India tour of New Zealand 2014

New Zealand vs. India, 3rd ODI

Eden Park, Auckland, Jan 25, 2014

Batting: New Zealand

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.1FOURBhuvneshwar to Guptill, FOUR, far from a auspicious start for Bhuvneshwar as he delivers a loose half tracker outside off, Guptill rocks back and stabs it between cover and point, the ball whistles away to the fence4/0
0.3FOURBhuvneshwar to Guptill, FOUR, another shoddy delivery and put away deftly. This was a length ball down leg, Guptill glanes it away to the fine leg fence8/0
2.5FOURBhuvneshwar to Ryder, FOUR, shortish and outside off, Ryder flays at it with the resultant thickish outside edge racing to the third man fence22/0
3.1FOURShami to Ryder, FOUR, fullish and outside off, Ryder slaps it through cover, Ryder is in no mood to sit back and watch the Indian bowlers dictate terms27/0
3.2FOURShami to Ryder, FOUR, length delivery down leg, glanced away to fine leg for another boundary31/0
4.1FOURBhuvneshwar to Ryder, FOUR, poor 'hit me' ball, short and wide outside off, Ryder gets on top of the bounce, opens the face of the bat a touch and punches it square of the wicket on the off-side36/0
4.2OUTBhuvneshwar to Ryder, out Bowled!! Impressive response from Bhuvi. Another big innings for Ryder goes begging. This was slightly back of a length and on middle and leg, Ryder seeks to work it away to the leg side in vain, the ball kisses the pad and strikes the top of middle to dislodge the bails. Ryder b Bhuvneshwar 20(12) [4s-4]36/1
5.2FOURShami to Guptill, FOUR leg byes, filthy length delivery ill-directed down leg, Guptill helps it across to the long leg fence, it hit the thigh pad and there was no bat, confirmed by the umpire.42/1
11.2FOURAaron to Guptill, FOUR, Was that a half-chance? Rahane was the man at covers, diving in vain. This was pitched up and outside off, Guptill drives it on the rise, gets it past Rahane and directs it to the deep extra cover fence67/1
11.3OTHERAaron to Guptill, 1 run, back of a length delivery just outside off, Guptill drops it in front of point and calls Williamson through for another suicidal single, Rahane swooped on the ball and under-armed a flick, missed. Would've been close had that hit. New Zealand's running in the last 15 minutes has been very dicey68/1
17.4FOURAshwin to Williamson, FOUR, flatter and just outside off, Williamson bends down and illustrates a skillful sweep behind square leg90/1
20.2FOURRavindra Jadeja to Guptill, FOUR, exquisite timing from Guptill. Guptill goes leg side of the ball and lifts it between extra cover and long off with effortless ease104/1
21.2SIXAshwin to Williamson, SIX, nimble footwork. Williamson backs away, advances down the pitch and lofts this one over deep extra cover114/1
24.2FOURRavindra Jadeja to Guptill, FOUR, Guptill collects his 19th ODI fifty in some style. This was on a length on middle, Guptill bends down and pulls it to the backward square leg fence128/1
25.3FOURRaina to Williamson, FOUR, spinning down leg, Williamson helps it across to the long leg fence to prop up the hundred of the partnership136/1
26.3FOURAaron to Guptill, FOUR, back of a length delivery on the hips, Guptill picks it up from there and deposits it to deep mid wicket fence with an uppish flick144/1
27FOURAaron to Guptill, FOUR, half tracker outside off, Guptill pounces on to it as he rocks back and slashes it with all his might, the ball scurries away to the deep extra cover boundary, not even Kohli can cut it off150/1
27.1OTHERAshwin to Williamson, 1 run, 3 consecutive fifties for Williamson in this series. This was back of a length on middle and leg, Williamson goes on the backfoot and nudges it away through mid-wicket151/1
28.2FOURAaron to Williamson, FOUR, length delivery on middle and leg, Williamson frees his arms with a lofted drive over long on, that was right out from the meat of the bat157/1
30.1FOURShami to Williamson, FOUR, back of a length delivery outside off, Williamson creates extensive room and slaps it through cover169/1
30.2DROPPEDShami to Williamson, 1 run, Dropped! Raina at mid-wicket is the culprit. This was back of a length and outside off, Williamson committs himself to the pull, he does not middle it as well as he would have liked, the ball went wide of Raina. He managed a dive but could not cling on to it170/1
30.4SIXShami to Guptill, SIX, Trademark lofted shot from Guptill! This was a length ball on middle, Guptill launches it several rows over the long-on fence. Clean strike that.176/1
31FOURShami to Guptill, FOUR, a tad fuller and outside off, Guptill leans forward and drills it down the ground, imparting enough impetus for the ball to reach the long on fence180/1
32.2FOURShami to Guptill, FOUR, rasping shot! Shami drags his length back, Guptill plays an instinctive pull off the back foot, the ball races away to the deep mid-wicket fence. New Zealand are motoring along188/1
32.5OUTShami to Williamson, out Bowled!! In a bid to manufacture a shot, Williamson perishes as Shami strikes the timber. This was nice and full on off, Williamson aims to go big over the off-side by backing away, he fails to make any connection, the ball hits the off-stump. Subdued celebrations in the Indian camp.Williamson b Shami 65(74) [4s-4 6s-1]189/2
33.2SIXAshwin to Corey Anderson, SIX, BANG! Anderson does not need any sighters. This was tossed up on middle and leg, Anderson takes the aerial route and wallops it over long on for a 76 metre six196/2
33.5OUTAshwin to Corey Anderson, out Bowled!! Ashwin finally bags his first wicket of the series. This was a 95 kph darter hurled in on middle, Anderson seeks to cut it but is comprehensive beaten by pace. The Indians are elated, the power-hitter walks back forlornly. Kohli at first slip pumps his fists in joy. Corey Anderson b Ashwin 8(5) [6s-1]198/3
34.1FOURBhuvneshwar to Guptill, FOUR, Bhuvneshwar invests in a bouncer, Guptill rocks back and pulls it away to the fine leg fence202/3
34.2FOURBhuvneshwar to Guptill, FOUR, back to back boundaries! What a way to inaugurate the batting powerplay! This was also short but just outside off, Guptill pulls it powerfully, bisecting the two fielders in the deep206/3
34.5OTHERBhuvneshwar to Guptill, 1 run, A chance for a run-out and India mess it up again. This was pitched up and outside off, Guptill bunts it to extra cover and hares across for a single. Rahane's throw was inaccurate and Gutill heaves a huge sigh of relief209/3
36OTHERAshwin to Guptill, 1 run, at last gets the single and reaches his 5th ODI hundred, his first against India, floated outside off, Guptill eases down the ground to long off. Guptill is elated as he takes off his helmet and acknowledges his team-mates and the crowd210/3
36.2SIXShami to Guptill, SIX, wrong length from Shami, short and around off, Guptill rocks back and pulls it powerfully over the deep mid wicket fence for a maximum216/3
36.5FOURShami to Guptill, FOUR, Shami misses the yorker as the ball goes on the full, Guptill latches onto it as he swats it wide of long on for a boundary222/3
37.2OUTRavindra Jadeja to Guptill, out Caught by Rahane!! It takes a stunning catch to get rid of the centurion. This was a flighted delivery around off, Guptill gets down on his knees and sweeps it to deep mid wicket, Rahane was the man who was slightly inside the ropes but judges it well as he runs to his left, times his jump and hangs on to a stunner with both hands. Guptill c Rahane b Ravindra Jadeja 111(129) [4s-12 6s-2]224/4
37.4FOURRavindra Jadeja to Ross Taylor, FOUR, deft touch from Taylor, pushed through outside off, Taylor stays in the crease and late cuts to the third man fence228/4
38.5OUTAaron to Brendon McCullum, out Caught by Ashwin!! Back to back ducks for the skipper. This was not a wicket taking delivery, short and sat up outside off, McCullum goes back and slaps the cut straight to Ashwin at cover point, he holds on to a smart catch. New Zealand just losing their way here. Brendon McCullum c Ashwin b Aaron 0(3)230/5
40.1FOURAaron to Ross Taylor, FOUR, low full toss outside off, Taylor comes forward and gets a thick outside edge to the third man fence, the man was inside the circle237/5
40.4FOURAaron to Ronchi, FOUR, bouncer angling in, Ronchi goes for the hook and gets a top edge, the ball goes high and behind Dhoni, who gives chase but can't get there in time to stop it from reaching the fence242/5
41FOURAaron to Ronchi, FOUR, excellent shot! Aaron misses the yorker by couple of inches, Ronchi comes forward and squeezes the drive between extra cover and mid-off, the timing takes it to the fence249/5
41.5SIXRaina to Ronchi, SIX, Ronchi is turning it on, tossed up outside off, he gets to the pitch of the ball and sends it sailing straight back over the bowlers head for a maximum258/5
42FOURRaina to Ronchi, FOUR, quicker and outside off, Ronchi rocks back to cut, the ball flies off a thickish outside edge to the third man fence. A over that was looking good is spoilt by those last two deliveries262/5
42.2SIXShami to Ronchi, SIX, poor stuff from Shami, a juicy full toss on off, Ronchi stays in the crease and flicks it into the second tier at backward square leg, a spectator puts down the catch269/5
42.4OUTShami to Ross Taylor, out Ross Taylor Run Out!! Rahane gets India another wicket. He keeps hitting the bulls-eye with ease. This was a fuller delivery outside off, Taylor drives it to extra cover, Rahane collects and has one-stump to aim, he does not miss as he hits the base to catch Taylor well short of his ground. Ross Taylor run out (Rahane) 17(18) [4s-2]270/6
42.5SIXShami to Ronchi, SIX, its becoming too easy for Ronchi, another full toss which he does not miss out on, he lofts it straight down the ground for the second six of the over276/6
43.5OUTRavindra Jadeja to Nathan McCullum, out Nathan McCullum Run Out!! A needless run when there are still six overs left. This flatter and just outside off, McCullum backs away and punches it to extra cover, he calls Ronchi for the single, Dhawan keeps his cool and throws the ball to Jadeja who takes the bails off. McCullum is well short of his ground. Still can't understand why did he go for that run. Nathan McCullum run out (Dhawan/Ravindra Jadeja) 1(3)280/7
44OUTRavindra Jadeja to Ronchi, out Caught by Rahane!! India are right back in the match. Looks like New Zealand will be bowled out here. This was quicker and on middle stump, Ronchi gets inside the line and looks to whip it, the ball goes off the top edge straight down Rahane's throat at deep mid wicket. Ronchi c Rahane b Ravindra Jadeja 38(20) [4s-3 6s-3]280/8
47.2OUTShami to McClenaghan, out Caught by Ravindra Jadeja!! A soft dismissal for the No. 10. It was a full delivery outside off, McClenaghan goes for the scoop once again, he realises that it is too far outside off and tries to reverse scoop, but only manages to lob it to backward point where Jadeja takes a good low catch. McClenaghan c Ravindra Jadeja b Shami 3(6)288/9
48SIXShami to Southee, SIX, Dropped! Full delivery around off-stump, Southee shuffles across and scoops it to fine leg, Bhuvneshwar runs around and gets behind it but only to palm it over the fence for a maximum295/9
48.4FOURBhuvneshwar to Southee, FOUR, slower delivery outside off, Southee picks it up and swings across the line, he sends it couple of bounces and into the deep mid wicket fence. That brings up the 300300/9
49SIXBhuvneshwar to Southee, SIX, bonus runs for New Zealand, another short delivery, this time Southee stays back and deposits it into the crowd at deep mid wicket306/9
49.3SIXShami to Southee, SIX, he is starting to middle it now, length delivery outside off, Southee comes down the track, makes room and lofts it for a maximum over long off313/9
50OUTShami to Southee, out Southee Run Out!! 1 run completed. New Zealand are bowled out but not before batting out their quota. Length delivery that is swatted to long on, Bennett was coming back for the second, Kohli throws it to Dhoni who flicks the ball onto the stumps to find Southee short. Southee run out (Kohli/Dhoni) 27(23) [4s-1 6s-3]314/10

Batting: India

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.3DROPPEDSouthee to Rohit, 1 run, Jesse Ryder spills Sharma at second slip. This was back of a length and outside off, Sharma flays at it with the resultant thickish outside edge flying over second slip. The big man did well to propel himself upward but he eventually parried it away1/0
1.2SIXMcClenaghan to Rohit, SIX, Glorious timing. This was on a length and well outside off, Sharma lifts it over long off with a straight bat9/0
2.5FOURSouthee to Dhawan, FOUR, shortish and gaining on Dhawan, who rocks back and manages to pull it behind square, despite being cramped for room15/0
4.2FOURSouthee to Dhawan, FOUR, drifting down leg, Dhawan pootles a wristy flick that races to the backward square leg fence23/0
5.2SIXMcClenaghan to Rohit, SIX, quicksilver footwork from Rohit Sharma. Sharma forays down the track, meets the pitch of the ball and lofts it over long-off to impose himself on McClenaghan31/0
5.4SIXMcClenaghan to Rohit, SIX, He nails the pull this time! McClenaghan tests Rohit with a short delivery just outside off, Sharma pulls it wonderfully, up and over deep square leg37/0
6.5SIXSouthee to Dhawan, SIX, Dhawan advances down the track and slaps it over the bowler's head, the ball clears the long-on fence. Nice, brisk start for India45/0
7.4SIXBennett to Rohit, SIX, fullish on middle and leg, Sharma clears his front leg and thwacks it over long on. He is right to stand there and admire his shot51/0
8FOURBennett to Rohit, FOUR, slightly back of a length delivery down leg, Sharma gets inside the line and clips it away past the man at short fine leg. Rohit Sharma is in his groove55/0
8.4FOURSouthee to Dhawan, FOUR, Dhawan, who was initially moving across the stumps, make the late adjustment to drive this fullish one outside off, he places this wide of Guptill at cover59/0
8.5FOURSouthee to Dhawan, FOUR, Dhawan chips down the track, takes it on the full and thrashes it through cover. The Indian openers are at it again63/0
9.2OUTCorey Anderson to Dhawan, out Caught by Guptill!! Anderson delivers the breakthrough for New Zealand. This was shortish and on the stumps, Dhawan carries on with the uppish pull, the ball was dipping on Guptill at deep mid-wicket but he rushed forward and dived to pull off a screamer. Dhawan's promising little knock comes to an abrupt halt. Anderson high-fives Guptill. Dhawan c Guptill b Corey Anderson 28(25) [4s-4 6s-1]64/1
11.5FOURCorey Anderson to Kohli, FOUR, delectable shot! This was on a good length and on off with a bit of inswing, Kohli wristily turns it wide of mid-on, the rich timing carries the ball to the fence71/1
13.1OUTCorey Anderson to Rohit, out Caught by Bennett!! Sharma fritters away a bright start for the umpteenth time. Meanwhile, Corey Anderson's stock soars higher in international cricket. This was on a length and outside off, Sharma makes room and slashes hard, he only manages to slice it off the outside edge to third man, where Bennett completes a smart catch. Rohit c Bennett b Corey Anderson 39(38) [4s-1 6s-4]72/2
14.5OUTBennett to Kohli, out Caught by Ronchi!! An uncharacteristic innings from Kohli comes to a close. The Kiwis mob Bennett. This was back of a length and just outside off, Kohli looks to drive on the up, the ball grazes the outside edge and nestles into the gloves of the keeper. Kohli is very distraught as he walks back to the change room. Kohli c Ronchi b Bennett 6(20) [4s-1]74/3
17.4OUTCorey Anderson to Rahane, out Caught by Ronchi!! Anderson snares his third wicket as India's run-chase stutters. This was a harmless length ball down leg, Rahane seeks to tickle it away fine. He gets a thin edge which is snaffled up by the keeper. Umpire Bowden raises his dreaded finger to ring Rahane's death-knell. Rahane c Ronchi b Corey Anderson 3(14)79/4
18FOURCorey Anderson to Dhoni, FOUR, length ball down leg, Dhoni glances it away to long leg off the front foot84/4
18.5FOURBennett to Raina, FOUR, first convincing shot from Raina. This was fullish and outside off, Raina leans forward and crunches it through cover90/4
19.2SIXCorey Anderson to Dhoni, SIX, Dhoni gets into the thick of the action by advancing down the track and slamming this length delivery high over long-on, India need more of these from their skipper97/4
21.4FOURWilliamson to Raina, FOUR, loads of width on offer, Raina latches on to it as he cuts it off the middle of the bat to the third man fence108/4
24SIXWilliamson to Dhoni, SIX, That was a monster blow from Dhoni. This was on a length on middle and leg, Dhoni picks it up from there and mows it into the second tier over the deep square leg fence123/4
24.1FOURMcClenaghan to Raina, FOUR, short of length delivery down leg, Raina pulls uppishly off a top-edge, he gets this just wide of Southee to pick up a boundary. Southee is stretching now127/4
25.5FOURSouthee to Dhoni, FOUR, tests Dhoni with the short of length delivery outside off, Dhoni rolls his wrists and pulls it away behind square. Dhoni soliders on137/4
27.4OUTSouthee to Raina, out Caught by Ronchi!! The short delivery brings about Raina's downfall again. This was the slower bouncer outside off, Raina shapes up for the pull, bottom-edges it to the keeper. Umpire Bowden raises his crooked finger without any second thoughts. India have already lost half their side. Raina c Ronchi b Southee 31(39) [4s-3]146/5
29.4FOURSouthee to Ashwin, FOUR, just wide of a leaping Anderson at deep backward square leg. This was shortish and on the stumps, Ashwin rocks back and pulls it uppishly, Anderson attacked the ball by running in, he eventually pulled off a sprawling dive only for the ball to evade him and reach the fence157/5
33.3FOURBennett to Ashwin, FOUR, fullish and on off, Ashwin comes on the front foot and flicks it beautifully to the deep mid wicket fence173/5
35.3SIXCorey Anderson to Dhoni, SIX, fullish and on off, that is in Dhoni's slot as he slams it several rows over long off, a spectator tries to catch that in the crowd and misses, shows his disappointment184/5
35.4OUTCorey Anderson to Dhoni, out Caught by Southee at deep backward square leg!! That could be the match and the series right there. A blinder from Southee. Dhoni pulled that hard and flat, it was travelling at the speed of light, Southee though cooly grabbed it with both hands. Somehow the ball stuck in his hand. The golden arm of Corey Anderson strikes again. Dhoni c Southee b Corey Anderson 50(60) [4s-2 6s-3]184/6
36.2FOURMcClenaghan to Ashwin, FOUR, fine shot that. Ashwin plays that shot really well, goes deep in his crease and then cuts it wide of point, who dived but couldn't even get a hand on that, the ball raced away to the fence190/6
37.4FOURCorey Anderson to Ashwin, FOUR, very bad ball that - short and down leg, with fine leg up in the circle, not the ball to be bowling, Ashwin just helps it past the diving fielder201/6
38FOURCorey Anderson to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, well done! Ravindra Jadeja on his toes and opening the face of the bat to run the ball down, past a diving short third, inside the ring. Another handy boundary, but India still behind the asking rate. Corey Anderson doesn't look too impressed with that206/6
38.1FOURMcClenaghan to Ashwin, FOUR, now Ashwin gets an edge and wide of the slip. Tries to ramp the rising delivery outside off and gets a bottom edge, down to the short third man fence. McClenaghan gives vent to his frustration by screaming210/6
38.4FOURMcClenaghan to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, crashed! Picks the short ball and smashes it wide of mid-on, cleanly hit. Runs coming in boundaries now218/6
39.3FOURSouthee to Ashwin, FOUR, short and down leg, poor bowling with fine leg up in the circle, gloves the pull and down to the fence224/6
40SIXSouthee to Ravindra Jadeja, SIX, Ravindra Jadeja has tonked that. Southee missed his length just a wee bit and the batsman cashed in. Drilled it flat and hard over long-off, all the way. 13 off the over231/6
41FOURNathan McCullum to Ashwin, FOUR, Ashwin brings up fifty with a well-executed reverse sweep, it was outside off and he played it over point. Raises his bat and has a word with Ravindra Jadeja who looks happy for his partner. The chase isn't dead just yet239/6
41.4FOURSouthee to Ashwin, FOUR, superbly played. The width was there for that shot - and Ashwin executed it beautifully. Opened the face and sliced it wide of a diving Ronchi. The crowd at Eden Park are back into life and are loudly cheering for the visitors - lots of Indians in the crowd today, one must say247/6
42.3DROPPEDNathan McCullum to Ravindra Jadeja, 1 run, has Southee dropped that at long-on? Very tough to call that a dropped chance, the fast bowler was charging in from the boundary and the ball just fell in front of him, even as he was trying to wrap his hands around the ball252/6
43.2FOURBennett to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, this time Ravindra Jadeja connects with the slash. Fiercely hit and eludes the diving McClenaghan at third man, who flew to his left to catch it with one hand258/6
43.3OTHERBennett to Ravindra Jadeja, no run, if Williamson from point had hit, Ravindra Jadeja was gone, though he was diving to make it back. Didn't know where the ball had gone, set off, Ashwin wasn't interested at all, sends him back, luckily for Jadeja, Kane missed his swooping under-arm flick258/6
44.1SIXNathan McCullum to Ashwin, SIX, Gee! Massive strike that from Ashwin. Comes down the track and launches it way over long-on, the ball went a long way up in the air, and when it landed it was in the corporate boxes. India with all the momentum in this chase now. New Zealand badly need a wicket267/6
44.5OUTNathan McCullum to Ashwin, out Caught by Guptill!! What a catch! Sheer brilliance from Gups at deep midwicket. Any other fielder and it was a six, but he has reeled it back in. Ashwin again going high with the hoick, it was going for a six, but Gups standing almost on the rope near the fence, cooly catches it, then realises he is going over, throws the ball back in, takes a step out, then in and catches it again, with both his feet inside the playing area. Nonchalantly done. The third umpire confirms the clean catch. End of Ravi Ashwin. Has he given the Kiwis a slight opening. Fine knock though it must be said. Ashwin c Guptill b Nathan McCullum 65(46) [4s-8 6s-1]269/7
45.3FOURBennett to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, risky shot with the slip in, but superbly done in the end. Arches back and glides it off the face, beyond Ross at 1st slip, the ball flies away to the fence. Ravindra Jadeja likes it and has some words of advice for his partner275/7
45.4OUTBennett to Bhuvneshwar, out Caught by Nathan McCullum at mid-on!! A brain fade from Bhuvneshwar and he has thrown it away. Backs away to pull and completely mistimes it, Nathan runs back to complete an easy grab. Why do you want to play a shot like that, when the better option was to give the strike back to Ravindra Jadeja. The ball hurried onto him and Bhuvneshwar was woefully out of position to play the stroke. Bhuvneshwar c Nathan McCullum b Bennett 4(3) [4s-1]275/8
46.3OTHERMcClenaghan to Shami, 1 run, Ravindra Jadeja survives again as Williamson misses with an under-arm flick from point, a tight single always and if Kane had hit, Jadeja was gone278/8
46.4SIXMcClenaghan to Ravindra Jadeja, SIX, Ravindra Jadeja is keeping this match alive. Half volley on the stumps, Jadeja drilled it over long-on, got right under that and gave it an almighty whack284/8
47.3OTHERCorey Anderson to Shami, 1 run, would you believe that? Williamson has missed a run-out chance again. Jadeja had given up, Kane could've run to the stumps and hit, instead tries to under-arm it onto the stumps and misses. Is on the ground in disappointment. Jadeja survives for the umpteenth time285/8
47.5OUTCorey Anderson to Shami, out Caught by Williamson!! The dream run of Corey Anderson continues - maiden five-for him in ODIs. What was Shami doing though? He tries to fiddle a length delivery to leg and can only leading-edge it high up in the air, Kane accepts the dolly at point. All up to Jadeja now. Shami c Williamson b Corey Anderson 2(7)286/9
48.2SIXMcClenaghan to Ravindra Jadeja, SIX, Ravindra Jadeja has nailed that. Length ball, angling in to off, Jadeja goes deep in his crease and swings across the line, to send the ball several rows back into the stands at deep midwicket. If McClenaghan misses his length, Jadeja is a good enough striker to put him away293/9
48.3DROPPEDMcClenaghan to Ravindra Jadeja, 1 run, Bennett has completey misjudged that at third man! Should have been the game as Ravindra Jadeja slashed that towards him. The big man couldn't pick it cleanly initially, was late in coming forward and by the time, he dived forward to catch it, the ball had already hit the turf. Baz isn't impressed at all294/9
49.1FOURCorey Anderson to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, the game is alive and kicking. Short on the stumps, Ravindra Jadeja pulls hard and gets it in the gap, over midwicket and well wide of Gups in the deep. A boundary to start off the over. Aaron likes it and has a word with Ravindra Jadeja, egging him on301/9
49.4FOURCorey Anderson to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, Ravindra Jadeja is doing it for India. Smartly whips the short ball off the hips, wide of deep square leg, bounces away into the fence307/9
49.5SIXCorey Anderson to Ravindra Jadeja, SIX, Ravindra Jadeja is turning out to be the hero for India. What a strike that is! Corey Anderson errs by going short, Ravindra Jadeja just slapped that flat-batted over long-on. The ball whistled away over the ropes. Ravindra Jadeja is the toast of the nation currently.313/9