England tour of Australia 2014

Australia vs. England, 2nd T20I

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Jan 31, 2014

Batting: England

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.4FOURHodge to Lumb, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump and Lumb is not going to miss out. Rocks back and cuts it powerfully through cover-point and that's the first boundary of the game5/0
0.5FOURHodge to Lumb, FOUR, this time he puts the sweep in the gap between backward square leg and short fine leg. The line was down the leg side and that made Lumb's life easy on that occasion9/0
1.4FOURCoulter-Nile to Lumb, FOUR, oh that is a cracking cut shot. Doesn't bother to keep it down but rocks back and sends it flat uppishly over backward point. Third boundary already14/0
1.5FOURCoulter-Nile to Lumb, FOUR, this time the pull shot. Short enough for Lumb to hang back, times it very well and sends it between mid-wicket and mid-on. Gee! He's timing the ball reaaly well18/0
2.4DROPPEDStarc to Hales, no run, dropped by Maxwell at backward point! Was a sitter indeed! Full delivery just outside off stump, Hales shimmies down the track and slices it, the ball goes low but straight to the fielder who spills it20/0
3FOURStarc to Hales, FOUR, full delivery just outside off stump, Hales slogs across the line and sends it along the ground through mid-wicket, Hodge gives chase from mid-on, but the ball beats his slide in the deep24/0
3.2OUTHazlewood to Lumb, out Caught by Coulter-Nile!! Australia have got the early breakthrough they wanted. Full delivery on the leg stump, Lumb makes room and looks to go big over mid-on, he gets underneath it a bit too much and sends it straight up in the air, mid-on steadies himself nicely by taking a few steps back and grabs it cleanly. Lumb c Coulter-Nile b Hazlewood 18(15) [4s-4]24/1
3.3FOURHazlewood to Hales, FOUR, short of length delivery on the off stump, Hales pulls over the infield and it rockets to the deep mid-wicket fence28/1
4.2OUTStarc to L Wright, out Caught by Hodge!! Meanwhile the 39-year-old bloke takes a fantastic diving catch. Full delivery outside off stump, Wright looks to smash it hard, hits it flat but Hodge dives low to his left and takes inches from the ground. L Wright c Hodge b Starc 0(2)30/2
4.3FOURStarc to J Root, FOUR, straightaway gets going. Width to free his arms, short and wide outside off stump, cut away through deep backward point. Off the mark in style34/2
4.4FOURStarc to J Root, FOUR, this time he sends it to the right of the man at cover to make it back-to-back boundaries. Full delivery outside off stump, Root drives well and sends it to the fence38/2
5.1FOURHazlewood to Hales, FOUR, drives in the air and clears the infield at point. Overpitched from Hazlewood and Hales square-drives it to the deep backward point fence42/2
5.4OUTHazlewood to Hales, out Caught by Starc!! Unlucky for Hales, gets a thick edge and it is well held by third man. Full delivery on the stumps, Hales slogs across the line, probably he swung so hard otherwise the edge wouldn't have carried to the fielder in the deep. It went up a long way, Starc judged it to perfection and grabbed it well. Hales c Starc b Hazlewood 16(13) [4s-3]42/3
6FOURHazlewood to J Root, FOUR, Root is looking very good. He's timing the ball very well. Short and wide outside off stump, Root cuts and sends it past backward point, third man couldn't get there in time either48/3
6.1FOURMaxwell to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, ho ho ho. What a way to get off the mark. A cracking reverse sweep. Maxwell gets a taste of his own medicine. Flighted delivery outside the off stump, Morgan times it really well and beats short third man52/3
7OUTMaxwell to J Root, out Eoin Morgan Run Out!! Drama! I thought that was a harsh call. Full delivery outside off stump, Root slaps it to cover, Morgan calls for a quick single and sets off, Hodge fires a direct hit at the striker's end. The third umpire took a long time and decided to press the red button. With the dive, Morgan's glove was just on the line before the bails came off. His bat bounced after hitting the ground, though it passed the crease, since it was off the ground, the TV umpire rules it in favour of the fielding side. Eoin Morgan run out (Hodge) 6(3) [4s-1]55/4
8.3OUTCameron White to Buttler, out J Root Run Out!! 1 run completed. Flatter delivery on the leg stump, Buttler flicks it to mid-wicket, they try to steal the second run before the fielder gets there, but Maxwell is very quick to grab the ball, he fires it flat just next to the sticks and White whips the bails off in a flash. Needless act that from England. J Root run out (Maxwell/Cameron White) 18(14) [4s-3]63/5
10.4FOURCameron White to Buttler, FOUR, short delivery on the stumps, Buttler rocks back and pulls really well, the fielder at deep mid-wicket had no chance77/5
10.5DROPPEDCameron White to Buttler, 1 run, outside edge found, but Wade doesn't grab it cleanly. Tough to call that a dropped chance. Short outside off stump, Buttler cuts and gets lucky as the deflection was too big for the keeper, it rolls to short third man off the glove78/5
11.3FOURCoulter-Nile to Buttler, FOUR, he's smashed that. Short just outside off stump, Buttler swivel-pulls it powerfully along the ground and beats deep mid-wicket quite easily84/5
12.2OUTMuirhead to Bopara, out Caught by Maxwell!! Swept in the air and Maxwell grabs it at deep mid-wicket. So no fireworks from Bopara tonight. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Bopara doesn't try to keep the shot along the ground, Maxwell takes a few steps to his right and takes it. In fact, the ball almost popped out of the hand but Maxwell managed to clutch it with his thigh. Bopara c Maxwell b Muirhead 6(11)87/6
15.1OUTCoulter-Nile to Buttler, out Lbw!! How can you miss that? Absolutely plumb in front. Fullish delivery on the stumps, Buttler misses the flick, his front foot got stuck and hence he missed the ball, hit in line with middle and the ball would have crashed into the leg stump. England need to play out the remaining overs. Buttler lbw b Coulter-Nile 22(27) [4s-2]96/7
16.1FOURStarc to Broad, leg byes, FOUR, Broad makes room to the leg-side, Starc follows him with a short of length delivery, Broad tries to flick but misses, the ball goes off the thigh and beats the keeper103/7
17.3FOURCoulter-Nile to Broad, FOUR, short delivery on the leg stump, Broad pulls well and almost clears the deep mid-wicket fence. First boundary for the England captain110/7
19.2FOURHazlewood to Bresnan, FOUR, fuller length delivery on the off stump, Bresnan clears his front leg and smashes it back over the bowler's end and beats long-off126/7
19.5OUTHazlewood to Bresnan, out Bowled!! Unlucky dismissal. Fullish delivery outside off stump, Bresnan looks to paddle but misses, the ball goes off the pad and crashes into the stumps. Bresnan b Hazlewood 18(19) [4s-1]130/8
20OUTHazlewood to Tredwell, out Bowled!! Fine end to the innings for Australia. Full and swinging away, Tredwell swings hard and completely misses the ball and it disturbs middle and off. Tredwell b Hazlewood 0(1)130/9

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.2FOURBroad to Cameron White, FOUR, top shot! Played that on the rise, was a length ball swinging away outside off stump, White lofts it over cover and it races races away to the deep extra-cover fence4/0
0.3FOURBroad to Cameron White, FOUR, oh deft touch this time. Short of a length just outside off stump, White guides it past slip and beats third man8/0
0.5FOURBroad to Cameron White, FOUR, the MCG goes berserk. Short fuller length on the off stump, White pulls over the infield, goes over backward square leg and beats the diving fielder in the deep12/0
1.1FOURDernbach to Cameron White, FOUR, there's no stopping White tonight. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, White punches off the back foot through cover and the fielders can't get there in time17/0
1.3FOURDernbach to Cameron White, FOUR, short delivery on the off stump, this time he pulls it powerfully over mid-wicket and beats the fielder's dive to the right in the deep. Dealing in boundaries21/0
2.5FOURBroad to Finch, FOUR, full delivery on the leg stump, Finch crashes the drive pas the diving fielder at mid-on to bring up his first boundary of the day31/0
3FOURBroad to Finch, FOUR, short delivery on the off stump, Finch pulls very square this time and sends it to the deep backward square leg fence. Australia are cruising at the moment35/0
3.5OTHERBresnan to Finch, no run, mix-up, all safe in the end. Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, Finch pushes it to point, Cameron White sets off for a single but is sent back, Bopara under-arms a throw but misses the sticks at the bowler's end. Would have been interesting36/0
4.2FOURDernbach to Cameron White, FOUR, slower delivery just outside off stump, White delays the drive and crashes it past the bowler, mid-off had no chance40/0
4.4FOURDernbach to Cameron White, FOUR, slower ball bouncer outside off stump, White slices it powerfully over backward point and another boundary to White44/0
5FOURDernbach to Cameron White, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, White rocks back and cuts, beats backward point and collects his 8th boundary of the innings. Dernbach very expensive once again48/0
5.1OUTBresnan to Finch, out Lbw!! Bresnan gets the breakthrough for England. Short of a length delivery on the stumps, Finch tries to work across the line and misses, he's struck in line with middle. Height was an issue there but the umpire was convinced that it will go on to hit the stumps. The tracker says, the ball would have gone just over the bails. Finch lbw b Bresnan 10(11) [4s-2]48/1
6.5OUTTredwell to Maxwell, out Caught by Bresnan!! He's picked the fielder out in the deep. Must say that it was a well judged catch. Quicker delivery on the leg stump, Maxwell goes across the stumps, pulls it really hard and hits it flat, deep backward square leg runs to his right, jumps and takes a fine catch. Can England work on this opening? Maxwell c Bresnan b Tredwell 2(5)53/2
8.5SIXTredwell to Bailey, SIX, flighted delivery on the leg stump, Bailey advances and smashes it high over the wide long-on fence. Easily done by Bailey69/2
10.3FOURBroad to Bailey, FOUR, top-edge and just over the keeper. In fact he got a hand to it. Short of a length delivery on the off stump, Bailey pulls and gets lucky as it runs away to the fence81/2
11.1SIXDernbach to Bailey, SIX, how long is it? Surley over 90 meters! Full delivery on the off stump, thank you very much says Bailey and muscles the loft way over the long-on fence. In fact, it went 105 meters88/2
11.3FOURDernbach to Bailey, FOUR, short delivery on the off stump, Bailey pulls over the infield and there is no one at deep mid-wicket. Bailey's on a roll92/2
11.5FOURDernbach to Bailey, FOUR, poor Dernbach is getting no respect whatsoever! Short delivery on the off stump, Bailey pulls over the infield into the vacant deep mid-wicket region. 3 fours and 2 sixes for the Aussie skipper so far96/2
12FOURDernbach to Bailey, FOUR, 42 runs in 3 overs from Dernbach. Full delivery on the off stump, Bailey backs away and crashes the drive wide of mid-off, the ball beats the fielder's dive to the left100/2
12.3OTHERTredwell to Cameron White, 1 run, 5th T20I fifty for White, second consecutive in this series. Full on the leg stump, White turns it to deep square leg. That's the fifty partnership as well103/2
12.4SIXTredwell to Bailey, SIX, he wants to get this done very quickly. Flighted delivery on the off stump, Bailey advances and muscles it really hard over the wide long-on fence109/2
13.2FOURBopara to Bailey, FOUR, second T20I fifty for the Australian skipper. Short and wide outside off stump, Bailey cuts it off the back foot and beats backward point116/2
13.3DROPPEDBopara to Bailey, no run, in and out quickly, Bopara drops! Bailey crashes the full delivery to the left of the bowler, Bopara thought he had it but the ball popped out of the hands at the last moment116/2
14.2FOURTredwell to Cameron White, FOUR, flighted delivery on the leg stump, White flicks it over the infield to the deep mid-wicket fence and beats the man in the deep122/2
14.4FOURTredwell to Bailey, FOUR, saw the batsman advance and fired it wide outside off stump, Bailey reaches out and crashes it in the air wide of mid-off. Australia are just a hit away now127/2
14.5FOURTredwell to Bailey, FOUR, Australia seal the series. Bailey looks for the reverse sweep initially but then, as the ball was down the leg side, he paddle-sweeps it between short fine leg and backward square leg to ensure an easy win131/2