Apr 22Punjab vs. Hyderabad

9th Match at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah

Scores delayed by 15 mins Punjab won by 72 runs

Apr 21Chennai vs. Delhi

8th Match at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Scores delayed by 15 mins Chennai won by 93 runs

Apr 20Rajasthan vs. Punjab

7th Match at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah

Scores delayed by 15 mins Punjab won by 7 wkts

Apr 19Kolkata vs. Delhi

6th Match at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Scores delayed by 15 mins Delhi won by 4 wkts

Apr 19Bangalore vs. Mumbai

5th Match at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Scores delayed by 15 mins Bangalore won by 7 wkts

Apr 18Hyderabad vs. Rajasthan

4th Match at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Scores delayed by 15 mins Rajasthan won by 4 wkts

Apr 23 20:00Rajasthan vs. Chennai

10th Match at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Apr 24 20:00Bangalore vs. Kolkata

11th Match at Sharjah

Apr 25 16:00Hyderabad vs. Delhi

12th Match at Dubai

Apr 25 20:00Chennai vs. Mumbai

13th Martch at Dubai

Apr 26 16:00Rajasthan vs. Bangalore

14th Match at Abu Dhabi

Apr 26 20:00Kolkata vs. Punjab

15th Match at Abu Dhabi


Pakistan vs Sri Lanka in UAE, 2013-14

Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka, 4th ODI

Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi, Dec 25, 2013

Batting: Sri Lanka

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.4FOURJunaid Khan to K Perera, FOUR, Nicely done by Perera. Beautiful shot! It was a good length ball on off, Perera stays rooted to the crease and punches it elegantly off the back foot to the sweeper cover fence6/0
1.1FOURUmar Gul to Dilshan, FOUR, What a way for Dilshan to get off the mark. Fantastic shot! It was kept full by Umar Gul, Dilshan gets forward slightly and drills it down the ground to the long-off fence10/0
1.4OUTUmar Gul to K Perera, out Caught by Misbah!! After giving away 9 runs off his first three ball, Gul has got his man! Not exactly a good ball, but he has given Pakistan the breakthrough. It was a slightly fuller delivery outside off, Perera punches it hard, not properly timed by him as he holes it to cover where Misbah makes no mistake and holds onto a simple catch. K Perera c Misbah b Umar Gul 8(8) [4s-1]15/1
2.5FOURJunaid Khan to Sangakkara, FOUR, Junaid Khan offers a bit of width and pays the price for it! It was fuller and wide outside off, Sangakkara opens the face of the bat and drives it to deep backward point22/1
3.2OUTUmar Gul to Dilshan, out Bowled!! What a ball by Gul! He gets the prized wicket of Dilshan. Gul kept this one slightly fuller and this time swings it back in. Dilshan has completely misread the ball, he shoulders arms as the ball jags back in and crashes onto his off-stump. Sri Lanka have lost both their openers and are in big trouble. Dilshan b Umar Gul 8(7) [4s-1]22/2
4.3FOURJunaid Khan to Sangakkara, FOUR, Lucky boundary for Sangakkara! It was a good length ball well outside off, Sangakkara stays back and slashes it hard towards third man. Umar Gul is the man there desperately tries to save the boundary but the ball sneaks in and crosses the ropes with ease26/2
6.4FOURJunaid Khan to Chandimal, FOUR, Beautifully timed by Chandimal! Junaid angles this across on leg, Chandimal leans slightly and flicks it off his pads nicely to the deep mid wicket fence33/2
7.2OUTUmar Gul to Chandimal, out Caught by Misbah!! Another catch for Misbah and it is one-handed this time! He will not miss those that easily. It was a fuller one outside off, Chandimal is cramped for room and goes for the uppish drive. But Misbah is even quicker as he stretches his right hand and takes a well-judged sharp catch at short cover. Chandimal c Misbah b Umar Gul 5(12) [4s-1]36/3
9.2FOURUmar Gul to Priyanjan, FOUR, Lovely shot! It was a fullish ball outside off, Priyanjan comes on the front foot and calmly caresses the drive to the extra cover fence42/3
9.5FOURUmar Gul to Priyanjan, FOUR, Priyanjan is batting fantastically here! First punishes a full one and now puts the short one away, It was banged in by Gul, Priyanjan is quick to gets back and muscles the pull to the deep mid wicket fence46/3
10FOURUmar Gul to Priyanjan, FOUR, Back-to-back boundaries for Priyanjan, his third one of the over. Gul bowls it fuller this time around off, Priyanjan gets forward and slams the drive to sweeper cover50/3
11.1FOURBhatti to Priyanjan, FOUR, slightly back of a length delivery outside off, Priyanjan stays back and deliberately slashes it in the air to the third man fence. There was just one slip there and he has worked it well to his advantage and used the pace nicely58/3
11.5FOURBhatti to Sangakkara, FOUR, good length ball on middle, Sangakkara leans forward and tucks it beautifully to the backward square leg fence63/3
16.2FOURAfridi to Priyanjan, FOUR, Priyanjan is batting excellently here. That is some smart cricket. It was a flighted delivery outside off, Priyanjan stays back and slashes it late to the square third man fence83/3
18.3FOURAjmal to Priyanjan, FOUR, Nicely done by Priyanjan, this is his 6th boundary! It was a flighted delivery outside off, Priyanjan stays back, takes his time and steers it to third man95/3
22.4FOURAjmal to Priyanjan, FOUR, floated delivery outside off, Priyanjan makes room, goes on the backfoot, takes his time and cuts it beautifully to the sweeper cover fence105/3
27.5OTHERAfridi to Priyanjan, 1 run, Priyanjan gets his debut ODI fifty. It was a flighted delivery on leg, Priyanjan tucks it nicely to deep mid wicket122/3
28OTHERAfridi to Sangakkara, 1 run, tossed up on off, Sangakkara gets forward and drives it to mid-off to get his 83rd ODI fifty, it is also his 9th against Pakistan123/3
28.5OUTHafeez to Sangakkara, out Sangakkara Run Out!! It was a flighted delivery outside off, Sangakkara cuts it to point. Anwar Ali does well to get to the ball quicly and has a shy at the non-striker's end. Hafeez collects the ball comfortably and disturbs the stumps in an instant. The hesitation to run as cost Sanga as he does not reach in time and is out by a mile. Sangakkara run out (Anwar Ali/Hafeez) 51(78) [4s-3]125/4
29.2FOURAfridi to Priyanjan, FOUR, Brilliant shot! It was a flighted delivery on middle and off, Priyanjan rolls his wrists elegantly, makes room and whips it to the deep mid-wicket fence132/4
29.5FOURAfridi to Priyanjan, FOUR, Another excellent stroke by Priyanjan. This one was short by Afridi, Priyanjan gets back and pulls it to deep mid wicket, falls just in front of the ropes136/4
30.3FOURHafeez to Priyanjan, FOUR, Fantastically done! It was slightly short by Hafeez, Priyanjan is quick to get down on his knees and slog sweeps this one to the deep mid wicket fence141/4
35.3OUTJunaid Khan to Priyanjan, out Bowled!! Priyanjan's brilliant innings comes to end thanks to a cheeky attempt. The paddle is now a common shot played by everyone but there was no real need to play it at this point. He just misses a straight ball in the process and Junaid Khan is pumped to bag his first wicket of the match. Priyanjan b Junaid Khan 74(93) [4s-10]165/5
37OUTAjmal to N Kulasekara, out Caught&Bowled!! Very soft dismissal. That was nicely bowled by Ajmal. It was slower through the air and full too. Kulasekara pushes forward limply and ends up chipping it back to Ajmal, who grabs it with one hand above his head. Sri Lanka in a spot of bother now. N Kulasekara c and b Ajmal 1(7)170/6
37.3FOURJunaid Khan to Mathews, FOUR, erring in line a touch and Mathews puts it away easily. The fine leg is up in the circle and he drifts onto leg. All Mathews had to do was get some bat on it and the ball races to the fine leg fence174/6
37.4SIXJunaid Khan to Mathews, SIX, That's a super shot from Mathews. He comes down the track, makes some room and just flat bats it over the bowler's head. Enough on it to land just in front of the sight-screen as well180/6
39.2FOURHafeez to Mathews, FOUR, excellent reverse sweep from Mathews. This was full and outside off. Mathews plonks his foot out and sweeps it really, really hard between point and gully for a boundary187/6
42FOURHafeez to Kithuruwan Vithanage, FOUR, floated on the off. Vithanage gets down on one knee and smokes it over the mid wicket fence. Much needed hit that by Vithanage200/6
43.3DROPPEDHafeez to Kithuruwan Vithanage, no run, catch dropped by Bhatti. That was a simple chance. Vithanage played the reverse sweep straight to backward point but the chance is spilled. That's a really poor effort204/6
43.5FOURHafeez to Kithuruwan Vithanage, FOUR, another reverse sweep. This time he gets it over the head of backward point and down to the boundary208/6
44.1OUTAjmal to Mathews, out Lbw!! After a long while for a pretty straightforward decision, Mathews departs. The ball pitched on middle stump and skidded on low. Mathews was late to get the bat down and was hit on the back pad. He was a dead duck immediately and the review was just in optimism. Mathews lbw b Ajmal 38(46) [4s-2 6s-1]210/7
44.2OUTAjmal to Senanayake, out Bowled!! Ajmal is on a hat-trick! That was beautifully bowled by Ajmal. Floated up from round the wicket, pitching on middle and turning in to go between bat and pad to hit the middle stump. That's just too good for Senanayake and Ajmal bags his 3rd of the game. What a wonderful year he's having Senanayake b Ajmal 0(1)210/8
46.2FOURAjmal to Kithuruwan Vithanage, FOUR, that's another nice reverse sweep from Kithuruwan Vithanage. It was outside off and he plays it with the turn and over the head of the man at point215/8
46.5FOURAjmal to Kithuruwan Vithanage, FOUR, pushed through quick by Ajmal on middle and leg. Vithanage was trying to sweep it hard and gets a thick inside edge. The fine leg was up in the circle and the ball just sped past him222/8
47DROPPEDAjmal to Kithuruwan Vithanage, no run, catch dropped by Umar Akmal. The slow, doosra from Ajmal. Vithanage looks to drive hard but gets an inside edge. Akmal does not react in time and grasses the chance222/8
48OUTJunaid Khan to Kithuruwan Vithanage, out Caught by Maqsood!! That's a very well judged catch in the deep. Looked like a slower one from Junaid Khan. Vithanage tries to go over the mid wicket boundary but miscues completely. Maqsood kept his cool in the deep and settled under the skier without losing balance, just inside the ropes. Kithuruwan Vithanage c Maqsood b Junaid Khan 27(26) [4s-4]225/9
48.5OUTAjmal to Malinga, out Caught by U Akmal!! The doosra does the trick. Malinga swings across the line but gets a thick outside edge. Umar Akmal picks a sharp catch behind the wickets. Ajmal's 4th ends the innings. Malinga c U Akmal b Ajmal 0(5)225/10

Batting: Pakistan

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
2.1FOURN Kulasekara to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, nice little punch between extra cover and long off. It was not too full but Shehzad had a very good stride out. The fielder from mid off raced after it but the timing was just too good9/0
2.3FOURN Kulasekara to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, now off the backfoot through sweeper cover. Another very good shot. This was again, not too short but Shehzad made it look like one. He just transfers his weight behind and the punch through cover sends the ball scurrying13/0
3FOURN Kulasekara to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, another superb cover drive to end the over. Slightly fuller and no swing. Shehzad just moves forward and drives it majestically past the man at short extra cover, all along the ground. Such a beautiful shot17/0
3.1FOURMalinga to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, Sharjeel is taking a leaf out of the Ahmed Shehzad book. On a good length and outside off from Malinga. Sharjeel stays in the crease and creams it through cover. Top shot21/0
3.3FOURMalinga to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, over the infield this time. Full again from Malinga. Sharjeel deliberately slices it over cover and picks up another boundary.25/0
5.1OUTMathews to Sharjeel Khan, out Bowled!! Mathews shows how its done. He brings himself on and knocks the off stump out first ball. This was just a straight delivery from over the wicket, Sharjeel plays inside the line and misses. The stump is uprooted and Sri Lanka bring an end to a flying opening stand. Sharjeel Khan b Mathews 13(16) [4s-2]31/1
5.3FOURMathews to Hafeez, FOUR, streaky way to get off the mark. This was a slow cutter outside off. Hafeez pushes out and gets a thick inside edge that misses the off stump and races past the 'keeper35/1
6.3FOURLakmal to Hafeez, FOUR, Excellent pull shot that from Hafeez. Lakmal did try to bounce him here but it does not get above hip height. Hafeez swivels and pulls it superbly through square leg40/1
6.4FOURLakmal to Hafeez, FOUR, just poor bowling. No real pace on a short delivery again. Hafeez pulls it behind square this time and does not even bother to keep it down, it just flies away through the big gap44/1
7FOURLakmal to Hafeez, FOUR, 3rd boundary of the over. This time through the offside. Not too short from Lakmal but there was a little width on offer. Hafeez is in terrific nick and he punches it square for yet another boundary48/1
8.3FOURN Kulasekara to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, another terrific shot. Nothing wrong with the line or length. Shehzad just eases back and punches it square on the offside. He picked the gap quite wonderfully55/1
11FOURN Kulasekara to Hafeez, FOUR, the line and legnth had been very steady in the last few overs. Hafeez had to do something different. He walks across and pulls a length delivery superbly wide of deep mid wicket. He's dealing only in boundaries. 20 now studded with 5 fours!62/1
12.4SIXMalinga to Hafeez, SIX, very good effort by Lakmal in the deep. Hafeez went for the pull and timed it nicely. Lakmal, at deep backward square leg, pedals back to catch it but lands on the rope as he does it.74/1
12.5FOURMalinga to Hafeez, FOUR, Hafeez is playing some exquisite pulls today. This time he plays it all along the ground but extremely powerfully78/1
13.4FOURSenanayake to Hafeez, FOUR, slowly tossed up outside off, Hafeez reaches out to cut but gets a thick outside edge past slip. The ball has enough on it to roll into the ropes85/1
14FOURSenanayake to Hafeez, FOUR, just a poor delivery. Dragged short and outside off. Hafeez latches onto it gleefully and thumps it through cover91/1
16.3OTHERMalinga to Hafeez, 1 run, Hafeez is having a superb series. 19th ODI fifty and 4th against Sri Lanka. He gets there by tucking a length delivery down to fine leg. He's played superbly so far99/1
16.4FOURMalinga to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, banged in short by Malinga. No pace at all. Shehzad had his frontfoot out, he just leans back and pulls it well in front of square for a boundary. Top class batting103/1
19.2SIXSenanayake to Hafeez, SIX, that was a mishit, but it has sailed over the fielder at long on, tossed up delivery on the stumps, Hafeez comes down the track and lofts it through the line over long on, initially it looked like the fielder was getting under it, but it just sailed over him115/1
20.2OUTLakmal to Ahmed Shehzad, out Caught by Senanayake!! He steered it straight to the wide slip, that was positioned for that shot, for Lakmal, the round the wicket line has worked, it was short and slanting across the right hander, Shehzad was looking to steer it away to third man, but has hit it straight to Senanayake at wide slip, wonderful innings from him, but he's missed out on a fifty. Ahmed Shehzad c Senanayake b Lakmal 44(56) [4s-5]115/2
27.2FOURMathews to Hafeez, FOUR, a welcome boundary for Pakistan, slower short delivery outside off, he doesn't miss out on those, gets on top of it nicely and cuts it away to deep backward point fence145/2
29.1FOURKithuruwan Vithanage to Hafeez, FOUR, he starts off badly, but poor effort in the deep by Malinga, rank long hop outside off, Hafeez was camping on the back foot and just flays it away to square third man, Malinga chased it well, but failed to stop it with a slide153/2
29.5FOURKithuruwan Vithanage to Hafeez, FOUR, this is hurting SL more, he drags it too short again, Hafeez goes back and pulls it over the fielder to long on, the mid on was up and he effortlessly smacked it!159/2
33.2FOURDilshan to Hafeez, FOUR, brings up his 9th ton on ODIs, this is his 3rd in this series and 5th this year, kisses the ground and then a flying kiss to his wife in the stands, turning down the leg side, Hafeez does well to get some bat to it and the ball races away to fine leg171/2
34SIXDilshan to Maqsood, SIX, he's breaking free now, fired in full just outside off, Maqsood gets under it nicely and absolutely murders it straight down the ground to long off, the strong bottom hand to full effect and it sailed over the ropes180/2
34.4FOURLakmal to Maqsood, FOUR, strong bottom hand once again, slightly shorter outside off, Maqsood stands tall and punches it off the back foot to deep extra cover, he absolutely thumped it!185/2
35.2FOURSenanayake to Maqsood, FOUR, easy looking shot, bit too full from Senanayake, Maqsood plonks his front foot forward, gets to the pitch of the ball and creams it to deep extra cover190/2
38.4FOURLakmal to Maqsood, FOUR, fetch that! Pitched up and on middle, Maqsood picks it and just punches it all along the ground to long on, timed it well and it raced away209/2
39.2FOURDilshan to Maqsood, byes, FOUR, nothing is going SL's way at the moment, fired in full outside off, Maqsood drives hard at it and misses, Sanga couldn't stop it and lets it go through his legs214/2
39.3OTHERDilshan to Maqsood, 1 run, full again on middle, clipped away to deep mid wicket, the partnership between Maqsood and Hafeez is now 100215/2
40FOURDilshan to Maqsood, FOUR, the ball teases Lakmal right to the end, another slightly shorter outside off, Maqsood stays back and punches it to sweeper cover, the timing was perfect, but Lakmal gives the chase, but the ball wins the race in the end220/2