Jan 26Australia vs. India

5th Match at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

No result

Jan 25South Africa vs. West Indies

4th ODI at St George's Park, Port Elizabeth

West Indies won by 1 wkt

Jan 25New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

6th ODI at University Oval, Dunedin

New Zealand won by 120 runs

Jan 23New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

5th ODI at University Oval, Dunedin

New Zealand won by 108 runs

Jan 23Australia vs. England

4th Match at Bellerive Oval, Hobart

Australia won by 3 wkts

Jan 21South Africa vs. West Indies

3rd ODI at Buffalo Park, East London

South Africa won by 9 wkts

Jan 28 17:00South Africa vs. West Indies

5th ODI at Centurion

Jan 29 06:30New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

7th ODI at Wellington

Jan 30 08:50England vs. India

6th Match at Perth

Jan 31 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

1st ODI at Wellington

Feb 01 08:50Australia vs. TBC

Final at Perth

Feb 03 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

2nd ODI at Napier


Australia tour of South Africa 2014

South Africa vs. Australia, 3rd Test

Newlands, Cape Town, Mar 01, 2014

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.2FOURSteyn to Chris Rogers, FOUR, full and wide outside off again. No swing for Steyn yet. Rogers reaches out, opens the face and drives it nicely between point and gully to get off the mark4/0
0.4FOURSteyn to Chris Rogers, FOUR, Steyn now drifts onto leg, Rogers tries to turn it off his hips. He gets a bit of glove on it and it races away very fine. No chance for the man at fine leg8/0
2.2FOURSteyn to Warner, FOUR, that's much better. Steyn is not getting it bend it back in. He's trying it and keeping it full. That allows Warner to stretch out confidently and drives it superbly through cover13/0
3.3FOURPhilander to Warner, FOUR, easily the shot of the morning so far. That was tremendously well timed. It was overpitched and Warner got the bat down vertically to hit it hard through long on. Lovely shot really26/0
4.4FOURM Morkel to Chris Rogers, FOUR, another short one and this time Rogers plays it much better. He does not press forward instead he jumps up and cuts it beautifully. Good cricket30/0
5.1FOURPhilander to Warner, FOUR, a short delivery at 135kph is not going to trouble Warner at all. Probably tried as a surprise but all it did to Warner was offer him a gift34/0
5.3FOURPhilander to Warner, FOUR, Warner is wasting no time at all. It was well outside off and he decides to cut it. Right over the head of the man at point but cleared him easily. Another boundary38/0
5.5FOURPhilander to Warner, FOUR, crunching pull once again. Warner picked this short one very early. He played it well in front of his body and through mid wicket42/0
10.3FOURM Morkel to Chris Rogers, FOUR, overpitched and Rogers times it through the covers brilliantly. Minimum of footwork but the position, shape and balance was superb60/0
13.3OUTSteyn to Chris Rogers, out Caught by Graeme Smith!! That's what South Africa wanted. Steyn delivers yet again. A full delivery outside off and Rogers plays a loose drive outside off. He was playing for the angle in. It straightened just enough to catch the outside edge. Smith, at first slip, moves to his left to pouch a good catch. Chris Rogers c Graeme Smith b Steyn 25(41) [4s-4]65/1
15.4OTHERSteyn to Warner, 5 runs, some good luck gives Warner his fifty. It's his 13th Test fifty. Warner tapped this wide of mid on for a quick single. A direct hit saw the ball deflect away to the boundary despite a desperate chase by Amla. Anyway, it's been yet another good knock from Warner. Best way to do the talking, one feels75/1
16.1FOURKyle Abbott to Warner, FOUR, full and outside off, Warner comes on the frontfoot and crashes it hard past a diving mid off for another boundary79/1
19.3FOURSteyn to Warner, FOUR, Steyn goes too full and wide outside off now. Warner reaches out and drives it intentionally through extra cover. There was a man stationed squarer, in the deep. He had no chance90/1
20.1FOURKyle Abbott to Doolan, FOUR, he played a simialr shot at the end of the previous over. This one was much better. Slightly short and outside off again. Doolan hangs back and punches it hard to the cover boundary. Not easy at all to play that100/1
20.5FOURKyle Abbott to Doolan, FOUR, not the length to be bowling to Doolan. He stays back predominantly and is severe on anything short. This one was pulled away to the square leg fence with a flourish104/1
29.4FOURPhilander to Doolan, FOUR, that's superb timing from Doolan. Philander was repeatedly targeting the pads. This time Doolan was waiting for it and clips it off his pads through mid wicket. All along the carpet and very firmly struck126/1
30.5FOURKyle Abbott to Warner, FOUR, Kyle Abbott tries to dig it in short but the ball just sits up nicely. Warner stays back and guides it past backward point for four. Intentionally opened the face to pick the gap. There is just no stopping him today134/1
31FOURKyle Abbott to Warner, FOUR, a man was pushed back after the previous shot. What does Warner do? He just hits it harder and straighter. It was a poor delivery again, too much width with too little pace. Warner finds the cover fence once again138/1
31.3OUTPhilander to Doolan, out Caught by Steyn!! Doolan has thrown it away. He is a strong player of the backfoot but this was poorly played. Not too short to pull and he was not fully back either. The miscue is taken well by Steyn running across to his right from mid on. Doolan c Steyn b Philander 20(66) [4s-3]138/2
33.2FOURPhilander to Clarke, FOUR, not convincing but it gives Clarke his first boundary. This was well outside off with some shape away. Clarke pushed out and got a thick outside edge. It races past the slip cordon to the boundary147/2
38.1OTHERSteyn to Warner, no run, so Warner survives. This was short and into the thigh from round the wicket. Warner wanted to pull but it grazed his thigh on the way behind. de Villiers tumbled to take it well but to no avail153/2
39.4FOURKyle Abbott to Warner, FOUR, pulled away to the fine leg fence and he gets his 7th Test ton. This was short and down the leg side. Warner helped it away to the boundary. That's his second ton of the series to go with two fifties. Superbly played. No jump or leap this time. Just a pump of the fist to celebrate158/2
46.3FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, cracking reply to a short delivery by Warner. He pulls it superbly into the ground and down to the backward square leg fence. Went off like a bullet really176/2
49.2FOURElgar to Warner, FOUR, floated outside off again, Warner dances down and drives it very hard past mid off for a boundary. Top shot yet again188/2
50.5FOURPhilander to Clarke, FOUR, streaky but Clarke gets a boundary. He went after a wide one and played it uppishly. It was not too far away from gully but landed well in front of Elgar194/2
54FOURElgar to Clarke, FOUR, top class drive that through cover. Clarke dances down the track and drives it inside out with brilliant timing205/2
55.2DROPPEDElgar to Clarke, 1 run, almost a catch, this was turning away outside off and short as well. Clarke went for the cut and got a thick outside edge. It flew past Smith at slip. He had no time to react209/2
55.4SIXElgar to Warner, SIX, massive hit! Warner reaches out after skipping down and lofts it with the turn into the stands over mid wicket. Excellent hit that215/2
57.4OUTDuminy to Warner, out Caught by de Villiers!! Duminy strikes a big blow. This was nicely bowled by Duminy. Tossed up outside off and turning away. Warner presses forward and reached out but the ball turned away to take the edge. de Villiers did not grab on in the first attempt but hangs onto it just as it was about to fall out. No review after a consulstation with Clarke. End of a very fine innings and Warner walks out to a well-deserved standing ovation. Warner c de Villiers b Duminy 135(152) [4s-12 6s-1]217/3
60.1FOURKyle Abbott to Clarke, FOUR, best shot of Clarke's innings so far. It was not too short but Clarke had the width to punch and he played it nicely off the backfoot, right in the gap between cover and point223/3
65.1FOURDuminy to Clarke, FOUR, dragged short and wide outside off, Clarke latches onto it with a fierce cut to the square boundary236/3
66.5FOURM Morkel to S Smith, FOUR, full and outside off, Smith presses out and drives it superbly to the extra cover boundary. Excellent shot that242/3
67.1FOURDuminy to Clarke, FOUR, twinkling footwork against the spinner. Clarke dances down and drives it nicely to the left of mid off for a boundary, moves to 49246/3
67.2OTHERDuminy to Clarke, 1 run, tossed up on the leg, Clarke skips down and flicks it down to deep mid wicket. Brings up his 28th Test fifty. It's been a fiesty knock against high quality bowling, under pressure. He was short of runs coming into this crucial match247/3
75FOURKyle Abbott to S Smith, FOUR, full and straight, the extra ball costs four. Smith flicks it through straightish mid wicket for another boundary275/3
75.4SIXElgar to S Smith, SIX, superb shot. Smith dances down, gets to the pitch and lofts it straight down the ground for maximum. Top shot282/3
83.1FOURPhilander to S Smith, FOUR, full and wide outside off, Smith reaches out and manages to squeeze it past gully for a boundary300/3
83.2FOURPhilander to S Smith, FOUR, now Smith is all squared up. The away swinger takes the outside edge and flies past gully again for a boundary304/3
84FOURPhilander to S Smith, FOUR, Philander searches for swing again and drifts onto the pads. Smith flicks it away hard through mid wicket for a boundary308/3
84.1FOURM Morkel to Clarke, FOUR, that is showing some intent. This was short but did not climb up too much. Clarke watches it early and pulls it extremely hard through mid wicket for a boundary312/3
84.4FOURM Morkel to Clarke, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Clarke stays back and cuts it fiercely past gully for another boundary. How the tables have turned in a matter of hours! It was not long before M Morkel was hitting and hurting Clarke316/3
84.5OTHERM Morkel to Clarke, 2 runs, first ball from that line has posed some trouble. Banged in short. Clarke tries to pull but was in no control. The ball was in the air for a long time but lands safely before Robin Peterson could run around and get to it318/3
86.5FOURM Morkel to S Smith, FOUR, banged in short by M Morkel. Smith arches back and ramps it over the slip cordon for a boundary. That brings up his 6th Test fifty. He's been a little lucky but is scoring the runs that matters327/3
87.1FOURPhilander to Clarke, FOUR, full and outside off, Clarke opens the face and drives it past point for a boundary. Takes him into the 90s. The blow to the right thumb is still stinging him331/3
91.2FOURPhilander to Clarke, FOUR, he moves onto 98 now, full and tailing into the pads, Clarke gets across the stumps and clips it off his pads to deep mid wicket, it was too straight on the pads and he easily puts it away337/3
95.1FOURPhilander to S Smith, FOUR, he's whipped that away, too full and straight on the pads, Smith with a strong bottom hand clips it past the fielder to deep mid wicket, it sped away on the turf!344/3
97.1FOURPhilander to S Smith, FOUR, oh that is a lovely shot, overpitched and in the slot, Smith gets right to the pitch of the ball and creams it away to deep extra cover, elegant cover drive from him!348/3
99.1SIXPhilander to S Smith, SIX, looks like Smith will get to his ton quickly, it was bit too full from Philander, Smith gets under it nicely, with a straight elbow, lofts it through the line straight down the ground for half a dozen358/3
99.3FOURPhilander to Clarke, FOUR, finally Pup gets to his 27th Test ton, his 5th against SA and it has taken him lots of bruises to reach there, it was full and in the slot, Clarke reaches out and drives it to sweeper cover, raises his helmet and this has been gritty knock, it is his first after 14 innings and last time he played at this ground he had scored a ton also363/3
99.5FOURPhilander to Clarke, FOUR, there's the outside edge, but it has gone past the slip cordon to third man, this one kicks up from a length, it was closer to the off stump and Clarke was squared up, the ball takes the outside edge and fell short of the 2nd slip fielder and raced away to the fence, the partnership between Clarke and S Smith is now 150367/3
100FOURPhilander to Clarke, FOUR, that's a confident looking shot, full and tailing into the pads, Clarke gets across and threads it between the 2 fielders between midwicket and long on for his 3rd boundary of the over, Philander has leaked too many runs in this innings so far371/3
100.4SIXM Morkel to S Smith, SIX, that is a phenominal shot, it didn't go off the meat of the bat, but still it had power to sail over long off, it was full and outside off, Smith didn't quite get to the pitch of the ball and goes through with the lofted shot over long off377/3
105FOURM Morkel to S Smith, no ball, FOUR, he's overstepped again, that is an awesome shot from Smith, it was full and on middle, Smith gets under it nicely and lofts it through the line to long on, one bounce and into the fence391/3
107.1FOURElgar to Clarke, FOUR, superb shot against the spin, tossed up delivery on the stumps, Clarke comes down the track and clips it in the air to deep mid wicket, 400 up for Australia400/3
107.5OUTElgar to S Smith, out Bowled!! Elgar has got a wicket against the run of play, much needed breakthrough for the Proteas, it was flatter and slightly wider, Smith shapes in to cut, but it was away from the body and he ends up dragging it onto the stumps, bit unfortunate for Smith, but that's the way it goes. S Smith b Elgar 84(155) [4s-9 6s-3]401/4
110.2FOURM Morkel to Watson, FOUR, he's playing too many shots, he left it alone in the last over of Morkel, but plays it confidently this time around, back of a length and closer to the off stump, Watson arches back and cuts it past the gully fielder to third man412/4
111.5FOURElgar to Clarke, FOUR, catch it was the call, but he's hammered it through the off side, tossed up delivery on off, Clarke reaches out and drills it past the diving fielder at short covers, it sped away on the turf and the deep fielder had no chance of stopping that422/4
113.5SIXElgar to Watson, SIX, it has just cleared the fence at long off, that was a risky shot from Watto just minutes before lunch, tossed up delivery on off, Watson gets forward and lofts it through the air towards long off, initially it looked like it was going straight to the fielder, but it just about sails over the ropes433/4
114.4SIXDuminy to Watson, SIX, Watto has made his intentions clear, this is floated just outside off, Watson goes on his and slog sweeps it into the stands at deep mid wicket for a maximum440/4
114.5FOURDuminy to Watson, FOUR, fuller and on the stumps, Watson this time hits straighter towards long off, he didn't middle it, Amla tries to run around and take the catch but the ball evades him and goes into the fence on the bounce444/4
118.3SIXDuminy to Watson, SIX, Watto in the mood today, this is bread and butter for him, full and on leg-stump, Watson slaps the sweep and hits it flat into the deep mid wicket stands456/4
118.4OUTDuminy to Watson, out Caught by Amla!! Watson lives by the sword and dies by it. This was floated outside off, Watson tries to go over long on, but ends up splicing it to long off, where Amla settles under it and takes a simple catch. The umpires checked for the front foot no-ball and Duminy has some part of his leg behind the crease. Watson c Amla b Duminy 40(32) [4s-2 6s-3]456/5
119.2FOURKyle Abbott to Clarke, FOUR, top shot! This was overpitched outside off, Clarke comes on the front foot and drills the drive to the deep extra cover fence, stand and deliver stuff from the skipper461/5
122.1FOURDuminy to Haddin, FOUR, tossed up delivery on off, Haddin walks across his stumps and hoicks it to deep mid wicket, the ball goes on the bounce to the fence471/5
123.2FOURKyle Abbott to Clarke, FOUR, short delivery outside off, not much venom on that, Clarke has plenty of time to go back and pull it to the deep mid wicket. This is now is highest score in South Africa475/5
125.1FOURPhilander to Haddin, FOUR, Haddin welcomes Philander with a super shot, fullish and outside off, he gets to the pitch of the ball and heaves it wide of mid-on for a boundary484/5
126.5OUTDuminy to Haddin, out Caught by Amla!! Duminy gets another one against the run of play. This was floated outside off, Haddin mistimes the loft straight down the throat of Amla at mid-off. He goes trying the accelerate. Both Haddin and Watson tried to hit against the wind which was not a clever idea. Haddin c Amla b Duminy 13(21) [4s-2]489/6
127OUTDuminy to Johnson, out Caught by de Villiers!! Duminy is on a hat-trick and this is his career best. This was fired down the leg-side, Johnson leans forward and tries to glance it, but ends up getting a thin inside edge to ABD who collects a sharp catch. Umpire Aleem Dar was not convinced that there was an edge, but Duminy was and he told ABD to go for the review, and the Proteas got it right as the decision was overturned. Johnson c de Villiers b Duminy 0(1)489/7
127.4FOURPhilander to R Harris, FOUR, sharp bouncer from the Vern, Harris goes for the pull and gets a top edge over ABD494/7

Batting: South Africa

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.4FOURR Harris to Graeme Smith, FOUR, Smith gets off the mark in style. It was full and wide outside off. Smith reaches out and squeezes it to the left of point5/0
3OTHERR Harris to Graeme Smith, no run, the ball was angled across again, Smith wanted to defend but was hit on the back leg. The ball did not nip in. That would have made it close. The ball-tracker shows the ball missing off comfortably7/0
4.5OUTR Harris to Graeme Smith, out Caught by Haddin!! Smith falls prey to R Harris. That was waiting to happen. Smith played and missed quite a few in the same area. Full and angled across. This time he closes the face a bit as well but gets a thick outside edge. Easy catch for Haddin and it's another failure for the South Africa captain. Graeme Smith c Haddin b R Harris 5(19) [4s-1]7/1
8FOURJohnson to A Petersen, FOUR, mistake from Johnson and Petersen cashes in. It was full, too full and on the pads. Petersen stands up tall and flicks it superbly through square leg19/1
8.4FOURR Harris to Elgar, FOUR, full and on the off, Elgar prods out and punches it firmly past mid off. Good timing sends it scurryingaway23/1
9.3FOURJ Pattinson to A Petersen, FOUR, pacy short of length delivery, directed into the thigh. Petersen flicks it away but was not in full control. Haddin dives across to his left but the ball goes further away30/1
10.2FOURWatson to A Petersen, FOUR, Petersen is thinking runs as soon as Watson comes in. He walks well outside off and flicks it off middle stump to the fine leg boundary. Quite risky but it paid off37/1
10.4FOURWatson to A Petersen, FOUR, full and angled in again. This time Petersen flicks it much straighter in the big gap through mid wicket. He actually picked it from outside off. Excellent shot41/1
11.4OUTJ Pattinson to Elgar, out Caught by Haddin!! Stunning take from Haddin. This ball was slightly short and nipped in, extra bounce as well. Elgar got a thick inside edge. Haddin dives full length to his right and grabs one with one hand. All the Australians rush towards the 36-year old but he's nonchalant about it. Elgar c Haddin b J Pattinson 11(20) [4s-1]42/2
13.2FOURJ Pattinson to A Petersen, FOUR, banged in short. Petersen rocks back and pulls it really hard through mid wicket for a boundary47/2
15FOURWatson to Amla, FOUR, a lot fuller from Watson and Amla puts it away superbly. He gets forward and drove it sweetly past mid off. He's finding his feet55/2
15.1FOURJ Pattinson to A Petersen, FOUR, streaky but Petersen is living by the sword here. This was short and outside off, Petersen went for the cut but played it uppishly just over gully.59/2
15.4FOURJ Pattinson to A Petersen, FOUR, not in control at all. This was short but did not rise up too much. Petersen wanted to pull but ends up playing a pick up shot instead. Couple of plonks before it rolls through to the square leg fence67/2
15.5FOURJ Pattinson to A Petersen, FOUR, classy now. Overpitched and it has been driven handsomely through cover now. The foot was right out and beat the man close in71/2
16.2FOURLyon to Amla, FOUR, big gap through cover and Lyon is tossing it up outside off. They want Amla to play a loose drive but that's not happening now. This was sweetly timed79/2
17.1OTHERJohnson to A Petersen, 3 runs, full and on the off, Petersen drives it nicely through mid off, takes three and brings up his 8th Test fifty. He's not been scared to attack and is pulling it off superbly84/2
20.3FOURLyon to Amla, FOUR, Clarke has left the cover area open for the mistimed drive but Amla is taking it on. This was floated outside off, Amla drove it superbly to the left of short cover. Brilliantly played93/2
21.2OUTJohnson to A Petersen, out Caught by Haddin!! Johnson strikes as well. We've seen this catch down the legside so many times against Johnson. This was short and into the body, Petersen walked across and tried to glance but got a thin edge down and Haddin is quick to move across. End of a promising innings and one that should save Petersen's place in the team for the time being. A Petersen c Haddin b Johnson 53(62) [4s-8]95/3
23FOURLyon to de Villiers, FOUR, beautiful drive down the track. Free flowing from de Villiers. He danced down the track, got to the pitch and gave it the full monty102/3
24FOURJohnson to Amla, FOUR, lovely drive down the ground. This was angled across again. Amla presents a straight bat and punches it superbly wide of extra cover106/3
24.3FOURR Harris to Amla, FOUR, What a shot! This was full and outside off, not too full but Amla punches it on the up and right between cover and point. The offside field was packed but Amla picks the gap with precision111/3
27FOURR Harris to de Villiers, FOUR, just a little bit of width outside off and it cannot be afforded against de Villiers. He leans out and drives it superbly through extra cover116/3
27.1FOURJ Pattinson to Amla, FOUR, the boundaries are flowing from both batsmen. This was short and sits up nicely. Amla gets up on his toes and crunches it through cover120/3
28.1OUTR Harris to Amla, out Bowled!! Bowled through the gate! Huge, hughe wicket that. Amla was lulled into a sense of calm with so many drives. This one was in the slot as well but Amla left a gap, big gap between bat and pad. The ball nips back in and crashes into middle and off. Loose shot from someone of Amla's standards. Amla b R Harris 38(52) [4s-6]121/4
35.4OUTJohnson to de Villiers, out Caught by Clarke!! Johnson gets the big fish. Full and slanted well outside off. de Villiers chases it without any footwork and gets a thick outside edge. Comfortable catch for Clarke at 2nd slip. South Africa in complete tatters here. de Villiers c Clarke b Johnson 14(37) [4s-2]133/5
36.5FOURR Harris to du Plessis, FOUR, full and drifting onto the pads. du Plessis flicks it away fine for a boundary. Easy pickings137/5
39OUTR Harris to Duminy, out Caught by Haddin!! South Africa are collapsing like ninepins. R Harris slants one full and outside off. Duminy too goes out chaisng without moving the feet and gets a thick outside edge. They are showing no fight at all here. Duminy c Haddin b R Harris 4(8)146/6
46.1FOURJ Pattinson to Philander, byes, FOUR, J Pattinson goes too far down the leg side. Haddin had no chance of getting to it158/6
47FOURJ Pattinson to du Plessis, FOUR, pushed wider outside off, du Plessis too has a go at it but gets it almost on the bottom of the bat. The ball takes the edge races past the slip cordon163/6
51.4DROPPEDLyon to du Plessis, 1 run, almost a catch, du Plessis tries a paddle but gets it on the bottom of the bat. The ball lobs up past short leg. Doolan had his hands in the right area but does not grab on182/6
56.3DROPPEDR Harris to du Plessis, 2 runs, not fair to call that a dropped catch. R Harris got this one to tail in on leg. du Plessis went for a flick but got the faintest of edges down the leg side. Haddin was diving away full length and got a glove on it as well. Would have been a miraculous catch. He's taken one such already today194/6
56.4FOURR Harris to du Plessis, FOUR, nice shot between extra cover and long off, this was overpitched. du Plessis leans out and drives it sweetly in the gap. Placement was just perfect198/6
63.4FOURJ Pattinson to Philander, FOUR, excellent shot and the home crowd loves it. It was short and very wide outside off. Philander leans back and cuts it hard past point216/6
64.1FOURLyon to du Plessis, FOUR, nice way to get to a fifty. du Plessis skips down the track, picks the ball on the full and whips it away through mid wicket. That brings up his 4th Test fifty, all 4 have come against Australia!220/6
64.2FOURLyon to du Plessis, FOUR, very nicely played again. du Plessis dances down and turns it through mid wicket again for a boundary224/6
66.2FOURR Harris to du Plessis, FOUR, brilliantly played by du Plessis. This was beginning to tail in but du Plessis met it well in front of the pads to flick. Two men positioned in the mid wicket region and he beats both234/6
66.3FOURR Harris to du Plessis, byes, FOUR, R Harris errs in line. Goes well down the leg side. Haddin had to dive again but misses.238/6
67.2OUTJohnson to du Plessis, out Caught by Warner!! Johnson delivers yet again. Brought in by Clarke when Australia were desperate for a breakthrough. He slants one in well outside off. du Plessis goes chasing, not the first batsman to do so today, and gets a thick outside edge. Warner, at gully, gets down low to his right and takes a fine catch. du Plessis' resistance ends du Plessis c Warner b Johnson 67(135) [4s-6]241/7
74OUTWatson to Kyle Abbott, out Bowled!! That was set up by the previous delivery. The short one was followed up by a nice and full, straight delivery. Kyle Abbott plays inside the line and misses completely. Clean bowled. Kyle Abbott b Watson 3(25)249/8
75.4FOURWatson to Steyn, FOUR, Steyn is not going down without a fight. This was slightly short and sat up nicely outside off. Steyn stays back and cuts it hard in the air on the offside for his first boundary257/8
77.4FOURWatson to Steyn, FOUR, CRASH! This was full and on the up when Steyn met it. He timed the drive superbly and right in the gap between point and cover261/8
78.2FOURR Harris to Steyn, FOUR, Steyn is timing everything superbly. Full and outside off. Steyn jams it down past mid off for one more boundary266/8
79.2FOURJohnson to Steyn, FOUR, that's a real snorter. Banged in short of length and rising up steeply. He has Steyn fending up and the ball kisses the shoulder of the bat before lobbing up over the slips273/8
81.2FOURJohnson to Steyn, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Steyn cuts it uppishly and well wide of the fly slip in place. Another boundary279/8
81.3OUTJohnson to Steyn, out Caught by Watson!! Johnson finally gets his man. This was angled across again, Steyn poked out well away from the body. There was extra bounce as well and Steyn got a thick edge. He almost guides that straight to slip. Goes at hip height to Watson at first slip and he latches on. Steyn c Watson b Johnson 28(27) [4s-5]279/9
82.3FOURJ Pattinson to M Morkel, FOUR, J Pattinson is not getting any height on the short one. This one too sits up and M Morkel is not shy to play the pull. He connects pretty well too and picks up a boundary287/9
82.5OUTJ Pattinson to M Morkel, out Caught by Watson!! M Morkel plays one shot too many and finally edges a delivery well outside off. The thick edge flew high and to the left of first slip. Watson was taken back by the momentum but he hangs onto it. M Morkel c Watson b J Pattinson 7(9) [4s-1]287/10

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.4FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, on the shorter side again, Warner pulls it very fine and manages to pick up a boundary to get off the mark5/0
2.2FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, slightly short and outside off, Warner gets up on his toes and punches it hard through cover for a boundary13/0
4.1FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, Warner just does not miss out on anything full. This was too full and well outside off. Warner reaches out and drives it superbly through extra cover21/0
4.2FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, another nice shot. Warner finds this one coming towards his pads and he flicks it wristily past mid wicket. That was played from middle stump. Very good shot25/0
6.5FOURPhilander to Chris Rogers, FOUR, slightly fuller outside off. No movement at all. Rogers leans out and punches it nicely on the up past cover. Elgar gave it a good chase but does not manage to save a boundary32/0
7.2FOURKyle Abbott to Chris Rogers, FOUR, good shot again. Full and outside off, Rogers leans out and drives it handsomely through cover for another boundary37/0
7.4FOURKyle Abbott to Chris Rogers, FOUR, another boundary, thickish edge but it went all along the ground between gully and slips. Rogers did well to play it with soft hands41/0
8.2FOURPhilander to Warner, FOUR, just the one slip in place and Warner is lucky here. This was a thick outside edge, would have gone straight to 2nd slip had he been there but what results is just a boundary. The 2nd slip is not there to save runs elsewhere. Clearly that has not worked here45/0
8.5OTHERPhilander to Chris Rogers, no run, this one did straighten and hit Rogers on the back leg. Seemed a good shout on the replays but Rogers is saved46/0
11FOURPhilander to Chris Rogers, FOUR, thick edge and it flies between slips and gully. The extra bounce seemed a bit of concern here. Rogers did play it with a slightly open face but that was not where he intended it to go57/0
12.4FOURPhilander to Warner, FOUR, short of length but no real pace on it. Warner pulls it from front of his chest through backward square leg. Very good shot67/0
13.5SIXDuminy to Warner, SIX, Warner moves to 49 with a lovely lofts between midwicket and long on. He skipped down, got to the pitch and played it very wristily, rotating hands like a windmill78/0
15.1OTHERDuminy to Warner, 1 run, full again, Warner comes down and drives it to long on for one. That brins up his 13th Test fifty. Solid knock again. Just one failure in the series. He's passed fifty 5 out of 6 times in this series79/0
15.2FOURDuminy to Chris Rogers, FOUR, flat and straight, Rogers reaches out and smashes it through mid wicket for a four. Very good shot that. Right in the gap83/0
15.3FOURDuminy to Chris Rogers, FOUR, flat and sliding on outside off, Rogers gets back and cuts it late behind point for a boundary87/0
16.3FOURSteyn to Warner, FOUR, another short one but Warner was waiting for it. He picks it up from outside off and smashes it well in front of mid wicket for a boundary95/0
17FOURSteyn to Warner, FOUR, good length and outside off, Warner leans back and plays it very late in the vacant third man area. No mercy being shown and that's another boundary99/0
18.2SIXSteyn to Warner, SIX, that's such impudence from Warner. Not sure how many batsman can claim to have hit Steyn straight over his head for a six. This was full and outside off. Warner reaches out and smashes it confidently105/0
18.4FOURSteyn to Warner, FOUR, on the leg now, Warner gets away and glances it lat and gets it very, very fine past the 'keeper. Steyn is frustrated111/0
18.5FOURSteyn to Warner, leg byes, FOUR, another one goes very fine. This time off the thigh. Steyn is not getting his line right. de Villiers had no chance of getting to it115/0
20.2OUTM Morkel to Chris Rogers, out Chris Rogers Run Out!! 1 run completed. This was short and down the leg side, Rogers gloved a pull to fine leg and went for the second. Steyn slung the throw in flat and hard. ABD did well to let it go on instead of collecting and that results in Rogers being short by just inches. Wicket against the run of play. Chris Rogers run out (Steyn/de Villiers) 39(67) [4s-6]123/1
30.4FOURKyle Abbott to Doolan, FOUR, good shot. Doolan gets up tall and punches it off the backfoot through extra cover. Superbly placed146/1
32FOURDuminy to Doolan, FOUR, fired into the leg, Doolan had to only get some bat on it. He does that and sends it racing away very fine151/1
34.2FOURKyle Abbott to Doolan, FOUR, that's the best shot Doolan has played so far. It was not too full but Doolan presses forward and drives it confidently past mid on160/1
37.1FOURDuminy to Doolan, FOUR, beautifully driven between extra cover and long off, this was given air, Doolan comes down and picks the gap with an inside out drive169/1
42.1FOURElgar to Doolan, FOUR, slightly dragged short. Doolan gets right back and pulls it hard to beat the man at deep mid wicket178/1
44.1FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, on the leg, Warner turns it off his thigh to the fine leg fence. That takes him to 98 now187/1
45OUTM Morkel to Doolan, out Caught by Kyle Abbott!! The short ball does the trick. Doolan was in no control of the pull and top-edges it. They were looking for runs. Abbott runs in from fine leg and falls forward clutching the ball to his body. Doolan c Kyle Abbott b M Morkel 37(87) [4s-5]188/2
46.4OTHERM Morkel to Warner, 2 runs, he gets there. Twin hundreds for Warner. He gets there by dabbing a length ball square on the offside for two. That's his 7th ton in Tests and 3rd of the series. What a player he has turned out to be194/2
47FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, short and into the body, Warner gets beside the line and pulls it nicely wide of fine leg for another boundary. Australia on the charge198/2
47.1FOURDuminy to Watson, FOUR, sliding on well outside off, Watson gets back and cuts it really late. Good use of the crease there and he beats the man at deep backward point202/2
47.2SIXDuminy to Watson, SIX, thrown up in the air, Watson reaches out and tonks it way over the man at long on. Not timed perfectly but Watson's power sees it through208/2
48SIXDuminy to Watson, SIX, not a time to bowl the full toss. High as well and Watson pulls it really hard over the backward square leg fence. It has in fact gone out of the ground. 22 runs off the over!220/2
48.4SIXElgar to Warner, SIX, What a shot! Warner danced down the track and Elgar threw it wide. Warner still manages to reach out and thumps it straight over the sight-screen230/2
50.1SIXKyle Abbott to Warner, SIX, full toss and Warner has tonked it way over the mid wicket fence. Bad start for Kyle Abbott242/2
51OUTKyle Abbott to Watson, out Caught by Duminy!! Brilliant catch! This was full and outside off, Watson reaches out and slices it uppishly. Duminy was standing deep at point and leaps up just at the right moment to clang on Watson c Duminy b Kyle Abbott 25(17) [4s-1 6s-2]245/3
51.2FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, loose full toss wide outside off, Warner just reaches out and helps it across to the third man fence249/3
51.3FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, mighty full and outside off, cheeky stuff from Davey as he opens the face of the blade and glides it wide of the keeper's reach253/3
52.2OUTKyle Abbott to Clarke, out Caught by (sub)de Kock!! Yikes, no Clarke special in the second essay as he perishes for a golden duck. This was fullish and on off, Clarke lusts for a lofted drive but only miscues it, chipping it to mid-off, where the substitute fieldsman snaffles it. Clarke c (sub)de Kock b Kyle Abbott 0(1)257/4
52.3FOURKyle Abbott to S Smith, FOUR, pitched up and outside off, S Smith drives it sweetly, JP puts up a valiant chase, he slides in just before the ropes and just escorts it to the sweeper cover fence261/4
52.4FOURKyle Abbott to S Smith, FOUR, back to back boundaries for Smith. He plunges into the action straightaway. This was on a length and outside off, S Smith opens the face of the bat late and guides it past the man at slip to the third man fence265/4
52.5FOURKyle Abbott to S Smith, FOUR, make it a hat-trick of boundaries. Another length delivery on off, S Smith clears his front leg out of the way and lifts it over mid-off, the ball has enough legs to reach the fence despite Smith not middling it as well as he would have liked269/4
53.4FOURM Morkel to S Smith, FOUR, 143.7kph full toss outside off, S Smith exploits the pace, opens the face of the bat and just pushes it gently to the square third man fence. It was all velvety timing, no real violence276/4
56.3OUTKyle Abbott to Warner, out Caught by de Villiers!! That's the end of Warner's excellent innings. This was full and outside off, Warner tries to swing it away on the onside but gets a thick outside edge. He walks off to a well deserved standing applause. Warner c de Villiers b Kyle Abbott 145(156) [4s-13 6s-4]290/5
57.2FOURPhilander to S Smith, FOUR, full and outside off, Smith smashes it down the ground and past a diving Morne at long off. A kid inside takes the stand cops a blow! Ouch298/5

Batting: South Africa

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
2.1OUTR Harris to A Petersen, out Lbw!! R Harris strikes again. That was plumb. The ball jagged back in from outside off. Petersen was walking across and gets hit just under the knee roll in front of middle and off. Easy decision for Dharmasena and there is no review as well. A Petersen lbw b R Harris 9(11)12/1
3.1OUTJohnson to Graeme Smith, out Caught by Doolan!! That's the end of the South African skipper. Short and into the body. Smith tries to turn it away but gets a bit of an inside edge onto the thigh before it lobs to short leg. All the Australians applaud as he walks off. So does the crowd and the entire South African team. End of an era, definitely for South Africa. He's been a great leader, arguably their greatest ever. A raise of the arms for the applause and he's off the ground. Graeme Smith c Doolan b Johnson 3(3)12/2
6OUTJohnson to Elgar, out Bowled!! Top class stuff from Johnson. That was a cracker. The stumps have been destroyed. On the fuller side with the angle in. It nips away just a shade to beat the outside edge and the ball bangs into the off stump, uprooting and sending it toppling over. Australia all over South Africa like a rash now. It's tea as well on day 4. Elgar b Johnson 0(13)15/3
7.3FOURJohnson to de Villiers, FOUR, super shot that. Just a little short again. de Villiers pulls it from off through mid wicket and timed it brilliantly. Johnson will not like that one bit21/3
10FOURJohnson to Amla, FOUR, very nice shot. Slightly fuller and angled across, Amla punches it through cover on the up. Elegant as usual26/3
24.4FOURS Smith to Amla, FOUR, only a little short. Amla gets back and slaps it hard through cover for a boundary, after a long time45/3
27.1FOURJohnson to Amla, FOUR, poor start to a new spell. Short and wide outside off stump, Amla rocks back and cuts it very well past backward point55/3
32.4FOURJ Pattinson to Amla, FOUR, where did that come from? Full and outside off, Amla gets forward and drives it sweetly through extra cover64/3
33.4OTHERJohnson to Amla, no run, pitching way outside. This did swing away big and squared Amla up before hitting Amla in front of off. Important though that it has started to reverse a bit for sure67/3
36.4OUTJ Pattinson to Amla, out Lbw!! That's a huge wicket. This one tailed in at good pace. Amla was on the move forward when the ball zipped in to hit the front pad, in line with middle and off. The ball-tracker shows that it would have crashed into middle. J Pattinson ends the stubborn stand. Amla lbw b J Pattinson 41(109) [4s-4]68/4
43.4FOURJ Pattinson to de Villiers, FOUR, edged but it lands short! de Villiers played that with very soft hands. It had extra bounce and squared de Villiers up. The edge lands between 3rd and 4th slip and runs away77/4
48.5FOURR Harris to de Villiers, leg byes, FOUR, nasty short delivery. Caught de Villiers by some surprise. It was pacy and into the body. de Villiers tried to get away but the ball pings the bicep and runs down to the fine leg fence82/4
51.5FOURJohnson to de Villiers, FOUR, every now and then de Villiers helps himself to these. Slightly short and outside off, de Villiers gets up tall on his toes and punches it through cover for a boundary87/4
57.3FOURS Smith to Kyle Abbott, FOUR, full toss now, Kyle Abbott punches it down to the long off fence92/4
66.1OUTJ Pattinson to Kyle Abbott, out Bowled!! It's J Pattinson with the breakthrough again. He comes in for a new spell and knocks over the off pole. Kyle Abbott just missed the line. This was angled in from over the wicket, Abbott just missed the line and shouldered arms. Anyway, it's the end of a stodgy knock. Australia get closer. Kyle Abbott b J Pattinson 7(89) [4s-1]95/5
72.5FOURJ Pattinson to du Plessis, FOUR, full again, du Plessis drives this one nicely through mid off. Timing was much better and he gets a boundary112/5
73.3FOURS Smith to de Villiers, FOUR, another one dragged very short. de Villiers gets down low and pulls it through mid wicket for a boundary116/5
76FOURClarke to de Villiers, FOUR, a little short, de Villiers gets back and punches it along the ground through extra cover. Johnson went after it quickly, got close but does not put in the dive120/5
80.2FOURR Harris to de Villiers, FOUR, loose delivery. Full and on the leg, de Villiers clips it away through mid wicket and the new ball travels faster along the ground. Races away126/5
82FOURJohnson to du Plessis, FOUR, short of length and outside off, du Plessis gets up tall and punches it square on the offside. That was much quicker. Around 145 kph132/5
83.4FOURJohnson to du Plessis, FOUR, banged in short at 141 kph but du Plessis has put it away superbly. He swivels and pulls it hard well in front of square. Very good shot. Expect Johnson to come in harder136/5
84.2OUTR Harris to de Villiers, out Caught by Haddin!! You have to say R Harris deserves this. He bowled superbly with the new ball. This pitches on off and straightens. de Villiers did not move out too much and gets a thick outside edge. Haddin pouches it gleefully and Australia have broken through de Villiers' vigil. de Villiers c Haddin b R Harris 43(228) [4s-6]136/6
90.4FOURR Harris to du Plessis, FOUR, R Harris drifts onto leg now. Easy pickings for du Plessis. He flicks it away behind square on the onside for a boundary145/6
92.5FOURWatson to du Plessis, FOUR, short at 136 kph. du Plessis meets it well and pulls it superbly through square leg. Very good shot151/6
95.2FOURJ Pattinson to Duminy, FOUR, similar delivery and Duminy shows how to play the pull to a delivery of this kind. He gets up tall and smashes it through mid wicket163/6
96.4FOURLyon to Duminy, FOUR, floated up, Duminy picks it on the full and drives it down the ground past mid on168/6
102FOURJohnson to Duminy, FOUR, short delivery on the leg stump, Duminy hops and glances it past the leg gully fielder and it races away to the fence173/6
102.1OUTS Smith to du Plessis, out Lbw!! Inspired bowling change by Clarke. Flighted delivery on the stumps, wasn't all that a difficult ball to keep out, du Plessis tries to defend off the front foot, he got a big stride forward but missed the line of the ball. It pitches in line and strikes him plumb in front to shatter South Africa. More a lapse in concentration than the bowler earning the wicket on that occasion. du Plessis lbw b S Smith 47(109) [4s-5]173/7
103FOURS Smith to Philander, FOUR, very short and outside off, Philander gets back and slaps it hard through cover for a boundary179/7
103.1FOURJohnson to Duminy, FOUR, banged in short, Duminy swivels and pulls it nicely through mid wicket for another boundary183/7
103.2FOURJohnson to Duminy, FOUR, controlled pull again. Duminy gets on top of the bounce and gets it past the man at leg slip187/7
105.1SIXJohnson to Philander, SIX, banged in short at good pace. Philander went for the hook but gets a big top edge. It sails right over Haddin and over the ropes as well194/7
105.4FOURJohnson to Duminy, byes, FOUR, Johnson spears it down the leg side. It did tail in a bit. Duminy misses it completely and Haddin had little time to get to it201/7
112.2FOURS Smith to Duminy, FOUR, now he drags it too short. Duminy gets back, waits for it and pulls it hard through mid wicket221/7
112.4FOURS Smith to Duminy, FOUR, loopy full toss outside off now, Duminy opens the face of the bat and drives it behind square on the offside for another boundary225/7
113FOURS Smith to Duminy, FOUR, dragged too short again. Duminy is happy to go back and smash it through mid wicket for the third boundary of the over229/7
113.5FOURJ Pattinson to Philander, FOUR, lovely shot. This was slightly short, it sits up a bit. Philander stays in the crease and punches it on the up and in the gap through cover235/7
117.1FOURJohnson to Philander, FOUR, banged in short and Philander was waiting for it. He stands up and pulls it handsomely through mid wicket245/7
119.1OUTJohnson to Duminy, out Caught by Lyon!! Johnson it is with the crucial strike. Full and on the pads, Duminy turns it uppishly and to the right of Lyon at leg slip. Those are not easy catches to take but he holds on. It was a definite plan and Duminy will be kicking himself to have fallen for it. Duminy c Lyon b Johnson 43(99) [4s-8]246/8
119.5FOURJohnson to Philander, FOUR, Johnson goes wide of the crease for a short one. Philander stands up and pulls it nicely through mid wicket251/8
121.1FOURJohnson to Philander, FOUR, this bloke is not someone who's shy of playing the pull shot when the bowler bangs it short and this time too, Philander times the pull really well and it rockets to the deep square leg fence255/8
122FOURJohnson to Philander, byes, FOUR, good length delivery swinging back in, Philander tries to defend but fails to make contact. The ball almost shaves the sticks. Even a full length dive to the left from Haddin wasn't good enough to stop the ball259/8
124OTHERJohnson to Philander, no run, what a huge decision that is! None of the Australians are happy. Clarke is having a chat with Aleem Dar. Just to conclude. It was a good short delivery, Philander was fending. The ball flicked the right glove but the third umpire reckoned it was off the bat when it did259/8
131.2FOURJohnson to Philander, FOUR, slanted in from round the wicket, Philander turns it away to the fine leg fence. It gives Philander his 4th Test fifty. What guts under pressure. Superb knock so far but he is not getting carried away265/8
133.4OTHERJohnson to Philander, no run, Johnson darted this in from that angle from round the wicket. Philander was hit on the front pad but the ball-tracker shows it clearly heaidng down leg.265/8
134.1OUTR Harris to Steyn, out Bowled!! Drama! No shortage of it at all. R Harris strikes first ball of his spell. This was right in the blockhole. It appeared to tail away a touch. Steyn does not get the bat down in time and the ball just shaves the off stump. That's the third time today a bowling change has yielded a wicket first ball. Steyn b R Harris 1(44)265/9
134.3OUTR Harris to M Morkel, out Bowled!! Harris is the hero! What a show from him! This was full and pacy from round the wicket. Morkel does not get the bat down in time and the stumps are shattered. Australia are ecstatic! Australia have beaten the No. 1 ranked Test side in the world in their own backyard. M Morkel b R Harris 0(2)265/10