T20 WC 2014

Hong Kong vs. Nepal, 2nd Match, Group A

Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong, Mar 16, 2014

Batting: Nepal

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.5FOURT Afzal to Khakurel, FOUR, excellent reply from the batsman, this was pitched up and held its line on off, Khakurel gets well forward, presents the full face of the bat and drives it past mid-on
2FOURH Amjad to Khakurel, FOUR, that spoils a good over. Full delivery on the off stump, Khakurel gets across the sticks slightly and whips it wide of mid-on and it races away to bring up Khakurel's second boundary of the game13/0
2.5FOURT Afzal to Khakurel, FOUR, too short from the bowler. Khakurel rocks back and slams the pull really hard to the deep square leg fence. Good start this for Khakurel20/0
3.1FOURNajeeb to Pun, FOUR, straightaway advances to the spinner and smashes him over the top. Flighte delivery on the stumps, Pun lofts it on the bounce to long-on24/0
3.4FOURNajeeb to Pun, FOUR, again dances down the track and times the ball really well. Doesn't try to over hit the flighted delivery, just gets closer to the pitch of the ball and lofts it inside over to the wide long-off fence30/0
4.1FOURH Amjad to Khakurel, FOUR, poor ball. This short ball sat up nicely to be hit, not much of pace on the ball to trouble the batsman, Khakurel pulls over the infield and it rockets to the mid-wicket fence34/0
4.4OUTH Amjad to Pun, out Caught by Barkat!! That's a fine catch by the fielder at short extra-cover! Good length delivery outside off stump, Pun drives on the rise and doesn't bother to keep it down, unfortunately for him, the fielder throws himself to his right and grabs it cleanly. Hong Kong have broken this fine opening stand. Pun c Barkat b H Amjad 13(13) [4s-2]36/1
5.1OUTNadeem Ahmed to Khakurel, out Caught by Aizaz Khan!! Both the openers have been dismissed and Hong Kong are right back into the contest. Nicely tossed up on the stumps, Khakurel gets greedy and tries to loft it over the infield, but he mishits it and the ball goes straight into the hands of mid-on who takes a good low catch. Khakurel c Aizaz Khan b Nadeem Ahmed 22(16) [4s-4]36/2
5.3FOURNadeem Ahmed to Khadka, FOUR, off the mark in grand style. The invitation was there to go over the top as it was flighted nicely, the ball rolls away and heads to the dee mid-wicket fence41/2
8.2OTHERIrfan Ahmed to Malla, 1 run, short of length delivery outside off stump, Malla pushes it to cover-point and sets off, Chapman has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. A direct hit would have been a wicket for Hong Kong52/2
10.4FOURNajeeb to Khadka, FOUR, he's smashed that. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Khadka advances and gets closer to the pitch of the ball, he goes inside out and sends it over extra-cover68/2
10.5DROPPEDNajeeb to Khadka, 2 runs, in the air and dropped at long-on. That was a sitter. Nicely tossed up on the stumps, Khadka dances down the track and lofts, he was beaten in the flight this time, no timing on this and it went straight to the fielder who wasn't ready to take the offer70/2
12.2FOURAizaz Khan to Malla, FOUR, that's a risky but good hit. Walks right across the stumps and waits for the full ball, smashes this across the line past the mid-wicket fielder81/2
13FOURAizaz Khan to Khadka, FOUR, poor fielding in the deep costs Hong Kong two extra runs. Fifty partnership comes up. Good length delivery on the off stump, Khadka slogs and sends it over mid-wicket, the fielder at long-on runs to his right and gets to the ball but allows the ball to go through while diving87/2
13.5FOURNadeem Ahmed to Khadka, FOUR, advances and gets closer to the pitch of the ball, smashes it to the left of the bowler, long-off was very wide and he had no chance94/2
14.3FOURIrfan Ahmed to Malla, FOUR, good length delivery outside off stump, Malla lofts it over mid-off. Good hit that, didn't try to hit it too hard and just placed it to perfection101/2
14.5FOURIrfan Ahmed to Malla, FOUR, another fine hit. Shortish delivery outside off stump, Malla lofts it handsomely over mid-wicket and it goes on the bounce to the fence. Turning out to be a great over for Hong Kong107/2
16.2OUTNajeeb to Khadka, out Caught by Nizakat Khan!! Hit well but he's picked out long-on. Good stuff from the bowler. He is not afraid to toss the ball up and he gets his reward. Khadka smashes this in the air and long-on does well to move to his right to grab the ball. Khadka c Nizakat Khan b Najeeb 41(37) [4s-4]116/3
16.4FOURNajeeb to Malla, FOUR, gets right across the stumps and sweeps the quicker delivery very well, there was a man at deep square leg but he had no chance122/3
17.1OUTNadeem Ahmed to B Bhandari, out Caught by Barkat!! Top edge goes straight up in the air and the fielder at long-on runs forward and holds on to it. There was a man running back from mid-wicket but he's done well to cling on. Bhandari wanted to slog-sweep it out of the ground but he couldn't quite connect it properly. B Bhandari c Barkat b Nadeem Ahmed 1(2)124/4
18.5FOURIrfan Ahmed to Vesawkar, FOUR, full again from Irfan Ahmed, can't bowl that length at this stage, Vesawkar swings hard and slices it, he didn't intend to send it there but he wouldn't mind, the ball runs away to the square third man fence136/4
19FOURIrfan Ahmed to Vesawkar, FOUR, and again, not learning his lessons. Full outside off stump, Vesawkar opens the face of the bat slightly and carves it very well to the deep backward point fence. Expensive last two over from Irfan Ahmed140/4
19.1SIXH Amjad to Malla, SIX, oh that's a sensational hit. Tell you what, these low full toss aren't easy to put away, he bends his knees to get underneath that one and smashes it over the wide long-on fence146/4
19.3OUTH Amjad to Malla, out Caught&Bowled!! Hurried the batsman and that induced a top-edge as Malla wanted to swing across the line, the ball was short enough for Malla to rock back and pull, unfortunately for him, it goes straight up in the air, the bowler calls mine and takes an easy catch. End of a fine knock from Malla. Malla c and b H Amjad 48(41) [4s-4 6s-1]148/5
19.4OUTH Amjad to Vesawkar, out Vesawkar Run Out!! 1 run completed. They try to steal an extra run but in the end, Vesawkar falls short. Full delivery outside off stump, Vesawkar swings hard and slices it square of the wicket on the off-side, the throw from the deep was on target and the keeper took the bails off in a flash. Vesawkar run out (Aizaz Khan/Atkinson) 14(9) [4s-2]149/6
19.5OUTH Amjad to Budayair, out Bowled!! The off stump goes cartwheeling! Budayair tries to scoop this full delivery over short fine leg, he misses and what a sight for a fast bowler. This is a great over from Amjad. Budayair b H Amjad 0(1)149/7
20OUTH Amjad to Gauchan, out Gauchan Run Out!! Full delivery on the off stump, Gauchan digs it out but the ball rolls to the bowler, Regmi sets off for a single and Gauchan responds, but he was never going to make his ground. The bowler grabs the ball and under-arms the ball onto the stumps. Gauchan run out (H Amjad) 0(1)149/8

Batting: Hong Kong

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.1OUTKhadka to Irfan Ahmed, out Caught by Khakurel!! Excellent start for Nepal. Khadka came from round the wicket and angled one across Ahmed, there was some extra bounce on that, Ahmed was looking to defend, a thin edge ensures and it is well held by the keeper. Superb start for Nepal. Irfan Ahmed c Khakurel b Khadka 0(1)0/1
1.5FOURKami to Atkinson, FOUR, lovely shot, width on offer from Kami, Atkinson gets forward and slices it over cover, the ball races away to the fence9/1
2OUTKami to Atkinson, out Bowled!! Chopped on! Kami is thrilled to bits, this was full and wide outside off, Atkinson went chasing after that, gets a thick inside edge that crashes onto the stumps, Hong Kong have lost two wickets early. Atkinson b Kami 6(7) [4s-1]9/2
2.2FOURKhadka to Barkat, FOUR, nicely tossed up and on off, Barkat shimmies down the track, makes room by backing away and drives it sweetly through extra cover for a boundary13/2
3.1FOURKami to Barkat, FOUR, comedy of errors from Nepal, this was full and on the stumps, Barkat pushes it back past the bowler. The fielder at mid-on dives too early and loses the ball. The man at mid-off gives the chase, slides and lets the ball go through to the fence18/2
4.2DROPPEDMukhiya to Hayat, 2 runs, almost a catch! This was a length ball and just outside off, Hayat went for the big heave, gets it high on the bat and lifts it towards long off. Malla keeps his eyes on the ball as he back-pedals, but the ball goes just out of his reach22/2
4.3FOURMukhiya to Hayat, FOUR, this should give plenty of confidence to Hayat, length ball on the stumps, Hayat clears his left leg and pulls it wide of mid-wicket for a boundary26/2
4.4FOURMukhiya to Hayat, FOUR, Hayat is in full flow here, length ball on the stumps, Hayat gets forward and clubs it over mid-on for a boundary30/2
5.1FOURRegmi to Barkat, FOUR, lovely shot, Barkat shimmies down the track to a well tossed up ball and goes inside out over cover for a boundary34/2
6.4OUTGauchan to Barkat, out Caught by Mukhiya!! Caught by Malla at deep extra cover!! Soft dismissal for Barkat. This was flighted and on off, Barkat came down the track, was looking to go inside out over cover, ends up hitting it straighter and holes out to the man running across from long off. Barkat c Mukhiya b Gauchan 18(19) [4s-3]37/3
10.1FOURRegmi to Chapman, FOUR, nicely done by Chapman, goes back to a quicker ball from Regmi and finds the gap past backward point with a well executed cut shot56/3
10.3OUTRegmi to Chapman, out Bowled!! Regmi has got the big wicket. This was tossed up on middle and went straight on, Chapman makes room and looks to play a cute little late dab, misses and watches in horror as the ball rattles the stumps. Chapman b Regmi 13(12) [4s-1]58/4
10.4OUTRegmi to Nizakat Khan, out Bowled!! Knocked him over. Nepal are right on top now. This was tossed up invitingly by Regmi, Khan went for the ambitious drive, the ball sneaks through the big gap between bat and pad. Off goes the middle pole, Hong Kong are in serious strife now. Nizakat Khan b Regmi 0(1)58/5
11.1OUTGauchan to Hayat, out Bowled!! Another wicket falls! This was pushed through by Gauchan, the quicker ball, Hayat was late in bringing his bat down, the ball hits the top of off-stump. He looks in shock as the bowler celebrate. Hayat b Gauchan 20(25) [4s-2]58/6
11.4OUTGauchan to Aizaz Khan, out Bowled!! Gauchan is running through Hong Kong. This was thed quicker arm-ball from Gauchan, Khan was way too late in bringing his bat down, misses and the ball clatters into the leg-stump. Gauchan has three and Nepal are over the moon. Aizaz Khan b Gauchan 0(3)58/7
12.3OUTRegmi to T Afzal, out Caught by Khadka!! Another wicket falls, they are falling like nine pins here. This was flat and outside off, skids through after pitching, Afzal was looking to cut, the ball got big on him and he ends up offering a dolly to point. T Afzal c Khadka b Regmi 0(5)60/8
14OUTKami to Najeeb, out Caught by Khakurel!! Edged and caught! 2nd wicket for Kami, this was short and wide outside off, Amar goes hard on the cut, gets a thick edge that flies through to the keeper. Nepal are closing in on a victory. Najeeb c Khakurel b Kami 2(9)
17OUTMukhiya to Nadeem Ahmed, out Bowled!! All-Over! Nepal have registered a crushing victory. A perfect yorker to finish things off, Ahmed was making room for the slog, he had no chance though, the ball slid underneath the ball and crashes into the off-stump. Nepal win by 80 runs. Nadeem Ahmed b Mukhiya 5(11)69/10