India tour of England 2014

England vs. India, 1st Test

Trent Bridge, Nottingham, Jul 09, 2014

Batting: India

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.3FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, that's the first runs of the series. Tentative from Vijay, wanted to leave that as well, but was a bit late in doing so. It took the outside edge and rolled wide of the diving slip cordon. No third man and it raced away4/0
0.4FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, more of a controlled edge. Looked to defend off the front foot, the ball took the soft edge and went wide of the slip cordon. Again Vijay gets a boundary since there is no third man8/0
0.5FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, that's the most confident of strokes out of the three boundaries. Overpitched on the pads, wristily flicked away past the man on the on-side. Just leant on it and the timing took it away to the fence. That will be three boundaries in a row for the man from Chennai12/0
4.2FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, an iffy stroke - playing away from the body is Vijay, who steered it wide of the diving gully. That's the third boundary that Vijay has got in that region. If it had bounced a bit extra, Vijay might have been in trouble22/0
5FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, third man is proving a productive area for Vijay. Pushes with soft hands and the controlled edge runs away past the slip cordon. The fielder running back gave chase, but the ball beat him to the ropes26/0
7OUTJ Anderson to Dhawan, out Caught by Prior!! Superb take by Prior, diving away to his left. The round the wicket angle has done the job. Dhawan's footwork let him down there. Needn't have played at that, but pushed out with hard hands and the thick outside edge was splitting Prior and Cook, but the ginger-bearded Prior flings to grab it one-handed. The ball stays in his mitts even as he tumbled over. Another failure for Dhawan in away Tests. Dhawan c Prior b J Anderson 12(24)33/1
8.4FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, that's a forward defensive stroke. Nothing more. Opened the face to beat gully and the ball races away on the quick outfield38/1
10FOURBroad to Pujara, FOUR, that's Pujara for you. He will wait and wait, before putting the bad ball away. He made Broad bowl to his strong area and when the half-volley came along, he flicked it away to the fence. Pujara wore down Broad beautifully and then made him pay for that loose ball42/1
10.2FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, punchy stroke! Beats Stokes at point, who dived and got a hand to it, but the ball slipped away from his grasp. Rocked forward and punched it superbly right off the middle of the bat. First stroke of authority from Vijay46/1
12.4FOURJ Anderson to Pujara, FOUR, he wanted to play that stroke off the previous delivery, does so this time and if there was a man catching at around the 4th/5th slip area, Pujara might have been in trouble. Slashed hard and the thick outside edge split the three slips and gully51/1
13.2OTHERStokes to Vijay, 1 run, risky single and if Anderson was on target with his throw, Vijay might have been struggling. Flicked away to Anderson's right at mid-wicket who shied and missed. Vijay was struggling52/1
15.4FOURStokes to Vijay, FOUR, wristy on-drive from Vijay. All grace and timing from the Tamil Nadu opener. Leant on the shot and the timing took it all the way, once it beat mid-on, it was four. Stokes kicks the turf in disgust and then whirls around to get ready to bowl the next cherry57/1
16.4FOURPlunkett to Vijay, FOUR, full toss and Vijay won't miss out. Pushed it past the bowler and got it wide of mid-on. 9th boundary for Vijay62/1
19.2FOURStokes to Pujara, FOUR, waiting, waiting and crash the loose delivery - that's Pujara's plan. Short and wide outside off, hammered off the back foot. Glove love from Pujara and Vijay at the end of the stroke70/1
20.5FOURPlunkett to Pujara, FOUR, beautiful cover drive from Che! On the up too. Great footwork from Pujara as he leant on the stroke. Everything right about the stroke. Elegance at its best from the Saurashtra lad77/1
23FOURMoeen Ali to Pujara, FOUR, rank bad ball - a high full toss and Pujara nearly hits that all the way. But it's a one-bounce four. Smacked it to the deep mid-wicket fence. Probably that slipped out of Moeen Ali's hand. The third ump has a look and rules it as a four83/1
23.2FOURStokes to Vijay, FOUR, nice back foot punch. Rocked back and timed it past point. Beat the chasing fielder to the fence87/1
23.3FOURStokes to Vijay, FOUR, now the cover drive on-the-up. Gets to his fifty with that elegant stroke. Broad gave chase, but it beat him quite comfortably. Kohli and Duncan Fletcher applaud that effort from Vijay. In fact it's the fastest Test fifty for Vijay in his career.91/1
25.2FOURPlunkett to Pujara, FOUR, poor ball that from Plunkett! Can't bowl short and wide with no one at third man, Pujara rocks back, waits for the ball and guides it safely past second slip. India get to 100 in no time100/1
25.5FOURPlunkett to Pujara, FOUR, top shot sir! He is seeing the ball like a football. Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, the angle from round the wicket took it further away from the right-hander, that offered enough width for Pujara to free his arms, he rocked back and punched it delightfully through cover104/1
31.2OUTJ Anderson to Pujara, out Caught by Bell!! Wow! A great start for the hosts! This length delivery came back in sharply, Pujara was actually looking to middle the ball around middle and off, but becuase it moved back in, he checked his drive and ended up pushing at it, Cook had two men close at silly mid-on and Bell flew full length to his right to take a fine catch! This is a big blow for India. Meanwhile, was that reverse swing? We are just past 30 overs on Day 1! Pujara c Bell b J Anderson 38(69) [4s-7]106/2
32.5OUTBroad to Kohli, out Caught by Bell!! India lose two wickets in a space of one run now! Just as Kohli looked compact in his defence, he needlessly looks to defend this short of length delivery that was well outside off stump, the ball just moves away a bit and takes the edge, Bell is the man at second slip and he takes a good low catch. You would have to say, England are on top now! Kohli c Bell b Broad 1(8)107/3
35.4FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, looking for a sharp inswinger, Anderson drifts this on middle and leg and that allowed Vijay to play to his strength, allows the ball to come and flicks it away past the man at square leg111/3
36.3FOURBroad to Rahane, FOUR, Broad misses his length and Rahane takes full toll! Overpitched and in the slot, Rahane was very early on the front foot and he timed the punch really to well to beat the man at mid-on, who is a little wide. Off the mark in style115/3
39.4FOURJ Anderson to Rahane, FOUR, Rahane has once again played a long way away from the body, he reached out for the ball too, but you have to give credit to the batsman as he played that with an angled bat with soft hands, surely not an outside edge and it teases Stokes all the way to the third man fence and wins the race120/3
44FOURBroad to Rahane, FOUR, another one on the pads from Broad and this time Rahane connects the flick very well and beats the man, who gives chase from fine leg124/3
46.4FOURPlunkett to Vijay, FOUR, glorious shot! This was overpitched outside off, Vijay lunges forward and crunches the drive wide of point, he got it right off the meat of the bat130/3
50.4FOURPlunkett to Vijay, FOUR, excellent shot! There were 5 fielders on the off-side but he still picked out the gap. It was full and outside off, Vijay drives it delightfully to sweeper cover, the timing takes it to the fence142/3
51FOURPlunkett to Vijay, FOUR, Vijay showing the range of shots he has. This was slightly short and outside off, he is quick to rock back and cut it with authority to the third man fence146/3
53FOURMoeen Ali to Rahane, FOUR, flighted and bit too full, Rahane goes on his knees and sweeps it hard to deep square leg, the fielder runs across, dives and gets a hand to it but can't prevent the ball from rolling into the fence155/3
53.1FOURStokes to Vijay, FOUR, Stokes provides width and Vijay being well set does not miss out, he waits for it and cuts it late to third man, where there is no one patrolling the fence159/3
53.4FOURStokes to Vijay, FOUR, how many runs has he got to third man today? This was slightly short and outside off, Vijay throws his bat at and slashes it uppishly to third man, the ball raced away to the fence163/3
60OUTPlunkett to Rahane, out Caught by Cook!! That's a bizarre dismissal! Just like the post-lunch session, India lose a wicket very soon after the break! Short delivery on the off stump, Rahane rocks back and tries to pull, but the ball hits the toe-end of the bat and goes straight to silly-point, where Cook holds onto a fine catch falling back. That's an unlucky way to get out and Rahane did not wait for the umpire's decision. The replay suggests that Rahane took his eye off the ball and was also a touch early into the shot. Rahane c Cook b Plunkett 32(81) [4s-4]178/4
64.5FOURBroad to Vijay, FOUR, that was just a mere push. Nice and full from Broad, Vijay leans forward and times it very well, hits it very straight and mid-on was very wide. Moves onto to 99 with that hit184/4
67.4OTHERJ Anderson to Vijay, 1 run, that's it, that's a fantastic hundred from Murali Vijay! He takes his helmet off and raises his bat to acknowledge the applause from the crowd. Arguably, this is the best knock for Vijay so far in his Test career. Full delivery on the leg stump, Vijay flicks it to mid-wicket, the fielder dives to his left and stops the ball, meanwhile, Dhoni stutters but in the end, they decide to complete the run and the throw at the striker's end was off target as well. Vijay apologised to his skipper before he took his helmet off to celebrate. In fact, it was so muted and probably, he is looking to play a big innings190/4
67.5FOURJ Anderson to Dhoni, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, Dhoni rocks back and cuts it away square of the wicket on the off-side194/4
69.1FOURJ Anderson to Dhoni, FOUR, full and swinging back in, Dhoni was waiting on the front foot and punched it between cover and mid-off200/4
69.5FOURJ Anderson to Dhoni, FOUR, outside edge but it never was in the air. Just pushes away from the body, but he played it with soft hands and there was no one at second slip to stop the ball204/4
73FOURStokes to Dhoni, FOUR, outside edge and there's no one at third man to stop the ball. Full and outside off stump, Dhoni drives and gets a thick edge that goes well wide of slip211/4
76.5SIXMoeen Ali to Vijay, SIX, excellent use of the feet, for how long was he waiting to play this shot? This was flighted outside off, Vijay shimmies down the track and lofts it beautifully over long off for a maximum228/4
78.2FOURMoeen Ali to Vijay, FOUR, not the best looking shot but he still gets four, tossed up just outside off, Vijay dances down the wicket and looks to go over mid-wicket, the ball goes off the inside half of the bat to the deep mid wicket fence234/4
79.5FOURPlunkett to Vijay, FOUR, that's a Vijay special, he does play that on the up shot very well, on a length just outside off, Vijay leans forward and drives it delightfully to sweeper cover, the timing takes it to the fence243/4
80.2FOURJ Root to Dhoni, FOUR, Root dishes out a nice juicy full toss and Dhoni puts it away with ease, he drives it to mid-off, Broad does not get around in time to cut it and the ball races away to the fence247/4
89.2OTHERPlunkett to Dhoni, 1 run, Dhoni brings up his 30th Test fifty, he raises his bat and acknowledges the applause from his team-mates, some extra bounce on that occasion, Dhoni plays it with soft hands to third man259/4
91.4FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, still no third man and Vijay will get another boundary in that region. Came forward to defend and got a thickish outside edge that ran through the vacant gully region263/4
92.1DROPPEDBroad to Dhoni, 2 runs, edged and dropped by Prior! Typical Dhoni stroke - without any footwork, the hands doing the job and the resultant edge is found, but spilled by Prior diving to his right. He grabbed one yesterday, but today fails to snaffle that one-handed. An escape for Dhoni265/4
95.1FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, superb drive from Vijay. That's how to play the drive - with the feet right to the pitch, head over the ball and the bat coming down in a nice straight line. Right off the middle of the bat and no chance for the man diving across from mid-off to cut it off. Vijay goes on and on269/4
98.5FOURBroad to Vijay, FOUR, fine cricketing shot. Vijay just timed that to the fence. Had to hit the gap as well for there are 5 men on the off-side. Went back and punched it square of the wicket, getting it wide of point. The sheer timing on the ball took it away at the rate of knots274/4
100.1OTHERStokes to Dhoni, 2 runs, Moeen Ali with a sharp throw and Prior couldn't gather cleanly. The ball stops behind the wicket and Dhoni is alert enough to call Vijay through for the second. Lazy work from Prior279/4
100.3FOURStokes to Dhoni, FOUR, magnificent shot. Walks down the wicket and then allows the bottom hand to do the job, whipped wide of the diving mid-on who was Anderson. More of an ODI shot, but played to a nicety and safe to say that has been his best shot in this innings so far283/4
104.2FOURStokes to Vijay, FOUR, fabulous shot. Shot of the morning so far. The square drive on a bent knee. The right knee touched the ground - that shows what a special drive that was. That's what they teach you in your formative days. Went down on one knee and laced the drive behind point. The fielders stood and gasped in admiration at that shot. Class oozing out from Vijay's bat290/4
106.2FOURStokes to Dhoni, FOUR, there are three men on the off-side in a catching position for the uppish drive, but Dhoni has split all of them expertly. Was in the air as he played the drive, but to the right of the first man at short cover. Still England continue to struggle to pick up a wicket295/4
107.5FOURPlunkett to Vijay, FOUR, the loose delivery comes after four tight balls, and Vijay puts it away. Flicked away with elan to the deep mid-wicket fence. Just a hit away from getting to 150300/4
112OUTJ Anderson to Vijay, out Lbw!! Bad decision from Oxenford. That hit Vijay on the back thigh after missing the pad. Nip-backer from Anderson, Vijay missed the defence as it struck him very high. Would've gone over the stumps. Where is the DRS? Wait it's India who are playing. End of a fine innings though. Finally England manage a wicket. Vijay lbw b J Anderson 146(361) [4s-25 6s-1]304/5
113FOURMoeen Ali to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, dragged down, very easy delivery to get off the mark and Ravindra Jadeja won't miss out. He rocks back and pulls over the infield on the on-side309/5
114.3SIXMoeen Ali to Ravindra Jadeja, SIX, clean strike. Through the line and over the top. Got forward and just lifted it back over the bowler's head. All the way too321/5
114.5SIXMoeen Ali to Ravindra Jadeja, SIX, Ravindra Jadeja won't let Moeen Ali settle. Takes the offie on and blasts him way back into the stands at long-off. Another well-hit stroke327/5
116FOURJ Anderson to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, wrong line, drifting down leg, Ravindra Jadeja just helped it on its way, glancing it fine to the fine leg fence334/5
119.3OUTStokes to Ravindra Jadeja, out Caught by Prior!! Once again India lose a wicket straightaway after the break. It was a very poor shot from Jadeja. Stokes persists with the line outside off, Jadeja after letting two go past him, looks to slash this away but the edge is found and Prior does not drop those. It was too close to the body for him to be playing that stroke. Ravindra Jadeja c Prior b Stokes 25(24) [4s-2 6s-2]344/6
121.1OUTStokes to Dhoni, out Dhoni Run Out!! Well, there we go another one goes after lunch. Poor judgement there by the Indian skipper, he pushes the full delivery towards mid-off and sets off for a risky single, Anderson runs in, picks up the ball and hits the bulls-eye at the non-striker's end all in one motion. There was never a single there as he had hit it a bit too hard. It has to be said that it was a brilliant bit of work from the England fast bowler. Dhoni run out (J Anderson) 82(152) [4s-7]345/7
121.4OUTStokes to Binny, out Caught by J Root!! India going down like a house on fire. Stokes picks up his second of the innings. This was actually well hit by Binny but the only problem was he failed to keep it down. Full and wide delivery outside off, Binny bends his knees and slices the drive uppishly to backward point, Root holds onto to a sharp catch as the ball was travelling at a good speed. Binny c J Root b Stokes 1(11)345/8
122.5OUTBroad to Ishant, out Bowled!! India have just lost the plot here. What was Ishant thinking? This was a back of a length delivery that nips back in sharply, Ishant does not cover his off-pole as he offers no shot, the ball hits the top of off-stump. When the ball is reversing you need to cover your stumps before leaving the ball. Ishant b Broad 1(6)346/9
126.4FOURBroad to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, take that says Bhuvneshwar, length delivery in the slot, he missed this shot in the previous over but not this time, he gets the full flow of the bat and sends it one bounce into the long off fence353/9
129.2FOURPlunkett to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, full and straight from Plunkett, Bhuvneshwar leans forward and flicks it to deep midwicket, Stokes runs across from deep square leg, dives and stops the ball but he was in contact with the ropes360/9
134.1FOURJ Anderson to Shami, FOUR, thwacked! This was more of a T20 stroke. Length ball on the stumps, Shami swings hard and sends the ball to the long on fence374/9
135.5FOURMoeen Ali to Shami, FOUR, handy runs for India. Meanwhile, Cook cuts a sorry figure. Turning away outside off, Shami rides it and guides it away wide of Jimmy at slip, the ball runs away to the third man fence379/9
137FOURJ Anderson to Shami, FOUR, Jimmy hunts for some inswing but errs on the pads of Shami, who unfurls a stylish whip that travels to the fine leg fence. The last wicket partnership has grown to 38384/9
137.2FOURMoeen Ali to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, India close in on 400. Tossed up outside off, Bhuvneshwar goes inside-out over extra-cover. That is a proper cricketing shot388/9
139.5FOURMoeen Ali to Shami, FOUR, floated on off, Shami whacks it over mid-off to raise the fifty of the stand397/9
142.2FOURStokes to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, edged and four! 400 up for India. Full and outside off, it was the sucker ball alright, Bhuvneshwar pushes at it with his feet in cement, the outside edge eludes the lone slip and beats deep third man was well. Third man was squarer rather than finer403/9
146FOURPlunkett to Shami, FOUR, cracking shot! Dug in short and outside off, Shami makes additional room and lashes it away behind point, third man was a mere bystander417/9
151FOURBroad to Shami, FOUR, fired on the pads, Shami whips it away, the ball runs away fine. India's last wicket pair march on430/9
156.5OTHERJ Anderson to Bhuvneshwar, 1 run, Bhuvneshwar gets to his maiden Test fifty, the whole Indian team is on the balcony to applaud the effort, he raises his bat to acknowledge the applause, he reaches there with a neat drive to sweeper cover442/9
157SIXJ Anderson to Shami, SIX, Shami joins his partner and notches up his maiden Test fifty, once again the whole team claps, Shami lifts his bat and soaks in the applause. The slower delivery, Shami picks it up early and sends it sailing over the long on fence. That shot also brings up the 100-run stand448/9
160.5FOURMoeen Ali to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, gives this bit more air, Bhuvneshwar eyes lit up when he saw the flight on that, he reaches forward and lofts it to the long off fence457/9
161OUTMoeen Ali to Bhuvneshwar, out Caught by J Root!! Finally, England have taken the last wicket. Bhuvneshwar walks back after playing a fine knock. That shot was not required as he had hit a boundary off the last ball. It was tossed up on off and middle, Bhuvneshwar shimmies down the track, does not get to the pitch of the ball but still goes through with the loft, he mistimes it and offers a simple catch to Root at mid-on. Bhuvneshwar c J Root b Moeen Ali 58(149) [4s-5]457/10

Batting: England

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.2FOURShami to Cook, FOUR, that should get Cook going, poor delivery from Shami, drifts onto the batsman's pads, Cook leans forward and flicks it handsomely behind square to pick up the first boundary of the innings5/0
3FOURBhuvneshwar to Sam Robson, FOUR, drops it short and offers some width, Robson uses his fast hands and cuts it to the vacant third man region to pick up his first boundary9/0
3.3OUTShami to Cook, out Bowled!! India strike early! When you are out of form, you find bizarre ways to get out. Cook walks back a dejected man. This was not a wicket taking delivery, it was on a length and on leg-stump, Cook shuffles too far across, misses the clip and the ball deflects off the thigh pad to hit the leg-stump. Just the kind of start India would have hoped for. Cook b Shami 5(10) [4s-1]9/1
7.2FOURShami to Sam Robson, FOUR, sloppy work from Bhuvi at deep backward square leg, back of a length on the legs, Robson flicks it nicely behind square, Bhuvi runs across from fine leg, takes his eyes off the ball and lets it go through his legs24/1
12.5FOURIshant to Ballance, FOUR, much better footwork from Ballance. Pitched up and outside off, Ballance props forward and drives it past extra cover, that should give him some confidence37/1
19.4FOURShami to Sam Robson, FOUR, comical fielding by Bhuvi. Really comical. Fielded the ball with one-hand and tried to flick it back, but went over the ropes as the ball dribbled to the skirting. That's the 2nd time in the innings that Bhuvi has misfielded. Yesterday he let one go through his legs. Good shot too for Sam Robson rode the bounce well and nudged it off his hips. Kept it down and wide of the leg slip fielder49/1
23.3FOURShami to Sam Robson, FOUR, stunning cover drive. Not quite a half-volley, but Sam Robson got right forward and played a corking drive on-the-up. Played right into the gap. Enough said!55/1
23.4FOURShami to Sam Robson, FOUR, now that's a bad delivery - half-volley on the pads, flicked past square leg and the ball beats the chasing fielders to the fence. Back-to-back boundaries for Robson59/1
25.1FOURShami to Sam Robson, FOUR, wrong line Shami, wrong line! Drifting on the pads, Sam Robson happily tucks it past mid-wicket for an easy boundary. The Englishman who was born in Australia moves to 4067/1
37.1FOURIshant to Ballance, FOUR, nice flick. Deliberately played over the infield and in the air. Drifting down leg and it has been picked away to the fence88/1
37.4FOURIshant to Ballance, FOUR, magnificent cut shot. Slightly short outside off and he lashes a cut past the diving point92/1
37.5FOURIshant to Ballance, FOUR, the third boundary of the over for Ballance. Easy delivery too to get a boundary. On the pads and ala Ali Cook, Ballance puts it away, beating the chasing fielders to the fence96/1
38.5DROPPEDRavindra Jadeja to Sam Robson, no run, did it carry to Kohli at leg slip? Yes it did. That will go down as a dropped chance. Sam Robson glanced that fine and Kohli got down low to his left, it stuck in his left-hand for a while, but kissed the grass as his elbow hit the ground. Robson survives. The ploy almost worked96/1
39.4FOURBinny to Ballance, FOUR, floaty, juicy half-volley outside off, crisp front foot cover drive. Superbly played. A healthy cheer from the crowd as England reach 100100/1
41.2FOURBinny to Ballance, FOUR, Bhuvi's horrors in the field continue. Ballance cut that wide of point and the fast bowler was running back to cut it off, slid and tried to pull it back, but the ball escaped from his grasp. That's three times in the innings that his fielding has let the team down108/1
41.5FOURBinny to Ballance, FOUR, too short and too much room. Can't bowl there, Ballance tucks into another boundary, playing the late-cut and this time Bhuvi rightly gave up the chase quite early for it was well-timed112/1
43.1FOURBinny to Sam Robson, FOUR, Binny isn't learning form his mistakes. Now Sam Robson gets to fifty with a late-cut. The line and the length both are wrong from Binny - short and wide outside off, with no third man to protect him. The pressure is being released. Cook and Peter Moores applaud that effort from the Aussie born Englishman117/1
48FOURShami to Sam Robson, FOUR, it has been a poor over from Shami and it ends with a boundary. On the pads, a strong flick from Sam Robson and the ball beats fine leg. Well-timed and that will take us to lunch on day 3 as well131/1
49.3OUTIshant to Sam Robson, out Lbw!! Ishant strikes early after lunch! Robson must consider himself unlucky as there was an inside edge. Umpire Oxenford didn't spot that as he raised his finger to send the batsman back to the pavillion. Excellent delivery though from Ishant, tails back in sharply, Robson is caught in the crease and is struck on the back pad, not before the ball took the inside edge. The Hot-Spot picked up the edge and the replays also showed it was off the bat and then onto the pad. Sam Robson lbw b Ishant 59(142) [4s-8]134/2
49.4FOURIshant to Bell, FOUR, Bell gets off the mark in style, banged in short and without much pace, he was into position quickly as he pulls it along the ground to the deep square leg fence138/2
53.3FOURIshant to Ballance, FOUR, where is gully Mr.Dhoni? That would have gone straight down his throat, shapes away on off, Ballance closes the face of the bat and gets an outside edge through the vacant gully region146/2
54.3FOURRavindra Jadeja to Bell, FOUR, Jadeja should not mind that, it was the quicker delivery on the stumps, Bell moves away from the stumps and cuts it to sweeper cover, it is a dangerous shot to play against someone like Jadeja150/2
55.2FOURIshant to Ballance, FOUR, not the best of deliveries, strays down the leg-side and pays the price, Ballance gets a thickish inside edge to fine leg, the fielder was very square and had no chance of stopping that154/2
55.3OUTIshant to Ballance, out Lbw!! Ishant is on fire! Gets his second and has removed both set batsmen. The umpires are checking for the no-ball, he is fine and Ballance walks back to the hut. This swung back in 16.3 cms, actually it was well set-up by the bowler, he kept pushing it across the left-hander and got this to reverse back into the batsman, Ballance was stuck in the crease and was hit well below the knee roll. Umpire Oxenford had to make an easy call as the ball was going onto hit middle and off-stump. Ballance lbw b Ishant 71(167) [4s-9]154/3
58.3FOURBhuvneshwar to Bell, FOUR, too short and width on offer, punished! Bell gets on top of the bounce and guides it sweetly past backward point, the timing takes it to the fence158/3
58.5FOURBhuvneshwar to Bell, FOUR, this was the indipper but it started from off and ended up on the pads, Bell leans forward and clips it to deep mid wicket, Ishant runs across from deep square leg, dives but can't stop the ball from reaching the fence. Nobody is going to blame Ishant for that effort as he is bowling a superb spell from the other end162/3
59FOURBhuvneshwar to Bell, FOUR, poor stuff from Bhuvneshwar, drifts onto the pads again, Bell this time glances it fine, Ishant had no chance of getting there166/3
59.2FOURIshant to Bell, FOUR, Bell has played three delightful clips in a space of four balls, too straight on middle and leg, Bell leans forward and tucks it past mid-wicket, the timing kept taking it away from the fielder giving chase172/3
59.5OUTIshant to Bell, out Caught by Dhoni!! Ishant has got rid of the dangerous Ian Bell. His third in this spell. This was quite different from the previous two wickets. He gets some extra bounce from back of a length, Bell was in a dilemma whether to leave or play, in the end the ball kisses the bat and goes to Dhoni, who takes the simplest of catches. He knew he had nicked it as he took a step towards the dressing room which made the decision for Oxenford easy. Bell c Dhoni b Ishant 25(37) [4s-6]172/4
61.4FOURIshant to Moeen Ali, FOUR, pleasing drive from Ali. A tad overpitched and on off, Ali props forward and drives it beautifully through vacant mid-off179/4
63.3FOURShami to J Root, FOUR, full and jagging away, Root is lured into the drive, only ekes out an outside edge that runs through second and a wide third slip186/4
67.1FOURShami to Moeen Ali, FOUR, very full and on off, Ali leans into the drive and sends it whistling to the sweeper cover fence191/4
68FOURShami to Moeen Ali, FOUR, too full and just outside off, Ali transfers his weight forward and crunches the drive past cover, top notch timing on that one195/4
69.2OUTShami to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Dhawan!! England have lost half their side now. This was dug in by Shami but does not rise as much as Ali expected it to, he takes his eyes off the ball as he gets into a tangle and fends at it, the ball brushes the gloves and carries through to Dhawan at first slip. Shami wears an apologetic smile on his face. Moeen Ali c Dhawan b Shami 14(30) [4s-3]197/5
70.1FOURBhuvneshwar to Prior, FOUR, back of a length and on off, Prior is forward and punches it to the sweeper cover fence. Prior is no stranger to counter-attacking batting202/5
70.3OUTBhuvneshwar to Prior, out Caught by Dhoni!! Prior has nicked off. Oh wait, there was no edge. That's why Prior stood his ground. He looks disappointed, looks at umpire Dharma but does not show any dissent. Poor call from the ump, there was a daylight gap between the outside edge and the ball. Prior has to depart though. This was full and outside off, Prior pushes at it. The deflection emanated from the bat brushing the flap of the back pad. Dhoni though went up straightaway. Prior c Dhoni b Bhuvneshwar 5(6) [4s-1]202/6
70.5OUTBhuvneshwar to Stokes, out Caught by Dhoni!! England are crumbling here. Thick-edged and gobbled up by Dhoni. No issues here. This was angled in from round the stumps and curling away, Stokes pushes at it with his feet in lead, Dhoni pouches the outside edge safely even as the ball looked to die on him. Stokes c Dhoni b Bhuvneshwar 0(2)202/7
73.1FOURShami to Broad, FOUR, good way to start the session, banged in short without much venom, Broad rocks back and muscles the pull in front of square to pick up his first boundary209/7
73.4FOURShami to J Root, FOUR, Shami is bowling too many loose deliveries, on the pads, Root leans forward and flicks it handsomely to deep mid wicket214/7
75.2FOURShami to Broad, FOUR, super shot! Back of a length delivery around off, Broad plays the short-arm pull back past the bowler, the timing beats the fielder at mid-on quite comfortably219/7
76.3FOURIshant to J Root, FOUR, Bhuvi is coming second in all the chases today, half volley on the pads, Root clips it to deep mid wicket, he runs behind the ball but can't pull it back inside the ropes225/7
76.4FOURIshant to J Root, FOUR, streaky four! Short of length and nips back in, Root looks to force it off the back foot, the inside edge is found but the ball runs away to the fine leg fence229/7
77.4FOURShami to Broad, FOUR, there comes the one loose delivery per over, short and wide outside off, Broad stands tall and cuts it square of the wicket for his third boundary234/7
79.1FOURIshant to Broad, FOUR, short of length on middle and leg, Broad tucks it to deep mid wicket, the timing on that was so good that the ball kept going away from the fielder240/7
79.3FOURIshant to Broad, FOUR, what have you done Ishant? He took off Kohli from gully and the ball flies past the vacant region, shortish and just outside off, Broad slashes hard and the thick edge runs down to third man, Broad then looks at the man at mid-wicket and gives him a broad smile244/7
80FOURIshant to J Root, FOUR, the runs have come far too easily after tea, that is the third boundary of the over, half volley on the pads, Root flicks it beautifully past the diving mid-wicket fielder249/7
82.1FOURBhuvneshwar to Broad, no ball, FOUR, new ball? Who cares, says Stuart Broad. Pitched up outside off, Broad tonks the drive to deep extra cover, what's more Bhuvi had overstepped as well262/7
82.3FOURBhuvneshwar to Broad, FOUR, this is excellent counter-attack by Broad, Bhuvneshwar lands it full again and pays the price, he lofts it well over the man at deepish mid-off266/7
83FOURBhuvneshwar to J Root, FOUR, Root joins in the fun, he takes couple of steps down the wicket and drives the full delivery to sweeper cover, that rocketed away to the fence. Another expensive over for the Indians271/7
83.1FOURIshant to Broad, FOUR, the new ball is disappearing to all parts, pitched up and in the slot, Broad comes forward and hammers the drive to deep extra cover275/7
83.4FOURIshant to Broad, FOUR, Indian pacers not learing from their mistakes, you cannot bowl full to this man, Broad crunches the drive to deep extra cover, the ball sped to the fence in no time279/7
84OTHERIshant to Broad, no run, run-out chance missed! Kohli the fielder, full and wide of off, Broad mistimes the drive straight down the ground, the ball hits the stumps at the bowler's end and ricochets towards cover, Broad wanted the single and was halfway down the wicket before Root sent him back, Kohli picks up the ball and sends in a wild throw towards Dhoni, a direct-hit and that would have been curtains for Broad279/7
84.4OUTBhuvneshwar to Broad, out Lbw!! Bhuvneshwar has struck against the run of play. Broad is reluctant to go back. He walks back to warm applause from the crowd. That was a very good decision from umpire Dharmasena. It pitched in line and straightened, Broad stays rooted to the crease and misses the clip, the ball strikes on the front pad, Dharmasena took his time before raising his finger. The Hawk-Eye suggests that the ball was hitting leg-stump. Broad lbw b Bhuvneshwar 47(42) [4s-9]280/8
89.4FOURShami to Plunkett, FOUR, crashed! Overpitched on middle and off, Plunkett powers the drive past extra-cover, Plunkett even held his pose for the cameramen292/8
91.1OTHERBhuvneshwar to J Root, 1 run, cries of Root Root reverberate around TB. He reaches his 5th Test fifty. Back of a length and outside off, Root stands tall and balanced as he punches it behind point. Prior and Cook applaud Root's effort from the change room298/8
91.3OUTBhuvneshwar to Plunkett, out Bowled!! Cleaned him up. The nip-backer does the trick for Bhuvi. Plunkett does not last long after all. This jags back in from a length, Plunkett pushes at it with laden feet, the ball beats the inside-edge and hits the top of the off-stump. It actually kissed the trouser and then hit the top of off. Plunkett b Bhuvneshwar 7(21) [4s-1]298/9
93FOURRavindra Jadeja to J Anderson, FOUR, pushed through on middle and leg, Anderson reverses hands and swats it away to the deep third man fence, eliciting warm applause from the TB faithful305/9
93.5FOURBhuvneshwar to J Anderson, FOUR, Jimmy can bat! Back of a length and just outside off, Anderson unfurls a solid punch off the back foot, the ball whistled away to the long off fence310/9
97FOURRavindra Jadeja to J Root, FOUR, quicker and on off, Root has a crack at it and flays it away to the square boundary on the off-side320/9
97.3FOURBhuvneshwar to J Anderson, FOUR, Jimmy helps himself to his third boundary. Width outside off, Jimmy does not move his feet but jabs it past the bowler324/9
99FOURRavindra Jadeja to J Anderson, FOUR, leg-stumpish, fast hands from Jimmy powers it away to the deep third man fence. He was quick to reverse-swat it away, thwarting Jaddu's aim of exploiting the rough outside the leftie's off-stump329/9
102FOURIshant to J Root, FOUR, enough of the rotation of the strike says Root. Length delivery on middle, Root swipes it over mid-wicket with the bottom-hand imparting all the power to that hit339/9
103FOURShami to J Anderson, FOUR, dropped short and outside off, Anderson forehands it to the long off fence. Not quite the power of Nadal but effective. Jimmy is fighting fire with fire345/9
106.4FOURBhuvneshwar to J Anderson, FOUR, that is not the shot of a No. 11. Superbly timed. Angling in from round the wicket and Anderson punches it off the back foot through mid-wicket. The rich timing took it all the way. Again loud cheers around TB357/9
108.4FOURBhuvneshwar to J Anderson, FOUR, fabulous shot! The width was there, but still there was a lot of work to do, Anderson used his hands and played a cracking square drive through point, high backlift and all that - not bad for a No. 11, eh?363/9
110.3FOURBhuvneshwar to J Root, FOUR, ill-directed short delivery, down leg and all it needed was a pull, a fine pull and that's what Root did, getting it down to the fine leg fence373/9
111.5FOURIshant to J Root, FOUR, Root intentionally played that in the air, went hard at a full and wide delivery outside off and the thick outside edge raced away to the third man fence, beating Shami. Moves into the nineties378/9
112OTHERIshant to J Root, 1 run, Root was gone for all money had Shami hit direct at mid-on. Root played that very firmly and since it was the last ball off the over, he wanted the single come what may, took on the fielder and gave up midway, but the throw didn't strike the stumps. Stroke of luck needed to get to his 100?379/9
112.5FOURShami to J Root, FOUR, fantastic cover drive. Everything right about the stroke. No-one moved on the off-side. A big stride forward and he just creamed it. The crowd go 'Rooooootttttttt' in joy. Now just a hit away from a ton. The field is in, can he do it off the last ball?383/9
113FOURShami to J Root, FOUR, yes he can! Root gets there with a fine cover drive, just opened the face on that and guided it past a diving cover-point. As soon as the ball passed the fielder, he pumped his fists and ran around in joy. He pointed in the direction of Anderson and hugged his partner. The England team are up on the balcony and applaud that effort.387/9
113.1FOURIshant to J Anderson, FOUR, now Anderson is playing shots. Backs away and slashes, the thick outside edge races over the slip cordon. Highest Test score for Anderson now. Previous best: 34.391/9
113.4FOURIshant to J Anderson, FOUR, magnificent cover drive. Overpitched from Ishant and Anderson laced that through cover. He is timing them really well and is getting better with each passing delivery. Now into the 40s396/9
114.2OTHERShami to J Root, 2 runs, the 100-run stand has come with that stroke. A bit of a misfield as Root drives through cover, Vijay mops up in the deep. Root and Anderson hug each other398/9
114.5FOURShami to J Anderson, FOUR, and the ball goes the boundary. Aimed at the rib-cage, Anderson gets inside the line and tickles it fine past the leg gully, no fine leg and that will be an easy boundary. India's frustrations mount403/9
115.2OTHERIshant to J Anderson, no run, another run-out chance missed! This time it is Bhuvi. Tapped to point, Anderson set off and was sent back, a direct hit and he was gone. Even the dive wouldn't have saved the batsman there404/9
116FOURIshant to J Root, FOUR, pathetic bowling! Really horrid delivery, short and wide outside off, with all the fielders up. Root says thank you very much and cuts it hard to the deep point fence409/9
116.3FOURShami to J Anderson, FOUR, you want to crowd me with fielders all around, let me show you what I can do says Anderson. He dances down and slogs it one-handed to the deep mid-wicket fence. Charged the fast bowler and put it away. Reaches his first Test fifty - is very happy and has a big smile on his face. Cook too has a smile. The TB faithful are all up on their feet. They give the Burnley Lara a standing ovation. Expect Anderson to go wild on Twitter tonight!415/9
118FOURRavindra Jadeja to J Anderson, FOUR, Anderson has played that shot many times in the innings and for the first time, he hasn't connected off the middle of the bat. A bottom-edge on the reverse sweep and it goes between Dhoni's legs to the fence420/9
118.3FOURShami to J Anderson, FOUR, Anderson is having fun now. Backs away and slashes it hard and nearly all the way. Right off the middle of the bat and the ball flies away425/9
119DROPPEDShami to J Anderson, no run, edged and dropped by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Back over the wicket went Shami for the last ball. The short delivery almost did the trick, fended away down leg by Anderson, Dhoni went with one-hand and spilled it. Looked like glove. Waiting for Hot-Spot and Snicko to confirm427/9
120FOURRavindra Jadeja to J Anderson, byes, FOUR, sharp turn and bounce for Ravindra Jadeja. Anderson was cut in half and the ball missed everything on its way to the fence. Dhoni was nowhere near collecting the ball. More agony for India432/9
123.4FOURRavindra Jadeja to J Anderson, FOUR, Anderson can handle himself. No need to apologise Rooty. That's a proper stroke. Takes it from outside off and slog-sweeps it past deep square. Moves serenely on to 64440/9
129.4OTHERRavindra Jadeja to J Root, 2 runs, the 150 of the stand comes up. Reverse swept fine and a couple down to third man. TB rise to applaud. The batsmen congratulate each other449/9
131FOURVijay to J Anderson, FOUR, the scores are level! Anderson dances down the wicket and goes over Vijay's outstretched right-hand. Lofted hit and beats mid-off too. The fun continues for England457/9
136.3FOURBinny to J Anderson, FOUR, Jimmy marches on. On a length and on off, Anderson punches it between mid-wicket and mid-on, precise placement469/9
138.4FOURBinny to J Root, FOUR, pitched up and on off, Root whistles forward and pootles a gorgeous drive between extra cover and long off for his 14th four480/9
139.5FOURIshant to J Anderson, FOUR, every shot from Jimmy seems to elicit warm applause from TB. On a length and outside off, Anderson pushes at it, the controlled outside edge runs away to the deep third man fence485/9
141.1FOURIshant to J Root, FOUR, pitched up on off and middle, Root gets a good stride forward and drives it beautifully straight down the ground, he gets to his 150. The crowd are on their feet492/9
144.5OUTBhuvneshwar to J Anderson, out Caught by Dhawan!! Atlast, finally, the marathon partnership comes to an end. It needed a terrific catch to get that last wicket. Anderson does not get his maiden Test ton. Bhuvneshwar gets his maiden 5-wicket haul in Tests. It was a typical Bhuvi dismissal, full and shaping away outside off, Anderson drives away from the body, the ball takes the edge and goes to the right of first slip, Dhawan, who was standing slightly wide, dives and grabs it with both hands. J Anderson c Dhawan b Bhuvneshwar 81(130) [4s-17]496/10

Batting: India

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.4FOURBroad to Dhawan, FOUR, you can't bowl there to any left-hander, short and wide outside off, Dhawan hangs back and cuts it past a diving backward point, he didn't middle that as the ball trickled slowly to the fence6/0
2.2FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, did it carry to Prior? Yes, it did and it is dropped. Vijay survives. Back of a length and straightening, Vijay pokes at it tentatively, the ball grazes the edge and goes low to Prior's right, he does not get down in time and the ball runs away to the fence10/0
3.3FOURBroad to Dhawan, FOUR, Dhawan is living dangerously, pitched up and jagging away outside off, he pushes hard at the ball and it flies through the slip cordon, Root dived at gully but was nowhere close to the ball14/0
5FOURJ Anderson to Vijay, FOUR, that is a shot of a man who has scored a hundred in the previous innings, length delivery outside off, Vijay comes forward and drives it on the up past cover, the timing was exceptional as the ball races away to the fence. The Hot-Spot shows it came right off the middle of the bat18/0
5.3FOURBroad to Dhawan, FOUR, Broad gets a bit too wide of off and Dhawan punishes him, he gets a good stride forward and punches it beautifully to deep extra cover, that should give him some confidence22/0
7FOURJ Anderson to Dhawan, FOUR, too many balls on the pads in this over, very unlike Anderson, Dhawan does not miss out on putting that away, he leans forward and clips it hard to the deep mid wicket fence31/0
8.4FOURPlunkett to Dhawan, FOUR, back of a length just outside off, Dhawan gets right behind the line and punches it to sweeper cover, that was just a mere push and the ball sped away to the fence. The scores are level now39/0
9.4FOURBroad to Vijay, FOUR, how good is he with the on the up drives? Not a bad delivery at all, it was on a length outside off, Vijay gets right on top of it and drives it handsomely to sweeper cover43/0
11.2FOURMoeen Ali to Dhawan, FOUR, rubbish delivery from Moeen Ali, fired down the leg-side, Dhawan swivels and slaps it to the fine leg fence49/0
11.4OUTMoeen Ali to Dhawan, out Caught&Bowled!! A very soft dismissal. He has missed out twice on a flat wicket. We can actually say he gifted his wicket away. It was a nice gentle full toss on the stumps, Dhawan charges down the wicket and hits straight back to the bowler, Moeen Ali holds onto to a sharp chance. That is a bonus wicket for England. Dhawan c and b Moeen Ali 29(29) [4s-6]49/1
11.5FOURMoeen Ali to Pujara, FOUR, half volley outside off, bowled from round the wicket, Pujara comes on the front foot and crunches the drive to deep extra cover53/1
12FOURMoeen Ali to Pujara, FOUR, Pujara shows how to play a full toss, he does not try to smack the leather off the ball, he relies on placing it and does extremely well to hit it to the right of mid-off. Good way to start your innings57/1
13.2FOURStokes to Vijay, FOUR, lovely shot! Length ball outside off, Vijay employs soft hands and guides it down to the third man fence, it has been a profitable area for Vijay62/1
13.3FOURStokes to Vijay, FOUR, edged and safe! This was a fullish and in the channel of uncertainty, Vijay pushes at it feebly, Stokes induces the outside edge, Prior dives to his right but can't even get to it. It would have been a dolly for first slip66/1
20.3FOURBroad to Vijay, FOUR, top shot! This was a half-volley outside off, Vijay eases the drive wide of mid-off. He even held the pose for a brief while82/1
21.1FOURStokes to Pujara, FOUR, back of a length and on off, Pujara switches back and cuts it down to the deep third man fence86/1
23.1FOURStokes to Pujara, FOUR, whoa! Very full and outside off, Pujara lays into a gorgeous cover-drive, he opens the face and crunches it wide of cover90/1
26.1FOURBroad to Vijay, FOUR, pitched up and on off, might have been the cutter, Vijay dabs it down to deep third man with soft hands, deliberately done96/1
31.5FOURJ Anderson to Pujara, FOUR, deftly done! Pujara opens the face of the bat on impact with this full ball outside off and steers it down to the third man fence104/1
32.5SIXMoeen Ali to Vijay, SIX, cracking shot! Vijay charges down the track, meets the pitch of the ball and lofts it high and over long on in some style114/1
36.1OTHERMoeen Ali to Vijay, 1 run, Vijay follows up his ton in the first innings with a fifty in the second. Slid down leg, eased away fine123/1
39.2FOURPlunkett to Pujara, FOUR, beats backward point now. Back of a length and wide outside off, Pujara moves deep in the crease and cuts it away to the deep third man fence, his timing was exquisite132/1
39.4FOURPlunkett to Pujara, FOUR, fifty for Pujara. His 5th in Test cricket. Banged in short and directed just below the chest from round the stumps, Pujara swivels on the back foot and pulls it away to the deep mid wicket fence with calmness. Vijay walks up to Pujara and hugs him136/1
41OUTMoeen Ali to Vijay, out Caught by Prior!! Ali strikes against the run of play. This was nicely tossed up outside off, Vijay gives the charge, aiming to go big. However, he does not get hold of it, feathers a nick to the keeper, who gobbles it up. He had time to stump Vijay as well. But it will go down as caught behind in the scorecard. Vijay c Prior b Moeen Ali 52(119) [4s-7 6s-1]140/2
41.1OUTPlunkett to Pujara, out Caught by Stokes!! England have snared two wickets in two balls. Pujara has been strong with the cut today but it fails to keep it down this time. Short and wide outside off, Pujara reaches out to cut it in the air. Stokes at backward point makes a mess of it on the first attempt but then recovers, dives to his left and pouches it after the bobble. Could this be a potentially game-turning strike? Pujara is gutted as he walks back to the hut. Pujara c Stokes b Plunkett 55(101) [4s-7]140/3
41.4FOURPlunkett to Rahane, FOUR, nice juicy half volley on the pads, Rahane leans forward and clips it delightfully to deep mid wicket, Root gives chase and comes second144/3
45.2FOURPlunkett to Rahane, FOUR, gives a bit of width outside off and disappears to the fence, Rahane gets nicely on top of the bounce and punches it square of the wicket to pick up his second boundary151/3
45.5FOURPlunkett to Rahane, FOUR, banged in short, does not rise high enough, Rahane is quick to rock back and pull it behind square for a boundary, looks like he has done his homework on the short ball after getting out to it in the first innings155/3
46FOURPlunkett to Rahane, FOUR, glorious shot! Back of length delivery just outside off, Rahane stands tall and punches it to the right of mid-off, it was just a push and the timing takes it to the fence159/3
47.2FOURBroad to Kohli, FOUR, length delivery attacking the stumps, Kohli gets inside the line and glances it to fine leg, there was no one in the deep and Kohli picks up an easy four166/3
49.3OUTBroad to Kohli, out Lbw!! That's plumb. Broad didn't even turn around to appeal. He just ran forward knowing that it will be given by Dharma. Nicely set up too - he brought this one back sharply, Kohli got his front foot too far across, played around his front pad, missed and was dead. That's a double failure for him in this match. India lose a wicket very early on day 5. Just the start England would've hoped for. Kohli lbw b Broad 8(29) [4s-1]168/4
50.4FOURJ Anderson to Rahane, FOUR, the first boundary of the morning for Rahane. He opens the face of the bat and then drives wide of point, the quick outfield does the rest172/4
51.1OUTBroad to Rahane, out Caught by Prior!! Brilliant bowling by Broad. Superb delivery, in the channel around off, Rahane had to play at it, for he had to cover for the reverse, the healthy snick is snapped up by Prior. What do we have here? India's lead is just 134 and they have lost half their side. Rahane c Prior b Broad 24(29) [4s-5]173/5
53.1FOURBroad to Dhoni, FOUR, slightly short and wide outside off, Dhoni gets on top of the bounce and cuts wide of point, no third man and that will run away178/5
55.3DROPPEDBroad to Dhoni, no run, dropped by Cook at 1st slip. Can you believe it? You have to for it was a regulation chance and shelled by the England skipper. Dhoni tries to cut and gets a healthy edge, went at knee height to his counterpart, who spilled it. He then has to dive to prevent the ball from hitting the helmet placed behind the keeper - which would've meant 5 penalty runs178/5
58.3FOURJ Anderson to Dhoni, FOUR, intentionally played by Dhoni. He opens the face at the last instant and guides it to the vacant third man region183/5
61.1OUTPlunkett to Dhoni, out Bowled!! Plunkett has knocked over Dhoni. Reversed in sharply from a fuller length, Dhoni cleared his front leg, trying to drive through the line, the ball sneaked past the shot and clattered into the stumps. Plunkett exults. Cook should breathe easy now. His dropped catch off Dhoni hasn't come back to haunt him. Dhoni b Plunkett 11(30) [4s-2]184/6
62.4FOURJ Anderson to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, Anderson has a wry smile on his face, keeps shaking his head on the way back. Jadeja has had enough of the blocking, finally gets off the mark off his 38th delivery, charges Anderson and hammers it over his head. Anderson claps sarcastically, applauding that stroke from the batsman. Jadeja just smiles back at him190/6
65.2FOURPlunkett to Binny, FOUR, the shot of the day so far. Alright it was overpitched outside off, but that's a textbook cover drive on a bent knee. Short cover dived, but had no chance. All along the ground too. Great pose too from the son of Roger200/6
70.5FOURStokes to Binny, FOUR, there was a front foot cover drive earlier, now the back foot punch from Binny. Superbly played. Wide of the cover fielder trying to dive across to cut it off. The ball just raced away to the fence. That's two good strokes he has played during the course of this innings215/6
74.1FOURPlunkett to Binny, FOUR, Binny is having no trouble with these short balls. He gets into position, transfers his weight and pulls hard and down to the deep backward square leg fence. Nailed the shot. First ball from round the wicket and it has gone to the boundary221/6
74.4FOURPlunkett to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, this is a cracking pull shot. Rides the bounce and rolls his wrists to pull wide of a diving backward square leg. Beats the fine leg fielder too. Well played and some glove love between Jadeja and Binny226/6
75FOURPlunkett to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, smashing pull. In front of square. Sat up nicely for the shot and Jadeja didn't miss out. Good end to the session as three boundaries came in that last over. That will be lunch on day 5230/6
77.2FOURMoeen Ali to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, drops it short and is dispatched to the fence, Jadeja is quick to pick up the length, he goes deep in his crease and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary237/6
80.5FOURJ Anderson to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, back of a length and some width on offer, Jadeja punches it square of the wicket, the lightning fast outfield takes the ball to the fence. That actually came off the outside half of the bat249/6
82.1OUTJ Anderson to Ravindra Jadeja, out Caught by Prior!! Anderson strikes! Prior takes a sharp chance. He is stunned after taking it. This one jagged away from the corridor of uncertainty, Jadeja presses well forward but pokes at it away from the body, the edge flies to the right of the keeper, Prior was moving to his left but had to change direction to gather it, he does and Jadeja walks back to the hut. Ravindra Jadeja c Prior b J Anderson 31(98) [4s-5]249/7
84.3FOURJ Anderson to Binny, FOUR, there is something when the ball is pitched up, Binny goes hard at it and the edge does not carry to Bell at second slip, he gets a hand but can't stop the ball going past him254/7
87.2FOURPlunkett to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, strays onto the pads, Bhuvneshwar gets inside the line and glances it to fine leg, the fielder in the deep was at backward of square262/7
88.5FOURBroad to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, too straight and the sub-continent batsmen feast on that, Bhuvneshwar leans forward and flicks it to deep mid wicket, the timing takes it all the way to the fence267/7
89.2FOURPlunkett to Binny, FOUR, banged in short, but does not rise much, Binny swats it away past mid-wicket. Binny has made his presence felt with the bat although there are a few question marks over his bowling271/7
89.3FOURPlunkett to Binny, FOUR, deftly done! Length delivery on off, Binny employs soft hands and glides it down to the deep third man fence275/7
90OTHERPlunkett to Binny, 1 run, fighting fifty from Binny on debut. He has steered India to safe shores. He tucks this away, beating the effort from mid-wicket to reach the landmark. He raises his bat and acknowledges the cheers from the Indian change room278/7
90.3FOURBroad to Binny, byes, FOUR, slid down leg, Prior had no chance of preventing four byes284/7
91.1FOURMoeen Ali to Binny, FOUR, aha! Where did that come from? Tossed up on middle and leg, Binny kneels down and reverse-sweeps it away to the third man fence289/7
93FOURStokes to Bhuvneshwar, no ball, FOUR, slapped away to third man fence. To compound Stokes' woes, he is caught overstepping. Short and wide outside off, Bhuvneshwar cuts it away with some authority298/7
93.1FOURMoeen Ali to Binny, leg byes, FOUR, another teaser for Prior. That raises the fifty of the stand as well. Darted down leg, Binny does not connect with the flick, Prior can't glove the ball either302/7
93.4FOURMoeen Ali to Binny, FOUR, tossed up, Binny gives the charge, goes inside-out over extra-cover, nicely played by Binny306/7
94.4FOURStokes to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, fourth boundary for Bhuvi. He continues to impress with the bat. This was short and on off, Bhuvi waits on it and dabs it down to the vacant third man fence312/7
94.5FOURStokes to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, another boundary through the unmanned third man area. On a length and outside off, steered away316/7
97.2SIXMoeen Ali to Binny, SIX, Binny is showing his wide array of strokes here. Tossed up outside off, Binny forays down the track and launches it over extra-cover326/7
98.1FOURJ Root to Bhuvneshwar, byes, FOUR, angled down leg and spins further away, Prior has a wry smile on his face332/7
102OUTMoeen Ali to Binny, out Lbw!! No debut hundred for Binny while Ali has his third. This spins in from round the stumps, Binny looks to defend but he is trapped plumb in front of the stumps. Nevertheless, it has been a fine innings on debut, guiding India out of danger. Binny lbw b Moeen Ali 78(114) [4s-8 6s-1]340/8
103.5FOURMoeen Ali to Ishant, FOUR, Ishant gets off the mark. This may have been the doosra, Ishant prods at it, gets an inside edge that drops in front of leg slip and beats the fielder en-route to the fence346/8
110.1FOURJ Root to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, half tracker outside off, Bhuvneshwar does not miss out, he goes back and cuts it to sweeper cover for a boundary354/8
112FOURMoeen Ali to Ishant, FOUR, buffet bowling this, doosra which is short and was asking for trouble, Ishant goes deep in the crease and pulls it past mid-wicket for a boundary360/8
114.3FOURJ Root to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, Bhuvneshwar is having some fun, flighted delivery on off, he bends his knees and slog sweeps it over mid-wicket366/8
114.5FOURJ Root to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, Bhuvi showing his wide range of shots, stays leg-side and lofts it inside out to deep extra cover, that is a difficult shot to play even for a top-order batsman370/8
115OTHERJ Root to Bhuvneshwar, 1 run, Bhuvi gets to his 2nd Test fifty, both coming in this match. Coach, Fletcher is on his feet to applaud the effort, he turns the flat delivery behind square to get to the landmark371/8
115.1FOURMoeen Ali to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, short and just outside off, Bhuvneshwar makes room and punches it between extra cover and mid-off, he is dealing in boundaries now375/8
119.5FOURMoeen Ali to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, drops it short and Bhuvneshwar rocks back and pulls it to deep mid wicket, he helps himself onto another boundary385/8
122.3OUTCook to Ishant, out Caught by Prior!! Oh gosh, Ali Cook picks up his maiden Test wicket. He is all smiles as he points to the English change room. This was a harmless full ball slid down leg, Ishant looks to tickle it away but only manages to feather it to Prior, who gloves it with his left-hand. Could this turn Cook's fortunes around? Ishant c Prior b Cook 13(55) [4s-2]387/9
123FOURCook to Shami, FOUR, floaty back of a length ball outside off, cracked away to the sweeper cover fence391/9