Apr 22Punjab vs. Hyderabad

9th Match at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah

Scores delayed by 15 mins Punjab won by 72 runs

Apr 21Chennai vs. Delhi

8th Match at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Scores delayed by 15 mins Chennai won by 93 runs

Apr 20Rajasthan vs. Punjab

7th Match at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah

Scores delayed by 15 mins Punjab won by 7 wkts

Apr 19Kolkata vs. Delhi

6th Match at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Scores delayed by 15 mins Delhi won by 4 wkts

Apr 19Bangalore vs. Mumbai

5th Match at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Scores delayed by 15 mins Bangalore won by 7 wkts

Apr 18Hyderabad vs. Rajasthan

4th Match at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Scores delayed by 15 mins Rajasthan won by 4 wkts

Apr 23 20:00Rajasthan vs. Chennai

10th Match at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Apr 24 20:00Bangalore vs. Kolkata

11th Match at Sharjah

Apr 25 16:00Hyderabad vs. Delhi

12th Match at Dubai

Apr 25 20:00Chennai vs. Mumbai

13th Martch at Dubai

Apr 26 16:00Rajasthan vs. Bangalore

14th Match at Abu Dhabi

Apr 26 20:00Kolkata vs. Punjab

15th Match at Abu Dhabi


The Ashes 2013-14

Australia vs. England, 4th Test

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Dec 26, 2013

Batting: England

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.5FOURJohnson to Cook, FOUR, shot! Cracking square cut! Short and wide outside off, Cook plays his favorite whiplash cut that races away to the fence. Got it past point and these are encouraging signs for the England skipper9/0
3.5FOURJohnson to Cook, FOUR, half-volley and it has been driven to the sweeper cover fence. Too full from Johnson and Cook just caressed it into the gap, the ball teased the chasing fielder, but won the race eventually13/0
4.3FOURR Harris to Cook, FOUR, streaky! Cook is unsure whether to play or to leave, the ball hits the toe end of the bat, as Cook was leaving and bounces awkwardly in front of Haddin, who cannot stop it. It rolls away to the fence18/0
7.2FOURSiddle to Carberry, FOUR, Siddle errs by bowling too full and he pays the price. Carberry plays a picture-perfect straight drive past the bowler. First boundary for Carberry and that's a fine way to get it as well28/0
11.2FOURLyon to Carberry, FOUR, cut away! Short and wide outside off, hit powerfully off the back foot and even a diving Rogers couldn't stop it at deep cover-point. A nice boundary for Carberry32/0
12.1FOURSiddle to Carberry, FOUR, slashed away. Between the slips and the gully. Too close to his body to play that shot, but Carberry went through with the shot, went hard and it ran away over the inside cordon37/0
16.5OUTSiddle to Cook, out Caught by Clarke!! Siddle strikes! Nothing shot from Cook though. Well outside off, a ball that could've easily been left alone, but the England skipper pushed well away from the body and the thick edge was snaffled at 2nd slip. Cook will be kicking himself for playing at that. Cook c Clarke b Siddle 27(47) [4s-3]48/1
19.3FOURJohnson to J Root, FOUR, that is through! Back of a length outside off, Root guides it with an open face past gully. No third man and it races away57/1
21.3FOURJohnson to Carberry, byes, FOUR, Mitch loses his radar as he splays this million miles down leg. Haddin makes a sprawling dive in vain, not even superman could have stopped that62/1
22FOURJohnson to Carberry, FOUR,controlled shot. This was dug in short and outside off, Carberry gets into a good position and brings out the pull, the ball whistles away to the deep mid wicket fence66/1
26.2OTHERR Harris to Carberry, no run, Carbs heves a huge sigh of relief as he survives. This was a length ball pitching on off and tailing back in with some extra bounce, Carberry offers no shot and gets rapped on the pads in front of the stumps, the height came to his rescue on that occasion. So, the on field umpire's call is upheld71/1
28FOURWatson to J Root, FOUR, pitched up and just outside off, J Root punches it past mid-on, Peter Sidde hustles across, puts a gallant dive in an attempt to reel the ball in before the ropes. Unfortunately Siddle's feet touched the ropes, Root gets a boundary75/1
28.1FOURR Harris to Carberry, byes, FOUR, splayed far too wide down leg, no chance for a diving Haddin either79/1
32.2FOURJohnson to Carberry, FOUR, dug in short and outside off, Carberry exploits the width on offer as he plays a rasping cut, the ball whistles away behind point, having enough impetus to reach the fence91/1
33.3FOURWatson to Carberry, FOUR, poor ball from Watson, short and wide outside off, Carberry went chasing after that, gets a top edge on the cut and sends it flying over backward point for a boundary96/1
34OUTWatson to Carberry, out Bowled!! Complete misjudgement from Carberry. Watson has his arms aloft, Carberry has wasted yet another start. This was full and comes back sharply with the angle, Carberry thought he had it covered, moved across his stumps and let it pass by. To his horror, the ball shaped back in a mile and clips the off-stump. A disconsolate Carberry walks away, another promising innings has been cut short. Carberry b Watson 38(103) [4s-6]96/2
39.4FOURSiddle to Pietersen, FOUR, imperious from KP, this was banged in short and wide outside off, Pietersen was on the front-foot, transfers his weight across and pulls it over mid-wicket, it was in the air but a pretty safe shot in the end104/2
42.1OUTR Harris to J Root, out Caught by Haddin!! Harris has struck with his very first ball of a new spell. This was pitched up around that off-stump line and shapes away, Root is lured into playing at that, ends up hanging his bat and gets a thick edge through to the keeper. No need to even think about a review, off he goes and England have suddenly lost three wickets. J Root c Haddin b R Harris 24(82) [4s-2]106/3
50.5SIXR Harris to Pietersen, SIX, KP escapes, massive moment in the match. This was banged in short and on the stumps, Pietersen swivels back and pulls it towards long leg. He did not bother to keep it down, Nathan Coulter-Nile takes the catch in front of the ropes, he could not control himself though, realised that he was stepping over the ropes, throws the ball back into play, but unfortunately for him, it ends up landing well over the ropes. A let-off for KP121/3
55.4FOURLyon to Bell, FOUR, dug in short, Bell goes deep in the crease and thumps the pull to the deep mid wicket fence. That should ease some pressure141/3
73OUTR Harris to Bell, out Caught by Haddin!! Oops. Ian Bell's vigil comes to a close. Ryano strikes, the Aussies are cock-a-hoop. This was a good length delivery just outside off from wide of the crease with a smidgen of shape away. Bell, who is neither forward nor back, pokes at it and Haddin snaffles the thin nick with glee. Another England batsman throws away a diligent start. Bell c Haddin b R Harris 27(98) [4s-1]173/4
74.1DROPPEDR Harris to Pietersen, no run, dropped by Bailey at mid-wicket, KP has had luck going his way today. This was short and just outside off, Pietersen rocked back and pulled it to the left of mid-wicket. Bailey gets to the ball, juggles it twice and drops it as he attempts another go at that. How costly will these misses prove to be?174/4
74.2FOURR Harris to Pietersen, FOUR, cracking shot, fraction too short from Harris, Pietersen is quick to rock back and swats it past mid-wicket for a boundary178/4
76.1OTHERSiddle to Pietersen, 2 runs, fifty for KP, 2nd for the series, this was drifted on the pads from Siddle, Pietersen clips it behind square, pushes hard and gets back for the second run184/4
79.4FOURLyon to Stokes, FOUR, beautifully played, Lyon drops one horridly short and wide outside off, Stokes goes deep into his crease and cracks the cut past extra cover, races away to the fence195/4
79.5SIXLyon to Stokes, SIX, lovely shot, excellent use of the feet from Stokes, gets to the pitch of the ball and lifts it through the line, sends it soaring into the crowd over long on201/4
80.3OUTJohnson to Stokes, out Caught by Watson!! Edged and caught! Excellent bowling from Johnson, this was pitched up around off and nips away a shade. Stokes had to play at that, has a feel for that and gets a thick edge, straight to Watson at 1st slip, he does not drop those. Australia's day has just got better. Stokes c Watson b Johnson 14(23) [4s-1 6s-1]202/5
84.2SIXJohnson to Bairstow, SIX, lucky and six, this was banged in short and well outside off, Bairstow was looking to pull, gets a top edge that flies back over the keeper, sails over the ropes for a maximum214/5
84.4OUTJohnson to Bairstow, out Bowled!! Cleaned up. It was a cracker from Johnson, but awful footwork from Bairstow. This was pitched up on off and nips back in slightly, Bairstow was expecting the short ball once again, was hanging on the back foot, he brings down the bat at an angle as well. The ball beats the inside edge and crashes into the top of off-stump. Johnson has a second wicket with the new ball, England's tail is exposed now. Bairstow b Johnson 10(17) [6s-1]216/6
85.1FOURSiddle to Pietersen, FOUR, edged and four, did it carry through to Watto at 1st slip? No, it bounced well in front of him. Poor shot from KP though, frailing at one that was short and well outside off, the edge did not carry through though and burst through Watson's fingers for a boundary220/6
88FOURSiddle to Pietersen, FOUR, lovely shot, a long half volley from Siddle, Pietersen gets a big stride forward and drills it past mid-off for a boundary226/6
89.1FOURR Harris to Pietersen, FOUR, hello! What was that? First up, Pietersen goes over point with an airy drive. Full and wide outside off, Pietersen threw his bat at that, a square drive goes in the air over the leaping point who went with one hand, never close, but the batsman would've had his heart in his mouth230/6
90.1OUTJohnson to Bresnan, out Caught by Bailey!! Gone! Caught at short leg and Johnson strikes first ball. The 'G' roars. A terrific short delivery, right on the money, Bresnan had no way to go, hung his bat like a shield in front of his chest to protect himself, the ball thudded into the shoulder of the bat as he fended at it, it looped behind Bailey who ran back and took a good catch. What fast bowling this is from Johnson - hostile and intimidating. Bresnan c Bailey b Johnson 1(14)230/7
90.5OUTJohnson to Pietersen, out Bowled!! Bill Lawry is on fire at the 'G' and so is Johnson. 'Knocked him overrrrrrr' screams the legendary Lawry on air after Johnson hits middle stump. Johnson's pace too much for Pietersen to handle, he was making room to go for the big shot, tried to go across the line, the ball was full, quick and swung in to miss the bat, hit the top of middle. Pietersen had to go for it as he didn't have much faith in the tailenders, but Johnson was too good for him. Pietersen b Johnson 71(161) [4s-5 6s-1]231/8
91.1FOURR Harris to Broad, FOUR, runs for Broad. Streaky and an edged boundary as Broad looks to drive. The ball scooting wide of gully - all along the ground. No third man and that's a valuable four235/8
91.3FOURR Harris to Broad, FOUR, confident drive on the up. Too full and wide outside off, Broad came forward and thumped the drive on the up wide of cover. That's two boundaries in three balls for Broad239/8
93.4DROPPEDR Harris to Broad, no run, dropped by Harris. A fine short delivery, tucking Broad up, he fended at it off the back foot, it lobbed to the right of the bowler who was changing direction in his followthrough, went with one-hand, but didn't stick, even though he got to the ball. So nearly the 9th wicket241/8
94.2OUTJohnson to Broad, out Lbw!! Michelle five-for for Johnson. He is proudly displaying the ball to the crowd after taking his first five-for at the 'G'. What a series this fella is having. Full, fast, swinging in, Broad missed after shuffling across and is struck right in front of middle and off. Aleem Dar had the finger up in a jiffy. Broad went up to Anderson to ask for an opinion, about reviewing, walks off after the advice from his partner. Broad lbw b Johnson 11(16) [4s-2]242/9
97.3FOURLyon to J Anderson, FOUR, good shot that! Anderson uses his feet and though he isn't to the pitch, goes through with the lofted hit, over mid-on, one bounce over the ropes250/9
100OUTLyon to Panesar, out Bowled!! Bad leave! Panesar shoulders arms to one that is angling in, no spin on that delivery, just went on to hit off and middle. The innings has ended as England are bowled out for 255. Panesar b Lyon 2(16)255/10

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
2.1FOURJ Anderson to Warner, FOUR, fabulous off-drive! Too full from Anderson and he has been creamed past mid-off. Warner planted the foot and drove it powerfully5/0
2.5FOURJ Anderson to Chris Rogers, FOUR, good on-drive now from Chris Rogers. Gets forward and times it very well, beats a diving Stuart Broad at mid-on. No chance for anyone else and that's the first boundary for Rogers10/0
3.2FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, great timing from Warner. Rocks back in a flash and punches it square of the wicket, Carberry gave a spirited chase, but the ball beats him to the fence. Anything loose and Warner will not let go14/0
6FOURBroad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, edged and wide of Stokes at third slip. Chris Rogers in control of the shot though as it went to ground and wide of the diving Durham man. It races away to the third man fence19/0
6.3OUTJ Anderson to Warner, out Caught by Bairstow!! Maiden catch for Bairstow. Warner has played shot a ball in this innings and he is gone now. A T20 shot that - attempting to play the flamingo whip, with one leg up in the air, the leading edge is found and the Yorkshireman settles under the swirler. Anderson has his arms up in triumph. Warner c Bairstow b J Anderson 9(14) [4s-2]19/1
6.5FOURJ Anderson to Watson, FOUR, is off the mark with a lovely on-drive. Just a firm punch and it beats a diving mid-on, KP is quick, but he too couldn't stop it. Watson really timed that well23/1
8FOURBroad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, Broad has the double teapot - both hands on hips as the thick edge runs away to the third man fence. Wide of gully - all along the ground and though the third slip gave chase, the quick outfield beat him27/1
8.5FOURJ Anderson to Watson, FOUR, beautiful front foot late cut. Got forward and then came down on it late - as the width was there to play the shot, beats a diving point. Well played!31/1
11.2OUTStokes to Watson, out Caught by Bairstow!! Impressive stuf from Stokes and he gets Watson out. Big inside edge on the cover drive and Bairstow snaffles it. Watson knew he had nicked it and walked off straightaway. Stokes has begun well and certainly deserves that wicket. Watson c Bairstow b Stokes 10(15) [4s-2]36/2
22.1FOURBresnan to Chris Rogers, FOUR, pleasing drive from Rogers, at his pace Bresnan just can't afford to bowl a half-volley, Rogers presents full face of the bat and just punches it straight down the ground, the timing took the ball all the way to the ropes58/2
25.2OUTJ Anderson to Clarke, out Bowled!! That's a ripper from Jimmy, this one nips back in sharply from outside off, Clarke misjudges it and shoulders arms, the ball comes back in sharply to hit the top of off stump, he was just 3 short of the 8000 mark, but has to depart, superb delivery from Anderson. Clarke b J Anderson 10(34)62/3
25.4FOURJ Anderson to S Smith, FOUR, he's off the mark with a boundary, poor line from Anderson, back of a length and angling down the leg side, Smith gets across and tucks it away off to fine leg66/3
26.1FOURBresnan to Chris Rogers, FOUR, superb shot, overpitched from Bresnan, Rogers gets into a good position, leans onto it and creams it away to deep extra cover, the timing took it all the way to the ropes70/3
30.5FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, this is meat and drink for Rogers, too full and straight on the legs, Rogers effortlessly clips it away to backward square leg, timed it nicely and it raced away82/3
31.4DROPPEDBresnan to S Smith, no run, Anderson has dropped a tough chance at midwicket, it was short and outside off, Smith pulls it in the air towards midwicket, Anderson does well to dive to his right, went with it one-handed, but couldn't hold onto it, it would have been a fantastic catch if he had held onto it82/3
32.1FOURPanesar to Chris Rogers, FOUR, he starts off badly, serves him a friendly full-toss, Rogers says thank you very much and drills it away to deep extra cover86/3
34.4FOURPanesar to S Smith, FOUR, too short from Panesar, he needs to pitch it up, Smith rocks back, goes deep into the crease and cuts it away to sweeper cover, his second boundary91/3
40.3OTHERPanesar to Chris Rogers, 1 run, finally he gets to his 5th Test fifty, this is his 3rd in the series, huge applause from the crowd and he must be relieved, tossed up on off, Rogers gets forward and drives it to wide mid off95/3
42.1FOURJ Anderson to Chris Rogers, FOUR, innocuous half volley outside off, Rogers transfers his weight onto the front foot and pootles an elegant drive past covers, the timing carries it to the fence100/3
45.5FOURBroad to S Smith, FOUR, Top shot! Smith rocks back, rides the bounce of this short of length delivery outside off and pulls it from the meat of the bat, splitting the two men in the deep to ping the ball to deep square leg fence108/3
49.5OUTBroad to S Smith, out Caught by Bell!! Having, piled up the pressure on Smith, Broad cracks him open. After all those stoic leaves, Smith loses the patience game. This was on a length and wide outside off, Smith recklessly flashes at it, the result is a thickish outside edge that is snapped up by Bell at second slip. S Smith c Bell b Broad 19(77) [4s-3]110/4
52.1OUTBresnan to Chris Rogers, out Caught by Pietersen!! What have you done Chris Rogers? This was a 128 kph slower delivery outside off, Rogers is palpably early into the lofted shot only to slice it. The ball balloons over mid-off, where Kevin Pietersen hustles across to his right and completes a fine catch. With this double strike, England have edged ahead of the Aussies.Chris Rogers c Pietersen b Bresnan 61(171) [4s-8]112/5
54.3FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, uppish but just wide of Carberry at point. This was also fullish and outside off with some away swing, Haddin flays at it, the ball evades point and travels to the fence118/5
56.3FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, Haddin now loosens the shackles. This was short and outside off, Haddin nails the pull between midwicket and long on122/5
57.5OUTJ Anderson to Bailey, out Caught by Bairstow!! This was short of a length and outside off, Bailey slashes at it, as Real-time Snicko detected, he gets a faint top edge that sits snugly into the gloves of Jonny Bairstow. Bailey's miserable stay at the crease comes to an end as Australia slump further. Billy Bowden deliberated for a long time but there was clear evidence of the edge to overturn the on-field umpire's call. Jimmy Anderson is rewarded for his diligence, picking up his third wicket. Bailey c Bairstow b J Anderson 0(19)122/6
58.1SIXStokes to Haddin, SIX, Wow! This was pitched up and outside off, Haddin picks it up and slams it over the long on fence with utter disdain128/6
61.1FOURJ Anderson to Haddin, FOUR, Haddin is in no mood to sit back and relax. This was a half tracker outside off, Haddin exploits the width as he cuts it will all his might behind point to the boundary139/6
61.3FOURJ Anderson to Haddin, FOUR, Stand and deliver from Haddin. This was on a length and on off, Haddin launches it over mid-off143/6
61.4FOURJ Anderson to Haddin, FOUR, angling down leg, all Haddin has to do is to help it across to fine leg for the third boundary of the over147/6
62.4DROPPEDBresnan to Johnson, no run, will this cost them badly? Anderson has dropped an easy catch at short covers, this one was full and in the slot, Johnson drives it uppishly towards short covers, it went at a comfortable height to Anderson, but he's fluffed a simple chance147/6
65.1OTHERPanesar to Haddin, no run, is this the turning point of the match? Haddin has survived an LBW here, it was the straighter one from Monty, Haddin plays down the wrong line and misses it, the ball struck him well below the knee roll, but replays showed that the ball was missing the leg stump, England players can't believe it and Broad is seen laughing149/6
66.2OUTBresnan to Johnson, out Caught by J Anderson!! Anderson has made amends for the earlier dropped catch here, it was a nothing delivery from Bresnan, short and wide outside off, Johnson was camping on the back foot and goes for the pull, couldn't keep it down and hits it low towards short midwicket, where Anderson bends low to his right and clings onto it this time. England all over the Aussies at the moment. Johnson c J Anderson b Bresnan 2(30)151/7
67.3FOURPanesar to R Harris, FOUR, Harris is off the mark in a streaky fashion, slightly shorter outside off stump, Harris goes back and flashes hard at it, the ball takes the thick outside edge and goes past Anderson at first slip to the third man fence156/7
72OUTBroad to R Harris, out Caught by J Root!! This is excellent bowling from Broad, the short leg was brought in place for that shot after the previous delivery and he's hit it straight there, well directed short delivery again, Harris was caught in two minds and plays an awkward looking short arm jab, Root who was positioned at short leg clings onto a sharp catch. R Harris c J Root b Broad 6(27) [4s-1]162/8
73.3OUTBroad to Siddle, out Caught by Bresnan!! Broad has struck again, a soft dismissal, fullish delivery outside off, Siddle gets forward and just chips it in the air to Bresnan at covers, it was just a lame push and it has been England's day after a long time. Siddle c Bresnan b Broad 0(5)164/9
74.5FOURJ Anderson to Haddin, FOUR, edged but four! This was on a length just outside off, Haddin hangs his bat out, the ball goes off the toe end of the bat, evades slip and rolls away to the third man fence168/9
76.5FOURJ Anderson to Lyon, FOUR, pitched up and outside off, Lyon goes for the drive, the ball goes off an outside edge between slips and gully to the third man fence. Had there been a third slip that would have been a dolly catch175/9
77.5FOURBroad to Lyon, FOUR, pitched up and outside off, Lyon flays it over point, the ball goes off a thickish edge to the third man fence. Four precious runs added to the Aussie total180/9
78.1OTHERJ Anderson to Haddin, 1 run, on a length on middle, Haddin backs away and thumps it to long on to reach another significant fifty181/9
81FOURJ Anderson to Lyon, FOUR, He nails it this time. This one was on a length and outside off, Lyon throws the kitchen sink at that and swings it over mid-on to the fence. He is wagging prodigiously as Australia chip away at England's lead193/9
81.1FOURBroad to Haddin, FOUR, pitched up and outside off, Haddin slahes hard, the result is a thickish outside edge that flies over the slip cordon to the third man fence197/9
82.2OUTJ Anderson to Haddin, out Caught by Bairstow!! There comes the searing bouncer and England finally mop up the Aussie innings. This was banged in short and on the stumps, Haddin backs away and seeks it smack it over mid-wicket, he is cramped for room as he gets into an extremely awkward position. The ball kisses the top-edge and loops to Bairstow, who runs behind square on the on-side to pouch it. Haddin scampers back to the dressing room to don his glovegear and get ready. Haddin c Bairstow b J Anderson 65(68) [4s-7 6s-1]204/10

Batting: England

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
2.4FOURR Harris to Cook, FOUR, superb off-drive! Too full from Harris, Cook just met the ball with a firm forward push and it raced away past mid-off, Rogers gave chase, but to no avail. Cook is looking very assured out there16/0
3.2FOURJohnson to Carberry, byes, FOUR, no chance for Haddin! Johnson drifts well down leg, Haddin tried to go for it, took a step to his right, but knew it was too far away from him and didn't even dive. 4 runs gifted to England20/0
5.5OTHERSiddle to Cook, 3 runs, 8000 Test runs for Cook and the Barmy Army give him a big ovation. He is just 29 years and 3 days old as of today - and he has already crossed 8000 runs. No big reaction from the England skipper as he calmly goes to the non-striker's end and laps in all the applause. On the pads, whipped to fine leg, they take three runs24/0
6.2FOURLyon to Cook, FOUR, fine late cut! Shortish outside off, it was skidding on, but Cook went back and chopped down on it almost from Haddin's mitts, beat point to his right and it raced away. Great execution from Cook28/0
6.4FOURLyon to Cook, FOUR, tremendous stroke! Got forward, got to the pitch and drove it wide of short cover, then beat mid-off's dive to his right, the key was to get the placement right and Cook was spot in there, he certainly looks very good out there32/0
9.5FOURSiddle to Carberry, leg byes, FOUR, straight off the pad and down to the fine leg fence, wrong line from Siddle - on the pads and drifting down further, Carberry misses out on some runs as the ball fails to take bat on it's way38/0
11FOURR Harris to Cook, FOUR, that has gone to the third man fence off an outside edge, Cook getting forward to defend a ball in the corridor, a thickish edge races past gully, went quickly to ground and then ran away. Harris will feel very unlucky as it was a delivery that didn't deserve to go the boundary44/0
12.5FOURWatson to Carberry, FOUR, beautiful punch off the back foot. Nothing delivery from Watson who is really struggling, dragged it down short and Carberry was good enough to send the ball to the sweeper cover ropes. That takes him to 5 after being stuck on 1 for a long while49/0
13.4FOURSiddle to Cook, FOUR, a bottom-edged cut and it has gone away to the fence. Went to ground and bisected the slips and the gully. Cook has raced to 40 off 4353/0
18.3FOURWatson to Cook, FOUR, dug in short and outside off, Cook exploits the width on offer as he plays a lovely late cut that races to the square third man fence60/0
19FOURWatson to Cook, FOUR, another cut, another boundary. That raises Cook's fifty as the Barmy Army erupts. This was marginally short and outside off, Cook rocks back and cuts it handsomely behind point64/0
21.3OUTJohnson to Cook, out Lbw!! The mustachioed marauder strikes! Cook's wings have been clipped. This was a pacy delivery angling in on middle, rapping Cook on the pads in front of middle, the umpire raised his dreaded finger straightaway to signal the demise of Cook. The English skipper has a chat with Carberry, perhaps asking his opinion of possibilities of a review. He eventually shuts out the review and makes the long walk back. Cook lbw b Johnson 51(64) [4s-7]65/1
21.5OTHERJohnson to J Root, no run, this was the sucker ball - fullish and in the channel of uncertainty, Root pokes at it carelessly, the ball zips past the outside edge. Haddin was supremely confident that there was a nick. After conclusive evidence from Real-time Snicko that there was no edge the TV umpire overturns the on-field umpire's call. Root survives65/1
27.2FOURSiddle to J Root, FOUR, edged but four! This was full and holds its line around off, Root comes slightly forward and tries to defend but the ball takes the outside edge and goes between second slip and gully85/1
27.5OUTSiddle to Carberry, out Lbw!! End of Carberry's struggles at the wicket. This was a good length ball that nips back in, Carberry stays rooted to the crease and is rapped on the pads, the ball struck him high but since he was deep in his crease it could have gone on to hit the leg-stump. Umpire Dar had no problems in raising his finger, Carbs had a discussion with Root and they decide not to take the review. Good decision that, as the replays show that the ball was clipping leg-stump and the umpires call would have remained. Carberry lbw b Siddle 12(81) [4s-1]86/2
28.2OUTLyon to J Root, out J Root Run Out!! Root goes for a needless run and is caught short. It was a tossed up delivery on off, Root comes forward and pushes it wide of mid-off, he takes off for a risky single, Mitch was quick to get there and release the ball, he hits the bulls-eye at the bowlers end. Even a dive from Root does not save him. Australia are right back in the match. J Root run out (Johnson) 15(24) [4s-1]86/3
28.4OUTLyon to Bell, out Caught by Johnson!! Bell goes for a golden duck. Mitch in the action once again. This was slower and dips around off, Bell looks to drive away from the body, in the end he just lobs a simple catch to Johnson at mid-off, who accepts it gleefully. Double-strike in the over has certainly got this game in favor of the Aussies. Bell c Johnson b Lyon 0(1)87/4
31FOURLyon to Pietersen, FOUR, overpitched outside off, Pietersen gets a good stride forward and drives it beautifully straight down the ground to pick up his first boundary92/4
33.3FOURSiddle to Stokes, FOUR, bangs this one short on off, Stokes is quick to rock back and pull it to deep mid wicket, it was not off the middle of the bat but had just enough to trickle away to the fence100/4
35.5OTHERJohnson to Stokes, 1 run, run-out chance missed! This was a good length delivery on off, Stokes pats it to cover and takes off for a risky single, Siddle gets a good bounce as he runs in and has a shy at the striker's end, Pietersen was struggling had that hit103/4
41.5FOURSiddle to Pietersen, FOUR, Top shot! This was on a length and outside off, Pietersen flays it past point, the timing and power carries it to the fence121/4
44.5OUTLyon to Stokes, out Caught by S Smith!! One shot too many and Ben Stokes perishes. Oh dear! England have lost half their side. This was floated outside off, Stokes skips down the track, looks to launch it over the ground, instead slices it to Steve Smith at mid-off, who is standing half away from the fence. Stokes wll be kicking himself for playing a tripe shot like that. Stokes c S Smith b Lyon 19(55) [4s-1]131/5
45.1FOURSiddle to Pietersen, FOUR, edged but safe. This was fullish and outside off, Pietersen pushes at it away from the body, the ball drops in front of the slip cordon and rolls away to the third man fence135/5
48.1SIXLyon to Bairstow, SIX, flighted delivery on leg, Bairstow uses his feet, gets close to the pitch of the ball and clouts it over long on. What a way to get off the mark145/5
49.4FOURSiddle to Pietersen, FOUR, dug in short and outside off, in KP's arc, he rocks back and pulls it over the twin mid-wickets for a powerful boundary149/5
50FOURSiddle to Pietersen, FOUR, That is a KP special. This was pitched up and outside off, Pietersen punches it with his signature flourish to banish the ball to the deep extra cover fence153/5
50.2SIXLyon to Bairstow, SIX, Bairstow has clobbered that! This was on a length and outside off, Bairstow gets hold of it and launches it over long on159/5
50.4FOURLyon to Bairstow, FOUR, tossed up on middle and leg, Bairstow bends down and sweeps it skillfully through square leg163/5
51.5FOURR Harris to Bairstow, FOUR, on a good length on off with evident reverse swing, Bairstow pushes at it, the result is a thickish outside edge that runs past third slip to the third man fence168/5
54.3OUTJohnson to Bairstow, out Caught by Haddin!! The man with the midas touch, Mitchell Johnson (who else?) does it for Australia. This was pitched up and outside off. Bairstow, perhaps expecting a bumper, hangs back and tries to squeeze out this extremely full delivery. The ball grazes the outside edge and Haddin does the rest. That is the 30th wicket for Mitch in this series. Bairstow c Haddin b Johnson 21(28) [4s-2 6s-2]173/6
57.2OUTLyon to Bresnan, out Bowled!! Looks like Bresnan is gone. The MCG roars. This was on a length and on off, not all that short to pull, Bresnan still goes through with the shot, gets a bottom edge that dislodges the off-bail. He was completely bamboozled. Bresnan hung in there thinking that Haddin's pad has disturbed the stumps. However it was not to be as Bresnan bags a sorry duck. Bresnan b Lyon 0(8)174/7
57.5OUTLyon to Broad, out Caught by Clarke!! 100th wicket for Nathan Lyon. This was nicely tossed up outside off with some turn as well. Broad aims to drive it uppishly, only manages an outside edge that is snaffled by Clarke at first slip. Australia have caught the game by the scruff of its neck. Broad also perishes for a duck. Broad c Clarke b Lyon 0(3)174/8
58.5FOURJohnson to Pietersen, FOUR, length ball on off, Pietersen nails it this time as he drills it straight down the ground. Cracking shot that!178/8
59.4OUTLyon to Pietersen, out Caught by R Harris!! Lyon gets his first fifer in Australia. This was a flighted delivery on off, Pietersen looks to send it over long off, he mistimes it and hits it straight down Harris' throat, who takes a good catch. That ends a resistive innings from Pietersen. Pietersen c R Harris b Lyon 49(90) [4s-6]179/9
61OUTJohnson to Panesar, out Lbw!! Johnson finishes it fittingly. This was a full delivery that jags back in sharply, Panesar is rooted in the crease and is struck right in front. Umpire Dharmasena had no problems in raising the dreaded finger. Monty reviews but to no avail. Panesar lbw b Johnson 0(6)179/10

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.3FOURBroad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, again touch short and just outside off, Rogers waits for it and dabs it late past gully for his first boundary9/0
6.3FOURPanesar to Warner, FOUR, tossed up delivery just outside off, Warner dances down the pitch and flicks it just over the man at deep mid wicket, who was halfway in from the ropes25/0
9.5FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, Warner bisects the gap this time. This was pitched up and outside off, Warner plays an airy square drive off a thickish edge between cover and point to unfurl the first boundary of the day. Warner is not going to sit back and let the English bowlers dictate terms34/0
11.4FOURBroad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, a catching opportunity goes begging. Broad did well to induce a false stroke from Rogers, the outside edge flies between Bairstow and Cook. The keeper should have gone for the catch. He did not move an inch. Cook, diving to his right, was late to react, the ball races away to the third man fence43/0
11.5FOURBroad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, short of length delivery outside off, Rogers jumps up and ramps it over the slips towards the third man fence. Useful shot that47/0
13.4DROPPEDStokes to Warner, no run, Holy Moly! Cook is the culprit this time as he drops a dolly. Even Geoff Boycott's grandma would have caught that. This was on a length and outside off, Warner aims to drive, the ball goes off an outside edge only for Cook to spill it52/0
17.2FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, length ball again and just outside off, Rogers waits for it and illustrates a lovely late cut, the timing carries it to the third man fence59/0
17.3FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, This one was even better. Expert placement between extra cover and long off. This was pitched up and outside off, Rogers transfers his weight on to the front foot and drives it exquisitely63/0
18OUTStokes to Warner, out Caught by Bairstow!! Stokes nets the prize scalp of Warner. This was again short and outside off, Warner, who had ignored the previous ball, hops up and flashes at it, the result is a thickish outside edge. Bairstow redeems himself briefly by snapping up a clean catch. Stokes is elated. Is this the opening England were looking for? Warner c Bairstow b Stokes 25(47) [4s-2]64/1
21.4FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, lady luck continues to smile on Australia. This was a tad full and outside off, Rogers drives, gets an inside edge that runs past Bairstow to the fine leg fence78/1
21.5OTHERStokes to Chris Rogers, 2 runs, slightly back of a length and outside off, Rogers punches off the back foot to sweeper cover to bring up his 2nd fifty of the match. This is also his 4th fifty of the summer80/1
23FOURBresnan to Chris Rogers, FOUR, trifle short and well outside off, Rogers waited on it, exploited the pace and chopped it past the slip cordon to the third man fence85/1
23.5FOURJ Anderson to Chris Rogers, FOUR, Chris Rogers is hurting England with those late cuts. Just opened the face of the bat at the last moment and got it past point, no third man and that's another boundary to the veteran in that area90/1
24.4FOURBresnan to Watson, FOUR, gloved and eludes a diving Bairstow to his left. Watson's weight is on the front foot, the short ball comes and the batsman goes through with the pull, off the glove and away to the fine leg fence. No chance for Bairstow, he needed to be 10 feet tall to catch that94/1
26FOURJ Anderson to Chris Rogers, FOUR, Bang! A cracker of a pull shot. Anderson goes short and Rogers is quick to latch on, rocks back, rolls his wrists and hits it along the ground, giving deep backward square no chance. The 100 is up for Australia. Anderson has a rueful look on his face as he walks back to his fielding position102/1
26.1FOURBresnan to Watson, FOUR, now Watson gets in on the act. Not a half-volley, but Watson leant on it and punched it past Chris Rogers, mid-on dived, but failed to get a hand on it and it raced away106/1
26.2FOURBresnan to Watson, FOUR, more problems for England. A flashy square drive and wide of point. Too much width from Bresnan and Watson flayed it away. This is hurting England and Cook's face tells a story110/1
32.4FOURBroad to Watson, FOUR, Watson is looking to score runs all the time today, short and wide outside off, a thumping square cut and it rolls away wide of point. That was hit with some power130/1
35.2DROPPEDBroad to Chris Rogers, 1 run, one has to call that as a dropped chance! Chris Rogers driving away from the body and getting a thick edge, Bairstwo went low to his left, one-handed and the ball went under his glove, didn't even touch it, ricochets off Cook and they take a single. Broad wears a bemused expression on his face147/1
37.3FOURBroad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, no third man and Chris Rogers makes hay! Short and angling across Rogers who uses the pace and dabs it wide of gully. Played it late and got it into the gap156/1
39.3FOURBroad to Watson, FOUR, the 100-stand is up with a streaky shot. Extra bounce for Broad, on a good length outside off, Watson was surprised by the bounce, but managed to dab it down wide of the lone slip, no third man still and Watson has a smile on his face after that boundary165/1
41.4FOURJ Anderson to Chris Rogers, FOUR, a Boxing Day Ashes Test hundred for Chris Buck Rogers! The adopted son of Victoria gets there with a cover drive, past a diving cover, superb stroke to get there. Removes the helmet and raises the arms in triumph. A big bear hug from Watson. The Aussies in the dressing room give him a standing ovation. The crowd roar and roar at the 'G'. A proud moment for the 36-year old former Western Australian.176/1
42.1FOURBresnan to Watson, FOUR, now Watson gets to a fifty. A fine effort this as well as Watto plays a late cut, rising onto his toes and hammering it past point. Rode the bounce well and laps up the applause of the crowd.180/1
42.2FOURBresnan to Watson, FOUR, Watson wants to end this early. Overpitched on the stumps, smashed past Bresnan, who didn't even have time to react. Whizzed past his hand. Rocketed away to the fence184/1
42.5FOURBresnan to Chris Rogers, FOUR, Chris Rogers now gives the charge and flashes it past point. Reached out and got it in the gap, no chance for the fielder in the deep, it just raced away. This is turning out to be a hiding189/1
44.2FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, that's Chris Rogers' highest Test score. Gets there with one of his favorite shots - the late cut, too much width once again from Stokes, how many times have I said that today on comm? Rogers piercing the gap with a controlled shot, past point197/1
45.5OUTPanesar to Chris Rogers, out Caught by Bairstow!! Some belated cheer for England as Monty snares Rogers. The crowd gives Rogers a standing ovation for his crafty innings. This was quicker and shorter outside off, Rogers goes for a rasping cut, all he mangages is an outside edge that is snaffled by Bairstow. Mixed day for England's new keeper. Indeed, it was a classy innings from Buck. Ticket punched to South Africa. Chris Rogers c Bairstow b Panesar 116(155) [4s-13]200/2
47.3FOURPanesar to Watson, FOUR, dug in marginally short, Watson makes room and cuts it with all his might to the third man fence207/2
47.4FOURPanesar to Watson, FOUR, Watson is on the prowl. This was quicker and outside off, Watson chips down the track and spanks it between midwicket and long on211/2
48FOURPanesar to Watson, FOUR, BOOM! Watson forays down the track, takes this on the full and thumps it straight down the ground, beating a diving Stuart Broad at long-on. Australia are running away at the MCG215/2
48.4FOURStokes to Clarke, FOUR, 8000 Test runs for Michael Clarke. In a neat moment of sporting synchronity, it may be recalled that Cook also got to 8000 of his own in this very Test. This was short and outside off, Clarke cuts it firmly to the square third man fence. Clarke is the 6th Aussie to reach the landmark219/2
50.3FOURBresnan to Watson, FOUR, this was on a length and on off, Watson thwacks it straight down the ground for a rampaging four. Watson is in a hurry to finish it off226/2