Australia tour of India 2013

India vs. Australia, Only T20I

Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot, Oct 10, 2013

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.3FOURBhuvneshwar to Finch, FOUR, just needed a couple of ball to get the pace of the wicket. A juicy full delivery outside off stump, Finch just lofts it over the infield and it almost carries over the long on fence4/0
1FOURBhuvneshwar to Maddinson, FOUR, can't bowl there to a top-order batsman. Full delivery just outside off stump, there was a bit of outswing on it, Maddinson covered it by moving forward and drove it handsomely past the bowler to the long off fence. Good start for Australia9/0
1.3FOURVinay Kumar to Maddinson, FOUR, no problems in putting this away whatsoever. Full delivery outside off stump, Maddinson comes on the frontfoot and lofts the over over Ishant Sharma at mid off and the ball goes on the bounce into the fence14/0
1.4FOURVinay Kumar to Maddinson, FOUR, it was quite evident that Vinay Kumar was going to try the slower delivery as he gave intentions very early, Maddinson picked it up, waited on the front foot and sliced the drive with an angled bat past backward point18/0
2.1FOURAshwin to Maddinson, FOUR, not afraid to use his feet to the spinner. Steps out of the crease, gets to the pitch of this flighted delivery and lofts it inside out over extra cover23/0
2.3FOURAshwin to Finch, FOUR, good looking shot from Finch. It was short and slow around the off stump, Finch makes good use of the depth of the crease by rocking back and cuts it really hard past backward point28/0
2.4FOURAshwin to Finch, FOUR, a really poor ball from Ashwin. Too slow and too short as he follows the batsman who makes room, but that doesn't stop Finch from punching it hard off the back to the deep extra cover fence32/0
3FOURAshwin to Finch, FOUR, make it 17 off the over. Nicely tossed up outside off stump, Finch leans forward and lofts it easily over the infield and it falls just before the sweeper cover fence36/0
3.1SIXIshant to Maddinson, SIX, welcome to the crease Ishant Sharma says Maddinson. That is a stunning 94 meter hit. Short of a length delivery on the stumps, Maddinson pulls it really hard and it sails way over the deep backward square leg fence42/0
3.2FOURIshant to Maddinson, FOUR, can't drop it short with fine leg inside the ring, Maddinson doesn't try to do anything fancy, just rolls his wrists on his pull and beats the man inside the ring46/0
4.1OTHERBhuvneshwar to Finch, 1 run, picked away nicely, Finch tries to shuffle in the crease and unsettle the bowler, Bhuvneshwar lands this full and the batsman could only pick up one as he hits it straight Yuvraj at to backward square leg50/0
4.4FOURBhuvneshwar to Maddinson, FOUR, who said T20 is all about muscular shot. Picks up the slower delivery from the bowler, even though it was away from him, he reaches out and just guides it over backward point for a boundary56/0
4.5OUTBhuvneshwar to Maddinson, out Bowled!! I must confess, against the run of play Australia have lost a wicket here. Much needed breakthrough though for India. Short of a length delivery pitching outside off, Maddinson plays across the line and misses the ball completely, it shatters his off stump which goes cartwheeling. Some respite for Bhuvneshwar. Maddinson b Bhuvneshwar 34(16) [4s-6 6s-1]56/1
5FOURBhuvneshwar to Shane Watson, FOUR, what should have been a dot ball or rather a single, has gone to the boundary courtesy a lazy effort by Ishant Sharma at short third man. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Watson plays his trademark late cut and gets lucky as the fielder fumbles to hsi right60/1
5.1FOURIshant to Finch, FOUR, that is an authoritative cut shot from Finch. Short and wide outside off stump, Finch rocks back and cuts it powerfully past backward point64/1
5.2FOURIshant to Finch, FOUR, the outside edge found, but safe. Ishant gets a taste of his own medicine, this time Ashwin the culprit at short third man. Finch gets an edge as he tries to defend a short of length delivery, the ball flies off the edge and drops short to the right of the fielder who doesn't stop the ball68/1
6FOURIshant to Finch, FOUR, you are disappearing while pitching the ball, and if you bowl full tosses, you don't have to think about the outcome. The attempted yorker goes on the full, Finch stays calm an drives it past a diving mid off fielder to the fence74/1
6.4SIXRavindra Jadeja to Finch, SIX, that is a stunning hit. You can't complain as a bowler about that. Flighted delivery wide outside off stump, Finch had to really stretch to reach out, somehow he manages to time the loft and it sails over the extra cover fence81/1
7.2OUTVinay Kumar to Shane Watson, out Lbw!! Howzzaaaat, was the cry from Vinay Kumar and the umpire didn't want to disappoint him. I heard two noises and I hope that it wasn't an inside edge. Good length delivery on the off stump, Watson lunges for the drive and misses, he is hit in line with the off stump and umpire had no hesitation to put his finger up. This is a massive wicket for India. Infact, it is a great call by the umpire. The two noises were the ball hitting the front pad first and then the impact on the back pad. Shane Watson lbw b Vinay Kumar 6(5) [4s-1]84/2
7.5OUTVinay Kumar to George Bailey, out Caught by Ravindra Jadeja!! This is turning out to be a great over by Vinay Kumar. Short of a length delivery on the stumps, Bailey didn't have enough room to work with yet he goes for the pull, for a moment it looked like he had timed it really well, but doesn't get enough distance, Jadeja runs around from deep square leg and takes a fine catch. George Bailey c Ravindra Jadeja b Vinay Kumar 0(3)84/3
9.1FOURAshwin to Finch, FOUR, Ashwin's nightmare continues. Fd down the leg side with short fine leg inside the ring, Finch helps it on its way with a sweep and also brings up his 2nd T20I fifty94/3
9.2SIXAshwin to Glenn Maxwell, SIX, this is a fantastic hit. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Maxwell waits for the ball and slogs it powerfully and clears the mid wicket fence easily102/3
9.3SIXAshwin to Glenn Maxwell, SIX, another one. This was very slow through the air, Maxwell doesn't bother, waits for the ball and muscles the slog and this time he goes over deep square leg108/3
9.5SIXAshwin to Glenn Maxwell, SIX, full toss and Ashwin has been deposited 104 meters over deep mid-wicket. Maxwell swung really hard at it and that almost went out of the ground114/3
10.4SIXVirat Kohli to Glenn Maxwell, SIX, the Australian batsmen wouldn't mind if you bowl full with no pace, Maxwell waits and gets underneath the ball and sends it flat over the mid-wicket fence123/3
11.3OUTRavindra Jadeja to Glenn Maxwell, out Caught by Ishant!! Flighted delivery delivery on the stumps, Maxwell tries to clear the ropes, he swings really hard but doesn't time it that well, Ishant stays calm and takes a fantastic leaping catch just inches before the long on ropes. Glenn Maxwell c Ishant b Ravindra Jadeja 27(13) [6s-4]124/4
12FOURRavindra Jadeja to Haddin, FOUR, waits for the flatter delivery outside off stump and guides it to third man. Nice way to get off the mark. Gee! This outfield is lightning quick129/4
12.1FOURVirat Kohli to Finch, FOUR, another great shot from Finch. The slower leg-cutter goes full and outside off stump, Finch gets under it and lofts it over extra cover for a boundary133/4
12.4FOURVirat Kohli to Finch, FOUR, the short slower ball on the leg stump, that's not going to help if you stray on the pads, Finch rolls his wrists on the shot and helps it to the fine leg fence139/4
13.3OUTBhuvneshwar to Haddin, out Caught by Dhoni!! Wicket number two for Bhuvneshwar. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Haddin goes for the cut, the shot was on but unfortunately the batsman has only managed a regulation outside edge through to Dhoni. Haddin c Dhoni b Bhuvneshwar 5(3) [4s-1]146/5
13.5FOURBhuvneshwar to Finch, FOUR, how did that go to the fence? Great shot by Finch. It was the slower delivery just outside off stump, Finch waits and whips it powerfully with a strong bottom hand, the ball beats deep mid-wicket and long on comfortably151/5
15.1FOURIshant to Finch, FOUR, full delivery outside off stump, Finch leans forward and lofts the drive to deep extra cover. This is the highest score for an Australian against India in a T20 game161/5
15.2FOURIshant to Finch, FOUR, that bat made a wondeful sound as it made contact with the ball. Low full toss outside off stump, Finch picks it up and swings it across the line between midwicket and mid on165/5
15.5FOURIshant to Finch, FOUR, even a desperate diving effort from Kohli was not good enough to stop the ball. The slower ball goes short and outside off stump, Finch cuts powerfully and picks up a boundary at deep backward point171/5
16.3OUTVinay Kumar to Finch, out Caught&Bowled!! Would you believe it? A full toss hit hard but Vinay Kumar has managed to grab it. He is some pain though. End of an entertaining innings from Finch. That could have been easily deposited out of the ground, but unfortunately, Finch has smashed it straight at the bowler who does well to complete the catch to the left on his follow through. Finch c and b Vinay Kumar 89(52) [4s-14 6s-1]174/6
17.2FOURBhuvneshwar to Henriques, FOUR, clever thinking from Henriques, he knew third man was very square, just waited on this shortish slower delivery outside off stump, opened the face of the bat and guided it very fine to beat Vinay Kumar's dive180/6
17.4OUTBhuvneshwar to Henriques, out Caught by Yuvraj!! Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, Henriques tries to go across the line and looks like he is surprised by the extra bounce on it, the ball takes the outside half of the bat and balloons to backward point. He lost the bottom hand grip on the bat as well. Henriques c Yuvraj b Bhuvneshwar 12(12) [4s-1]180/7
18.4FOURVinay Kumar to Coulter-Nile, FOUR, wasn't a bad delivery, but Coulter-Nile has managed to play that really well. Full and way outside off stump, Coulter-Nile squeezes the drive and evades a diving Shikhar Dhawan at backward point189/7
20SIXIshant to Faulkner, SIX, just when one thought that there were no boundaries in the last over, Ishant helps Faulkner with a juicy full delivery and the batsman doesn't turn down the offer. Clears his front foot out of the way and muscles the loft to send it over the wide long on fence201/7

Batting: India

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.1SIXClint McKay to Rohit Sharma, SIX, Sharma welcomes McKay with a six to the fine leg fence. This was full and on the pads, Sharma flicks it in the air and into the crowd for the first maximum8/0
1.5OUTClint McKay to Rohit Sharma, out Caught by Haddin!! McKay gets his revenge after being hit for a six off the first ball. This was a fuller length delivery just outside off, it shapes away a touch as Sharma goes for a big booming drive and only manages an edge to Haddin who takes an easy catch. Just the kind of start that Australia would have hoped for. Rohit Sharma c Haddin b Clint McKay 8(8) [6s-1]12/1
2.4FOURShane Watson to Dhawan, FOUR, lucky boundary for Dhawan. This was a short delivery on the body, Dhawan goes for the pull but is hurried into the shot as the ball goes off the gloves just past a diving Haddin to the fine leg fence20/1
3FOURShane Watson to Raina, FOUR, superb shot to end the over. This was once again on the pads, Raina leans forward as he flicks it in the air on the bounce to the backward square leg fence25/1
3.1FOURClint McKay to Dhawan, FOUR, McKay comes round the wicket and bowls this on a short of length around off, Dhawan gives the charge and punches it on the up and gets it in the gap to the extra cover fence29/1
3.2FOURClint McKay to Dhawan, FOUR, this was a much better shot by Dhawan. This was full and outside off, Dhawan comes down the track and lofts it over the extra cover fielder for back to back boundaries33/1
3.4FOURClint McKay to Raina, FOUR, that was not a delivery that deserved a boundary. This was a short of length delivery on leg stump, Raina makes room and uses his wrists beautifully as he lofts it in the gap square of the wicket on the off side38/1
5.2SIXCoulter-Nile to Raina, SIX, length delivery on leg stump, Raina backs away and tries to flick but gets a top edge as the ball sails over the fine leg fence for the second maximum off the innings50/1
5.3OUTCoulter-Nile to Raina, out Caught by Shane Watson!! Poor shot by Raina after hitting a six of the previous delivery. This was a back of a length delivery on middle, Raina makes room and tries to pull but does not get it off the middle as he finds Watson who runs back from mid on to take a good catch. Raina c Shane Watson b Coulter-Nile 19(13) [4s-2 6s-1]50/2
7.1FOURHenriques to Virat Kohli, FOUR, superb shot by Kohli. Good length delivery on middle, Kohli gives the charge and smacks it past the bowler to the long on fence63/2
7.4FOURHenriques to Virat Kohli, FOUR, another good shot by Kohli. This was short and outside off, Kohli waits for it as he guides it past a diving short third man fielder. The ball races away to the boundary69/2
8FOURHenriques to Dhawan, FOUR, poor fielding by Faulkner. This was slightly short and outside off, Dhawan goes back and cuts it, Faulkner runs in from sweeper cover and is not able to stop the ball from reaching the boundary74/2
8.2FOURDoherty to Dhawan, FOUR, a bit short and just outside off, Dhawan rocks back and cuts it beautifully in the gap between backward point and short third man for a boundary80/2
8.3OUTDoherty to Dhawan, out Stumped!! Doherty gets the important wicket of the in-form Dhawan. This was short delivery just outside off, he gets some extra bounce as well, Dhawan comes down the track and misses the ball and Haddin is quick to whip the bails off. Dhawan st Haddin b Doherty 32(19) [4s-5]80/3
10FOURCoulter-Nile to Yuvraj, FOUR, that shot should give some confidence to Yuvraj. This was full and on the pads, Yuvraj leans forward and flicks it to the deep mid wicket fence91/3
10.1SIXDoherty to Virat Kohli, SIX, starts the over off with a maximum. This was tossed up and outside off, Kohli comes down the track and lofts it over the long off fence97/3
11.1OUTClint McKay to Virat Kohli, out Caught by Faulkner!! Clint McKay comes back and gets the vital breakthrough. This was a length delivery on middle, Kohli gives the charge and slogs it straight to Faulkner at deep mid wicket who takes a good catch just inside the boundary line. Another batsmen fails to convert the start. Virat Kohli c Faulkner b Clint McKay 29(22) [4s-2 6s-1]100/4
11.2FOURClint McKay to Yuvraj, FOUR, back of a hand slower delivery outside off, Yuvraj had to wait for it as he late cuts it just past a diving Haddin to the third man fence104/4
12.2FOURShane Watson to Dhoni, FOUR, amazing shot! This was slightly short and outside off, Dhoni goes back and gets under it as he lofts it between extra cover and long off for a one bounce four112/4
13.2SIXClint McKay to Yuvraj, SIX, fabulous shot! It was a slower delivery on off, Yuvraj picks it up early as he rocks back and pulls it flat and just over the deep mid wicket fence122/4
13.3SIXClint McKay to Yuvraj, SIX, terrific cricket all round. This was a good length delivery on middle, Yuvraj gets across off and flicks it in the air to backward square leg, Watson jumps up and does well to hold on but just as he was landing he lands on the ropes128/4
13.4FOURClint McKay to Yuvraj, FOUR, a back of the hand slower delivery on the pads, Yuvraj once again moves across off and flicks it fine past the man at short fine leg for another boundary132/4
14.2FOURCoulter-Nile to Yuvraj, FOUR, awesome shot! It was a full delivery just outside off, from round the wicket, Yuvraj comes on the frontfoot and drives it over the mid off fielder for a boundary137/4
14.3FOURCoulter-Nile to Yuvraj, FOUR, once again a slower delivery that is overpitched and just outside off, Yuvraj transfers his weight superbly and lofts it over the mid off fielder for a one bounce four142/4
15.5FOURDoherty to Yuvraj, FOUR, slightly short and just outside off, Yuvraj rocks back and powers his pull between midwicket and long on. The partnership between Yuvraj and Dhoni is now 53153/4
16.4SIXFaulkner to Yuvraj, SIX, Yuvraj makes a comeback with his 7th T20I fifty. This was fuller length delivery on off, Yuvraj frees his arms as he sends it sailing straight down the ground for a maximum162/4
16.5SIXFaulkner to Yuvraj, SIX, another superb shot by Yuvraj. This was a length delivery on middle, Yuvraj gets across off and flicks it just over the man at deep backward square leg for back to back sixes168/4
17.3FOURCoulter-Nile to Yuvraj, FOUR, amazing shot! It was a full and outside off, Yuvraj stays on leg stump and extends his arms as he lofts it to the sweeper cover fence, the man at deep extra cover fielder had no chance off stopping that179/4
18SIXCoulter-Nile to Yuvraj, SIX, Yuvraj wants to finish it off in a hurry now. A low full toss on leg stump, Yuvraj gets under it as he flicks it just over the man at deep mid wicket for yet another maximum187/4
18.2FOURFaulkner to Yuvraj, FOUR, this is the highest score for Yuvraj in T20Is. Another full toss outside off, Yuvraj picks his gap and guides it past backward point and short third man for another boundary192/4
19.3FOURShane Watson to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni gets the much needed boundary for India. It was full delivery outside off, Dhoni squeezes the drive to the sweeper cover fence. The partnership between Dhoni and Yuvraj is now 100200/4