Jan 25South Africa vs. West Indies

4th ODI at St George's Park, Port Elizabeth

West Indies won by 1 wkt

Jan 25New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

6th ODI at University Oval, Dunedin

New Zealand won by 120 runs

Jan 23New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

5th ODI at University Oval, Dunedin

New Zealand won by 108 runs

Jan 23Australia vs. England

4th Match at Bellerive Oval, Hobart

Australia won by 3 wkts

Jan 21South Africa vs. West Indies

3rd ODI at Buffalo Park, East London

South Africa won by 9 wkts

Jan 20New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

4th ODI at Saxton Oval, Nelson

New Zealand won by 4 wkts

Jan 26 08:50Australia vs. India

5th Match at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

Jan 28 17:00South Africa vs. West Indies

5th ODI at Centurion

Jan 29 06:30New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

7th ODI at Wellington

Jan 30 08:50England vs. India

6th Match at Perth

Jan 31 06:30New Zealand vs. Pakistan

1st ODI at Wellington

Feb 01 08:50Australia vs. TBC

Final at Perth


The Ashes 2013-14

Australia vs. England, 5th Test

Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, Jan 03, 2014

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
2.4FOURJ Anderson to Chris Rogers, FOUR, off the mark in a streaky fashion. Outswinging short of length delivery outside off stump, Rogers looks to cut off the back foot but the ball goes off the bottom of the bat and beats gully to his right6/0
3.1FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, over pitched and punished. Enough width for Warner to free his arms, he leans forward and carasses the drive through mid-off and it races away. First boundary for Warner10/0
3.3FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, Warner gets to 500 runs in this series, but the shot wasn't convincing though. Warner seemed to be surprised by a bit of extra bounce on this good length delivery, he tries to cut and then checks his shot at the last moment, the ball goes in the air and beats Carberry fantastic dive at backward point to his left14/0
3.4FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, third boundary of the over. Full delivery just outside off stump, not much of swing on this one, Warner easily transfers the weigth on the front foot and drives it along the ground to long-off18/0
5.5OUTBroad to Warner, out Bowled!! Broad gets his reward for hitting the fuller length area consistently. It was pitched around the middle stump, the seam was pointing towards leg slip and that meant it was slated to swing into Warner, he tries to cover the movement but the ball foxes him completely as it holds its line after pitching. Warner ends up playing inside the line and the off pole is pegged back. Just the start England wanted after opting to bowl first. That's Broad's 18th wicket in this series. Warner b Broad 16(20) [4s-3]22/1
6FOURBroad to Watson, FOUR, oh hello! That's a nice way to open your account. Full delivery swinging away outside off stump, Watson doesn't bother about the shape away from him, leans forward and crashes the drive through extra-cover26/1
9.1FOURStokes to Watson, FOUR, that's a great way to greet a new bowler. Full delivery outside off stump, there to be hit, Watson doesn't miss out and Watson crashes the drive to the extra-cover fence36/1
14.3FOURRankin to Watson, byes, FOUR, full and down the leg side again, the ball nipped further past the leg stump to beat Bairstow's dive49/1
15.4OUTStokes to Chris Rogers, out Bowled!! England have removed both the openers now. Must say, a lapse in concentration from Rogers. It wasn't all that short to be pulling but Rogers opts to do so, only to drag it back onto the stumps. Looked like he played a little early as well. This sets up the morning nicely now. In fact, the ball hit the back leg before changing direction to hit the stumps. Chris Rogers b Stokes 11(39) [4s-1]51/2
16FOURStokes to Watson, FOUR, an authoritative pull from Watson. Stands tall and meets the bouncer very easily and sends it to the deep mid-wicket fence. Anyway, a successful over for England56/2
18.3FOURRankin to Watson, FOUR, nicely clipped away. Full delivery on the leg stump, Watson leans forward and meets the ball right under his eyes and beats the man in the deep who runs to left at the deep mid-wicket fence63/2
19.5FOURBroad to Clarke, FOUR, banged in short and Clarke pulls well this time. Stood tall and timed it really well, rolled his wrists on it and keeps it along the ground, the ball races away to the deep mid-wicket fence67/2
20.4FOURStokes to Watson, FOUR, a friendly full toss outside off stump, Watson waits and drives it past the bowler to the long-off fence74/2
22.3OUTStokes to Clarke, out Caught by Bell!! That is a massive wicket. It is the leg-cutter from Stokes, Clarke hangs back to defend the good length delivery, the ball bounces a bit more than he anticipates, takes a thick outside edge and goes straight into the hands of second slip. Second wicket for Stokes. Clarke c Bell b Stokes 10(29) [4s-1]78/3
22.5FOURStokes to S Smith, FOUR, just like Watson, Smith gets off the mark with a cracking cover drive. Full outside off stump, put away with ease off the front foot to the deep extra-cover fence82/3
23.2FOURJ Anderson to Watson, FOUR, edged but safe. Where is third slip? Just minutes to go for the lunch break. Short of a length delivery nipping away, Watson pokes with soft hands and it goes to right of second slip86/3
23.3FOURJ Anderson to Watson, FOUR, cuts uppishly and gets it just over gully. Again extra bounce, Watson wanted to play that squarer than it went, eventually the ball goes to the third man fence90/3
24.2FOURStokes to S Smith, FOUR, square-driven nicely, waited for the full ball, opened the face of the bat a touch and drove it well off the front foot to the sweeper cover fence94/3
25.4OUTJ Anderson to Watson, out Lbw!! That's plumb in front. Anderson is absolutely ecstatic. That's the first successful LBW appeal for England in this series. Watson lunges forward to defend this inswinging fuller length delivery, he misses and is struck right in front of off, umpire Erasmus took a while and raised his finger. This is surely England's lunch now. Captain opts to bowl and the bowlers take 4 top-order wickets. Watson lbw b J Anderson 43(59) [4s-7]94/4
28.1OUTBroad to Bailey, out Caught by Cook!! Edged and Cook captures it on the second attempt. Bailey's edgy stay comes to a close as Broad reaps reward for his probing bowling. This was a good length delivery with a smidgen of shape away, Bailey, irresponsibly pokes at it, the outside edge is shaved. Cook, who is stationed at first slip, juggles and grasps it on the second attempt. Australia reeling at 97-5. Bailey c Cook b Broad 1(8)97/5
30.1FOURBroad to Haddin, FOUR, delectable shot. This was overpitched on off, Haddin essays a gorgeous drive, he gets it past mid-off to find the long off fence101/5
32.5FOURBroad to Haddin, FOUR, short and width on offer as well, Haddin flashes hard, the upshot is a thickish outside edge that flies over the slip cordon to the third man fence107/5
33.3OTHERJ Anderson to Haddin, no run, on a length and tailing back in again, Haddin aims to defend but the ball brushes the thigh pad and travels to the keeper, who grabs it well. The orginal call is upheld as there was no conclusive proof of an edge108/5
37FOURRankin to S Smith, FOUR, the extra ball costs England. This was a half tracker outside off, Smith blazes the cut to square of the wicket on the off-side. Smith will never let go a scoring opportunity121/5
37.4FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, Imperious shot from Haddin. This was dug in short and outside off, Haddin rocks back and plays a controlled pull, the ball screams away to the deep mid wicket fence125/5
38.4FOURRankin to S Smith, FOUR, length ball outside off with extra bounce as well, Smith leaps up and goes for a mighty slash, the thickish outside edge runs away to the third man fence131/5
39.4FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, BOOM! This was pitched up and well outside off, Haddin drives it on the rise, pierces the extra cover gap to ping the fence135/5
39.5FOURStokes to Haddin, no ball, FOUR, Rankin does a 'Finn' for the third time, flicking the bails in his followthrough. This was shortish on the body, Haddin does not flinch as he pulls it to fine leg. Talk about rubbing salt into a wound140/5
40FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, dug in short and outside off again, Haddin is strong with the pull as he plays this with impeccable balance and banishes this to the deep square leg fence144/5
40.3FOURRankin to Haddin, FOUR, Haddin continues to counter punch. This was also dropped short and outside off, Haddin unfurls a flat batted pull to the long on fence. Some way to bring up the 50 of the partnership149/5
41.5FOURStokes to S Smith, FOUR, take that Stokes says Smith. This was also on a length and well outside off, Smith flays it off a thick outside edge to third man155/5
43FOURBorthwick to S Smith, FOUR, shot of mighty intent from Smith. He forays down the track, takes it on the full and slams it between midwicket and long on. 1000 Test runs for Smith. A forgettable first over from Borthwick. Few nerves jangling there160/5
44.4FOURBorthwick to S Smith, FOUR, Smith comes down the track, gets close to the pitch of the ball, converts it into a half volley and slaps it to the long on fence170/5
46.1FOURBorthwick to S Smith, FOUR, loose full toss outside off, real New Year gift, Smith accepts it with belligerent glee as he hacks it past a diving extra cover174/5
47FOURBorthwick to Haddin, FOUR, overpitched and on off, Haddin pounches on it as he pummels it past the bowler, dispacthing it to the long off fence with nonchalance179/5
48.2OTHERStokes to Haddin, 1 run, Haddin acknowledges the wild cheers from Sydney. Fifty in each first innings off this Ashes series. This was a good length ball on middle, Haddin drops it past the bowler towards mid on and hares around for a quick single182/5
49.1FOURJ Anderson to Haddin, FOUR, fractionally short and just outside off, Haddin nails the pull and dispatches it through mid-wicket188/5
50.1FOURStokes to S Smith, FOUR, Crisp!. This was pitched up and just outside off, Smith transfers his weight on the front foot and drives powerfully through cover192/5
51.3FOURJ Anderson to Haddin, FOUR, shortish and outside off, Haddin plays his favorite pull shot off the back foot to the deep mid wicket fence200/5
52.4FOURBroad to S Smith, FOUR, Smith now reaches a fifty of his own. The SCG goes nuts. This was a loose half volley outside off, Smith crashes it through the gap to the deep extra cover fence206/5
53.3FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, Is this partnership cricket's equivalent of fireworks over the Sydney Harbour bridge? I do think so. This was a length ball with width on offer, Haddin smashes it over extra cover212/5
54FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, Haddin's murdered that! This was a gentle length ball on the stumps. Haddin makes room, creating enough leverage to hack it over the bowler's head. Australia are rattling along at an ultra-brisk pace218/5
54.5FOURBroad to Haddin, FOUR, the pull has been a salient feature of Haddin's bright knock. This was a gentle long hop outside off, Haddin blazes this to the deep mid wicket fence224/5
55.3OUTStokes to Haddin, out Caught by Cook!! Ben Stokes brings out an abrupt end to Haddin's resplendent innings. This was on a length and wide outside off with some away nip, Haddin hangs his bat out meekly to get an outside edge that sits in the waiting hands of Cook at first slip. That was a simple regulation catch, Cook makes no mistake. The Barmy army find their voice again. Haddin c Cook b Stokes 75(90) [4s-13]225/6
57.3FOURStokes to S Smith, FOUR, he plays this shot so well! Rocks back and then plays the extravagant flashy square drive, past gully in an instant and the ball rockets away to the fence. Timed it right off the middle of the bat, that one232/6
58.4FOURJ Anderson to S Smith, FOUR, Smith plays a beautiful cover drive! Too full from Anderson, lovely flowing drive into the ground from Smith and that's a very pleasing shot237/6
63.5FOURStokes to S Smith, FOUR, aggression from Smith. Full and outside off, Smith just went through with the lofted shot, through the line of the ball and over mid-off's head. Wide of him too. That came right out of the middle and clattered into the ropes.252/6
64.1FOURJ Anderson to S Smith, FOUR, looks like a switch has been flicked on by Smith, activating his uber-aggressive instincts. That's the second aggressive stroke in 3 balls. A controlled, lofted, through the line drive over the umpire's head. The bat just turned in his hand as he played it, but good enough to take it past the ropes257/6
66.5FOURBroad to S Smith, FOUR, top shot! Smith riding the bounce, going on the back foot and then punching it wide of point. The weight transfer was perfect from Smith267/6
67.3OUTBorthwick to Johnson, out Caught by (sub)J Root!! Big moment for the debutant, Borthwick. Maiden Test wicket for him. Ugly mow from Johnson, throws his wicket away in trying to deposit the leggie out of the park - the slog across the line, produces a top-edge which is well-judged by Root coming in from long-on. Borthwick is all smiles as his team-mates engulf him. Johnson c (sub)J Root b Borthwick 12(32)269/7
69.3SIXBorthwick to S Smith, SIX, Smith does a Sehwag! No nervous nineties for him. Steps out and is to the pitch of the ball, before going through with the lofted hit over long-on. All the way and just a run away now from his 2nd hundred of the series284/7
69.5FOURBorthwick to S Smith, FOUR, 100 for Smith! The 2nd hundred of this series and all his Test hundreds have been Ashes hundreds. What a gift from Borthwick though, a friendly 'hit me' full toss outside off, Smith steps out and whacks it high and wide over long-on. A pump of the fist, a scream of delight, then removes the helmet, acknowledges the cheers of his home crowd. Kissed the Aussie crest on the helmet as well. Haddin was pumped up in the dressing room as well. Good reception from the SCG to Smith's hundred. Another Smith hundred in a crisis situation - well played288/7
70.4FOURBroad to R Harris, byes, FOUR, very short and following Harris who was backing away to pull, misses and though Bairstow got a glove leaping high to his left, he couldn't prevent the four byes294/7
71.5FOURBorthwick to S Smith, FOUR, filth. Utter dross from Borthwick. Another friendly full toss, Smith accepts the invite and slams it beating deep midwicket running across to his left302/7
72.3FOURJ Anderson to R Harris, FOUR, Harris isn't going to hang around with all these short stuff going on. Pulls a short one and the top-edge flies over the slip cordon306/7
73FOURJ Anderson to R Harris, FOUR, magnificent shot! He has tried to hit everything hard this over, this one is pure timing. A back foot punch through cover and the timing takes it all the way to the ropes312/7
74.3SIXJ Anderson to R Harris, SIX, Harris is entertaining the crowd now! That's a fab pull shot, short and outside off, Harris got into a good position as he went on the back foot and then pulled it over deep midwicket. More worries for the mentally shot England team. Harris certainly liked that as he followed the path of the ball. A good catch in the crowd too - on the rebound as the first man shells it324/7
75.1OUTStokes to R Harris, out Caught by J Anderson!! Harris is gone! Drives a length ball uppishly and finds short cover. Anderson catches it and kicks the ball away - letting out all the frustration. 4th wicket for Stokes and Harris' little cameo has come to an end. R Harris c J Anderson b Stokes 22(27) [4s-2 6s-1]325/8
75.2OUTStokes to Siddle, out Caught by Bairstow!! Stokes is on a hat-trick now. Golden duck for Siddle. Maiden 5-fer for Stokes as his chuffed team-mates come in to congratulate him. Regulation length ball in the corridor of uncertainty, Siddle fiddled at it, got a thin edge and held by Bairstow. Just about carried to him. Siddle c Bairstow b Stokes 0(1)325/9
75.4DROPPEDStokes to Lyon, no run, dropped by Anderson at 4th slip! Lyon flashing away from the body, gets a healthy edge, just carried to a diving Anderson, who went with his left-hand, it didn't stick. The fielder at third slip, tried to go for the rebound, but the ball had hit the turf by then. Lyon survives325/9
76OUTStokes to S Smith, out Caught by (sub)J Root!! A swift end to the Aussie innings. Third wicket for Stokes in the over and his 6th overall. Smith had no option but to play the big shot, tried to go over mid-on, but hit it straight to the fielder there. Easy catch and Australia end on 326. S Smith c (sub)J Root b Stokes 115(154) [4s-17 6s-1]326/10

Batting: England

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.4FOURR Harris to Cook, FOUR, Cook is away with a punchy drive through cover, a low full toss and he puts it away4/0
3.3OUTJohnson to Carberry, out Caught by Lyon!! Superb catch. Carberry's 2nd life lasts all of one ball. Flicked off the hips, it was travelling and Lyon at leg gully grabs it with both hands, going low to his right. Gets up and runs away even as his joyous mates try to catch him. Carberry is gone for a duck and Johnson has struck early again. Carberry c Lyon b Johnson 0(9)6/1
6.2OUTR Harris to Cook, out Lbw!! What was Cook thinking? He has shouldered arms to a ball on off stump and is palpably lbw. Aleem Dar had the finger up in a flash. Harris and Australia can't believe their luck. Pitched up and swinging back in towards off, Cook just opted to leave that alone, it nipped in to rap him right in front. Would've crashed into off. Cook had a word with J Anderson and then just walked off. Dream start for Australia on day 2. Cook lbw b R Harris 7(19) [4s-1]8/2
9.1FOURJohnson to J Anderson, FOUR, leading edge and over the slip cordon. Short ball on the body, Anderson was hanging back, fending, it hit the shoulder of the bat and looped over the slips. Michael Vaughan on air sarcastically quips; 'what a shot that is.'14/2
9.4OUTJohnson to J Anderson, out Caught by Clarke!! Softening up over, now the wicket comes. Short, short, then full, Anderson had to play at it, pushed out at a length ball outside off, got a thick edge which went low to 2nd slip's right where Clarke grabbed it without any trouble. Anderson was never expected to hang on for a long time today and he perishes quickly. J Anderson c Clarke b Johnson 7(24) [4s-1]14/3
10.2OTHERR Harris to Bell, no run, that was always going down leg, nipped in and hit Bell on the pad as the batsman flicked and missed. Harris was the one who was convinced, had a chat to his skipper and prompted him to go for the review. Replays showed it was comfortably missing leg14/3
12.2OUTR Harris to Pietersen, out Caught by Watson!! Deary me! Pietersen is gone after a crazy little innings. Needn't have played at that - full and wide outside off - but did, went after it, tried to drive on the up, could only edge it to Watson who holds on this time. Comfortable catching height - near his chest and he gobbles it up. Harris exults with a fist pump. Australia all over England now. Pietersen c Watson b R Harris 3(9)17/4
17.4OUTSiddle to Bell, out Caught by Haddin!! Another one falls. England are now 23/5. Fine bowling - making Bell play with one close to off stump, held it's line, took the edge and an easy catch to the keeper. This could end very quickly - the innings I'm talking about. Bell c Haddin b Siddle 2(32)23/5
22.1FOURR Harris to Stokes, FOUR, fine off-drive, too full from Harris and Stokes cashes in with a free flowing strike. This Stokes is the find of the tour for England32/5
24.5FOURR Harris to Ballance, FOUR, first boundary in Test match cricket for Ballance and it's a cover drive. Overpitched outside off, Ballance leans and drives well. Well-timed shot too41/5
26FOURJohnson to Ballance, FOUR, loose from Johnson and Ballance puts the short and wide delivery outside off, away. Rocked back and cut it fiercely to the fence46/5
27.4FOURLyon to Stokes, FOUR, Lyon has dragged that down, Stokes rocks back and cuts powerfully through cover, beats the man stationed deep there57/5
31.5OUTLyon to Ballance, out Caught by Haddin!! Turn, bounce and Ballance is gone. Brad Haddin snaffles it. In this form, he would even catch a cloud in the skies. That was simple for Haddin. This was also quicker at 89 kph accompanied by some extravagant turn and bounce, Ballance prods tentatively, feathers it to the keeper. Ballance c Haddin b Lyon 18(51) [4s-2]62/6
36.2FOURJohnson to Bairstow, FOUR, shortish and outside off, Bairstow is rooted to the crease as he flashes this over the slip cordon and directs it to the third man fence80/6
40.3FOURSiddle to Stokes, FOUR, shortish and outside off, Stokes has no second thoughts as he slashes it hard over gully to the third man fence94/6
41.1OTHERLyon to Stokes, leg byes, 1 run, flighted delivery on off, Stokes lunges forward to defend in vain, Clarke calls DRS into service. It may have clipped the top of off. Not too conclusive, the on field umpire's call is upheld96/6
47.4FOURLyon to Stokes, FOUR, cracking shot. This was quicker and on middle, Stokes bends down and blazes the sweep to the deep mid wicket fence111/6
48.1OUTSiddle to Bairstow, out Caught by Bailey!! Tame dismissal and another English batsman bites the dust. This was a regulation length ball outside off, the ball seemed to have stopped on Bairstow as he aimed to drive it on the rise. George Bailey at silly mid-on pouches that miscued shot without any fuss. Bairstow c Bailey b Siddle 18(50) [4s-1]111/7
49OUTSiddle to Stokes, out Bowled!! Horrendous misjudgement. Another English batsman out, shouldering arms. Oh dear, England are again in danger of following on as Stokes departs, three shy of a deserved fifty. This was a length ball tailing back in marginally, Stokes, expecting the ball to jag away, lifts his bat, only to provide a clean pathway for the indipper to crash into top of off. Stokes b Siddle 47(101) [4s-4]112/8
51.2SIXLyon to Broad, SIX, BANG! this was tossed up on off, Broad gets under that and slams it over the long on fence119/8
51.3FOURLyon to Broad, FOUR, flighted delivery on off, Broad goes for a swipe across the line, gets a top edge but that is enough to take it to the deep mid wicket fence123/8
53OUTR Harris to Borthwick, out Caught by S Smith!! Edged and gone this time. Steven Smith makes no mistake. England still need 2 more runs to avoid the follow-on. This was the sucker ball - fullish and outside off. Borthwick, pushes at it and nicks it to third slip. Will Rankin come out to bat now? Borthwick c S Smith b R Harris 1(17)125/9
54FOURLyon to Rankin, FOUR, England avoid the follow-on. Lyon keeps it full on the stumps, Rankin drives it off the front foot to long on. Rankin and Broad punch gloves as well130/9
54.2FOURR Harris to Broad, FOUR, length ball on middle, Broad goes on the backfoot, frees his arms and smashes it to the deep mid wicket fence134/9
55.2FOURLyon to Broad, FOUR, much better shot from Broad. This was quicker and on middle, Broad bends down and sweeps it to the deep square leg fence139/9
57.3FOURLyon to Rankin, FOUR, on a length and on off, Rankin shoves it to the deep mid wicket shot. Powerful strike that150/9
58FOURLyon to Broad, FOUR, slower through the air and outside off, Broad swings it with all his might, it does not have the impetus to zoom over long-off though. The ball just about bounced before the fence. Ryan Harris made a gallant attempt to grasp that but his dive ends in vain155/9
58.5OUTJohnson to Rankin, out Bowled!! CASTLED! Mitchell Johnson wipes out England. This was speared in very full, Rankin desperately aims to defend, the ball deflects off his pad and cannons on to the middle stump. David Warner wraps Mitch with a hug. That is tea on day 2 at the SCG. Rankin b Johnson 13(22) [4s-2]155/10

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
0.5FOURJ Anderson to Chris Rogers, FOUR, fithy half-tracker outside off, Rogers rocks back and cuts it firmly behind point4/0
1.5FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, Warner has belted that! This was very short and on the stumps, Warner rocks back and pulls it to the deep square leg fence8/0
2FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, length ball and outside off, Warner goes for a whip through mid-wicket, all he manages is an inside edge that trickles very fine12/0
3FOURJ Anderson to Warner, FOUR, finally pitched up on middle, but this one is overpitched as Warner punches it hard and banishes the ball to the long on fence. Exceptional hit that17/0
4FOURBroad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, short and on off, Rogers goes deep in the crease and pulls it powerfully through mid-wicket. Both these batsmen have been strong with the pull stroke23/0
6.4OUTJ Anderson to Warner, out Lbw!! Jimmy strikes, he reaps the reward for bowling full. David Warner makes the long walk back to the change room. This was fullish and swerving back in, Warner goes on the back foot and looks to defend but is beaten for pace as he is rapped on the pads in front of middle. The umpire raises his dreaded finger in a flash without any second thoughts. Warner shuts out the possibility of a review after consulting Rogers. Good call as it seemed plumb. Warner lbw b J Anderson 16(20) [4s-3]27/1
7.1FOURRankin to Chris Rogers, leg byes, FOUR, geriatic length ball down leg, Rogers misses the glance, the ball brushes the thigh pad and travels to the fine leg fence. Rankin does not look like 100% fit31/1
9FOURJ Anderson to Watson, FOUR, ah! There is that trademark Shane Watson late cut. This short of length delivery cramped him for room, but that doesn't bother Watson, he hops and makes room slightly, makes good enough contact to send it past gully39/1
10.2FOURJ Anderson to Watson, FOUR, he has problems working the ball through mid-wicket of late, but this time though, he gets into a very good position, allows the fuller length to come and flicks it powerfully to the deep mid-wicket fence47/1
10.3OUTJ Anderson to Watson, out Caught by Bairstow!! Oh that is a stunning right-handed take by the keeper. It was actually a catch for first slip. Why didn't you hit these areas in the first innings Jimmy Anderson? Good length delivery shaping away just outside off stump, Watson looks to defend by lunging forward, gets a thick edge and Bairstow throws himself to his right to grab the ball. Watson c Bairstow b J Anderson 9(9) [4s-2]47/2
13.3FOURRankin to Chris Rogers, FOUR, overpitched and put away nicely. Oh! Poor Anderson chases the ball all the way after bowling an over, only for the ball to win the race in the end. Full and outside off stump, Rogers drives off the front foot and sends it past mid-off55/2
13.5FOURRankin to Chris Rogers, leg byes, FOUR, down the leg side, Rogers tries to glance it very fine but misses, anyway, Australia got the desired result as it deflects off the pad and beats Bairstow's dive to his right59/2
14.1FOURJ Anderson to Clarke, FOUR, top shot from Clarke. Full delivery on the off stump, Clarke doesn't try to hit it too hard, just transfers his weight forward and drives it past the bowler63/2
16OUTBroad to Clarke, out Caught by Bairstow!! What has he done there? I thought he expected the ball to come a little bit quicker. In the end, he feels for the ball and gets a thin outside edge. Just a 132 kph short of length delivery, looked like the leg-cutter as it nipped away off the deck, Clarke was looking to cut initially and tries pulls out of the shot at the last moment, but he gets a feather onto it. On that note, the players have decided to have a drink now. Clarke c Bairstow b Broad 6(18) [4s-1]72/3
16.3FOURStokes to S Smith, FOUR, short and put away easily. It didn't rise much to trouble Smith, he hangs back and pulls it through backward square leg, rolls his wrists over it to ensure that it went along the ground79/3
17.2FOURBroad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, no problems whatsoever in dealing with this full ball this time. Allows the ball to come and drives very well, puts it between mid-off and extra-cover and it races away. Fourth boundary for Rogers85/3
20.1FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, short of length delivery angling away from the left hander, Rogers cuts it very last and sends it past gully to the third man fence90/3
20.3OUTStokes to S Smith, out Caught by Cook!! Stokes continues to have a good Test match. Smith looks to defend the good length delivery off the front foot, in the process, his bat hits the pad and gets stuck a bit, the ball takes the thick outside edge and just about carries to Cook at first slip. Right then, it turned out to be a tactical 9-minute delay by Broad. It disturbs Smith's concentration and eventually England have their man. S Smith c Cook b Stokes 7(12) [4s-1]91/4
21.1FOURBroad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, that takes him to 49. Very good square drive from Rogers this time. Full outside off stump, Rogers plays with an angled bat and picks up a boundary at sweeper cover97/4
21.2OTHERBroad to Chris Rogers, 1 run, fuller length delivery on the leg stump, Rogers flicks it to backward square leg and that's his 6th Test fifty. Also the fourth fifty of the series98/4
22.4FOURStokes to Bailey, FOUR, just what Bailey wanted to get going. Full delivery outside off stump, Bailey leans forward and drives it from the middle of the bat, mid-off had no chance. 100 up for the hosts103/4
23.5FOURRankin to Bailey, FOUR, now this should go to the fence and it does. Short and wide outside off stump, Bailey fetches the pull, rolls his wrists on it to keep it down and it races away to the deep mid-wicket boundary112/4
24.2FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, he had to play it with a straightish bat as there was a fielder at short mid-wicket and he's done well. Leans forward and flicks it from the middle of the bat and beats the close-in fielder's dive to his right116/4
24.4FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, runs are coming easily for this man. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Rogers cuts very late and sends it to square third man fence122/4
24.5FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, four more, this time straight down the ground. A friendly low full toss on the off stump, Rogers doesn't try to do anything fancy, just times it very well to beat the bowler who tries to stop it with his right boot on his follow-through126/4
32.4FOURBroad to Bailey, FOUR, nice off-drive from Bailey. Got forward and let the ball come onto him, then drove it past mid-off. Too full from Broad and he got punished146/4
33FOURBroad to Bailey, no ball, FOUR, now nicely flicked away to the deep midwicket fence, too full from Broad again - drifting onto the pads, flicked away past square leg. Broad oversteps again - that makes it worse151/4
35.5FOURJ Anderson to Bailey, FOUR, now Anderson induces an outside edge, but it splits the slip cordon and the gully, all along the ground though as Bailey prodded forward to defend. No third man and it races away156/4
36.2FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, short and wide outside off, bounced too, but Chris Rogers cut it past a diving gully. Can't bowl there to him - too strong in that area160/4
36.3FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, fabulous shot! Gets forward and laces the on-drive on the up past Bailey. A flourishing punch and the ball raced away. High elbow and all that jazz - one for the photographers164/4
39.1FOURJ Anderson to Chris Rogers, FOUR, fine cover drive. Too full and too wide from Anderson, Chris Rogers on one knee creamed that wide of cover. Lovely stroke from Rogers and he moves to 87171/4
40.5FOURPietersen to Chris Rogers, FOUR, fine late cut. Chris Rogers went back and played it really late, managed to get it past point and the quick outfield does the rest. Moves into the nineties now - a second hundred on the trot there for the taking180/4
44.1OTHERPietersen to Chris Rogers, 1 run, Chris Rogers wanted two, but the fielder from backward square leg did well, flicked it to Rankin, took the first, then took a few steps, turning around for the 2nd, but sensibly decides to settle for one. On 99191/4
45FOURPietersen to Chris Rogers, FOUR, Chris Rogers gets there! Short and wide outside off, cut away past point. Back to back hundreds in this Ashes for him - 3rd overall and all those hundreds have been against England. A bit of a subdued celebration as he just removes the helmet to acknowledge the cheers. Has a smile and a chat to Bailey. The Aussies are up in the dressing room to appreciate the effort. Fine knock from the veteran.196/4
45.3FOURBroad to Bailey, FOUR, half volley outside off and Bailey has laced it wide of a diving KP at mid-off, superb timing and the ball just had too much for the fielder. Quietly he has moved to 46200/4
45.4OUTBroad to Bailey, out Caught by Borthwick!! Bailey has thrown it away. Takes on the short delivery outside off and finds deep square leg. A good catch from the Durham man, going to his right and then tumbling to take it. The trap was set, and Bailey fell for it. He was playing for his Test place and that was an unwarranted stroke, especially with the fielder in the deep for that shot. Bailey c Borthwick b Broad 46(74) [4s-6]200/5
53.1FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, good shot. Backs away to leg and then slashes it over point228/5
53.5FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, fine shot! Backs away and flat-bats a pull over mid-on, nearly went all the way, one bounce over the ropes and that brings up Haddin's 3000 Test runs. Shane Warne on air, with a chuckle quips: 'Welcome to the club, Hadds.'234/5
54.4FOURBorthwick to Haddin, FOUR, short and outside off, pulled wide of mid-on, attacking instincts from Haddin there239/5
54.5OUTBorthwick to Haddin, out Bowled!! Borthwick gets Haddin. A high loopy full toss, dipped on Haddin who was aiming for a big mow to leg, gets a bottom edge that trickles back onto the stumps. Borthwick has a smile and is congratulated by Cook. Haddin b Borthwick 28(40) [4s-3]239/6
55.3FOURStokes to Johnson, FOUR, bang! Makes room and bludgeons this ball on middle stump, wide of cover. Really belted that244/6
55.4OUTStokes to Johnson, out Bowled!! Tries to be too cute and is bowled this time. Shuffles across to off - a pre-meditated stroke that - and misses the clip to leg as the ball hits off and middle. Stokes has a few nice words to say to Johnson as he walks off - I'm not sure you'd want to do that, to a man who has been destroyer-in-chief in this series. They check for the no-ball, it's close, but Stokes had some part of his boot behind the line. Johnson b Stokes 4(3) [4s-1]244/7
57.1FOURRankin to Chris Rogers, FOUR, gentle loose half volley outside off, Rogers leans into the drive and caresses it through the covers, expert placement as well252/7
58.4FOURBorthwick to R Harris, FOUR, flighted delivery outside off stump, Harris hangs back and slaps it powerfully in front of square on the off-side. The ball races away through cover-point260/7
58.5SIXBorthwick to R Harris, SIX, in the air, the fielder makes good ground at deep mid-wicket and takes it, but he's gone over the ropes. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Harris slogs across the line, he didn't get it from the middle of the bat, Carberry takes it inches ahead of the ropes but with the momentum on the dive, he goes over the fence.266/7
59OUTBorthwick to R Harris, out Caught by Carberry!! Double strike for England. Tossed up on off, Harris goes hard for a slog sweep, he does not get requisite timing behind it, Carberry at deep mid-wicket snaps it up, coming forward and diving to his left. The Barmy army decked up in pink celebrate. Now why did Cook introduce KP ahead of this Durham guy? R Harris c Carberry b Borthwick 13(10) [4s-1 6s-1]266/8
61.3OUTRankin to Siddle, out Caught by Bairstow!! Short of a length and outside off again, Siddle hooks, feathers it to the keeper. Bairstow jumps up and snaffles it. So, Siddle becomes Rankin's maiden victim in Tests. End of the Aussie innings as well. Siddle c Bairstow b Rankin 4(6)276/9

Batting: England

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.1FOURJohnson to Cook, FOUR, short and outside off-stump, Cook does not flinch as he rocks back and nails the pull to the deep square leg fence5/0
2OUTJohnson to Cook, out Caught by Haddin!! Mitchell Johnson strikes early. Cook is gone cheaply again, he looks utterly broken. Must admit that poke was as loose as a goose. This was slightly back of a length and in the channel of uncertainty, Cook hangs his bat out and looks to withdraw it belatedly but it's all too late as the outside edge is grazed and Haddin makes no mistake. Mitch, who is pumped up is mobbed by his team-mates. Cook c Haddin b Johnson 7(12) [4s-1]7/1
2.5FOURR Harris to Carberry, FOUR, overpitched and around off, Carberry gets forward and laces it through the covers, fine shot to get off the mark11/1
4.2FOURR Harris to Carberry, byes, FOUR length ball going down leg, Carberry misses the glance, the ball evades Haddin as well. Byes called. Bonus runs for England15/1
6.2FOURSiddle to Carberry, FOUR, short outside off, Carberry rocks back and cuts hard, finds the gap and the ball goes away to the fence. Nice stroke that25/1
7.3FOURJohnson to Bell, FOUR, fine cut shot. Bell riding the bounce and chopping past point, was on the hop as he played it31/1
8SIXJohnson to Bell, SIX, What a shot! The slash over third man who was there for the catch. Intentionally hit by Bell who went over Lyon's head, who was back-pedalling to take the catch. Short from Johnson and Bell latched on. Positive stroke from England's No. 337/1
9.3OUTR Harris to Bell, out Caught by Warner!! Ryano strikes in the first over of his new spell. In a matter of few months, Bell, who has the hero of the previous Ashes, has turned zero. This was on a length and outside off, Bell late cuts it uppishly to gully, where Warner completes a razor-sharp grab. The Aussies are cock-a-hoop. Bell c Warner b R Harris 16(19) [4s-1 6s-1]37/2
10.2FOURSiddle to Carberry, FOUR, slightly back of a length and outside off, Carberry drives it behind point, he imparted enough impetus to get it to the fence. Warner hustles back and dives but in vain41/2
10.5FOURSiddle to Carberry, FOUR, in the air but wide of to extra cover. This was a fuller length delivery on off, Carberry drives it uppishly and earns a boundary45/2
13FOURSiddle to Carberry, FOUR, much better from Carbs. This was pitched up and outside off, Carberry brings out a gorgeous drive that races past a diving mid-off to the fence57/2
13.3OUTR Harris to Pietersen, out Caught by Bailey!! What a corker of a catch from Bailey under the helmet. England are 3 down as their star batsman Kevin Pietersen wanders back to the dressing room, engulfed by shame. This was a slightly back of length ball nipping back in, KP looks to negotiate it with a defence, the ball loops off a thick inside edge over the head of Bailey, who back-pedals a step or two, plucks it with his right hand. Pietersen c Bailey b R Harris 6(10)57/3
14.1OTHERLyon to Carberry, no run, turn and extravagant bounce outside off, Carbs plays inside the line before pulling his bat in, DRS proves that there was no edge and Carberry is ready to resume his vigil57/3
17FOURLyon to Carberry, FOUR, long hop outside off, swift and smart footwork from Carbs as he goes deep in the crease and crashes the cut to the deep extra cover fence. That should give him some confidence63/3
19.1FOURJohnson to Carberry, FOUR, top shot! This was speared full and on off, Carberry presses forward and drives it powerfully to the long off fence74/3
19.2FOURJohnson to Carberry, no ball, FOUR, Johnson ventures short and outside off, Carberry is late on the cut as he is beaten for pace, the result is an outside edge that evades slip and rolls to third man. To make matters worse, the umpire calls out Mitch for overstepping79/3
20.4FOURLyon to Ballance, FOUR, pitched up and close to off, Ballance gets forward and drives it beautifully, the timing and placement carries it to the deep extra cover fence87/3
21.2OUTJohnson to Carberry, out Caught by Haddin!! What was he thinking playing such a shot? This was short and well outside off, Carberry went for the cut away from the body and he only manages a nick through to Haddin who accepts it gleefully. Carberry throws away another start in the series. Looks like the end will be sooner than we thought. Carberry c Haddin b Johnson 43(63) [4s-8]87/4
21.5OUTJohnson to Ballance, out Lbw!! Ballance will feel undone here. This was on a good length and on the stumps, the ball kept a bit low, Ballance stays rooted to the crease and is hit below the knee roll. That looked dead as it struck him. An easy decision for umpire Dar. He didn't even bother to ask his partner whether he should refer it. Ballance lbw b Johnson 7(27) [4s-1]90/5
22.4OUTLyon to Bairstow, out Caught by Bailey!! Lyon gets into the act now. This well tossed up delivery on the stumps, Bairstow prods forward to defend, the ball takes the inside edge and goes off the pads to Bailey at short leg who takes a good reflex catch. Australia well on course for a pinkwash. Bairstow c Bailey b Lyon 0(3)91/6
22.5FOURLyon to Borthwick, FOUR, flatter and outside off, Borthwick goes back and punches it beautifully past extra cover, the timing takes it to the fence95/6
23OUTLyon to Borthwick, out Caught by Clarke!! A super catch from Clarke gets Lyon his second in the over. Another well flighted delivery on the stumps, Borthwick was shaping to play it on the leg-side, the ball turns to take the outside edge and goes low to the left of Clarke who dives and takes a brilliant one-handed catch. The game has changed in a matter of 11 balls. Borthwick c Clarke b Lyon 4(2) [4s-1]95/7
24.4FOURLyon to Broad, FOUR, too full and on the stumps, Broad goes on his knees and sweeps it powerfully to the deep mid wicket fence101/7
26.1FOURLyon to Stokes, FOUR, drops it short and outside off, Stokes goes on the back foot and punches it hard to the deep extra cover fence106/7
26.2SIXLyon to Stokes, SIX, tosses this up on off-stump, Stokes dances down the pitch and lofts it handsomely straight over the bowler for a maximum112/7
26.3FOURLyon to Stokes, FOUR, again some good use of the feet, flighted on around off, Stokes comes down the track and slams it down the pitch for another four, Lyon should have stopped that116/7
26.5SIXLyon to Stokes, SIX, bit too full from Lyon, Stokes clears his front foot and smacks it straight down the ground for the second six of the over.122/7
27.4FOURJohnson to Broad, FOUR, width provided from a good length, Broad stays on leg-stump and slices it away square of the wicket on the off-side, that was a get out of the jail shot from Broad126/7
28.2FOURLyon to Stokes, FOUR, floated just outside off, Stokes chips down the track and lofts it inside out, one bounce into the deep extra cover fence. He has taken a liking to Lyon132/7
29SIXLyon to Broad, SIX, Broad gets into the act now, this was again well tossed up on off-stump, Broad gets down on his knees and slog sweeps it all the way into the crowd at deep mid wicket139/7
29.1OUTR Harris to Stokes, out Bowled!! One shot too many by Stokes. This was a good length ball around off, Stokes gives the charge and tries to go across the line, the ball takes the inside edge and crashes into middle and leg-stump. End of an entertaining innings from the most promising England player. Stokes b R Harris 32(16) [4s-3 6s-2]139/8
29.5FOURR Harris to Broad, FOUR, banged in short again around off, Broad rocks back and pulls it nicely to the deep mid wicket fence144/8
30.2SIXLyon to Broad, SIX, Lyon keeps throwing it up, Broad gets to the pitch of the ball and plays a good pick up shot over the deep mid wicket fence151/8
30.4SIXLyon to Broad, SIX, floated around off, Broad gets down on his knees and slog sweeps it powerfully again over deep mid wicket. Lyon has to change his line here157/8
31.1SIXR Harris to Broad, SIX, Broad is just enjoying here, short delivery on the body, Broad swivels and pulls it over the man at fine leg, he just about clears the ropes166/8
31.2OUTR Harris to Broad, out Bowled!! Broad's fun comes to an end. This was a fuller delivery on the stumps, Broad makes room and looks to go over the off-side but misses it completely and the ball hits the leg-stump. Australia one wicket away from a 5-0 victory. Broad b R Harris 42(36) [4s-3 6s-4]166/9
31.4OUTR Harris to Rankin, out Caught by Clarke!! That's it! Australia win 5-0. Only the third whitewash in Ashes history. Good length delivery outside off stump, Rankin slashes hard, gets a thick edge and Clarke holds on to a very good catch. The ball was travelling mind you, but Clarke did well to lean behind and take it with his fingers pointing up. That's a fifer for Ryano. Rankin c Clarke b R Harris 0(2)166/10