.2FOURDuminy to Pujara, FOUR, dug in short and just outside off, Pujara waits for it cuts it expertly past slip, the ball races away to the third man fence193/2
56.3FOURDuminy to Pujara, FOUR, this was pitched up on the stumps, Pujara clips it nonchalantly to the mid-wicket fence197/2
56.5FOURDuminy to Kohli, FOUR, marginally short and outside off, Kohli goes deep in the crease and slams it to the deep extra cover fence, both batsmen have executed the cut well. By the way that was the 7th four hit in the last 19 deliveries202/2
57.1OTHERKallis to Kohli, 1 run, on the pads, Kohli flicks it nicely to fine leg. That brings up his 8th Test fifty. Can he carry on and register twin hundreds?204/2
59.1FOURKallis to Pujara, FOUR, What a shot! This was pitched up and outside off, Pujara is too good a player to miss out on that as he caresses the cover drive between extra cover and mid off216/2
60.2FOURSteyn to Pujara, FOUR, Kohli, who sold Pujara down the river hugs his partner. The dressing room gives Pujara a standing ovation. He punches the air to celebrate his 6th Test ton, this is also his first overseas. He reaches the landmark by thumping a half volley on off to the sweeper cover fence223/2
62.2FOURSteyn to Pujara, FOUR, straying on the pads, Pujara leans forward and flicks it, the deep midwicket fielder dives in vain230/2
62.5FOURSteyn to Pujara, FOUR, on a length and just outside off, Pujara stays in the crease and guides it to third man. Soft hands was the secret behind that shot. Runs coming thick and fast for India, the lead has surged to 270234/2
63.5FOURTahir to Pujara, FOUR, Pujara chips down the track, takes it on the full and hoicks it to the long on fence. India are bristling in attack now239/2
65.1FOURTahir to Pujara, FOUR, Pujara comes down the track, takes it on the full too and slams it to the long on fence245/2
69.3FOURDuminy to Pujara, FOUR, another cut shot and another boundary. A late cut too. Literally takes it from AB's mitts as he places the shot to the left of point. Now this is hurting South Africa255/2
74.5FOURPhilander to Kohli, FOUR, shortish and outside off, Kohli rocks back and brings out a rasping pull, the ball rockets to the deep mid wicket fence. Excellent balance from Kohli271/2
76.1FOURTahir to Kohli, FOUR, tripe bowling from Tahir. This is a loose full toss on leg, Kohli whips it powerfully to the deep midwicket fence. Easy pickings that279/2
79FOURTahir to Pujara, FOUR, one boundary ball per over - that's Tahir's problem this match. After a good delivery last ball, he drags it short and wide outside off, Pujara plays the late cut and beats the man inside the ring290/2
79.5OTHERDuminy to Kohli, 1 run, the 200-run stand is up with a flick to deep square leg. Terrific stand this from the young duo293/2
84.1FOURSteyn to Pujara, FOUR, no third man and that is another boundary for Pujara. Angles the bat and guides the short of length delivery wide of the man at gully, well in control of the shot and he moves to 145300/2
84.5FOURSteyn to Pujara, FOUR, that's the great thing about Pujara - he has an unflappable temperament. Doesn't care what the last delivery did to his psyche. This one is fraction short outside off, he thumps his favorite square cut past the infield on the off-side. Just a single away from 150304/2
86.2OTHERSteyn to Pujara, 1 run, 150 for Che! Comes on the front foot and defends wide of point, takes the single this time. No big celebrations - just a handshake with Kohli. The Indian dressing room clap in appreciation. This man certainly knows how to make daddy hundreds as Graham Gooch would vouch for305/2
91.1FOURKallis to Kohli, FOUR, Kallis' first delivery of a new spell goes to the fence. It was short of length and seaming away, Kohli played away from the body and steers it to the vacant deep backward point fence312/2
93.1OUTKallis to Pujara, out Caught by de Villiers!! End of a marathon knock from Pujara. Falls to his favorite cut shot. Maybe too close to his body to play, feathers an edge. A standing ovation from the Wanderers crowd. The Indian dressing room too does the same, including the coach, Duncan Fletcher - with his customary dark glasses on. Pujara c de Villiers b Kallis 153(270) [4s-21]315/3
97.4FOURKallis to Rohit, FOUR, Rohit has a smile on his face after getting a streaky boundary. Tries to defend off the back foot, gets a thickish outside edge which goes wide of the 2nd slip. Went to ground quickly though and leaves Kallis frustrated325/3
97.5OUTKallis to Rohit, out Bowled!! Kallis has his revenge. Keeps low in line with the stumps, nips back in and goes under the bat of Rohit, to hit off and middle. Very unlucky for Rohit, but that's what can happen on a 4th day wearing Test match pitch. Rohit wasn't expecting the ball to bounce so low, but it just did and he was late in keeping it out. A big reaction from Kallis - whirling his arms in delight, he certainly liked that dismissal. Rohit b Kallis 6(13) [4s-1]325/4
98.4OUTDuminy to Kohli, out Caught by de Villiers!! Disaster for Kohli. What a soft way to get out. That was a boundary ball, written all over it. Short and wide outside off, there for the cut, to get to his hundred and cue for wild celebrations. But instead Kohli gets a top-edge on the cut. Kohli is gutted and walks off with disappointment writ large on his face. Duminy doesn't even celebrate - just has a wry smile on his face. Kohli c de Villiers b Duminy 96(193) [4s-9]327/5
101.1FOURKallis to Dhoni, FOUR, aggressive shot! Takes a couple of steps out and drills it past mid-off. Intent in that shot from Dhoni334/5
102.3FOURDuminy to Dhoni, FOUR, Kallis' desperate dive isn't enough to prevent the boundary. A pre-meditated paddle sweep from Dhoni, Kallis has already bowled a lot of overs, is a tad slow and cannot prevent the boundary as the ball rolls to hit the rope339/5
103FOURDuminy to Rahane, FOUR, similar delivery to the one that got Kohli out, but this one didn't bounce extra, Rahane placed the cut superbly to the deep point fence344/5
103.5FOURSteyn to Rahane, FOUR, the shot of the day so far! Even the South African supporters in the crowd like it as they clap in appreciation. Full and on off, Rahane gets a good stride forward and punches past the stumps at the non-striker's end, misses the stumps and races away to the fence. Fab timing and perfect balance. The bat came down in a very straight angle and met it with the meat of the blade349/5
106.2OUTDuminy to Rahane, out Caught by Graeme Smith!! Smith takes a dolly to send Rahane back. And that will be lunch as well. Pitches outside off and slides on with the angle, Rahane was looking to forward defend, the ball shaves the edge and a good catch to his left at slip. 2nd wicket for Duminy. Rahane c Graeme Smith b Duminy 15(27) [4s-2]358/6
109FOURDuminy to Ashwin, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Ashwin gets back and cuts it nicely through point for a boundary. The timing was really good367/6
109.2OUTPhilander to Ashwin, out Caught by du Plessis!! Soft dismissal. It was a length ball, Ashwin was trying to work it on the onside but got a gentle leading edge. The ball pops up to cover where du Plessis takes a simple catch. Ashwin c du Plessis b Philander 7(12) [4s-1]369/7
110FOURPhilander to Zaheer, FOUR, poor delivery and Zaheer is able to put it away easily. Full and sliding down the leg, Zaheer gets the glance right. Enough bat on it to take it quickly past a diving AB de Villiers to the fine leg fence373/7
112.1FOURDuminy to Dhoni, FOUR, Whoa! Dhoni was so confident after hitting this that he did not bother to run. This was slightly short and outside off. Dhoni just punched it really hard through extra cover. There were two men in the deep, the gap was split to perfection and Dhoni was very confident about the power he had put behind it383/7
113.5OUTPhilander to Dhoni, out Caught by (sub)Elgar!! Philander has his man now. Short and wide outside off, Dhoni cuts it high and hard but the connection was not perfect. It goes straight to Elgar at deep point. Simple catch and Philander mouths nothing but the glare says it all. He beleives that he had Dhoni earlier in the over. Dhoni c (sub)Elgar b Philander 29(44) [4s-3]384/8
114.3DROPPEDTahir to Zaheer, no run, catch dropped by Kallis. That could have been his 200th in Tests The googly from Tahir outside off, Zaheer gets back and almost guided it off the face of the bat and low to the right of slip. Kallis was slow to get down, he still got a hand to it but does not hold on384/8
115.1FOURPhilander to Zaheer, FOUR, just a wild heave from Zaheer. He was trying to smack a length ball from outside off through mid wicket but gets a thick top edge. The ball flies over the slip cordon and to the fence389/8
117SIXTahir to Zaheer, SIX, What a shot! That's the first six of the match. Tossed up full and Zaheer just stays in the crease to thump it inside out over extra cover. Superbly done396/8
118FOURSteyn to Zaheer, FOUR, the Indian dressing room is out in numbers at the balcony and enjoying this show from the tail. Full and straight, a wild swing as usual from Zak but he gets an inside edge. The ball misses the stumps and scoots through to the fine leg fence. Frustration for Steyn and South Africa405/8
119OUTTahir to Ishant, out Lbw!! That's as plumb as it gets. This was just going straight on, Ishant was lunging forward and across, gets hit near the knee roll in front of middle. Easy decision for the umpire. Ishant lbw b Tahir 4(14)405/9
119.1SIXSteyn to Zaheer, SIX, nothing going right for Steyn. It was the slower one outside off. Zaheer picked it early and manages to get under it. Lofted cleanly and way into the stands over long off411/9
119.3FOURSteyn to Shami, FOUR, the yorker is just not landing perfectly for Steyn. Now it ends up on the leg of Shami who flicks it nicely to the square leg fence416/9
120.1FOURTahir to Zaheer, byes, FOUR, floated down the leg side. It just skids on and goes too quickly for ABD to stop. More runs for India420/9
120.4OUTTahir to Shami, out Bowled!! That ends it. The googly from Tahir, Shami tries to swing it across the line but misses completely. The ball crashes into the stumps and India finish with a lead of 457. Shami b Tahir 4(5) [4s-1]421/10

Batting: South Africa

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.3FOURZaheer to A Petersen, FOUR, full and angled into the pads. Easily flicked along the ground through square leg by Petersen for his first boundary6/0
2.1DROPPEDZaheer to Graeme Smith, 1 run, catch dropped by Kohli. That could have been Zak's 300th. The trap was set and Smith fell for it. Full and on the leg. He flicked it uppishly and firmly to leg gully. Kohli was slow to react, leaps up and got a hand to it but spills it.8/0
2.3FOURZaheer to A Petersen, FOUR, full and outside off. Some movement away too. Petersen was looking to drive it through cover but gets a thickish outside edge to the left of point for a boundary12/0
5.2FOURIshant to A Petersen, FOUR, that's a very nice shot down the ground. Ishant overpitched and Petersen drives it straight past the bowler with a dead straight bat. Beautifully balanced too as he played that shot24/0
5.5FOURIshant to A Petersen, FOUR, sliding onto the leg this time. Petersen is able to glance it late and down to the fine leg fence. Very easily done28/0
13.5FOURAshwin to A Petersen, FOUR, dragged a little short and outside off as well. Petersen waits and cuts it nicely past backward point. There was not too much power behind it but even that much is enough to beat Zak. He just ambled behind the ball and allowed it to get to the fence46/0
14.1FOURShami to A Petersen, FOUR, Shami drifts onto the pads, Petersen gets up on his toes and works it off his hips to the fine leg fence. Very well controlled by Petersen51/0
16.5FOURShami to Graeme Smith, FOUR, good bowling from Shami. He gets this one to angle away after bringing the previous one in. Smith pushes out and gets a thick edge. Luckily for the SA skipper, the ball shoots through between gully and third slip to the boundary58/0
18.1FOURShami to A Petersen, FOUR, Petersen is a good player of the pull shot. This was banged in short but there was not enough height on it. Petersen pulls it from his hips and hard through square leg65/0
18.4OTHERShami to A Petersen, 2 runs, Petersen gets his 6th Test fifty, 2nd against India. He was squared up again as the ball jagged away a touch. The ball goes off the leading edge throughg cover and gets him two. He's had to grit it out and has done well so far67/0
23.3FOURZaheer to Graeme Smith, FOUR, Zaheer spears it into the pads of Smith. He loves it there. The flick is played all along the ground and in the big gap through mid wicket. That should give him some confidence77/0
24.2FOURAshwin to Graeme Smith, FOUR, Ashwin errs in line just a shade. Drifting on the middle and leg. Smith reaches forward and works it nicely through mid wicket to pick another boundary82/0
26.2FOURAshwin to A Petersen, FOUR, dragged short by Ashwin and Petersen capitalises. He gets right back and plays a hard whip to the backward square leg fence. Nicely played87/0
28.3FOURAshwin to Graeme Smith, FOUR, overpitched on off and Smith expertly places it between the two catching covers. Top shot that! Smith is growing in confidence98/0
29.4FOURIshant to Graeme Smith, FOUR, 100 up for South Africa. Just the ideal start for South Africa. This was a tad full and outside off, Smith dabs it down past the slips to the third man fence103/0
30FOURIshant to Graeme Smith, FOUR, angling in but on the pads, Smith leans forward and flicks it handsomely, the exquisite timing carries it to the deep mid wicket fence. South Africa continue to chip away at India's lead107/0
30.4OUTAshwin to Graeme Smith, out Graeme Smith Run Out!! This was nicely tossed up on off, Smith chips down the track and drives it in front of mid-on. Ajinkya Rahane swoops in on the ball and hits the bullseye with remarkable accuracy. Smith departs in a quest for a suicidal single. Poor judgment from Smith. Graeme Smith run out (Rahane) 44(73) [4s-6]108/1
34.5FOURShami to Amla, FOUR, 'That is Amla at his best', bellows out Ravi Shastri on air. This was too full and on the pads, Amla unfurls a classy flick through mid-wicket117/1
36.2OUTShami to Amla, out Bowled!! Another awkward dismissal for mighty Hash. He has fallen into the trap. After peppering him with the short stuff, Shami summons the length ball, it keeps low as well. Amla, who was expecting it to bounce steeply, sits under, sways out of the line only to let the ball disturb the off-pole. Jeepers, Amla out in both innings without offering a stroke. Amla b Shami 4(13) [4s-1]118/2
37.5FOURIshant to A Petersen, FOUR, top edge but four. This was speared short and on the stumps, Petersen is late on the pull/hook, all he manages is a top edge that runs very fine124/2
49.2OUTShami to A Petersen, out Bowled!! Just reward for Shami today. He has troubled Petersen all through this spell and makes him play on. Very uncertain footwork from Petersen who poked at an off stump delivery with an angled bat, the thick inside edge cannons onto leg stump and that's an early breakthrough for India. Petersen's brave vigil comes to an end. He wasn't looking comfortable at all against Shami today and falls to the same bowler. A Petersen b Shami 76(162) [4s-9]143/3
51.2FOURShami to Kallis, FOUR, cracking shot! Shami goes full and wide outside off, Kallis unfurls a superb cover drive with not much feet movement. Just pure timing and that's a good way to get off the mark151/3
52.3FOURZaheer to Kallis, FOUR, that's the 2nd classy cover drive he has hit today. Splits short cover and mid-off with a beautifully timed shot156/3
53.2FOURShami to Kallis, FOUR, good batting this from Kallis. Takes on the full and wide delivery outside off and goes square of the wicket on the off-side with a well-timed drive. Shami won't mind those drives though, for it gives him a chance with all those catchers behind the wicket161/3
55.3FOURShami to Kallis, FOUR, nice off-drive. The balance and the timing the key as the bat came down in a straight line. The fielder at mid-off is too square and though he dives, he cannot even get a hand to. 4th boundary for Kallis already in this short stay170/3
56.5FOURZaheer to Kallis, FOUR, the knuckle delivery goes wrong for Zaheer. He bowls a long half-volley outside off, Kallis reaches out and sends a picture-perfect cover drive racing past the fielder, who didn't even stretch a limb. That was sublime timing from the classy South African great179/3
57.3FOURIshant to du Plessis, FOUR, now Ishant bowls too full and on off stump, just too straight and du Plessis flicks classily to the deep midwicket fence. Just uncorked the wrists at the right time and sent the ball away. First boundary for du Plessis today183/3
58.2FOURZaheer to Kallis, FOUR, Shami has no chance this time. This one came back in with the angle towards off stump, Kallis wanted to go through a straightish mid-on, runs off the thickish inside half and still beats the fielder. That's 7 runs in two balls for South Africa who are getting runs easily at the moment191/3
60.4OUTZaheer to Kallis, out Lbw!! 300th wicket for Zaheer. What a big moment for the Indian spearhead. But wait, there is a big inside edge onto the pads. Wrong decision. Rod Tucker gets it wrong and there is no DRS to overturn the decision. Kallis walks off shaking his head. It nipped back in and kept low, Kallis was crouching to keep it out, the ball took a significant chunk of the bat and thudded into the pad. Tucker upholds the appeal immediately. Zaheer is roaring in delight and waves to the Indian dressing room. Kallis lbw b Zaheer 34(37) [4s-6]197/4
61FOURZaheer to du Plessis, FOUR, even though it wasn't well timed, du Plessis will get a boundary. Takes on the short delivery and hooks wide of square leg. The ball trickles away to the fence202/4
64FOURShami to de Villiers, FOUR, beautiful straight drive! Too full and Shami suffers as de Villiers plays a classy drive, with the bat meeting the ball on the top of the bounce, past the non-striker and gave mid-on no chance212/4
67.1FOURIshant to de Villiers, FOUR, another lovely cover drive! On the up and timed very well too, Ishant looking for the outside edge and seeing de Villiers play a beautiful drive on the up. In the air for a while, but no-one catching close in at short cover220/4
73.4FOURShami to de Villiers, FOUR, he has played some gorgeous drives and you can add this to that list as well. Gets forward and laces the half-volley between cover and mid-off. No-one moved a muscle and stood there admiring the shot236/4
75.2FOURKohli to du Plessis, FOUR, overpitched and du Plessis creams it through extra cover. Easily done. The field is predominantly up and du Plessis pierced the gap perfectly241/4
80.3FOURZaheer to de Villiers, FOUR, Zaheer drifts onto the leg from round the wicket. de Villiers glances it with ease to the fine leg fence. The ball just scurries through very quickly251/4
80.4FOURZaheer to de Villiers, FOUR, another gift from Zaheer. Angled in from round the wicket, ends up as a full toss. It cannot get easier than that. Flicked away with glee by de Villiers to the square leg boundary255/4
82FOURShami to du Plessis, FOUR, Stylish shot to bring up du Plessis' 3rd Test fifty. Banged in short by Shami but du Plessis just swivelled and pulled it out of the middle of the bat. The promotion has worked superbly so far259/4
86.3FOURIshant to de Villiers, FOUR, too full from Ishant. It was on middle as well. de Villiers leans forward and flicks superbly through mid wicket. Timing was great as usual from de Villiers267/4
86.4FOURIshant to de Villiers, FOUR, edged into the ground and it runs away past the slip cordon. This one was outside off and kept low as well. de Villiers will not mind these. It takes him to 49271/4
87.4FOURShami to de Villiers, FOUR, banged in short and into the hips. de Villiers lifts his front leg and pulls it to the fine leg fence. That brings up his 34th Test fifty, 2nd against India. This has been yet another gem from this talented guy276/4
87.5FOURShami to de Villiers, FOUR, full and angled into the pads. de Villiers now flicks it uppishly through mid wicket. Big gap in that region. Another boundary280/4
90.2FOURIshant to du Plessis, FOUR, edged but four. This was a tad fullish and outside off, du Plessis pushes at it, gets a thickish outside edge that runs to vacant third man286/4
93.2FOURZaheer to du Plessis, FOUR, that one snapped off a crack from a length and rose alarmingly, du Plessis is squared up, gets an outside edge that evades slips and travels to the third man fence293/4
94FOURZaheer to de Villiers, FOUR, frustration for Zak. He did well to induce a false stroke from AB but the ball goes off the edge to the fine leg fence. Unconvincing shot but that raises the 100 off the partnership between Faf and AB298/4
96.1FOURAshwin to du Plessis, FOUR, nice juicy full toss on the stumps, du Plessis punches it past the bowler. That was a real gift304/4
97.3FOURZaheer to du Plessis, FOUR, length ball on middle, du Plessis presses across again and glances this very fine, the result is a boundary309/4
98FOURZaheer to du Plessis, FOUR, easy pickings for Faf. This was pitched up and on the pads, du Plessis flicks it beautifully, the sweet timing carries it to the backward square leg fence313/4
100.5FOURAshwin to du Plessis, FOUR, overpitched and outside off, du Plessis leans into the drive and sends it to the long off fence. Superb balance and timing from Faf318/4
101.2OTHERIshant to de Villiers, 1 run, Phew! Faf would have been a goner had Rahane at cover fired a direct thow like he did to get Smith out yesterday. This was also back of a length and outside off, de Villiers taps it in front of cover, scampers for a quick single. Faf dives full length and makes his ground319/4
103.2FOURIshant to du Plessis, FOUR, dug in short and outside off, du Plessis is quick to rock back and pull it with all his might to the deep mid wicket fence328/4
108.3FOURZaheer to de Villiers, FOUR, shortish and outside off, de Villiers goes deep in the crease and slaps it to the deep extra cover fence340/4
109FOURZaheer to de Villiers, FOUR, a near carbon copy of the third ball. This was also dug in short and outside off, de Villiers exploits the width and thumps it to the deep extra cover boundary344/4
110.4FOURZaheer to du Plessis, FOUR, on a length and width on offer as well, du Plessis stands tall and punches it hard off the back foot, the ball whistles away to the deep extra cover fence349/4
112.3OTHERZaheer to du Plessis, 3 runs, Faf is the man! He has done it again at the Wanderers! Cue for wild celebrations from the crowd. Sue Duminy - the wife of JP Duminy claps as well. It was an overpitched delivery on the pads, flicked wide of midwicket, it wasn't that well timed, but still good enough for three. He leaps for joy and punched the air. The crowd absolutely love it. His best mate is at the other end as well - de Villiers, who comes and congratulates him. What an innings this is from the marathon man358/4
114.3FOURZaheer to du Plessis, FOUR, poor bowling from Zaheer. Now drifts down leg-side, du Plessis gets an edge onto the thigh pad and it runs away very fine, to the fine leg fence. The deep backward square is very square and had no chance. The Indians look very flat out there365/4
120.1OTHERZaheer to de Villiers, 1 run, half volley outside off, driven sweetly to deep extra cover, only a single and he moves to 99 now390/4
121.5FOURIshant to du Plessis, FOUR, the 200-run stand is up with that attacking shot! South Africa certainly are going for the target now. The intent is there as we see du Plessis going over mid-on, wanted to go a bit straighter, but dragged it over the fielder. Didn't time it well enough, but importantly over the man inside the ring. Just 59 required now. What have India got now?399/4
123.1OUTIshant to de Villiers, out Bowled!! Finally de Villiers goes. Claps from the Indian dressing room. India look relieved. Too close to his body to play the late dab, that he has been playing so well, only manages to chop it on to the leg-stump. India certainly needed that wicket for the partnership was taking the game away from them. A disappointed de Villiers walks off, but what an innings and what a platform he has given his side to go for a world record chase. de Villiers b Ishant 103(168) [4s-12]402/5
124.1FOURShami to Duminy, FOUR, brilliant straight drive from Duminy and that is a fantastic boundary. His pretty wife, Sue Duminy has a big smile on her face after her hubby got forward and drove it past du Plessis. No chance for mid-off. That will give Duminy a lot of confidence407/5
124.4OUTShami to Duminy, out Bowled!! Dragged on! And this game takes another turn. Full and wide outside off, Duminy was looking to cover-drive, the feet didn't get right to the pitch, the inside edge canoned back onto the stumps and the impressive Shami strikes again. India are in a huddle now after that wicket. Sue Duminy put her head down in disappointment as soon as her husband was dismissed. Duminy b Shami 5(9) [4s-1]407/6
127FOURShami to Philander, FOUR, he missed out a couple of balls earlier, but doesn't this time. Poor bowling from Shami though - short and wide, too much width and Philander cuts, beats deep point to his left. Even a third man was there, but he too had no chance. Now 41 needed off 54 balls417/6
129.4FOURIshant to Philander, FOUR, superb shot! Slightly short outside off, not a bad delivery at all, but Philander has rocked back and punched it hard, through point and though Rahane tried an Andrew Symonds like dive, trying to pull it back from behind him, the ball was too well-timed for him to lay a hand on it. A handy boundary and Philander likes it, has a nod and a wink at his partner424/6
131.2FOURShami to Philander, FOUR, timed away! Shami doesn't seem to learn. Bangs another short delivery, no real pace and Philander just thumped it over midwicket, deep midwicket had no chance. Mahendra Singh Dhoni immediately walks up to the bowler to have a word. The crowd and the South African dressing room are up. Clap in celebration. Terrific strike that.436/6
132.3FOURZaheer to du Plessis, FOUR, du Plessis has nerves of steel! This is a fab shot. Not all that short, but du Plessis was quick to rock back in a flash and pull it wide of mid-on. No fielder there and that's 4 runs less for his side to win. What an innings this has been from Francois!442/6
132.5OUTZaheer to du Plessis, out du Plessis Run Out!! Stand up and clap for du Plessis. That's what the crowd and everyone in the dressing room are doing. One of the all-time great Test match innings. The only way he could've got out was this - run-out. Drove it too powerfully and too straight to the fielder at mid-off, took him on, dived full length, but Rahane hit bull's eye with a rocket throw. Knew as soon as he hit it, that he got his man. du Plessis slumped to his knees and knew his fate. The third umpire confirms the same. du Plessis run out (Rahane) 134(309) [4s-15]442/7
136SIXShami to Steyn, SIX, Kaboom! What a way for the game to finish. Steyn plays a T20 shot, clearing his left-leg and tonking a low full toss over long-on. Steyn has a angry look on his face, and then comes around to shake hands with the Indians. What an ending to one of the great Test matches in history. An apt ending it must be said, for this Test has swung to and fro like a mad pendulum.450/7