Sri Lanka tour of England and Ireland 2014

England vs. Sri Lanka, 5th ODI

Edgbaston, Birmingham, Jun 03, 2014

Batting: England

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
3.3FOURMalinga to Bell, FOUR, fabulous shot! Good length just outside off, Bell presses forward and drives it on the up to the left of mid-off, Mathews gives chase but comes second17/0
5.1FOURSenanayake to Cook, FOUR, not the perfect start for Senanayake, half tracker outside off, Cook rocks back and cuts it past backward point for a boundary, once the ball went past the fielder it was always going to be four26/0
8.3DROPPEDN Kulasekara to Bell, no run, dropped! Jayawardene who puts down a dolly, slower delivery on the stumps, Bell is deceived and he checks his flick to mid-wicket, MJ jumps and gets both hands to it but cannot hang on, Sanga was already celebrating, Kula can't believe it34/0
8.5FOURN Kulasekara to Bell, FOUR, drops it short and outside off, Bell won't miss out on those, he rocks back and cuts it powerfully past backward point, the ball races away to the fence38/0
9FOURN Kulasekara to Bell, FOUR, Bell already making Sri Lanka pay for the drop chance, fuller length delivery outside off, he comes well forward and crunches the drive wide of mid-off. How costly will that drop turn out to be? Only time will tell42/0
10.3FOURA Mendis to Cook, FOUR, nice juicy full toss from Mendis, Cook put that away with ease, it was on leg-stump, Cook whips it to the deep mid wicket fence, there was no one in the deep52/0
14.1FOURA Mendis to Cook, FOUR, fraction short and on off, Cook is quick to go deep in the crease and whip it to deep mid wicket, the fielder gives chase but the ball has enough to reach the fence71/0
15OUTA Mendis to Bell, out Caught&Bowled!! Sri Lanka have finally broken through this opening partnership. It was a very, very soft dismissal. Bell kept looking at the pitch after getting out. This was the wrong 'un which does not come off the pitch, Bell checks his shot and offers a simple return catch back to the bowler. Bell c and b A Mendis 37(42) [4s-3]76/1
20.1OUTMalinga to Ballance, out Caught&Bowled!! The bowling change has worked for Mathews. Once again it is a soft dismissal. Malinga is overjoyed once he takes the return catch. It was a length delivery outside off, the ball held up on the pitch, Ballance was early into the shot, he ends up offering an easy catch to Malinga. Ballance c and b Malinga 10(15)98/2
21.5OTHERMathews to Cook, 1 run, good length ball around off, Cook clips it to deep square leg and gets to his 19th ODI fifty105/2
22.3FOURMalinga to J Root, FOUR, again, misses the yorker, full toss on leg-stump, Root tickles it to the fine leg fence, the man was very square and had no chance of stopping that113/2
23.2OUTPriyanjan to J Root, out Caught by Sangakkara!! Root goes trying to be cheeky. This was a flighted delivery on the stumps, Root goes for the reverse sweep, he gets it off the gloves and the ball lobs to Sanga, first Sri Lanka appeal for the LBW and then the caught behind, the umpire is not convinced on both counts, they decide to take the review, the replays suggest that the ball went of the back off gloves to the keeper. J Root c Sangakkara b Priyanjan 10(11) [4s-1]116/3
27.2SIXPriyanjan to Eoin Morgan, SIX, thumped! Tossed up and outside off, Morgan fetches it from there, unleashes a powerful swing of his bat, the ball soars over the cow-corner fence133/3
29.2OUTSenanayake to Cook, out Caught by Sangakkara!! Sena strikes, Cook too falls tamely. This was tossed up, Cook pre-meditates a paddle sweep, he is palpably early into it, the ball snatches the top-edge, the ball then brushes the helmet and pops up in the air. Sanga takes a couple of steps back and swallows it. Cook c Sangakkara b Senanayake 56(85) [4s-3]136/4
30.1OTHERMathews to Bopara, no run, the on-field call is upheld. This was a fraction back of a length and curving in, Bopara aims to work it to leg, misses. The tracker reveals that the ball would have gone over the stumps. Bopara was hit just above the knee-roll139/4
30.5OUTMathews to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by M Jayawardene!! Mathews has his man now. This was shortish and on the stumps, Morgan seeks a half-hearted pull, he only manages a top-edge that balloons over to Mahela, who pouches it safely at backward square leg. Are England losing their way after a bright start? Eoin Morgan c M Jayawardene b Mathews 17(27) [6s-1]142/5
33FOURMalinga to Buttler, FOUR, Malinga strives for the fourth straight yorker, misses his length by just a fraction, Buttler, having created some room, scythes it past cover, the ball races away to the fence. The boundary takes gloss off Malinga's top over152/5
37.2OUTA Mendis to Bopara, out Bowled!! Oh dear, Bopara has missed a long hop. He walks back to the hut in a disconsolate fashion. Dropped shortish on the stumps, Bopara lines up for an almighty pull but does not make contact. The ball shoots through his legs to crash clunk into the middle stump. The ball dipped in late but that should have been put away. Bopara b A Mendis 17(30)170/6
40.5FOURMathews to Jordan, FOUR, shortish and on off, Jordan invests in a half-swat/half-pull and sends it away to the deep mid wicket fence188/6
43.3OUTSenanayake to Jordan, out Buttler Run Out!! Buttler has been mankaded. Seeing Buttler jump out of the bowling crease, Sena aborts the ball and tips the bails off. He appeals to the umpire. The umpire has a chat with Mathews and sends Buttler back to the hut. Mathews had upheld the appeal. Senanayake had warned Buttler against backing up too far early on. The boos reverberate around Edgbaston. Buttler run out (Senanayake) 21(24) [4s-1]199/7
45OUTMalinga to Tredwell, out Bowled!! The Sri Lankan fans are dancing in the isles. Malinga exults. Malinga fires it full and straight, Tredwell aims to force it to the off-side but misses it entirely as the ball thunks into the middle stump. Can England bat out their quota of 50 overs? Tredwell b Malinga 1(5)201/8
45.1FOURSenanayake to Jordan, FOUR, darted down leg, Jordan swats it away to long leg, Kula gets across and slides but the ball wins the race, reaching the fence205/8
46.2FOURMalinga to Jordan, FOUR, cracking shot. Jordon enjoyed that as he comes up to his partner and punches gloves. Overpitched and wide outside off, Jordan flays it away past cover, the ball scorches away to the fence215/8
47.3OUTA Mendis to Jordan, out Jordan Run Out!! Kushal Perera is all smiles. A few big hits from Jordan could have boosted the total. This was on a length and on middle, Jordan turns it to mid-wicket, seeks a speedy single. There is a horrendous mix-up between the wickets. Perera's throw is on target - flat and on the bounce as Mendis flicks the bails off. Joran's full length dive amounts to nothing. Jordan run out (K Perera/A Mendis) 30(42) [4s-3]218/9
48.1OUTMalinga to J Anderson, out Bowled!! England have been wiped out for 219. This was the off-speed delivery from Malinga, Anderson looks for an ambitious mow across the line, he is palpably early into it as he misses it completely. The ball hits the off-stump. Fittingly, Malinga leads the Sri Lankan side off the field. J Anderson b Malinga 5(7)219/10

Batting: Sri Lanka

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
2.3FOURJ Anderson to K Perera, FOUR, wrong line from Anderson, drifts it onto the pads, Perera shuffles across and glances it to fine leg, the man was inside the circle and the ball races away to the fence11/0
3.2FOURGurney to K Perera, FOUR, you can't bowl short to this guy, Gurney makes that mistake and pays for it, it was touch short and around off, Perera makes a bit of room and cuts it square of the wicket for a boundary18/0
3.4FOURGurney to Dilshan, FOUR, dismissed! Gurney employs the short of length delivery, this one did not rise up, Dilshan had ample time to rock back and pull it to deep square leg, the ball rocketed away to the fence23/0
3.5OTHERGurney to Dilshan, no run, good length ball around off, Dilshan gets an inside edge to square leg, Perera wanted the single and was half way down the wicket before Dilshan sent him back, the fielder has a shy but misses, Perera was a goner even with the dive23/0
4FOURGurney to Dilshan, FOUR, again, Gurney makes the same mistake short and on leg-stump, Dilshan swivels and pulls it powerfully behind square, the timing takes it to the fence27/0
4.3FOURJ Anderson to Dilshan, leg byes, FOUR, Anderson errs in line again, slants it onto the pads, Dilshan does not get bat on that but gets it off the thigh pad and the ball goes away to the fine leg fence35/0
5.1DROPPEDJordan to K Perera, no run, would be harsh to call this a drop! Length delivery just outside off, Perera drills it back to the bowler, Jordan got both hands to it on his follow-through, he should have hung on, since he had done the hard part36/0
5.4FOURJordan to Dilshan, FOUR, fabulous shot! Good length delivery outside off, Dilshan comes on the front foot, he flays it away with an open face past backward point for a boundary43/0
5.5FOURJordan to Dilshan, FOUR, back to back boundaries for Dilshan and Sri Lanka are off to a flier, overpitched outside off, Dilshan drives it square of the wicket, the ball travelled at the speed of knots47/0
7.1FOURTredwell to Dilshan, FOUR, another England bowler who starts with a poor delivery, short and outside off, Dilshan goes back and cuts it to sweeper cover, the timing takes it to the fence55/0
7.2OUTTredwell to Dilshan, out Caught by J Root!! Tredwell has the last laugh. Dilshan had decided to take the bowling on, he goes to a superb catch. Flighted delivery outside off, Dilshan comes down the track, he tries to go inside out, does not get the elevation and hits it to the right of short extra cover, Root flings and takes a brilliant catch. That was well bowled by Tredwell who slowed it down as he saw Dilshan advancing down the pitch. Dilshan c J Root b Tredwell 28(23) [4s-5]55/1
10OUTTredwell to Sangakkara, out Caught by Jordan!! What a catch! A peach of a delivery too. This was tossed up on middle and leg, gets it to turn sharply, Sangakkara was trying to work it to the on-side, but is squared up by the turn, the ball takes the edge and goes to the left of Jordan at slip, he dives and takes it with two hands. A sharp catch as there was very less time to react. Sangakkara c Jordan b Tredwell 2(13)59/2
10.5OUTJ Anderson to K Perera, out Lbw!! England are back in the game with this wicket. Sri Lanka have given away the advantage by losing three quick wickets. This was a good length delivery that straightens, Perera comes forward to defend, he misses and is struck in front of off, umpire took his time but in the end made the right decision. Perera thought it was too high and went upstairs, but the on-field call remained. K Perera lbw b J Anderson 19(29) [4s-2]62/3
18.5FOURGurney to M Jayawardene, FOUR, Gurney is disappointed, he induced the edge but both keeper and Jordan at slip didn't go for it, good length ball around off, Jayawardene pokes at it and edges it between keeper and wide first slip, both men look at each other81/3
21.2SIXTredwell to Thirimanne, SIX, that might break the shackles, flighted delivery on off, Thirimanne kneels down and plays the slog sweep, he middled that and it sailed into the crowd at deep mid wicket89/3
29.2FOURJ Root to M Jayawardene, FOUR, top shot MJ. A half-tracker on off, Jayawardene shifts his balance to the back foot after coming forward. He nails the pull to the deep mid wicket fence116/3
32.2FOURBopara to M Jayawardene, FOUR, full marks to MJ for placement. He fetches this from outside off, plays a half pull/half swat, bisecting backward square leg and fine leg133/3
33FOURBopara to M Jayawardene, FOUR, deft touch. On a length and close to off, Jayawardene opens the face of the bat and glides it away to the third man fence139/3
36.4FOURJ Anderson to Thirimanne, FOUR, caressed. A tad overpitched and outside off, Thirimanne leans into the drive and directs it past cover, the ball races away. Root gamely gives on the chase, he slides but the ball wins the race152/3
37.5OTHERGurney to M Jayawardene, 1 run, MJ's first half-century of the series. He has his arms aloft in joy. Thiri then walks up to his senior partner and pats him on his back. He reaches the landmark with a drive to sweeper cover156/3
38.4OUTJordan to M Jayawardene, out Caught by J Anderson!! Brain fade from MJ. Jordan is pumped. This was length delivery on off, Jayawardene goes for the lofted-drive, does not get hold of it, spoons it high to Jimmy. Simple catch that and is that the opening England wanted? M Jayawardene c J Anderson b Jordan 53(90) [4s-4]160/4
43.1OTHERGurney to Thirimanne, 1 run, good length ball on off, Thirimanne dabs it to third man and collects his 7th ODI fifty. The Sri Lankan supporters rejoice. Well compiled innings from Thiri179/4
44.2FOURJordan to Mathews, FOUR, up in the air but Mathews gets a four. Length delivery outside off, Mathews charges down the track, carves it in the air towards deep third man, Gurney rushes in, attacks the ball but the ball drops in front of him and sneaks through his dive186/4
45.3FOURGurney to Mathews, FOUR, Mathews seizes the initiative. He races down the track, converts it into a length ball and powers it over mid-off197/4
45.5FOURGurney to Mathews, FOUR, thumped! On a back of a length and outside off, Mathews having made room, has enough leverage to thwack it past extra cover, the ball rockets away to the fence201/4
46.1FOURJ Anderson to Thirimanne, FOUR, length ball just outside off, Thirimanne picks it up from there and wristily dispatches it to the deep mid wicket fence. It was the slower one and Thiri spotted it205/4
46.5DROPPEDJ Anderson to Thirimanne, no run, dropped by Jimmy off his own bowling. Good length ball, stops on Thiri, he checks his drive and lobs it back to the bowler. Jimmy stretches his right hand but the ball does not stick in, it pops out. Could that have been a potential game-changing moment?205/4
47.5FOURJordan to Mathews, FOUR, Jordan has his hands on his head. Banged in short and on the stumps, Mathews makes room again, carves it wide of third man for his fourth boundary. Mathews is playing a gem of a knock here213/4
48.1FOURBopara to Mathews, FOUR, horrid ball, slower short ball down leg, Mathews swivels and helps it to the deep fine leg fence218/4
48.2FOURBopara to Mathews, FOUR, Sri Lanka seal the series 3-2. Mathews punches the air in utter delight. The Sri Lankan dressing room errupts. This was a back of a length ball around off, Mathews slaps it past a diving backward point to win it in style. The players exchange pleasantries. Cook has a sharp word with Mathews. With this famous victory, Sri Lanka surge to second place on the ICC ODI rankings, displacing India222/4