T20 Cricket League 2013

Bangalore vs. Pune, 31st Match

M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, Apr 23, 2013

Batting: Bangalore

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.1FOURI Pandey to Gayle, FOUR, what a welcome for Pandey, a juicy half volley outside off, Gayle bends his knees and drives it sweetly through extra cover for a boundary7/0
1.2FOURI Pandey to Gayle, FOUR, fab shot, Pandey shortens his length but offers too much width for Gayle, he stands tall and crashes it past point for a boundary11/0
1.4FOURI Pandey to Gayle, no ball, FOUR, wrong line from Pandey, drifts one full and well down leg, Gayle helps it past the keeper for a boundary To add salt to the wounds, Pandey has overstepped by a massive margin16/0
1.4FOURI Pandey to Gayle, FOUR, easy pickings for Gayle, full toss on the pads, Gayle makes room, clears his left leg and clips it behind square for a boundary20/0
2FOURI Pandey to Gayle, FOUR, 21 from the over, another length ball from Pandey, Gayle gets well forward and thumps it over mid-off for a boundary, almost went all the way24/0
2.5FOURBhuvneshwar to Dilshan, FOUR, paddle sweep from Dilshan, gets across in a pre-meditated fashion and laps a low full toss past the keeper and into the ropes at fine leg28/0
3.4FOURDinda to Dilshan, FOUR, fab shot, marginally short and wide from Dinda, Dilshan plays with an open face and guides it in the gap between point and cover point, no need to run for those33/0
4.1SIXMitchell Marsh to Gayle, SIX, massive, nice way to greet Mitchell Marsh, length ball on the stumps, Gayle gets forward and lifts it over long on, went deep into the stands39/0
4.2SIXMitchell Marsh to Gayle, SIX, another huge hit! This was pitched up and on off, Gayle gets forward and lofts it up and over cover, clears the ropes with ease45/0
4.3FOURMitchell Marsh to Gayle, FOUR, Gayle is toying with Marsh here! Marsh bowled this short and wide outside off as he saw Gayle making room, Gayle reaches out and cuts it over point, no one in the deep, the ball races away to the fence49/0
4.5SIXMitchell Marsh to Gayle, SIX, fab shot, length bowling from Marsh, Gayle gets forward and thumps it back over the sight screen for yet another maximum55/0
5SIXMitchell Marsh to Gayle, SIX, 17 ball 50 for Gayle , the fastest for this season, 28 runs from the over, Marsh is not learning his lessons, length ball on off, Gayle gets forward and slams it back over long off for yet another six61/0
6.1FOURMurtaza to Gayle, FOUR, lucky but four! It was there to be smacked, full and outside off, Gayle went hard on the drive, gets a thick outside edge that races past short third man for a boundary66/0
6.2SIXMurtaza to Gayle, SIX, Gayle is on fire! This was full and outside off, Gayle gets across and swings it over mid-wicket for a maximum72/0
6.5SIXMurtaza to Gayle, SIX, Gayle is in some mood here and the crowd has got mad! This was full and on the pads, Gayle gets forward and thumps it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum80/0
7.2SIXFinch to Gayle, SIX, superb shot, another ball that drifts into Gayle, he gets across and swings it way over the mid-wicket boundary for a maximum87/0
7.3SIXFinch to Gayle, SIX, Gayle is having some fun here! Another length ball from Finch, Gayle gets forward and thumps it high and way over long on for a biggie93/0
7.4FOURFinch to Gayle, FOUR, smashed! Full and outside off, Gayle gets forward and drills it back over the bowler's head for a boundary97/0
7.5SIXFinch to Gayle, SIX, dont ask me what has happened! Another full toss from Finch, Gayle gets forward and lifts it nonchalantly over wide long on for a maximum103/0
8SIXFinch to Gayle, SIX, Six number 4! Easy pickings for Gayle, length ball on middle, Gayle gets forward and lifts it over long on for a maximum109/0
8.1FOURDinda to Dilshan, FOUR, Dilshan wants to join the party! Length ball from Dinda, Dilshan gets forward and drills it back past the bowler for a boundary113/0
8.5SIXDinda to Gayle, SIX, 100 for Gayle , the fastest T20 hundred in the history of the game, the fastest in this tournament. Hats-Off, Gayle! 112 metres, the biggest six of the tournament , a juicy full toss from Dinda, Gayle clears his left leg and heaves it way over the stadium for a maximum
10.1FOURI Pandey to Dilshan, FOUR, Pandey continues to leak runs! A low full toss on off, Dilshan swings it past square leg for yet another boundary, the bleeding continues for Pune132/0
11FOURI Pandey to Dilshan, FOUR, this is all too easy for Bangalore at the moment! Low full toss from Pandey, Dilshan stands on his knees and clubs it past square leg for a boundary140/0
11.3SIXLuke Wright to Gayle, SIX, Six No 29 for the tournament for Mr. Gayle! Luke Wright misses his length, ends up offering a length ball, Gayle gets forward and thumps it over long off for a maximum146/0
12OTHERLuke Wright to Gayle, wide, wide called for height! Wright attempts the short bouncer, ends up pushing it high and wide, called by the umpire150/0
13SIXMitchell Marsh to Gayle, SIX, Six number 13 for Gayle! Too short from Marsh, Gayle swivels across and pulls it high and over mid-wicket stand for a maximum161/0
13.2FOURLuke Wright to Gayle, FOUR, exquiste, this was full and outside off from Luke Wright, Gayle leans into the drive and caresses it past extra cover for a boundary166/0
13.4OUTLuke Wright to Dilshan, out Caught by Murtaza!! A wicket for Pune! This was full and on off from Wright, Dilshan makes room and looks to slap it over extra cover, does not get the required elevation and finds Murtaza over there. Ends a superb partnership. Dilshan c Murtaza b Luke Wright 33(36) [4s-5]167/1
14.2FOURMurtaza to Gayle, FOUR, flatter and outside off, Gayle slaps it powerfully and wide of long off, no chance for the man out there, one bounce and over the fence173/1
14.3SIXMurtaza to Gayle, SIX, get the ball back from Cubbon Park! This was tossed up and on off, Gayle gets forward and launches it way over the long on fence and out of the ground179/1
14.4SIXMurtaza to Gayle, SIX, this is a baby six! Length ball on the pads, Gayle sweeps it up and over square leg for a maximum186/1
14.5FOURMurtaza to Gayle, FOUR, Murtaza is bleeding runs here! He drops this one short and outside off, Gayle makes room and slaps it high and over extra cover for a boundary190/1
15SIXMurtaza to Gayle, SIX, 150 for Gayle, Murtaza looks in despair as another well flighted delivery goes into the crowd at deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum196/1
16.1SIXDinda to Virat Kohli, SIX, Kohli wants a piece of cake as well! Length ball by Dinda, Kohli gets forward and dismisses it way over mid-wicket for a maximum207/1
16.2OUTDinda to Virat Kohli, out Virat Kohli Run Out!! Superb cricket from Dinda! This was a superb ball first up, right in the blockhole on middle, Kohli made room and dug it out towards the onside, Dinda runs across, picks up the ball, aims at the bowler's end and hits it direct with Kohli well short of his ground. The 3rd umpire is not required as Kohli is given marching orders. Virat Kohli run out (Dinda) 11(9) [6s-1]207/2
16.5FOURDinda to de Villiers, FOUR, de Villiers joins in the fun! Gets across to a low full toss and drills it wide of mid-wicket, not a bad way to get going213/2
17SIXDinda to de Villiers, SIX, supreme cricket from de Villiers! Dinda misses his length by just a bit, Villiers makes room and lifts it up and over long off for a maximum219/2
17.1FOURBhuvneshwar to Gayle, FOUR, Gayle has the highest score across all forms of T20 cricket, short and outside off, Gayle makes room and thumps a pull wide of mid-wicket for a boundary223/2
17.3FOURBhuvneshwar to de Villiers, FOUR, cracking shot! de Villiers moves across to a full ball and drills it powerfully through extra cover, Ishwar pandey gets across and dives over the ball to concede a boundary228/2
17.5FOURBhuvneshwar to Gayle, FOUR, the brute power of Gayle on display! Low full toss from Bhuvneshwar, Gayle gets forward and thumps it back past the bowler, no chance for the man at long off233/2
18.2FOURMitchell Marsh to de Villiers, FOUR, Marsh misses his yorker, but not de Villiers, gets down on his knees and slugs a low full toss behind square for a boundary239/2
18.3SIXMitchell Marsh to de Villiers, SIX, de Villiers special! Gets right across his stumps to a juicy full toss and laps it over short fine for a maximum245/2
18.4SIXMitchell Marsh to de Villiers, SIX, lovely, Marsh is not learning his lessons, offers a length ball outside off, Villiers bends down on his knees and slogs it high and over mid-wicket for a maximum. This is the highest score in the Indian T20 League251/2
18.5OUTMitchell Marsh to de Villiers, out Caught by Manhas!! Marsh has wicket to show for his bowling tonight! This was pitched up outside off, de Villiers was making room, ends up having to reach out for the shot. He slices it in the air and straight to Manhas at sweeper cover. de Villiers c Manhas b Mitchell Marsh 31(8) [4s-3 6s-3]251/3
19.1SIXDinda to Gayle, SIX, Gayle has started well though! This was full and outside off, Gayle makes room and lifts it over cover, the ball has enough power to go over the ropes259/3
19.4OUTDinda to Saurabh Tiwary, out Caught by Mitchell Marsh!! A wicket for Dinda. The slower ball has done the trick, Tiwary was looking to go over extra cover, ends up hitting it straighter then he liked. Marsh comes running in from long off and takes a simple catch. Saurabh Tiwary c Mitchell Marsh b Dinda 2(2)262/4
20OUTDinda to Rampaul, out Caught by Mitchell Marsh!! Rampaul has holed out! This was full and outside off, Rampaul gets forward and lifts it uppishly towards long off, does not hit it powerfully enough, holes out to long off for a simple catch. Bangalore end up with 263 runs on the board. Rampaul c Mitchell Marsh b Dinda 0(1)263/5

Batting: Pune

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.2OUTKartik to Uthappa, out Caught by RP Singh!! Uthappa had no real choice but to go for his shots from the start. The third man was up in the circle and Uthappa tried to play the reverse sweep over his head but gets a top edge instead. RP Singh, runs across to his right and lunges out to latch on with both hands. Good catch that. Uthappa c RP Singh b Kartik 0(2)0/1
0.3FOURKartik to Finch, FOUR, easly done by Finch. It was a full delivery from Kartik and he punches it hard past long on for the first boundary of the innings4/1
0.4FOURKartik to Finch, FOUR, very full and on the leg now, Finch sweeps it very hard now to the deep square leg fence. Very good shot once more8/1
2.3FOURRampaul to Yuvraj, FOUR, some width outside off now, Yuvraj slashes hard and gets a thick outside edge. It races down to the third man fence17/1
3.1FOURRP Singh to Finch, FOUR, very full and outside off, Finch makes some room and drills it hard over the man at extra cover for a boundary23/1
3.3FOURRP Singh to Finch, FOUR, poor line once again. Still wide outside off and this time Finch manages to connect the cut. It was hit very hard too and the man at point had little chance of getting to it27/1
4.2OUTRampaul to Finch, out Caught by Kartik!! Rampaul strikes and this was a very sharp catch by Kartik, at mid off. Finch had made room and hit this very hard looking to clear mid off. Kartik times his jump perfectly and plucks it out with both hands. He held one similarly in the previous game too and is thrilled by his own effort. Finch c Kartik b Rampaul 18(15) [4s-4]28/2
5SIXRampaul to Luke Wright, SIX, full and outside off, Luke Wright makes more room and gets under the delivery to launch it over the long off boundary37/2
5.2OUTUnadkat to Luke Wright, out Caught by de Villiers!! Excellent catch by de Villiers. Wright took a few paces down and tried to heave it on the onside but ends up miscuing totally. de Villiers runs back from mid wicket and judges the swirler to perfection. Unadkat has struck rather quickly. Luke Wright c de Villiers b Unadkat 7(3) [6s-1]38/3
5.3FOURUnadkat to Yuvraj, FOUR, banged in short by Unadkat. Yuvraj pulld but is hurried into the shot. The ball takes the top edge and flies over the keeper to the boundary42/3
5.4OUTUnadkat to Yuvraj, out Caught by Virat Kohli!! There it goes again. The scoreboard pressure is showing. Yuvraj tries to pull hard but ends up slicing it softly. Kohli runs in from mid wicket and takes the simple chance. Yuvraj c Virat Kohli b Unadkat 16(14) [4s-2]42/4
7.1FOURUnadkat to Steven Smith, FOUR, Unadkat goes a little to full and Smith strikes it well over mid off. One bounce and over the ropes it goes50/4
7.4FOURUnadkat to Steven Smith, FOUR, three short deliveries in a row and Smith does not miss out this time. He stands up tall and hammers it very hard to the mid wicket boundary54/4
8SIXUnadkat to Mitchell Marsh, SIX, right in the slot for Marsh. A length delivery with no real pace on it. Marsh pulls it deep into the stands over mid wicket61/4
8.2FOURKartik to Steven Smith, FOUR, sliding on from round the wicket, Smith rocks back and pulls it between long on and deep mid wicket for another boundary65/4
9.3FOURVinay Kumar to Steven Smith, FOUR, on a good length again, Smith pulls hard again and wide of long on. RP Singh was slow to mover across and Smith picks up another boundary74/4
10.3FOURKartik to Steven Smith, FOUR, poor fielding from Unadkat. This was a slow delivery on the middle and leg, Smith swept it hard behoind square on the onside. Unadkat moved across to his right quickly and put in the dive too but fails to make the stop82/4
11.5FOURVinay Kumar to Steven Smith, FOUR, the partnership between Steven Smith and Mitchell Marsh is now over 50. Smith clears his frontfoot and looks to hit through the offside but gets an inside edge past leg stump to the fine leg fence92/4
13.3OUTRampaul to Steven Smith, out Caught by Dilshan!! Rampaul mixed it up quite nicely in the over. The short one is brought out and Smith gets a top edge on the pull. Dilshan settles under the simple chance at deep mid wicket. Steven Smith c Dilshan b Rampaul 41(31) [4s-6]100/5
15SIXUnadkat to Mitchell Marsh, SIX, length delivery and very straight. Just what Marsh wanted. He stays in the crease and pulls it hard over the deep square leg fence111/5
15.3FOURRP Singh to Manhas, FOUR, pitched up and outside off, Manhas reaches out and gets under it to loft it over cover. There was a big gap on the offside and Manhas picks up a boundary117/5
16.2OUTVinay Kumar to Mitchell Marsh, out Bowled!! Vinay Kumar keps it simple and picks up his first wicket. It was full and straight. Marsh looked to power it over mid wicket but got a thin inside edge onto the middle stump. Mitchell Marsh b Vinay Kumar 25(23) [6s-2]119/6
16.5FOURVinay Kumar to Bhuvneshwar, FOUR, pacy short delivery from Vinay Kumar now. Kumar bends down and plays a half-hearted pull and gets a top edge over the keeper and to the boundary123/6
18.5OUTRP Singh to Bhuvneshwar, out Caught by Arun Karthik!! Banged in short by RP Singh, Kumar makes some room and tries a slog but gets a thick outside edge. Arun Karthik dives full length to his right to take a sharp catch. Bhuvneshwar stood there and waited for the umpire to raise his finger. That does not please the Bangalore fielders. Bhuvneshwar c Arun Karthik b RP Singh 6(12) [4s-1]127/7
19.2FOURGayle to Murtaza, FOUR, tossed up outside off, Murtaza makes room and slashes hard but gets a thick outside edge past slip for a boundary132/7
19.3OUTGayle to Murtaza, out Stumped!! The Gangnam dance comes out. This was very nicely bowled slow through the air. Murtaza was itching to go after him and dances down the track to do so. He misses and Karthik completes and easy stumping. Gayle can do no wrong today. Murtaza st Arun Karthik b Gayle 5(4) [4s-1]132/8
19.5OUTGayle to I Pandey, out Bowled!! Well there it comes again. Gayle fires it full and straight. Pandey fails to jam it out and the stumps are shattered. The wild celebrations begin and Gayle is over the moon. Gangnam style, cray handhsakes et al. I Pandey b Gayle 0(2)132/9