Feb 01Australia vs. England

Final at W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth

Australia won by 112 runs

Jan 31New Zealand vs. Pakistan

1st ODI at Westpac Stadium, Wellington

New Zealand won by 7 wkts

Jan 30England vs. India

6th Match at W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth

England won by 3 wkts

Jan 29New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

7th ODI at Westpac Stadium, Wellington

Sri Lanka won by 34 runs

Jan 28South Africa vs. West Indies

5th ODI at SuperSport Park, Centurion

South Africa won by 131 runs

Jan 26Australia vs. India

5th Match at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

No result

Feb 03 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

2nd ODI at Napier

Feb 14 03:30New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

1st Match, Pool A at Christchurch

Feb 14 09:00Australia vs. England

2nd Match, Pool A at Melbourne

Feb 15 06:30South Africa vs. Zimbabwe

3rd Match, Pool B at Hamilton

Feb 15 09:00India vs. Pakistan

4th Match, Pool B at Adelaide

Feb 16 03:30Ireland vs. West Indies

5th Match, Pool B at Nelson


Australia tour of South Africa 2014

South Africa vs. Australia, 1st Test

SuperSport Park, Centurion, Feb 12, 2014

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.3FOURSteyn to Warner, FOUR, overpitched up just outside off, Warner does not miss out on those as he pushes it past the silly mid-off fielder, the timing takes it to the fence5/0
1FOURSteyn to Warner, FOUR, half volley outside off, Warner leans forward and plays the perfect cover drive, the ball races off the turf to the deep extra cover fence. Good positive mindset from Warner9/0
4.1OUTSteyn to Warner, out Bowled!! Steyn draws first blood for the Proteas. Not a wicket taking delivery but he will take that. This was slightly short and just outside off, Warner goes for the cut but ends up dragging it back onto his leg-stump. It was too close to the body for him to be playing that shot. The bottom hand comes off as well. Warner b Steyn 12(16) [4s-2]15/1
7.3FOURPhilander to Doolan, FOUR, pitches it up outside off, Doolan comes on the front foot and caresses the drive to deep extra cover, the small side boundary helps him pick up his first four in Test cricket22/1
8.2OUTM Morkel to Chris Rogers, out Caught by Duminy!! The bowling change has worked. Morkel strikes with his second delivery. Another short ball, that kept on raising, Rogers tries to fend it but the ball hits the glove and lobs to the right of Duminy at short leg, who dives full length and grabs on to a one-handed stunner. It was a well set-up plan from Smith and Morkel. Chris Rogers c Duminy b M Morkel 4(19)24/2
9FOURM Morkel to S Marsh, byes, FOUR, bouncer directed on the body, Marsh ducks under it and lets it go, de Villiers can't collect it even with the leap30/2
9.1FOURPhilander to Doolan, FOUR, back of a length moving away outside off, Doolan goes back to punch but gets a thickish outside edge, the ball flies between third slip and gully, lucky boundary that for the debutant34/2
11FOURM Morkel to S Marsh, FOUR, fuller and outside off, Marsh is sucked into the drive, he pushes away from the body, the ball squirts off the inside edge and runs down to the fine leg fence40/2
11.3FOURSteyn to Doolan, FOUR, short and width provided outside off, Doolan waits for it and crashes the cut to deep backward point, the ball rockets away to the fence44/2
13FOURM Morkel to S Marsh, FOUR, overpitched up outside off, Marsh leans forward and creams the drive to deep extra cover, the ball bullets away to the fence and that will be Drinks50/2
13.2FOURSteyn to Doolan, FOUR, short ball outside off, the ball goes off the outside edge as Doolan looks to drive and goes racing to the third man fence. Another lucky boundary for Doolan54/2
16.3DROPPEDM Morkel to S Marsh, no run, catch dropped by Amla, in all fairness it looked a tad difficult. It was a back of a length delivery outside off, Marsh stays in the crease and mistimes the cut. The ball goes flying low at gully where Amla dives to his left, almost grabs on to a low catch but spills it an instant later54/2
19FOURR Peterson to Doolan, FOUR, a loose delivery from R Peterson. He pays the price for it. It was tossed up around leg, Doolan tucks it fine off his pads to fine leg61/2
21.5FOURMcLaren to S Marsh, FOUR, length ball that he keeps outside off, Marsh gets on the back foot and cuts it to the deep backward point fence69/2
23.1OUTMcLaren to Doolan, out Caught by R Peterson!! What a brilliant catch by Peterson at mid-wicket! That was just sensational. A patient McLaren gets his due. It was a short of length delivery around off, Doolan swivels back and goes for the pull but mistimes it completely. The ball finds Peterson at mid-wicket who dives full-length to his left and grabs it with both hands to hold on to a stunner! Doolan c R Peterson b McLaren 27(51) [4s-5]72/3
30.2FOURPhilander to Clarke, FOUR, top shot! This was a fraction too short and width on the platter as well, Clarke jackpots it by flaying it square of the wicket on the off-side, the ball rockets away to the fence89/3
32.4FOURPhilander to Clarke, FOUR, back of a length and outside off, Clarke's eyes lit up as he cracks the cut square of the wicket on the off-side. That shot had class written all over it. That must improve his confidence97/3
33.5OUTSteyn to Clarke, out Caught by Philander!! Steyn bounces out the Aussie commander. He lets out a primeval roar to celebrate his second wicket. The Proteas are all over the Aussies. Steyn bangs this bouncer on the stumps, Clarke seeks to pull it despite not getting into a balanced position, the ball balloons off the top edge into the waiting hands of Vern at deep fine leg, who makes no mistake. Clarke c Philander b Steyn 23(45) [4s-2]98/4
34.1FOURMcLaren to S Smith, FOUR, gentle half volley outside off, S Smith transfers his weight on to the front foot and drives it square of the wicket on the off-side to get off the mark with a boundary102/4
38FOURM Morkel to S Marsh, FOUR, back of a length and outside off, S Marsh sets up for the pull again, this time he gets on top of the bounce and banishes it to the deep mid wicket fence110/4
42.1FOURR Peterson to S Marsh, FOUR, R Peterson tosses this one up, S Marsh foarays down the pitch, does not meet the pitch of the ball but reaps reward for his intent as he lofts it over the bowler's head118/4
42.3FOURR Peterson to S Smith, FOUR, now its S Smith's turn to sashay down the track and execute the lofted drive. Crisp, clean and efficient123/4
46.1FOURR Peterson to S Marsh, FOUR, tossed up on middle, S Marsh uses his feet and eases it past short mid-wicket, the ball whistles away to the fence, such was the timing and placement from S Marsh138/4
47.2FOURMcLaren to S Marsh, FOUR, shortish down leg, S Marsh lines up for the pull, he did not make requiste contact, the ball brushes the glove and reaches the fine leg fence. That raises Marsh's timely fifty145/4
48.1FOURPhilander to S Smith, FOUR, sugar-sweet timing. This was a loosner on the pads, S Smith uses the pace of Philander and pootles a lovely flick past square leg149/4
49.1FOURMcLaren to S Marsh, no ball, FOUR, overpitched on middle, S Marsh punches it straight down the ground, past the bowler. The umpire signals it a no-ball. Talk about rubbing salt into a wound156/4
56.1FOURM Morkel to S Smith, FOUR, bangs this one short and Smith has executed the upper cut beautifully. There is no third man down there and he uses that to his advantage, stays back and cuts it late to the fence181/4
56.5FOURM Morkel to S Smith, FOUR, smart shot, what a timing from Smith! It was kept full by Morkel on middle, Smith waits patiently, allows the ball to come towards him and plays the on-drive to perfection to send the ball racing past the long-on fence185/4
59.5FOURSteyn to S Marsh, FOUR, beautiful shot! This one was a half volley from Steyn, Marsh gets forward slightly and drills it straight down the ground to the long-off fence195/4
61.4FOURMcLaren to S Marsh, FOUR, catch is the call but Morkel dives in vain at the ropes. This one was banged slightly short by McLaren, Marsh takes his time to swivel back and pulls it to fine leg, Morkel dives full-length to his right but the ball evades his extended right hand and crosses the ropes on a bounce, the partnership between S Marsh and S Smith over 100 now199/4
63.5FOURMcLaren to S Smith, FOUR, classy shot! It was overpitched by McLaren this time, Smith comes on the front foot and creams the drive to the sweeper cover fence206/4
64.2FOURDuminy to S Marsh, FOUR, nbowled a tad shorter by Duminy and pays the price for it. Marsh has plenty of time to rock back and he cuts it beautifully to the third man fence210/4
69.2OTHERMcLaren to S Marsh, 2 runs, length delivery on middle, Marsh works it to deep mid wicket as the batsmen run for a quick brace223/4
70FOURMcLaren to S Smith, FOUR, a tad fuller around off, Smith comes on the fron tfoot and plays a glorious cover drive to the deep extra cover fence for his 6th Test fifty230/4
70.4OTHERDuminy to S Smith, 2 runs, pushed this one slower on middle and leg, Smith glances it to backward square leg233/4
73.1FOURPhilander to S Smith, FOUR, top shot! This was shortish and outside off, S Smith moves deep in the crease and dispatches it to the deep mid wicket with a sturdy pull244/4
75OTHERDuminy to S Smith, 2 runs, Duminy digs it short and outside off, S Smith cuts it to sweeper cover. That brace raises the 150 of the partnership as well249/4
82.2FOURPhilander to S Smith, FOUR, fullish and wide outside off, S Smith flays at it with all his might, he wanted to hit it in the cover region but it went off a thickish outside edge squarer towards third man. Profitable results nevertheless267/4
82.5FOURPhilander to S Smith, FOUR, overpitched and outside off, S Smith cashes in as he creams the drive past cover, the ball sped away271/4
83.1FOURSteyn to S Marsh, leg byes, FOUR, wrong line, length ball down leg, swinging further as well, S Marsh misses the flick but the ball brushes the pad en-route to the fine leg fence after beating AB275/4
83.4FOURSteyn to S Smith, FOUR, delectable shot! This was a half volley outside off, S Smith leans into the drive and sends it scurrying to the deep extra cover fence280/4
84.4FOURM Morkel to S Marsh, FOUR, caattch was the cry but the ball rocketed away to the fence. This was short and outside off, sitting up to be hit, S Marsh unleashes an air borne cut past the diving backward point fieldsman284/4
88FOURSteyn to S Smith, FOUR, width on the platter, half tracker as well, S Smith slams the cut square on the off-side. Fine blend of power and timing292/4
91.5OTHERSteyn to S Marsh, 1 run, picked off the pads to deep square leg, that single notches up the 200 of the partnership298/4
93.3FOURSteyn to S Smith, FOUR, Steyn drags it short and offers width as well, S Smith frees his arms with a rasping punch to the sweeper cover fence306/4
98.4OTHERPhilander to S Marsh, no run, getting stranged down leg might have been a tame end to a sterling effort. This was back of a length and sliding down leg, S Marsh waves at it, he was perhaps looking to pull it, the ball deviates off the shirt to AB. So, the on field call is upheld315/4
101.3FOURMcLaren to S Marsh, FOUR, shortish and outside off, S Marsh waits for an age and cuts it past an air-borne gully fielder to the third man fence322/4
102.5FOURR Peterson to S Marsh, FOUR, dug in fractionally short and outside off, delicate touch from Marsh as he back cuts it to the third man fence329/4
103.3OUTMcLaren to S Smith, out Caught by A Petersen!! A rare case of misjudgement from Smith. He has nicked off. This one enjoyed some extra splice from a length outside off, S Smith spars at it with the healthy outside edge carring to Alviro Petersen at second slip. Smith shakes his head in disbelief. An incredible knock, nevertheless. Even Captain Clarke knows it as he claps his hands in appreciation. S Smith c A Petersen b McLaren 100(213) [4s-13]331/5
104.1OUTR Peterson to Haddin, out Lbw!! Oops, Haddin plays down the wrong line and perishes for nought. This was pushed through on off, Haddin looks to slog-sweep it across the line but to no avail as he is struck on the pads in front of off. The tracker reveals that the ball would have flicked the top of middle. So, the on field call remains with Haddin walking back to the change room. Haddin lbw b R Peterson 0(3)332/6
105FOURR Peterson to Johnson, FOUR, slower through the air and wider, Johnson creams past a diving cover, the timing carries it to the fence and with that Mitch is off the mark336/6
105.1FOURMcLaren to S Marsh, FOUR, poor delivery, that was real gift for S Marsh. This was a loose long hop outside off, S Marsh slaps it square of the wicket on the off-side. That came right off the meat of the bat340/6
105.5OTHERMcLaren to S Marsh, 2 runs, a bit too full and straight, tucked away to deep mid wicket342/6
108FOURMcLaren to Johnson, FOUR, overpitched and outside off, Johnson transfers his weight on to the front foot and unfurls a top notch cover drive, the ball whistles away to the fence348/6
108.3OUTPhilander to S Marsh, out Caught by Graeme Smith!! Marsh falls just two shy of 150. Oh wait, hang on folks, the umpires are checking for a possibile no-ball. It's all fine and Vern finally has his man. This was a good length delivery nibbling away outside off, S Marsh, having been squared up, pokes. Smith, with those bucket hands at first slip gobbles up the edge with ease. S Marsh c Graeme Smith b Philander 148(288) [4s-15]348/7
109.3FOURM Morkel to Johnson, FOUR, elegant shot! This was very full and outside off, Johnson pootles a drive and sends it to the deep extra cover fence352/7
109.4FOURM Morkel to Johnson, FOUR, 142kph back of a length delivery just outside off, Johnson stays in the crease and cuts it late to the third man fence356/7
111.3FOURM Morkel to R Harris, FOUR, slightly back of a length and outside off, R Harris flays it square of the wicket on the off-side, sped away363/7
112.5FOURPhilander to Johnson, FOUR, fullish and widish outside off, Philander forces Johnson to play a false shot with the outside edge running past gully to the third man fence. 5th four for Mitch367/7
116.2FOURDuminy to R Harris, FOUR, well a rare sight, Amla misfields and allows the ball to roll away to the fence, short and outside off, Harris rocks back and cuts it to sweeper, where Amla makes a mess of it378/7
118FOURSteyn to Johnson, FOUR, short of length outside off, Johnson is quick to pick up the length and hammer the pull in front of square, the ball bullets away to the fence384/7
119.3OUTSteyn to R Harris, out Bowled!! Harris chops one back onto his stumps. No reactions from Steyn. This was a fuller length delivery around off, Harris stays rooted to the crease and looks to drive but only manages an inside edge on to his off-stump. R Harris b Steyn 19(31) [4s-2]391/8
120.1OUTR Peterson to Johnson, out Bowled!! The bowling change has worked straightaway. This was a tossed up delivery outside off, Johnson goes for the sweep and ends up inside edging it on to the middle-stump. He practises the shot after being dismissed and walks back shaking his head in disappointment. Johnson b R Peterson 33(54) [4s-6]391/9
122OUTSteyn to Siddle, out Bowled!! Steyn finishes it off. This was another full delivery around off, Siddle goes for the drive and he too like his bowling partners drags it back on to the stumps. The off-pole is discarded from the ground. Siddle b Steyn 2(11)397/10

Batting: South Africa

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.1FOURR Harris to Graeme Smith, FOUR, well no sighters for Smith, short and outside off, he rocks back and muscles the pull in front of mid wicket, gets off the mark in style4/0
0.4FOURR Harris to Graeme Smith, FOUR, fuller and shapes away, Smith gets an outside edge but plays it with soft hands, that helped the ball to roll between third slip and gully8/0
1.4OUTJohnson to Graeme Smith, out Caught by S Marsh!! Well, well no surprise as to who gets the first wicket. This was a sharp well directed bumper, Smith takes his eyes off the ball and looks to fend it away, the ball thuds into the gloves and balloons over the slip cordon, Marsh at 1st slip calls for it and takes a stunning catch running backwards. Graeme Smith c S Marsh b Johnson 10(8) [4s-2]11/1
5.3OUTJohnson to A Petersen, out Caught by Haddin!! Johnson takes the other opener as well. It was not a wicket taking ball. This was short and outside off bowled at 149.7 kph, Petersen stays rooted to the crease and tries to play the cut, but he just gets a big nick to Haddin, who accepts it gleefully. It was the previous deliveries that set-up Petersen. No foot movement whatsoever when he played that shot. A Petersen c Haddin b Johnson 2(12)15/2
7FOURR Harris to Amla, FOUR, fullish delivery angled into middle and off, Amla leans forward and flicks it off his pads to the deep mid wicket fence. Beautiful shot by the right-hander23/2
7.1OUTJohnson to du Plessis, out Caught by Clarke!! The searing 151kph bumper and Faf is gone! Mitch has his hands aloft in celebration. He is absolutely pumped up and why not. This was banged in short on off, Faf strives to fend it away, the ball brushes the glove and carries to Captain Clarke at second slip who grabs it at head-height. That was far too hot for South Africa's new Number 4. du Plessis c Clarke b Johnson 3(5)23/3
9FOURSiddle to Amla, FOUR, half volley outside off, Amla does not miss out on those, he gets his fast hands into action as he drives it beautifully to deep extra cover35/3
13OUTSiddle to Amla, out Lbw!! Siddle gets into the action and gets rid of the dangerous Amla. This was a length delivery that nips back in sharply, Amla stays back and looks to defend, the ball beats the inside edge and hits him on the pad. The original decsion from umpire Dar was not-out, but Siddle seemed convinced and Clarke opted for the review. Third umpire Gould overturns the on-field call. Amla lbw b Siddle 17(42) [4s-2]43/4
13.2SIXJohnson to de Villiers, SIX, short delivery on the body, de Villiers says he has had enough of the short stuff, he gets inside the line and plays the half pull/flick over fine leg for a maximum51/4
14.3FOURSiddle to de Villiers, FOUR, half volley on leg-stump, de Villiers leans forward and flicks it to deep square leg, no problems in finding the gap as there is plenty on the on-side56/4
16FOURJohnson to Duminy, FOUR, short delivery but not much venom, Duminy rocks back and pulls it with disdain to the deep mid wicket fence. Johnson has a few pleasant words for Duminy62/4
18FOURJohnson to de Villiers, FOUR, cracking shot! The other batsmen should take a leaf or two out of de Villiers's book here. Johnson bowls this one full and is punished by a scorching straight drive to the long off fence69/4
19.3FOURJohnson to de Villiers, byes, FOUR, another pacy bouncer by Mitch, de Villiers gets back and swings wildly, does not get any bat on it as the ball flies over the keeper's extended hand and races away to the third man fence75/4
21.1FOURJohnson to de Villiers, FOUR, glorious shot! It is wonderful to see de Villiers batting so beautifully while others are crumbling, he clips it off the pads picking the gap perfectly between midwicket and long on for yet another boundary81/4
23.1FOURJohnson to Duminy, byes, FOUR, a 148.1 kph bumper from Mitch this time. That was too quick for Duminy as he sways away from the line as lets it go through. Even the keeper and slip fielders are left wondering as the ball crosses the rope86/4
26.4SIXLyon to Duminy, SIX, excellent shot! It was tossed up on middle and off, Duminy comes down the track and lofts it elegantly over the long on fence for a maximum. Fine feet movement by Duminy there98/4
27.4FOURSiddle to de Villiers, FOUR, what a shot! That was a smart execution of the pull. He picks up the short delivery quite nicely, is quick to go on the back foot and muscles the pull to the deep mid wicket fence102/4
30.5OUTLyon to Duminy, out Caught by Johnson!! What a catch by Johnson! That was sensational! It was a flighted delivery by Lyon, Duminy gets forward to loft, does not get to the pitch of the ball as he gets a leading edge and the ball balloons to mid-off. Johnson does well to keep his eyes on the ball, runs backwards, extends his left hand, tumbles but holds onto a brilliant catch. Duminy c Johnson b Lyon 25(48) [4s-1 6s-1]110/5
33.5FOURR Harris to McLaren, FOUR, excellent shot this! It was overpitched by Harris, McLaren gets into the position quickly and drills it straight down the ground to long off118/5
39.2OUTJohnson to McLaren, out Bowled!! Fourth one for Mitch! that guy is on a roll. Looks like he can do no wrong since the Ashes. It was a good length delivery on off, McLaren leans forward to defend, but misses it completely as the ball sneaks in past the inside edge of the bat and crashes onto the off-stump. The moustache magic still works! McLaren b Johnson 8(33) [4s-1]126/6
39.3FOURJohnson to R Peterson, FOUR, slightly back of a length delivery on off, R Peterson gets forward and drives it on the up to the sweeper cover fence to get off the mark in style130/6
40.1OTHERLyon to de Villiers, 1 run, flighted delivery on middle and leg, de Villiers clips it to backward square leg to bring his 35th Test fifty. It is also his 9th against Australia131/6
41.5FOURJohnson to R Peterson, FOUR, nicely done by R Peterson. It was a touch fuller on leg, R Peterson does well to lean into it and tuck it off the pads to the deep square leg fence136/6
45.1OUTJohnson to R Peterson, out Caught by Clarke!! How do you play that? Can't is the answer. Peterson is gone. Ripping short delivery, into the body, Peterson was cramped for room, into the rib-cage area and all he could do was offer an awkward fend, the ball lobs to Clarke who runs forward to take it from 2nd slip. Johnson is all smiles - yet another five-for for him in Tests. R Peterson c Clarke b Johnson 10(23) [4s-2]140/7
45.4FOURJohnson to de Villiers, FOUR, fabulous off-drive. Too full from Johnson and de Villiers drives supremely past mid-off, who didn't even dive. That was a stroke laced with pure timing. de Villiers seems to be batting on a different planet when compared to the others145/7
48FOURJohnson to de Villiers, FOUR, short again and angling away, de Villiers stays inside the line and guides the ball forcefully over point. Nicely done. Superb batting again154/7
49FOURSiddle to Philander, byes, FOUR, very high bouncer, banged in way too short, Haddin's leap was futile as the ball rushed to the fence. 4 bonus runs for South Africa160/7
49.1FOURR Harris to de Villiers, FOUR, cracking punch off the back foot. Slightly short outside off, de Villiers opened the face and thumped it to the square boundary on the off-side. He is going to play his strokes now164/7
49.3FOURR Harris to de Villiers, FOUR, bad ball and de Villiers won't miss out. Short and wide outside off, de Villiers rocks back and cuts hard, no-one protecting the fence on the off-side, so once it passed the inner ring, it was always a boundary168/7
53.3FOURLyon to de Villiers, FOUR, de Villiers' class on show there. Down the wicket in a flash, to the pitch and hammers the drive wide of cover. Mid-off had no chance too. The ball screams away to the fence180/7
57.2OUTLyon to Philander, out Lbw!! Looked an innocuous appeal at first, but that is a very good review from Australia. From round the wicket, it pitches in line and beats Philander's flick, thuds into the pads. Would've taken out middle and leg. Pretty out and the third umpire confirms the same. Illingworth didn't give it out initially and then Australia went for the review. So Lyon breaks the dangerous looking stand. Philander lbw b Lyon 15(35)189/8
57.4SIXLyon to de Villiers, SIX, terrific shot. de Villiers down the wicket and launching Lyon into the stands at long-on. Clean swing of the bat and the ball was going only one way and that was over the ropes196/8
59.5FOURJohnson to de Villiers, FOUR, smashed over cover. Down on one knee and clouts the slower delivery. Into the nineties now. Nods at Steyn after that boundary202/8
60OUTJohnson to de Villiers, out Caught by Warner!! Good leaping catch by Warner at mid-off. No hundred for de Villiers. But what an outstanding knock he has played. The last delivery of the over, he wanted to play another big stroke, but mistimed the slower delivery, Warner timed his leap well and pouched it without any trouble. de Villiers c Warner b Johnson 91(148) [4s-10 6s-2]202/9
61.1OUTJohnson to M Morkel, out Caught by Haddin!! Morkel falls for a golden duck and the innings is over. 7 for Johnson. From round the wicket and a searing short delivery, Morkel's weight was on the back foot, looked to guide it to third man with an open face, a tiny edge and that's all is what is needed. Australia lead by 191 now. M Morkel c Haddin b Johnson 0(1)206/10

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.1OUTSteyn to Chris Rogers, out Bowled!! Steyn strikes first ball. He is pumped. There comes the big fist pump into the ground. Bouncing and rising outside off, on a short of length, Chris Rogers looked to punch square of the wicket on the off-side, he was hopping as he played it, the inside edge is found and it clatters into off stump. Rogers walks off in disappointment. A double failure for him in this match. Chris Rogers b Steyn 1(4)1/1
7.1FOURSteyn to Warner, FOUR, a gentle length ball outside off stump, enough room for Warner to free his arms, he leans forward slightly and drives it powerfully past backward point for a boundary. Good way to start the session for Australia22/1
7.2FOURSteyn to Warner, FOUR, overpitched and put away. Steyn not at his normal speed yet, probably a heavy lunch for him, Warner comes on the front foot and absolutely smashes the drive to the deep extra-cover fence26/1
7.4FOURSteyn to Warner, FOUR, not the start Graeme Smith wanted from Steyn. Full delivery outside off stump, Warner punches this time through extra-cover and the South African captain is not impressed30/1
9.2FOURSteyn to Doolan, FOUR, forgettable ball from Steyn. Length down the leg side, easy pickings for Doolan, he simply waits for the ball and flicks it along the ground through backward square leg to pick up his first boundary35/1
10.4DROPPEDPhilander to Warner, 1 run, Dean Elgar drops Warner. How costly is it going to be? Short delivery on the stumps, probably it rose up a bit more than Warner anticipated, the batsman took his eyes off the ball while hooking, only manages a top-edge high in the air, keeper runs back but it was much closer and easier for the man running in from fine leg. ABdV stops but Elgar spills it even though he got both hands to the ball38/1
11.1DROPPEDM Morkel to Warner, 2 runs, another life for Warner as Alviro Petersen spills one, this is a little difficult though. Morkel starts off with a short of length delivery angling away from the left-hander, Warner looks to punch off the back foot, gets a thick edge that goes flying, second slip jumped high and got both hands to it but wasn't good enough to grab it40/1
13.4FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, probably this is why he wanted the strike. An absolutely authoritative shot. Rocks back as the length was a touch shortish outside off stump, waits and smashes it uppishly through extra-cover48/1
14FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, it's very hard to stop this man when he gets going. Full and right in the slot, Warner gets his front foot forward and also gets closer to the pitch of the ball, drives it easily and it races away to the deep extra-cover fence52/1
17.3FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, soft hands and the outside edge runs away to the third man fence. Fullish delivery outside off stump, Warner pushes off the front foot, there is no third slip and the ball escapes past gully. Australia's lead is now past 25060/1
18.5FOURMcLaren to Warner, FOUR, 11th Test fifty for Warner and what a shot to bring it. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Warner rocks back and cuts it square of the wicket for a boundary65/1
21.3FOURMcLaren to Doolan, FOUR, wasn't all that short enough but Doolan has done very well to rock back and pull this short of length delivery along the ground to the deep mid-wicket fence71/1
22.5FOURR Peterson to Doolan, FOUR, 'caatch,' was the cry from the bowler but Doolan's loft went well over the fielder at mid-on. Dances down the track and sends this over the infield to pick up his third boundary76/1
23FOURR Peterson to Doolan, FOUR, this time a cracking drive. Tossed up nicely by Peterson but Doolan waited for the ball, delayed the stroke and met it very well, the ball raced along the ground to the deep extra-cover fence80/1
23.1DROPPEDMcLaren to Warner, no run, looks like lady luck is dating Davey Warner on this Valentine's Day, third life and this time the South Africans skipper spills one, a tough one though. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, extra bounce surprised Warner who wanted to punch, he tries to adjust but couldn't prevent the outside edge, the ball went very high to first slip, Smith gets one hand to it, tries to grab it on the second attempt but couldn't quite hold on80/1
24.2FOURR Peterson to Doolan, FOUR, short again, Doolan looks to punch and gets a thick outside edge, the ball flies past first slip and there is no one at third man to stop the ball88/1
25.1FOURMcLaren to Warner, FOUR, Warner plays away from the body and gets a thick edge past backward point. The angle from McLaren takes the short of length delivery further away from the left-hander, a thick edge results but it doesn't go to hand96/1
26.4FOURSteyn to Warner, FOUR, oh a very good upper cut from Warner to bring up the 100-run stand. Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, wasn't that short, Warner bent his knees to get underneath the ball and played that over second slip103/1
27FOURSteyn to Doolan, FOUR, poor line from Steyn. Full and down the leg side, Doolan easily flicks it away and fine leg had no chance. Not the over Steyn would have wanted on his return108/1
27.2SIXMcLaren to Warner, SIX, oh hello! Davey Warner has played a stunning hit all of a sudden. Full delivery on the off stump, the shot was on, Warner smashed that way over the long-on fence. He loved it, the follow-through said it all114/1
27.4FOURMcLaren to Warner, FOUR, the body language of the South African players is not all that great. Full delivery outside off stump, Warner leans forward and drives it wonderfully through extra-cover119/1
28.4FOURSteyn to Doolan, FOUR, short of length delivery outside off stump, Doolan rocks back and cuts it very well, beats backward point and it runs away to the fence. No one bothered to move123/1
31.3FOURDuminy to Warner, FOUR, overpitched, just the right length for Warner, he leans forward and drives it very hard past the diving extra-cover fielder, the timing is good enough to beat long-off's dive as well133/1
32.1SIXR Peterson to Warner, SIX, Peterson can only admire that hit. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Warner shimmies down the track and slog-sweeps it high in the air and just clears the deep mid-wicket fielder142/1
34.5OTHERPhilander to Doolan, 2 runs, maiden Test fifty for Doolan. A fumble allows him to get there. Good length delivery outside off stump, Doolan punches it to cover and gets lucky with those two runs149/1
35.1FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, short of length delivery outside off stump, Warner rocks back and cuts it powerfully off the back to the point boundary. That brings up the 150-run stand153/1
35.2OTHERM Morkel to Warner, no run, good length delivery from Morne, this one keeps low and thuds into the pads of Warner right in front of the sticks, but luckily the ball landed outside leg153/1
35.3FOURM Morkel to Warner, FOUR, 'yeaahhhh,' is the cry from Davey Warner as soon as he sees this ball race past extra-cover. 6th Test hundred for the left-hander, he takes the helmet off, jumps in the air, punches in delight and acknowledges the cheers by raising his bat. Full delivery outside off stump, got to the pitch of the ball and drove it very nicely157/1
35.5FOURM Morkel to Warner, leg byes, FOUR, short of length delivery down the leg side, Warner fails to tickle it away, the ball rolls off the thigh pad to fine leg161/1
39.4FOURM Morkel to Doolan, FOUR, width on offer and Doolan doesn't miss out. Stands tall and waits for the short of length delivery to come, cuts and beats deep backward point's dive170/1
39.5OTHERM Morkel to Doolan, no run, LBW shout again, not given and they go upstairs. No issues with the front foot no-ball, looks like it is sliding down the leg side, if that is the case, South Africa will lose both their reviews and they have indeed. On-field call says the tracker, this shortish delivery kept low, jagged back a long away, Doolan was completely surprised by the lack of bounce and is hit in line with leg but the ball was easily going down the leg170/1
40.1FOURPhilander to Doolan, FOUR, short delivery on the leg stump, Doolan looks to hook and gets a top edge, good enough to head to the fine leg fence175/1
40.3OTHERPhilander to Doolan, no run, mix-up but Vernon misses a run-out, Warner was a goner! Fourth life for him. Extra bounce on this short of length delivery and that meant Doolan had to go really deep in the crease, Warner set off as the ball went to mid-wicket, Doolan straightaway said 'no, no, no,' and luckily, Philander missed the stumps at the non-striker's end175/1
40.4FOURPhilander to Doolan, FOUR, oh that is a delightful cover drive. Fullish delivery outside off stump, Doolan plants his front foot forward and drives it along the ground to the extra-cover fence179/1
42.3FOURR Peterson to Doolan, FOUR, flighted delivery on the stumps, Doolan advances and lofts it easily over the mid-on fielder and it runs away to the fence189/1
45SIXR Peterson to Doolan, SIX, dances down the track and smashes this easily over long-on, there is man back there but it cleared him comfortably. The key was he got closer to pitch of that flighted delivery197/1
45.3FOURSteyn to Doolan, leg byes, FOUR, short of a length delivery down the leg side, Doolan misses the pull, the ball goes off the thigh pad and beats ABdV's outstretched left hand. The partnership between Doolan and Warner is now 201202/1
46.5OUTR Peterson to Warner, out Caught by Graeme Smith!! Finally, South Africa manage to break this marathon 205-run stand. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Warner plays for the turn but the ball goes straight on, ends up poking at that, gets an outside edge which is easily held by skipper Smith. End of a terrific knock from Warner. Warner c Graeme Smith b R Peterson 115(150) [4s-13 6s-2]206/2
52FOURMcLaren to Doolan, FOUR, short delivery from McLaren, Doolan rocks back and pulls it along the ground to the backward square leg fence218/2
52.1FOURR Peterson to S Marsh, FOUR, shortish outside off stump, Marsh cuts it very late, the ball keeps low, goes off the toe-end of the bat and it races away to the third man fence222/2
52.2SIXR Peterson to S Marsh, SIX, flighted delivery on the stumps, Marsh advances and lofts it handsomely over the deep mid-wicket fence. He didn't try to hit it too hard but had enough on it to clear the fence228/2
53.4FOURMcLaren to S Marsh, FOUR, yorker length delivery on the leg stump, Marsh gets an inside-edge reckons the umpire but I think it brushed his pad and raced to fine leg235/2
57.1OUTDuminy to Doolan, out Caught by de Villiers!! Oh dear! The maiden Test hundred goes begging. Duminy has a smile, he knows it wasn't the best of deliveries to take a wicket. Short and angled across the right-hander, Doolan looks to cut but gets an outside edge which is easily held by the keeper. A very good knock from Doolan comes to an end. Sure to give selection issues to Clarke for the next match. Watson applauds the knock as Doolan walks back. Doolan c de Villiers b Duminy 89(154) [4s-12 6s-1]243/3
58.3FOURR Peterson to Clarke, FOUR, flighted delivery on the off stump, Clarke advances and lofts it easily over the infield and puts it over mid-off's head. Easily done251/3
59.3FOURSteyn to Clarke, leg byes, FOUR, anticipates the short ball from Steyn and swivels early, looks to help it on its way but misses, anyway the ball runs to the fence off the thigh pad256/3
59.5FOURSteyn to Clarke, FOUR, slightly gets across the stumps and tickles the short of length delivery very fine, there is no one at fine leg to stop the ball260/3
60.5FOURR Peterson to Clarke, FOUR, Clarke saw the full toss coming, waited for it and swept it easily to the deep mid-wicket fence. He didn't even bother to run265/3
61.4FOURSteyn to S Marsh, FOUR, lucky boundary. Short of a length outside off stump, Steyn bent his back for this ball, extra bounce the result but unfortunately, the ball goes over the slip cordon even though it went of the shoulder of the bat269/3
62.3FOURR Peterson to S Marsh, FOUR, picks this flighted delivery from well outside off stump, gets his front foot a long way across and sweeps it along the ground to the backward square leg fence274/3
67.4FOURM Morkel to S Marsh, FOUR, another outside edge that runs away to the third man fence. Good length delivery outside off stump, Marsh defends and gets lucky286/3
72.2OUTSteyn to S Marsh, out Caught by de Villiers!! Marsh is gone and Australia have declared as well. Nothing shot from Marsh as he poked at a ball well outside off and edged it low to the left of the keeper. AB took it easily and as soon as the wicket fell, both batsmen run off the field, followed by the South Africans. S Marsh c de Villiers b Steyn 44(84) [4s-5 6s-1]290/4

Batting: South Africa

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.5OUTJohnson to A Petersen, out Caught by Haddin!! 250 Test wickets for Johnson. What a bowler. There he celebrates. Pacy delivery on middle stump, Petersen had to play at it, didn't offer the full face of the bat, the outside edge is found and Haddin takes it to his right. It has taken just 5 balls for Johnson to strike in his opening over. Double failure for Petersen in this match and his place must come under scrutiny, come PE. A Petersen c Haddin b Johnson 1(9)6/1
3.3FOURJohnson to Graeme Smith, FOUR, a thickish outside edge and it runs through gully. Smith playing well away from the body and though two fielders were going after it, it beat them to the fence12/1
3.4OUTJohnson to Graeme Smith, out Caught by Doolan!! Johnson has two and Smith has been knocked over. The Aussies are cock-a-hoop. What a way to get out. Flicked in the air to a backward short leg, who is deep, good shot, but Smith has picked out the man perfectly. Good low catch too. Smith can't believe it and begins the long crestfallen walk back. Looked like a plan for the Aussie team management stand up and clap after that wicket. Graeme Smith c Doolan b Johnson 4(10) [4s-1]12/2
4.4FOURR Harris to du Plessis, FOUR, neatly put away. Sliding onto the pads, du Plessis flicks and gets it through midwicket. First boundary for him and that should ease some pressure17/2
4.5FOURR Harris to du Plessis, FOUR, good controlled pull shot. Dug in short, du Plessis rises onto his toes and rolls his wrists, to play the pull shot past short leg. Back to back boundaries and both good looking shots21/2
7.1FOURJohnson to Amla, leg byes, FOUR, no bat and straight off the thigh pad, beats a flying Haddin to his left. That was another pacy short delivery from Johnson25/2
7.2FOURJohnson to Amla, FOUR, cracking response from Amla. Looks to get forward, then rocks back and thumps it off the back foot. Attacking field and that will be an easy boundary on the off-side29/2
8FOURJohnson to Amla, FOUR, smashed. Amla meeting fire with fire. Fractionally short outside off and Amla cut that hard into the ground and it raced away past point. Two boundaries in the over and both of them superb strokes. When Johnson errs - which won't be the case often - one has to be prepared to make him pay33/2
8.3FOURSiddle to du Plessis, FOUR, streaky and edgy, but du Plessis will get a boundary. Got a healthy edge in trying to punch off the back foot, evades fourth slip and races away. No third man yet37/2
10.1FOURSiddle to Amla, FOUR, magnificent back foot punch. Trademark Amla. Rocks back and meets the ball on the top of the bounce, the punchy stroke scuttles to the fence44/2
16.5OUTSiddle to du Plessis, out Lbw!! No chance for du Plessis there. He walks off. That was a grubber. Wide of the crease from Siddle, pitches and shoots through, du Plessis had no time to crouch and bring his bat down, it strikes him in front of off. Easy call for Richard Illingworth and the third wicket is down. du Plessis didn't even bother to review, just had a word with Amla, before going off. du Plessis lbw b Siddle 18(47) [4s-3]49/3
17.5FOURJohnson to Amla, FOUR, fabulous back foot punch. Went back and timed it superbly, though Lyon diving to his right at point, got a hand to it, it burst through and went down to the fence. Great strokeplay from Amla55/3
18.4FOURSiddle to de Villiers, FOUR, pitched up outside off, lovely cover drive from de Villiers as he opens the face of the bat to get it in the gap. He is off the mark with that fine shot59/3
19.5FOURJohnson to Amla, byes, FOUR, Amla is lucky for that is a loose stroke. Went for the big cover drive, the ball kept low and missed the inside edge, beats Haddin as well. 4 byes is the result. That jagged back a long way and kept low65/3
20.4FOURSiddle to de Villiers, FOUR, hands on head for Peter Siddle as de Villiers gets an inside edge. Late inswing on this good length delivery, de Villiers looks to push and gets lucky with the edge as it runs away to the fine leg fence69/3
22.2FOURSiddle to de Villiers, FOUR, if you ever want to know how to play an on-drive, watch this ball. Full delivery on the leg stump from wide of the crease, de Villiers doesn't try to hit the ball too hard, drives with a very straight bat and sends it easily to the long-on fence73/3
23.2FOURJohnson to de Villiers, FOUR, that gap at cover is there for the front foot drive I guess. Too many shortish balls from Johnson in his last 4 odd overs and batsmen have been easily able to punch. Let's take nothing away from de Villiers for playing a cracking shot off the back foot to the sweeper cover fence78/3
24.1FOURSiddle to Amla, FOUR, just a flick of the wrists and away she goes. He hardly tried to hit that but it's raced to the backward square leg fence! Short of a length delivery on the leg stump, Amla turns it past the short leg fielder and there was no one in the deep to cut that84/3
24.2OTHERSiddle to Amla, 3 runs, a good looking front foot punch from Amla to get to 6000 Test runs. Leant forward nicely and put it to the right of the man at silly mid-off87/3
25.1FOURR Harris to Amla, FOUR, slashes hard and the outside edge flies over the slip cordon to the third man fence. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Amla looks to make full use of Harris' loosener, he doesn't put it where he wanted to, but anyway, he'll take the boundary91/3
29.4OUTR Harris to Amla, out Caught by S Marsh!! A tentative poke outside off stump and Amla's gone. He's distraught with himself. This length delivery nipped away a touch off the deck, Amla was hanging back to drive it through cover, but the movement did him in and he gets a thick outside edge which goes straight into the hands of first slip. Huge opening this for Australia. Just when things were starting to happen for South Africa, Harris has broken the 48-run stand. Amla c S Marsh b R Harris 35(71) [4s-6]97/4
29.5OTHERR Harris to Duminy, no run, full and shaping back in, Duminy looks to drive and luckily he gets the edge, otherwise he was an absolute goner as the ball would have crashed into middle and off97/4
45.4OUTJohnson to Duminy, out Caught by Doolan!! Again a very unlikely dismissal. Stunning grab at forward short leg by Doolan again. That is Johnson's 10th wicket in the game. Full delivery on the leg stump, Duminy flicks very well, but the fielder takes a very good catch to his left, he juggled for a bit but managed to hold on to it by clutching it with his chest. Duminy can't believe it. This was so similar to Smith's dismissal and now people would start thinking if that forward short leg position is not just for the bat-pad or for the fend of the short ball! Duminy c Doolan b Johnson 10(60)128/5
48.3FOURLyon to de Villiers, FOUR, finally, South Africa manage to get a boundary after a long, long time. de Villiers steps out of the crease and drives, beats mid-off and it runs away138/5
49.2OTHERJohnson to McLaren, no run, a nasty short ball, almost around his right ear again, McLaren fends and luckily misses, the ball brushes the bicep and that was the sound, top decision again from Aleem Dar140/5
49.3OUTJohnson to McLaren, out Caught by Haddin!! This time he gets his man. Similar length to the previous ball, but just that this was outside off, McLaren looks to fend, gets a thin edge and Haddin takes it well above his head. Straightaway, Aleem Dar put his finger up. McLaren wouldn't mind walking back I guess. Gee! This is some serious fast bowling from Johnson. How do you keep him out? McLaren c Haddin b Johnson 6(19)140/6
49.4FOURJohnson to R Peterson, FOUR, in the air and almost another wicket for Johnson. Just over the diving third slip fielder. Another snorter of a short ball, Peterson fends and gets the shoulder of the bat, it flies just over the slip cordon144/6
52OUTJohnson to de Villiers, out Caught by S Smith!! Another slower delivery and that's the 12th wicket for Johnson in the game. Also a fifer for Mitch! AB de Villiers, who was stranded at one end, looks to break free and get some quick runs, but smashes the ball straight into the hands of short cover. Just misses the fifty by a whisker. de Villiers c S Smith b Johnson 48(90) [4s-5]151/7
52.1FOURSiddle to R Peterson, FOUR, full delivery just outside off stump, Peterson drives it down to long-off. A good looking drive and Peterson gets full value for the shot155/7
54.3FOURSiddle to R Peterson, FOUR, meanwhile, Peterson plays a fine punch off the back foot, this time he allows the short of length delivery to come and plays it through cover-point165/7
55OUTSiddle to R Peterson, out Bowled!! Clever thinking from Siddle. He slips in a slower delivery after those bouncers, Peterson was completely unaware of it, beaten for pace and also the ball keeps a touch low and goes underneath the bat to knock over the middle pole. Just two wickets away Australia from a famous win. R Peterson b Siddle 21(23) [4s-3]165/8
55.1FOURJohnson to Philander, byes, FOUR, short delivery on the off stump, Philander pulls out of the shot as it's too high, even Haddin couldn't get a hand on it169/8
57.1FOURR Harris to Philander, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, Philander cuts uppishly and hits it over point, no one in the deep to stop the ball177/8
57.3OUTR Harris to Steyn, out Caught by Clarke!! Give me the ball, I'll take you the wickets! Short of a length delivery outside off stump, the ball nips away, Steyn pokes and gets a thick edge which goes at a good height to second slip. Steyn c Clarke b R Harris 3(8)178/9
58.1FOURSiddle to Philander, FOUR, short delivery on the off stump, Philander pulls it along the ground to the backward square leg fence182/9
58.5SIXSiddle to Philander, SIX, this time Philander has timed it really well and it sails over the backward square leg fence. Gets on top of the bounce and hooks, gets full value for the shot188/9
59.1FOURR Harris to Philander, FOUR, Johnson doesn't want to put in the dive and stop the ball. Full delivery outside off stump, Philander drives off the front foot to the deep extra-cover fence193/9
59.2FOURR Harris to Philander, FOUR, another good looking drive. The field is up why not take full toss of it. Full delivery outside off stump, this time Philander sends it to sweeper cover198/9
59.4OUTR Harris to M Morkel, out M Morkel Run Out!! 1 run completed. What was Morne doing there? Never a second run in it. Probably, he wanted the game to be over quickly. Turns the short of length delivery to backward square leg, Philander was just jogging, as Morne calls for the second, he responds and Lyon's throw is bang on target. Haddin takes the bails off and the square leg umpire puts his finger up straightaway. M Morkel run out (Lyon/Haddin) 1(4)200/10