Sri Lanka tour of England and Ireland 2014

England vs. Sri Lanka, 4th ODI

Lord's, London, May 31, 2014

Batting: Sri Lanka

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.4FOURJ Anderson to K Perera, FOUR, whipped away and he's off the mark in style. Anderson overpitches this inswinger on the leg stump, Perera waits for the ball and plays a wristy shot that goes uppishly through square leg5/0
0.5FOURJ Anderson to K Perera, FOUR, cracked off the back foot this time. Short and wide from Jimmy Anderson, Perera rocks back and cuts it fiercly through cover-point and it races away9/0
3.2SIXGurney to K Perera, SIX, Sanath Jayasuriya, Ctrl+C - Ctrl+V! Stunning hit! Short of a length delivery on the off stump, Perera gets low down in a bid to get under the ball, he pulls across the line and smokes it flat over deep mid-wicket24/0
5.1OUTGurney to K Perera, out Caught by Jordan!! That's a bizarre dismissal! England wouldn't mind though! This was short and wide outside off stump from Gurney, Perera tried to fetch the pull shot from well outside off, in the end he gets a bottom edge that flies to the left of slip who dives to take a good low catch. England have got the early breakthrough they wanted! K Perera c Jordan b Gurney 19(15) [4s-2 6s-1]26/1
6.2FOURJ Anderson to Dilshan, FOUR, bouncer but not good enough to trouble Dilshan, he spots it early, rocks back and pulls handsomely to the deep square leg fence30/1
8.3FOURJ Anderson to Dilshan, FOUR, plays the Dil-scoop and manages to get a boundary. It wasn't from the middle of the bat though. Full delivery on the off stump, Dilshan plays it back over the keeper's head and picks up four38/1
8.4FOURJ Anderson to Dilshan, FOUR, now that's a very good hit. Another scoop from Dilshan, this time though, the bowler helped him by bowling around the leg stump, Dilshan helped it away to the fine leg fence42/1
15.4FOURJordan to Sangakkara, FOUR, fine leg is very square and Sangakkara helps himself to a boundary. Short and down the leg side, he pulls and sends it very fine to beat the man in the deep75/1
17.3FOURJ Root to Sangakkara, FOUR, smashed straight down the ground, Root dived to his left to stop the ball it was well wide of him. Sanga did well to advance and time the ball very well83/1
17.4FOURJ Root to Sangakkara, FOUR, in the air and just over mid-on. Sangakkara is looking good. Root floated this up, Sanga got close to the pitch of the ball and lofted it for a boundary87/1
17.5FOURJ Root to Sangakkara, FOUR, wow! The classical cover-drive from Sanga. Full and turning away, Sangakkara leans forward and drives it perfectly in the gap and that's a hat-trick of fours now91/1
19FOURTredwell to Sangakkara, FOUR, top shot ruins a good over, flighted on middle and leg, Sangakkara uses his feet and gets to the pitch of the ball, he merely pushes it to the right of mid-on but the timing is so good that the ball beats the fielder and races away to the fence96/1
20FOURBopara to Sangakkara, FOUR, Sangakkara is looking more and more like his old self, a copybook cover drive to end the over, half volley outside off, Sangakkara comes on the front foot and creams the drive, beats cover as well as sweeper quite easily103/1
21.4FOURBopara to Sangakkara, FOUR, Sangakkara who started off slowly has gone past his partner with a superb shot, half volley on the pads, Sangakkara leans forward and flicks it handsomely to the deep mid wicket fence115/1
22FOURBopara to Dilshan, FOUR, expensive over from Bopara, 11 runs came off it, pitched up on the stumps, Dilshan drives it past the bowler, he didn't middle it but had enough to beat the fielder at mid-on120/1
23.1OTHERJordan to Sangakkara, 1 run, overpitched on the legs, Sangakkara flicks it uppishly to deep square leg, he gets to his 86th ODI fifty125/1
23.2OTHERJordan to Dilshan, 1 run, 36th ODI fifty for Dilshan, the 100 run stand comes up, Sri Lanka in the driver's seat, back of a length around off, Dilshan knocks it to cover and gets to the landmark126/1
23.3FOURJordan to Sangakkara, FOUR, excellent shot! Fraction short and outside off, Sangakkara square drives it past the diving point fielder, the sweeper runs across but can't stop the ball from reaching the fence130/1
27.4FOURBopara to Sangakkara, FOUR, Bopara has his hands on his head, good length ball in the corridor of uncertainity, Sanga pokes it and gets a thick outside edge, there is no one at slip and the ball races away to the third man fence146/1
28.1FOURTredwell to Sangakkara, FOUR, fabulous shot! Flighted delivery on the stumps, Sangakkara dances down the wicket and lofts it over the bowler's head, the ball bounces a couple of times before going to the fence151/1
30FOURBopara to Sangakkara, FOUR, another expensive over from Bopara, gave away 12 runs, length delivery outside off, Sangakkara charges down the wicket, converts it into a half volley and lofts it over mid-off for a one bounce four167/1
30.3FOURTredwell to Sangakkara, FOUR, Sanga is just toying with the field, the man at mid-wicket was brought in, so Sangakkara decides to shimmy down the wicket and hoick it towards that vacant mid wicket region172/1
31.3OTHERJ Anderson to Sangakkara, 1 run, shortish length on the stumps, Sangakkara tucks it to square leg and brings up the 150 partnership176/1
34.4FOURJ Root to Sangakkara, FOUR, brilliant shot! Flighted delivery on the stumps, Sangakkara shimmies down the track and lofts it over mid-wicket, good use of the wrists on that occasion to get the ball between deep mid-wicket and long on190/1
35.3FOURJ Anderson to Dilshan, FOUR, Dilshan needed that boundary, length delivery on off, he gives the charge and heaves it wide of mid-on198/1
35.4OUTJ Anderson to Dilshan, out Bowled!! Finally, England have broken through this record partnership. This was the yorker from Anderson, he knew that Dilshan was looking to lap it over short fine, so he bowled it full and on the stumps, Dilshan missed the scoop and has his leg-stump knocked back. It was not the best of innings from Dilshan. He never really timed the ball in his long stay. Dilshan b J Anderson 71(109) [4s-5]198/2
38.1OTHERJordan to Sangakkara, 2 runs, Sangakkara gets to his 19th ODI hundred, it is his first ton at Lord's, takes off his helmet acknowledges the crowd and his team-mates, MJ too congratulates his best mate, back of a length on the stumps, Sanga pulls it in front of square for a couple which got him to the three figure mark204/2
38.4FOURJordan to M Jayawardene, FOUR, that should release some pressure that was being built up, short of length just outside off, Jayawardene rocks back and pulls it in front of square, the ball almost went the distance210/2
39.1FOURGurney to Sangakkara, FOUR, crunched! Full and on the off-stump, Sangakkara goes deep in the crease and drills it back over the bowler's head, the ball rocketed away to the fence216/2
39.3OUTGurney to M Jayawardene, out Caught by J Anderson!! A very soft dismissal this for Jayawardene. He continues to have a poor run in this series. This being the last over of the batting powerplay, MJ tried to make full use of it, he was looking to go over mid-off, gave himself room as well but lofts the length delivery straight to Anderson who didn't have to move an inch to take the catch. M Jayawardene c J Anderson b Gurney 7(14) [4s-1]217/3
41.1FOURGurney to Mathews, FOUR, Gurney who was bowling so well from over the wicket decides to go round the wicket and the first ball rockets to the fence, short and outside off, Mathews backs away and cruches it to the deep extra cover cover fence225/3
41.3FOURGurney to Mathews, FOUR, slower delivery outside off, Mathews has plenty of width to free his arms, he goes up and over extra cover and gets the second boundary of the over229/3
42.1OUTTredwell to Sangakkara, out Stumped!! A very important wicket for England. A well set Sangakkara at the death would have been deadly. Clever bowling by Tredwell, Sanga was moving around the crease to distract the bowler, but Tredwell kept his calm and fired it wide of off, Sangakkara came down the track and is beaten by the pace, Buttler behind the sticks does the rest. Will this cost Sri Lanka a few runs at the end? Sangakkara st Buttler b Tredwell 112(104) [4s-14]233/4
44.1FOURJ Anderson to Thirimanne, FOUR, what a start to Anderson's over. It was a full ball around off, Thirimanne leans on his front foot and just lofts it towards long off for a one bounce four244/4
45.2FOURJordan to Thirimanne, FOUR, juicy full delivery from Jordan. It was right in the slot for the batsman to go big, no one in the deep over cover and Thirimanne lofts it handsomely over the infield to pick up four254/4
46.2OUTJ Anderson to Thirimanne, out Caught by Ballance!! Short slower delivery on the leg stump, Thirimanne mistimes the pull, short fine leg dives forward and takes it inches from the ground! The lack of pace did him in on that occasion. This is the 8th time Anderson has got Thirimanne. Thirimanne c Ballance b J Anderson 16(14) [4s-2]261/5
47.4FOURGurney to Mathews, FOUR, can't bowl slow and short with men inside the circle behind square on the on-side, Mathews waited for the ball to arrive and pulled it between short fine leg and backward square leg274/5
47.5FOURGurney to Mathews, FOUR, this time a cheeky little paddle and Mathews sends it over the man at short fine leg. Sri Lanka will need more of these to go past 300278/5
48.1OUTJordan to Mathews, out Caught by J Anderson!! Short slower delivery from Jordan, Mathews tries to go over mid-wicket with a pull but mistimes it completely, mid-on runs back and takes a fine catch. Mathews c J Anderson b Jordan 30(30) [4s-4]279/6
48.4OUTJordan to N Kulasekara, out Bowled!! Fantastic yorker from Jordan! Fast and at the base of the leg stump, angled in from a widish angle as well, Kula moves leg-side and tries to force it away but misses and the leg pole is disturbed! N Kulasekara b Jordan 0(2)280/7
48.5SIXJordan to Senanayake, SIX, wow! Great hit! Jordan was stunned by that shot from Senanayake. The bowler pays the penalty for bowling length at this stage, Senanayake gets under it and launches it back over the bowler's head and it clears the fence comfortably287/7
49.3OUTGurney to Priyanjan, out Caught by Eoin Morgan!! Full toss but it fetches a wicket for Gurney! Priyanjan could have hit it anywhere he wanted to, but he mistimed it completely and it went off the outside half of the bat towards point, Morgan took a few steps back and took it easily. Third wicket for Gurney! Priyanjan c Eoin Morgan b Gurney 9(7)292/8
49.4FOURGurney to Senanayake, FOUR, he's not getting away with this full toss though, Senanayake swings it away over square leg and picks up four crucial runs296/8
49.5OUTGurney to Senanayake, out Caught by Cook!! My word! I never knew you could pick up wickets at the death with dolly full tosses! Senanayake gets it high on the bat as he tries to go big, mid-off is inside the ring and it goes straight down his throat. Anyway, Gurney deserves the luck for some fine bowling upfront! Senanayake c Cook b Gurney 12(5) [4s-1 6s-1]296/9
50FOURGurney to A Mendis, FOUR, Sri Lanka get to that psychological 300 mark. Full delivery wide outside off stump, Mendis squeezes it out past short third man and it races away300/9

Batting: England

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.1OUTMalinga to Cook, out Lbw!! Perfect start for Sri Lanka! Slinga-Malinga strikes with his first delivery. Umpire Erasmus thought that there was an inside edge, but Malinga was sure it was pad first. He told the skipper to go upstairs. They took the review and got it right. This was a good length delivery that nipped back in, Cook comes half forward and looks to defend, but is struck on the pads and the impact was in front of off-stump. Cook wears a dejected look when the decision is overturned. Cook lbw b Malinga 1(6)3/1
2.3FOURN Kulasekara to Bell, FOUR, lovely shot! Kulasekara bowls it fuller and outside off, Bell leans forward and caresses the drive past cover, the timing takes it to the fence7/1
3.2OUTMalinga to Bell, out Caught by M Jayawardene!! Huge wicket this, he has got rid of the in-form batsman. MJ at slip won't drop those. Malinga is pumped up and so are the rest of the Sri Lankans. Another beaut of a delivery, good length delivery, shapes away late around off, Bell feels for it away from the body, the ball takes the edge and goes to first slip, where Mahela gobbled it up. Sri Lanka are well on top. Bell c M Jayawardene b Malinga 7(8) [4s-1]10/2
4.1OTHERN Kulasekara to Ballance, no run, a typical Kulasekara delivery, leaving the left-hander from a good length, Ballance pokes at it and is beaten, the bat brushed the pad which was the noise that umpire Ian Gould heard, the Sri Lankans thought they had their man but a good use of the review from Ballance10/2
4.4OTHERN Kulasekara to Ballance, no run, back of a length on the stumps, Ballance turns it gently to mid-wicket, Root wanted the single and had taken a few steps down the wicket,12/2
5FOURN Kulasekara to Ballance, FOUR, that should give some confidence, pitched up delivery around off, Ballance comes well forward, presents the full face of the bat and drives it beautifully past mid-off for his first runs16/2
7.4FOURMalinga to Ballance, FOUR, overpitched and put away, Ballance comes on the front foot and creams the drive past point and cover, the ball races away to the fence28/2
8.3FOURN Kulasekara to J Root, FOUR, half tracker from Kulasekara, Root does not miss out, he is quick to rock back and cut it powerfully to the deep backward point fence32/2
23.2OUTA Mendis to Ballance, out Caught by Sangakkara!! This was on the cards as the runs were only coming in singles. Ballance departs trying to play a cheeky little reverse paddle. The quicker delivery just outside off, Ballance tries to get it past short third man, but gets it right off the face of the bat to Sanga, who takes a sharp catch and goes up straightaway, umpire Erasmus was convinced and he lifted the dreaded finger. Ballance c Sangakkara b A Mendis 42(69) [4s-2]94/3
26.4DROPPEDSenanayake to Eoin Morgan, no run, tough chance put down by Sanga, slightly short and outside off, Morgan goes for the cut, gets a bottom edge to Sanga, he gets his gloves but can't hold onto it, that would have been a superb catch had he taken it105/3
27.2OUTMathews to J Root, out Caught by A Mendis!! The bowling change has worked. Root has thrown it away after yet another start. This dismissal was reminiscent of the way he got out to Ashwin in the Champions Trophy final last year, length delivery on middle and leg-stump, Root goes for the pull and gets a top-edge to fine leg, Mendis runs across and takes a good catch. The pull shot was not on as it was not short enough. England left with a lot of work to do. J Root c A Mendis b Mathews 43(68) [4s-1]107/4
28.2OUTSenanayake to Eoin Morgan, out Stumped!! England are falling apart here. Sri Lanka well on course to levelling the series. The dangerous Morgan falls prey to Senanayake's tricks. This was a conventional off-spinner that spun away, Morgan a step out of the crease and tried to sweep, he missed and Sanga was quick to whip the bails off. Even the third umpire was not required as Morgan was so far out of the crease. Eoin Morgan st Sangakkara b Senanayake 12(17)111/5
30.2FOURSenanayake to Buttler, FOUR, at last a boundary after a long time, the last one came in the 9th over, that gets the crowd going as well, quicker just outside off, Buttler reverse sweeps it to the deep backward point fence, he middled that123/5
32.3FOURMathews to Buttler, FOUR, half volley outside off, Buttler crunches the drive to the deep extra cover fence, the man at sweeper had no chance of cutting that off139/5
32.4FOURMathews to Buttler, FOUR, excellent improvisation, the cutter from Mathews, Buttler shuffles across and plays the lap shot, he beats Sanga and as the fine leg fielder was inside the circle it was easy pickings143/5
33.1FOURA Mendis to Buttler, FOUR, Buttler has decided to take on the bowlers, tossed up delivery outside off, he shimmies down the wicket and lofts it inside out wide of mid-off for another boundary148/5
33.4FOURA Mendis to Buttler, FOUR, top shot! Quicker delivery just outside off, Buttler stays leg-side and lofts it inside out over extra cover, he is picking Mendis based on the line he is bowling152/5
35FOURN Kulasekara to Buttler, FOUR, short of length delivery outside off stump, Buttler steers it past short third man and picks up four. Good finish to the over159/5
36.3FOURN Kulasekara to Buttler, FOUR, a fine little tickle and the man at fine leg is very square. Kula sprayed this yorker down the leg side, Kula helped himself to a boundary172/5
36.5SIXN Kulasekara to Buttler, SIX, full and Buttler has launched it away over wide long-off and that's his fifty as well. This is a fine hand from the youngster, can he take his side home?180/5
39.3SIXMalinga to Buttler, SIX, wow! Don't miss your length to this man! Short delivery on the off stump, Buttler rocks back and muscles the pull shot flat and clears the deep square leg fence203/5
39.4FOURMalinga to Buttler, FOUR, a shocking slower ball full toss down the leg side, this time fine leg was a bit fine and Buttler helps it away and spilts the two fielders in the deep207/5
40.1OTHERA Mendis to Bopara, 2 runs, stunning shot and stunning piece of fielding by Priyanjan at deep mid-wicket, it bounced awkwardly but he did well to dive full length to his right and grab the ball. Full delivery, swept hard but only two runs possible this time. 100 run partnership comes up as well211/5
40.3FOURA Mendis to Bopara, FOUR, Priyanjan is not getting there this time. Poor ball from Mendis. Short and on the stumps, Bopara rocks back and pulls very hard splitting deep mid-wicket and deep backward square leg to perfection217/5
43.5OTHERMalinga to Buttler, 1 run, a big mix-up and a direct-hit would have been the end for Buttler. In fact, he had given up, Thirimanne could have taken his time as the batsman wasn't even in the picture. Buttler drove the full delivery hard to extra-cover, he said 'no' to his partner but Bopara already took off, Buttler responded late and he's lucky that the throw wasn't good enough238/5
44OTHERMalinga to Bopara, 1 run, short slower delivery on the stumps, Bopara pulls it to deep backward square leg and that's his fifty. Another mature innings from Bopara239/5
44.4OUTA Mendis to Bopara, out Caught by Thirimanne!! That is the end of a sensational 133-run stand! Standing ovation from the crowd. They know that it was a top knock under pressure! Flighted delivery on the off stump, Bopara goes for the sweep and gets a top-edge, Thirimanne moves to his right at short fine leg and takes an easy catch. Right, can Sri Lanka work on this opening? Bopara c Thirimanne b A Mendis 51(47) [4s-1]244/6
45.1SIXN Kulasekara to Buttler, SIX, Stunning hit! He stood still and smashed it very hard. How on earth did he manage to time it so well for it thud into the boundary cushion at deep extra. Third umpire checks and rules it as a maximum. Full from Kula and he disappeared251/6
45.2SIXN Kulasekara to Buttler, SIX, not there Kula, you are not going to get away if you bowl full and in the slot. This time Buttler gets under it slightly and smashed it hard over the deep extra-cover fence. Great start to the over257/6
46FOURN Kulasekara to Buttler, FOUR, this is why he wanted the strike back. This is some hitting from Buttler. Another one that is overpitched in trying the yorker, Buttler lofts the drive over extra-cover and it goes on the bounce. 20 came off that over265/6
46.4OTHERA Mendis to Buttler, 2 runs, sensational maiden ODI hundred and what a time to bring it. He came in under extreme pressure and he's almost taken England home. Full delivery on the leg stump, Buttler flicks it to cow-corner and he returns for the second. The England balcony appreciate the knock, Sanga too was clapping with the gloves on. Buttler takes his helmet off and acknowledges the cheers268/6
47.2FOURMalinga to Buttler, FOUR, wow! He's just dug out a yorker for four. Why is mid-off inside the ring at this stage? He was very square as well, the fielder had no chance277/6
48.3FOURN Kulasekara to Buttler, FOUR, no one at sweeper, knew that the length was going to be full, walked to the leg-side, Kula followed him with a low full toss and Buttler has carved it away between cover and point286/6
49.2OUTMalinga to Jordan, out Caught by Dilshan!! Is Malinga going to do it again for Sri Lanka? Full delivery in the slot, Jordan looked to smash it hard, he hit it well but didn't get underneath it, the ball went flat and straight to Dilshan at long-on. Buttler has managed to escape to the striker's end though! That's just what England wanted. Jordan c Dilshan b Malinga 5(10)290/7
49.4OUTMalinga to Buttler, out Buttler Run Out!! Why did you leave the crease Buttler? You could have easily gone back into the crease and Tredwell would have been out. You would have had the strike as well. Fantastic yorker from Malinga, boy what accuracy under pressure, as soon as the bowler released the ball, Tredwell set off for a run, Buttler left the crease and was stranded in the middle, Malinga stopped the ball running to his right as it went nowhere and he took the bails off easily at the bowler's end. End of a great knock from Buttler. Buttler run out (Malinga) 121(74) [4s-11 6s-4]292/8