Apr 18Hyderabad vs. Rajasthan

4th Match at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Scores delayed by 15 mins Rajasthan won by 4 wkts

Apr 18Chennai vs. Punjab

3rd Match at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Scores delayed by 15 mins Punjab won by 6 wkts

Apr 17Delhi vs. Bangalore

2nd Match at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah

Scores delayed by 15 mins Bangalore won by 8 wkts

Apr 16Mumbai vs. Kolkata

1st Match at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Scores delayed by 15 mins Kolkata won by 41 runs

Apr 06India vs. Sri Lanka

Final at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka

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Apr 06Australia Women vs. England Women

Final at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka

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Apr 19 16:00Bangalore vs. Mumbai

5th Match at Dubai

Apr 19 20:00Kolkata vs. Delhi

6th Match at Dubai

Apr 20 20:00Rajasthan vs. Punjab

7th Match at Sharjah

Apr 21 20:00Chennai vs. Delhi

8th Match at Abu Dhabi

Apr 22 20:00Punjab vs. Hyderabad

9th Match at Sharjah

Apr 23 20:00Rajasthan vs. Chennai

10th Match at Dubai


The Ashes 2013-14

Australia vs. England, 2nd Test

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, Dec 05, 2013

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
2.2FOURJ Anderson to Warner, FOUR, cracking cover drive. Too full from J Anderson and outside off, Warner just opened the face and then got it wide of point. Lightning quick outfield does the rest. First chance for the crowd to clear their throats or warm their hands - whatever you fancy5/0
3.3FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, in the air, but over point. Not a bad ball at all, just the sheer audacity for Warner who used his bottom hand and just cut it over the fielder. Lots of wristwork from Warner there12/0
5.1FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, nearly cleaned up Chris Rogers at the other end. Hammered the off-drive and Rogers had to be quick to get out of the way. The ball rocketed to the fence. Warner is already looking very dangerous24/0
7.3FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, Warner is taking on Broad and cashing in on anything loose. This is not that short at all, but he rocks back and pulls over midwicket. Jumped on it very early and gets another boundary34/0
8OUTBroad to Warner, out Caught by Carberry!! Warner will be kicking himself, absolutely gutted he will be. Nothing shot to a nothing delivery and it results in his dismissal. Short and wide outside off, Warner played the cut tentatively, didn't go full throttle and lobbed a catch to point. What a gift that is for England and the dangerman is gone. A hundred was there for the taking, but Warner is gone for 29. Warner c Carberry b Broad 29(32) [4s-4]34/1
11.4FOURBroad to Watson, FOUR, Panesar at mid-off had no chance to stop that off-drive. Beautiful shot that as Watson came right forward and let the bat do the rest. One full face and that's all it needed for the ball to purr away42/1
11.5FOURBroad to Watson, FOUR, a real gift. Slow, loopy and wide outside off, Watson needed to place it in the gap and he did, cover driving off the front foot. Back to back boundaries for Watson46/1
14.5FOURJ Anderson to Chris Rogers, FOUR, nice looking punch and it races away. Half-forward was Chris Rogers and he just leant on the stroke, timing the key50/1
15.4FOURSwann to Chris Rogers, FOUR, good looking stroke from Rogers. Nicely tossed up outside off stump, Rogers waits for it and drives with an angled bat, the ball goes through point, Root gives chase but can't stop that even with a dive55/1
26FOURSwann to Watson, FOUR, this time he smashes him down the ground. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Watson advances and gets to the pitch of the ball, lofts it past the bowler to the long-off fence76/1
26.4OTHERPanesar to Chris Rogers, no run, quicker delivery on the stumps, Rogers stays in the crease and looks to drive but misses, he is struck in line with middle but since Dharmasena ruled NOT OUT initially, Rogers survives even though the ball hit the leg stump. England lose a review78/1
28.5FOURPanesar to Watson, FOUR, short outside off stump, asking for trouble, Watson rocks back and cuts it past cover and the ball races away. Fifty of the partnership comes up as well85/1
29.2FOURSwann to Chris Rogers, FOUR, tempts Rogers to go for the drive with a nicely tossed up delivery, but he does well to play that with an angled bat and get it from the meat of the bat to the sweeper cover fence89/1
30.2FOURPanesar to Chris Rogers, FOUR, too many short balls on offer from Panesar, Rogers quickly goes on the back foot and cuts it square of the wicket on the off-side94/1
31.2FOURStokes to Watson, FOUR, cracking drive! Full and outside off stump, Watson's eyes lit up as soon as he saw the length, gets a good stride forward and sends it past extra-cover to the fence98/1
36.3SIXPanesar to Watson, SIX, Imperious shot. Watson forays down the track, gets to the pitch of this one and spanks it over the bowler's head for a maximum105/1
37.5FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, Stokes errs too full and straight, Rogers leans forward and flicks it nicely, the timing carries it all the way to the deep mid wicket fence. Broad makes a valiant chase but ends in vain109/1
39.3FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, Filthy half-tracker outside off, Rogers cashes in as he rocks back and cuts it with all his might to square of the wicket on the off side, the ball rockets to the fence113/1
40FOURStokes to Chris Rogers, no ball, FOUR, This was short and outside off, Rogers cuts it firmly to the deep backward point fence. Stokes does a Finn here as he flicks the stumps in his followthrough - according to the revised law, that act will prove to be a no-ball118/1
43.3FOURBroad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, short and wide outside off, plenty of width on offer, Rogers latches onto it and cuts it firmly between cover and point. That raises his 3rd Test fifty in style128/1
46FOURBroad to Watson, FOUR, wayward delivery down leg, Watson glances it to fine leg as the partnership crosses the 100 mark135/1
48FOURBroad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, Meat and drink for Rogers, who is well set now. This was a loose long hop outside off, Rogers crashes the cut, the ball screams away to the deep backward point fence142/1
48.1OTHERSwann to Watson, 1 run, flighted delivery on middle from over the wicket, Watson pats it towards mid wicket and notches up his 21st Test half-century143/1
51FOURSwann to Chris Rogers, FOUR, Lovely shot. This was flatter on middle and leg, Rogers bends down on one knee and illustrates a balanced sweep stroke to the backward square leg fence147/1
51.3FOURJ Anderson to Chris Rogers, FOUR, Top shot! This was marginally picthed up and outside off, Rogers leans forward and drives it to the deep extra cover fence152/1
52OUTJ Anderson to Watson, out Caught&Bowled!! James Anderson has broken this flourishing stand with a good return catch. This was a good length delivery nipping back in, Watson looks for a lethargic booming drive, the ball hits high on the bat and pops back to Anderson, who does well to clasp his arms around it. England exult and so does the Barmy army. Watson c and b J Anderson 51(119) [4s-6 6s-1]155/2
52.5OUTSwann to Chris Rogers, out Caught by Prior!! Brain fade for Rogers? Another well-set batsman departs. This was a fine delivery spinning across the left-hander, Rogers pokes at it limply away from the body, the ball grazes the outside edge that nestles under Prior's gloves. Swann has snared Rogers seven times in the last year. Chris Rogers c Prior b Swann 72(167) [4s-11]155/3
55.5FOURJ Anderson to Clarke, FOUR, fired on the pads, Clarke connects the glance, the ball races away to the fine leg fence. Clarke is oozing confidence here163/3
56.4FOURPanesar to Clarke, FOUR, easy pickings for Clarke. This was a poor half-tracker outside off, Clarke is swift to rock back and cut it firmly to the sweeper cover fence169/3
57.2FOURJ Anderson to S Smith, FOUR, loose ball on the pads, Smith tickles it to the fine leg fence. Pure delicacy from Smith173/3
58.3OUTPanesar to S Smith, out Bowled!! Panesar strikes with a brilliant delivery to remove Smith. He is absolutely delighted as he breaks into an impromptu jig. This was a beautifully tossed up delivery that pitched on off and straightened past the tentative prod of Smith to clip the off-stump. Steve Smith was completely bamoozled and makes the long walk back to the dressing room. England have turned the tide dramatically. That is tea on Day 1. S Smith b Panesar 6(17) [4s-1]174/4
60.2FOURPanesar to Bailey, FOUR, rubbish delivery, short and wide outside off, Bailey cuts it effortlessly to the sweeper cover fence180/4
61.3FOURJ Anderson to Clarke, FOUR, Excellent shot!. This was too full and straight on the pads, Clarke gets forward and flicks it expertly to the deep mid wicket fence184/4
62.2FOURPanesar to Bailey, FOUR, shortish and on middle, Bailey goes back and pulls it beautifully, the ball races to the backward square leg fence190/4
64.1DROPPEDPanesar to Bailey, no run, Holy Moly! That was nearly a catch. Bailey skips down the track and punches it back to the bowler, who spurns the opportunity. Matt Prior is gutted. It was hit hard and Panesar got both hands to it, yet spilled it. Also Clarke was out of his crease, if the ball had gone on to hit the stumps, it would've been a run-out as well. Big moment in the game190/4
66.3SIXPanesar to Bailey, SIX, Brilliant shot! Bailey sashays down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball, lofts it effortlessly over the bowler's head200/4
70.1DROPPEDSwann to Clarke, 2 runs, Dropped! Joe Root is the culprit. This was a half-chance one has to say. This was flighted delivery on leg, Clarke flicks it uppishly, Root dives to his right at mid-wicket and spills it after getting a hand onto it207/4
77.4FOURStokes to Bailey, FOUR, that is a fine hit. It wasn't all that short but Bailey does well to connect the pull very well this time and more importantly pick the gap to put it to the left of deep mid-wicket. Use of depth of the crease was key to that shot, he bent his knees a touch to get underneath the ball and away she went229/4
78.2FOURSwann to Bailey, FOUR, well, what does he normally do to an off-spinner? Just advances and gets closer to the pitch of the ball and lofts it straight back over the bowler's head. Another good hit from Bailey234/4
79.4SIXPanesar to Bailey, SIX, now that takes some courage from Bailey. Sensational hit! The ball was spinning away in the previous deliveries of the over but doesn't mind dancing down the track to the flighted delivery just around the off stump, goes through with the loft with the spin and it sails over the long-off fence241/4
80.5FOURJ Anderson to Clarke, FOUR, just off the radar there. Full and swinging down the leg side, Clarke doesn't miss out, flicks it very well and it races away to the deep square leg fence249/4
81.2SIXBroad to Bailey, SIX, has someone told Bailey that this is limited overs cricket? He's going for anything in his zone in the last few minutes. Anyway, nice way to bring up your maiden Test fifty. Short of a length delivery on the stumps, again not all that short, Bailey pulls with bent knees and hence gets underneath the ball which sails over the deep mid-wicket fence255/4
85.3OUTBroad to Bailey, out Caught by Swann!! Just when one thought Bailey was picking the right balls to pull, he's played at one that he actually didn't need to and Australia are five down. He could have easily let that go. Anyway, that is a stunning catch by Swann at square leg. Bailey connected the pull reasonably well, but the bounce on the ball was a bit too much for Bailey and he couldn't keep it down on the swivel, Swann dives to his right and grabs the ball to silence the Adelaide crowd. What was a very promising innings comes to a premature end. Bailey c Swann b Broad 53(93) [4s-4 6s-3]257/5
87.3OTHERBroad to Haddin, no run, top call umpire Erasmus. Good length delivery shaping back into the right-hander, Haddin for some reason doesn't want to plant his front foot forward, he stays back in the crease and tries to block, misses and is struck in line with off stump but height was the issue as it hit Haddin high on the pad265/5
89DROPPEDPanesar to Haddin, no run, what a time to drop a catch Michael Carberry! That was hit straight to him but he spills it. Poor Monty, who was about to jump in joy, is distraught. Another of those short deliveries from Panesar, Haddin could have hit that anywhere he wanted to or probably let it go considering it's that time of the day. He backs his instincts and goes for the cut, hits it straight to Carberry at a good height but lady luck is right beside Haddin and he survives266/5
90.5FOURPanesar to Clarke, FOUR, good hit from the Aussie skipper. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Clarke shimmies down the track and drives it along the ground, beats mid-on to his left and the ball races away to the fence273/5
92.1OTHERPanesar to Clarke, 2 runs, very unconvincing shot from Clarke. Isn't to the pitch of the delivery after stepping out, yet goes through with the across-the-line swipe, the outside edge loops tantalisingly over cover's head who cannot get there. A streaky couple to get to his 28th Test fifty277/5
94.2FOURPanesar to Clarke, FOUR, superbly played. Uses his feet and then gets to the pitch, lofts over mid-on and gets a boundary. Wanted to get it straight and played with a straight bat which made the shot risk-free285/5
95.5FOURBroad to Haddin, FOUR, slow short delivery and down leg, Haddin gloves the attempted pull and gets it fine of fine leg for a boundary. Played it a bit early but played it well289/5
96.1FOURPanesar to Clarke, FOUR, Clarke uses his feet and takes it on the full, flicks to deep mid wicket, Swann tries to keep his leg in the air while attempting to push the ball back, fails to do so and concedes a boundary293/5
96.4FOURPanesar to Clarke, FOUR, this is great batting. First the use of the feet earlier in the over, now goes deep into the crease and cuts the not-so-short delivery to deep backward point, bisected the two men inside the ring perfectly too. Lovely footwork the key to both the shots297/5
97.3FOURJ Anderson to Clarke, FOUR, poor bowling and Clarke won't miss out on those. Short and wide outside off, Clarke cuts and cuts late, goes wide of gully and races away302/5
98.1FOURPanesar to Haddin, FOUR, as easy as it gets. Moves the left-leg out of the way and lofts straight back over Panesar's head. The runs are coming easily306/5
100FOURJ Anderson to Clarke, FOUR, fine shot. Not a bad ball, but Clarke is seeing them big and seeing them well, opens the face of the bat and just comes down on it late, sliced wide of a diving point and then it races away. England badly need some inspiration312/5
104FOURJ Anderson to Clarke, FOUR, magnificent shot. Not a half-volley but Clarke just leant on it and drove it powerfully through cover. The ball screams away to the fence in a flash. J Anderson isn't a happy man, takes his cap from the umpire and walks away in a huff328/5
104.1SIXSwann to Haddin, SIX, huge hit. No risk at all in the shot - playing with the spin and slog-sweeping it way over deep midwicket, into the crowd and a biggie334/5
106.4SIXSwann to Haddin, SIX, another pre-meditated sweep and another biggie. Top-edged sweep and Carberry at backward square leg initially thought he had a chance but the ball went and went, away into the fence346/5
107DROPPEDSwann to Clarke, no run, dropped! Clarke uses his feet and flicks it firmly and low to the right of Bell at short leg, it hits the right shin and goes to ground, since Clarke was a couple of steps down, Prior tried to run him out but missed that too, anyway Clarke was in by the time Prior tried to back-flick onto the stumps347/5
107.3FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, top, top shot. Extra bounce and Haddin went back and across, before punching it through cover. Already yesterday's drop by Carberry is beginning to hurt England as Haddin looks in ominous touch. That was a shot which was based on pure timing351/5
107.5FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, the 2nd boundary of the over. Width outside off, Haddin plays it late and on top of the bounce to dab it down to third man - no fielder there and that was always a boundary. Haddin is now onto 46355/5
108.5OTHERSwann to Haddin, 1 run, the 100-run stand is up with that nudged single behind square357/5
111OTHERSwann to Haddin, 3 runs, 15th Test fifty for Haddin and the crowd clear their throats. It comes off a thick inside edge and runs down to fine leg for three runs. Haddin continues his good form and Carberry must be a worried man367/5
113.3OTHERStokes to Clarke, 2 runs, there it is! Back to back Test match hundreds for Clarke. His wife Kyly looks a happy girl. Warner and former Aussie PM John Howard are up and clapping. The Adelaide Oval crowd warmly applaud the ton. It was a good length delivery down leg, Clarke flicks it wide of square leg, calls for two and gets it easily. Raises his bat and removes the helmet to soak in all the applause. There is the typical Clarke kiss of the Aussie crest on the helmet. Tremendous hundred from the Aussie skipper371/5
115FOURPanesar to Clarke, FOUR, very short and Clarke in this mood won't miss out. Turning away, Clarke rocks back and crashes the cut to the sweeper cover fence. That was hit with some authority by Clarke who is now toying with the attack377/5
116.1FOURPanesar to Haddin, FOUR, super shot! A difficult shot to execute but Haddin played it so well, clears his left leg and goes through midwicket, well played and over the head of the man. Played it from outside leg and hit it tremendously well384/5
126FOURJ Anderson to Clarke, FOUR, Picture perfect straight drive. Fetch that. This was a pitched up delivery on middle and off, Clarke drills it down the ground. Clarke like old wine gets better and better402/5
127.4FOURBroad to Clarke, FOUR, Up and over mid-off. Broad is gutted. This was a length ball outside off, Clarke lofts it effortlessly over Pietersen at mid-off to raise the 150 of the partnership408/5
128.5FOURPanesar to Clarke, FOUR, Clarke is on the prowl. He chips down the track and lofts this full delivery outside off over cover for a boundary413/5
131FOURPanesar to Haddin, FOUR, Intelligent shot . This was tossed up on leg, Haddin bends down and sweeps it, he imparts enough timing on that as the ball reaches the fine leg fence despite the chase from the fielder in the deep424/5
131.4FOURBroad to Clarke, FOUR, Pin-point placement. This was on a length and outside off, Clarke waits for it and manoeuvres it past wide point, the ball whistles away to the square third man fence428/5
132.4FOURPanesar to Haddin, FOUR, This was flatter and outside off, Haddin goes down on one knee and slogs-sweeps it to the deep mid wicket fence434/5
132.5SIXPanesar to Haddin, SIX, Another lap-slog, this one is even better as it clears the deep mid wicket ropes. Australia are motoring along nicely440/5
135.3FOURSwann to Clarke, FOUR, shot! It was a flighted one again on middle and off, Clarke comes down the track and smashes it hard in front of Stuart Broad at mid-off who came forward to catch, but the ball drops in front and races to the long-off fence450/5
136SIXSwann to Haddin, SIX, Looks like both these batsmen can do nothing wrong right now! It was a flighted delivery on the stumps, Haddin shuffles across to off and slog-sweeps it over the deep square leg fence for a maximum, the partnership between Haddin and Clarke is now 200457/5
136.1OUTStokes to Clarke, out Caught by J Anderson!! Finally a breakthrough for England! Stokes is finally lucky here and the big man is gone. It was a slightly short of length delivery on leg, Clarke looks to flick it off his pads; unfortunately gets a leading edge and the ball ballons towards mid-wicket. Simple enough catch which Anderson does not miss as he dives forward and catches it safely with both hands. Clarke c J Anderson b Stokes 148(245) [4s-17]457/6
137FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, Another one for Haddin as he moves into the 90s. It was a length delivery outside off, Haddin looks to open the face of his bat and guides it past the third man fence462/6
137.5FOURSwann to Johnson, FOUR, pushed through the off-side, Johnson is quick in picking up the length as he gets back slightly and punches it through deep extra cover466/6
138.3FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, Haddin has turned his charm on now and is in a hurry to get to triple figures. It was a slightly fuller delivery on off, Haddin comes on the front foot and lofts it softly to the long-on fence470/6
138.5FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, Another one for him this time. He does not look nervous in his 90s here! It was a back of a length delivery outside off, Haddin gets back and looks to cut it uppishly, the ball flies off the outside edge of the bat to third man474/6
139.3OUTSwann to Johnson, out Caught by Broad!! Soft dismissal for Johnson! Swann has something to smile about as England are doing well here after the drinks break. Flighted ball on off, Johnson just leans forward slightly looking to go over the on-side. However, he has not timed this well as picks up the fielder at mid-on perfectly offering an easy catch. Johnson c Broad b Swann 5(13) [4s-1]474/7
140.2FOURStokes to Haddin, FOUR, What a way to get to his 4th Test ton! It was a slightly back of a length delivery on the stumps, Haddin moves back ever so slightly and pulls it to the deep mid wicket fence. This is also his 3rd hundred against England478/7
142.3OUTStokes to Siddle, out Caught by Prior!! Another one for Stokes as England are slowly trying to claw their way back into the game! It was a good length delivery that shapes away slightly, Siddle is rooted to his crease and looks to defend this one, the ball takes the outside edge of his bat and flies safely into the keeper's gloves. Siddle c Prior b Stokes 2(9)483/8
143.4FOURSwann to R Harris, FOUR, Harris is in a hurry here to keep the score-card ticking. It was a flighted ball on off, Harris gets foward and lofts it to long-off fence490/8
144.2FOURStokes to R Harris, FOUR, Banged in short by Stokes and punished! Harris goes on the back foot and pulls it elegantly to the deep mid-wicket fence for another boundary495/8
145.5SIXSwann to R Harris, SIX, A big big one from Harris! It was a flighted delivery on off, R Harris slog sweeps it to deep mid-wicket for a powerful maximum502/8
146SIXSwann to R Harris, SIX, Back-to-back sixes for Harris! A similar delivery with a similar result. It was tossed up on off by Swann, Harris is quick to get down and slog it over the deep mid-wicket ropes. The ball goes flat and a long way into the stands508/8
146.3OTHERBroad to R Harris, no run, slightly short of length delivery that turns in, Harris stays in the crease and looks to defend it. But looks like the bat hit the pad first and then the ball hit the pads. Since the evidence was inconclusive, the benefit of doubt is given to Harris509/8
147.4FOURPanesar to R Harris, FOUR, Nicely done by Harris! It was a flatter delivery just outside off, Harris goes on the back foot and forces the drive to the sweeper cover fence516/8
150SIXPanesar to Haddin, SIX, tossed up on middle, Haddin slog-sweeps it, gets enough elevation to send it soaring over the deep backward square leg fielder. 10 runs from that over527/8
150.5OUTBroad to Haddin, out Caught by Prior!! A tame dismissal in the end. End of a sparkling innings from Brad Haddin. This was on a length and outside off, nailed to the crease as Haddin flashes at that, the ball grazes the outside edge and sits snugly in his opposite number's gloves. Muted celebrations from Prior and Broad. Haddin c Prior b Broad 118(177) [4s-11 6s-5]529/9
152.3FOURBroad to R Harris, FOUR, This was not all that short, Harris rocks back and jabs it with all might, the ball rockets to the deep mid wicket fence536/9
153.3FOURPanesar to Lyon, FOUR, Lyon walks across his stumps and sweeps it with control to the backward square leg fence542/9
155.4FOURPanesar to R Harris, FOUR, Boom! One bounce four. Harris takes a step forward, goes down and slog swipes it to the deep mid wicket fence551/9
157.2FOURSwann to R Harris, FOUR, poor delivery, short and wide outside off, Harris goes deep in the crease and spanks the cut to the sweeper cover fence. He reaches his 2nd Test fifty in style559/9
157.5SIXSwann to Lyon, SIX, gives this air on off, Lyon fetches it from there and slogs it several rows over deep mid-wicket. That is the first Test six for Lyon568/9

Batting: England

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1FOURJohnson to Carberry, FOUR, speared just outside leg, Carberry presses across, uses the pace of Mitch and puts it away to the deep square leg fence. First boundary for England6/0
2.4OUTJohnson to Cook, out Bowled!! What a start for the Aussies. Mitch is over the moon. This was a fullish delivery that swung away palpably late at 148.4 kph, Cook prods forward to defend, the ball straightened a touch and scoots past his defence to cannon onto the off stump. Cook b Johnson 3(11)9/1
11.1FOURLyon to Carberry, FOUR, fractionally short and width on offer as well, Carberry goes deep in the crease and cuts it to the sweeper cover fence17/1
11.5FOURLyon to Carberry, FOUR, Fine shot. This was also short and just outside off, Carberry rocks back in a flash and whips it to deep mid wicket, the ball whistles to the fence21/1
15.4FOURLyon to Carberry, FOUR, flighted delivery on middle and off, Carberry gets down and is quick to latch on to it as he sweeps it powerfully to the deep square leg fence33/1
28.1FOURJohnson to J Root, FOUR, finally J Root releases the shackles with a cover-driven boundary. Angled across him and Root got well forward and timed the shot well. First runs off Johnson today46/1
28.3FOURJohnson to Carberry, FOUR, poor ball and Carberry has put that away, down leg and flicked away past fine leg who can't get there. So England get some runs after a very sedate start to the morning51/1
29.4FOURLyon to Carberry, FOUR, good shot! Excellent use of the feet and got to the pitch before easing a drive wide of cover. The intent is there from Carberry and that's how to play spin bowling56/1
30OUTLyon to J Root, out Caught by Chris Rogers!! Another brainfade from an English batsman. J Root has picked out deep backward square leg to perfection. It was tossed up outside off, Root tried to take on the man on the fence with a slog-sweep, but instead top-edged it to the man who came running in and took a safe catch. That's the first wicket gone for the day. J Root c Chris Rogers b Lyon 15(80) [4s-1]57/2
32.3OTHERSiddle to Pietersen, no run, Watson and Clarke at slip weren't enthusiastic at all, only Haddin was convinced. It was he, who forced Clarke to take the review and they went for it, nothing showed up so Erasmus' original call stands. Australia lose a review58/2
33.3FOURLyon to Carberry, FOUR, Carberry is putting the bad balls away - this one was short and turning away, Carberry rocked back and hammered the cut to the sweeper cover fence66/2
34.3OUTSiddle to Pietersen, out Caught by Bailey!! Gone! That is a big wicket, if ever there was one. Once again it must be said, it is a poor stroke. There are two midwickets for exactly that kind of a shot and Pietersen has fallen into the trap. He walks across to the off-side and whips it firmly, Bailey is the second man at midwicket, it goes head high to him, three juggles and caught safely on the fourth attempt. Australia are ecstatic and Siddle has got Pietersen again. Pietersen c Bailey b Siddle 4(12)66/3
35.5SIXLyon to Bell, SIX, that's why Ian Bell is England's best player in this current team. Great use of the feet and to the pitch before lofting beautifully over long-off, just about carried over the ropes, but mind you Adelaide Oval has one of the longest straight boundaries75/3
36.5FOURSiddle to Bell, FOUR, half volley on the pads and Bell is good enough to put it away, flicked away confidently into the deep midwicket fence85/3
37.3FOURLyon to Carberry, FOUR, fraction short and Carberry is quick to latch on, rocks back and smashes the cut, the ball purrs away. At least Carberry is making use of the loose deliveries89/3
37.5OTHERLyon to Carberry, 1 run, maiden Test fifty for Carberry and well played! Again the rocking cut, but there is a man at the fence now, so only a single. No great celebrations from the Hampshire man, he knows that there is a lot of work to do yet90/3
38SIXLyon to Bell, SIX, Bell is taking on Lyon and again it is a biggie - this time over long-on, tremendous use of the feet and lofted over the fence. Bell will not allow Lyon to settle96/3
38.4FOURSiddle to Carberry, FOUR, not very convincing, but will get a boundary - driven square on the off-side, wide of gully and it races away. Little edgy but never in danger of getting caught100/3
39FOURSiddle to Carberry, FOUR, the bad balls are coming a bit regularly from Australia now. Carberry is in no mood to let go and punishes the half-volley with a lovely cover drive. Siddle wears a disappointed look on his face as he walks back104/3
40.5FOURR Harris to Bell, FOUR, typical Bell cover drive! Leans forward and then just times the push-drive past cover, the ball races away. That was sweet from Bell111/3
46OUTWatson to Carberry, out Caught by Warner!!What.A.Catch! One has to feel for Carberry though - it was a rocket pull to a very bad short delivery, the only thing you could blame him for, was that he failed to keep it down and there was Warner sniffing at square leg. Stretches his left-hand and plucks out a beauty. Exults as the Aussies surround him. Carberry is gone with just minutes before lunch. Carberry c Warner b Watson 60(144) [4s-10]111/4
47FOURJohnson to Bell, FOUR, airy-fairy, but four. Width was there for the cut and Bell slashed it in the air over point116/4
50.1OUTJohnson to Stokes, out Lbw!! Stokes' maiden Test innings is short-lived as the mustachioed marauder strikes in his 2nd over after lunch. This was a slightly back of a length delivery tailing back in to rap the batsmen on the pads in front of the off-stump as he misses the block. The third umpire has a good close peek at that and overturns the on field umpire's call. Another English batsmen bites the dust. Aussies are running away with the match! Stokes lbw b Johnson 1(12)117/5
50.5OUTJohnson to Prior, out Caught by Haddin!! Holy moly! Mitch engineers a double strike. Matt Prior is gone without troubling the scorers. This was rather full just a shade outside off, Prior pokes limply away from the body, the outside edge carries at a comfortable height to his counterpart. Another failure for Prior. The sight of Mitch exulting is becoming a familiar scene in this return Ashes. Prior c Haddin b Johnson 0(4)117/6
51OUTJohnson to Broad, out Bowled!! Would you believe that? Broad's leg-stump is pegged back. The crowd goes berserk. Hang on fellas, the umpires are checking for a possible no-ball. Much to England's dismay, it is a legitimate delivery and Mitch is on a hat-trick now. This was a length ball fired on leg, Broad shuffles across and aims to work in to the leg-side only to see his leg-stump rattled. Golden duck for Broad. Broad b Johnson 0(1)117/7
52.2FOURJohnson to Bell, FOUR, back of a length delivery outside off, Bell arches back and cuts it late over the slip cordon to the third man fence126/7
53.4FOURLyon to Bell, FOUR, Bell beats cover this time. This was pitched up and outside off, Bell walks into the drive and times it handsomely. Classy shot that131/7
54.5OUTJohnson to Swann, out Caught by Clarke!! Back to back 5-fer's for Mitchell Johnson. Spectacular catch from Michael Clarke. Johnson holds the ball up and salutes the applause from the crowd, much like Glenn McGrath. This was a good length delivery far too wide outside off, Swann goes for an almighty flash, the ball flies off the outside edge towards 2nd slip, where Michael Clarke leaps and grasps it. Swann c Clarke b Johnson 7(7)135/8
55OUTJohnson to J Anderson, out Bowled!! Mitch is on a roll! This middle-stump is flattened. The Adelaide Oval is a cauldron of noise. James Anderson also gone for nought. This was a thunderous bullet on middle, Anderson aims to defend, the ball nipped back in late to zoot through the gate.J Anderson b Johnson 0(1)135/9
57FOURJohnson to Bell, FOUR, Adroit stuff from Bell. This was also shortish and outside off, Bell leans back and ramps it over, the ball whistles away to the third man fence140/9
59.1OTHERR Harris to Bell, no run, Australia have asked for a review for an LBW appeal. The front foot looks fine. Height is the factor here. Replays show that the ball was going over the stumps. Umpire call stays. NOT OUT given.141/9
59.2FOURR Harris to Bell, FOUR, Nicely done by Bell. It was a length delivery outside off, Bell gets back and slashes it to square third man for his 38th Test fifty145/9
59.3FOURR Harris to Bell, FOUR, Back-to-back boundaries for Bell. He is the only one looking good in this English line-up. He gets on the front foot and drives this length ball beautifully to the long off fence149/9
59.4FOURR Harris to Bell, FOUR, Another one for Bell, he is fighting a lone battle now. It was full on leg, Bell flicks it off his pads this time past the fine leg ropes153/9
60SIXR Harris to Bell, SIX, Whoa! Good shot by Bell. He is trying desperately to push England as long as he could. It was a slightly full delivery outside off, Bell goes inside out, opens the full face of the bat and smashes this over the sweeper cover fence. 18 runs came off that over159/9
63.4DROPPEDLyon to Panesar, no run, dropped, flighted delivery just outside off, Panesar stays back and looks to drive and edges, the ball flies to Clarke at slips who fumbles and drops a dolly160/9
67.5SIXLyon to Bell, SIX, Another beauty by Bell! It was a slightly short delivery as Bell comes dancing down the track and lofts it elegantly between the midwicket and long on fence for a maximum. The ball sails high in the air and easily crosses the ropes171/9
68.2OUTJohnson to Panesar, out Bowled!! And there it is! Johnson's 7th wicket and finally ending England's ordeal! It was a slightly full ball that gets back in, Panesar gets ready for another solid defence but Johnson cleverly spears the ball through the bat-pad gap and it crashes onto the stumps via an inside edge onto the pads. Panesar b Johnson 2(35)171/10

Batting: Australia

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
2.2OUTJ Anderson to Chris Rogers, out Caught by Prior!! Rogers walks straightaway! Anderson stays round the wicket and delivers an outswinging full delivery, Rogers feels for the ball as he looks to drive, gets an outside edge which is easily held by Prior. First joy for England today maybe! Chris Rogers c Prior b J Anderson 2(10)4/1
2.4OUTJ Anderson to Watson, out Caught by Carberry!! Ho ho! Carberry holds on to this one. Full delivery wide outside off stump, Watson goes for the square drive, he had to reach out for the ball as it was well away from him, he doesn't bother to keep it down in anticipation of some quick runs, but hits it straight to backward point. Anderson gets two in one over. Watson c Carberry b J Anderson 0(2)4/2
3.1FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, width on offer from Broad and Warner doesn't miss out. Short and wide outside off stump, Warner punches it off the back foot, ensured that it went along the ground and it raced away to the sweeper cover fence8/2
4.4FOURJ Anderson to Clarke, FOUR, fine hit to get going in the second innings. Good length delivery on the leg stump, Clarke holds a nice shape and flicks very well, keeps it along the ground and it races away to deep square leg16/2
10.2FOURSwann to Warner, FOUR, low full toss on the off stump, Warner opens himself up slightly and drives it inside out to the deep extra-cover fence31/2
14.4SIXSwann to Warner, SIX, Lusty blow from Warner. This was tossed up on the stumps, Warner goes down on one knee and slog swipes to the deep mid wicket fence43/2
15.5FOURStokes to Clarke, FOUR, Beautiful shot. This was not all that short and just outside off , Clarke goes deep in the crease and pulls it through mid-wicket, the timing carries it to the fence51/2
18.3FOURSwann to Warner, FOUR, Inside out and over cover. Warner chips down the track and clouts this to the deep extra cover fence57/2
21.1OUTPanesar to Clarke, out Bowled!! Monty foxes Clarke as England take another wicket. This was also a quicker delivery that pitched on middle and spun past Clarke's tentative prod to disturb the off-stump. As usual, Monty breaks into a jovial jig. Clarke b Panesar 22(51) [4s-2]65/3
23.3FOURPanesar to Warner, FOUR, Crisp! This was full and outside off, Warner leans into the drive and punches it past cover72/3
25.2FOURPanesar to Warner, FOUR, sloppy stuff from KP at point - a regulation stop and he lets it go through his hands, that doesn't please Panesar. This was a half-tracker outside off, Warner rocks back and cuts it square of the wicket on the off-side to reach his 9th Test fifty80/3
25.4FOURPanesar to Warner, FOUR, decisive footwork. This was also a tad short and outside off, Warner punches it, the ball screams away to the sweeper cover fence86/3
26.3FOURJ Anderson to S Smith, FOUR, back of a length delivery outside off, Smith flays it off the front foot behind point, the ball bullets to the fence, such was the timing from Smith90/3
26.5OTHERJ Anderson to S Smith, no run, this was a lovely delivery nipping back in sharply close to the off-pole, Smith gets forward only to offer no shot. The impact was outside off and the ball appeared to be missing the off-stump as well. Good, handy review from Smith90/3
29.1FOURPanesar to S Smith, FOUR, Smith dances down the track and spanks this flighted delivery on middle over the head of the bowler. Excellent use of the feet there99/3
31.3FOURBroad to Warner, FOUR, goes back in the crease slightly, bends his knees to get underneath the ball and lofts the short of length delivery from outside off over mid-on. Good shot that Warner106/3
32.1FOURStokes to Warner, FOUR, intentions clear from Warner. Anything in his zone and he's going to go, bang! Full and juicy just around off, Warner waits and smashes straight down the ground past the bowler111/3
36.5FOURPanesar to Warner, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, Warner rocks back and cuts it powerfully, the ball rockets away to the sweeper cover fence125/3

Batting: England

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.3OUTJohnson to Cook, out Caught by R Harris!! What a start for Australia. Mitchell Johnson has done it again. What was Cook doing there? A well directed short ball from Johnson, Cook tries to take on the bowler and goes for a pull, but only manages a top edge which goes towards fine leg, Harris runs forward, puts in the dive and takes a brilliant catch. The England captain could have easily let that go. Cook c R Harris b Johnson 1(7)1/1
6.2FOURR Harris to Carberry, FOUR, finally Carberry gets off the mark. Full and angled in, Carberry allows to the ball to come and flicks well to the deep square leg fence6/1
6.4FOURR Harris to Carberry, FOUR, excellent shot from Carberry. Full and wide outside off stump, Carberry gets a good stride forward and drives with an angled bat, the ball races away through cover-point10/1
11.4OUTSiddle to Carberry, out Caught by Lyon!! Would you believe it? He's picked the fielder out perfectly. Short delivery angled into the left-hander from round the wicket, Carberry goes for the hook shot, he times it well but picks out fine leg perfectly. England are in serious trouble now. The run-rate is very low and the bowlers are being allowed to dominate. Carberry c Lyon b Siddle 14(39) [4s-2]20/2
18FOURSiddle to Pietersen, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, Pietersen rocks back, stands talls and cuts it powerfully through backward point. Good shot that34/2
18.4FOURLyon to J Root, FOUR, a friendly full toss outside off stump, Root doesn't try to hit it too hard, just times the drive really well and it races away to the deep extra-cover fence42/2
21.1FOURJohnson to J Root, FOUR, a friendly delivery on the pads, Root waits for the length ball and glances it along the ground, the ball runs away to the fine leg fence52/2
21.4FOURJohnson to J Root, FOUR, short of a length delivery outside off stump, Root rocks back and cuts well, uses the pace of the bowler very well and sends it past backward point56/2
32.2FOURLyon to Pietersen, FOUR, Bang! Pietersen forays down the track, converts this into a half-volley and thumps it to the long-off fence76/2
36.3FOURLyon to J Root, FOUR, Fine shot! This was a friendly half-volley outside off, Root leans forward and punches it, the ball whistles to the sweeper cover fence87/2
36.4FOURLyon to J Root, FOUR, Positive batting from Root. This was dropped short outside off, Root drags it from there and pulls it all along the turf to the deep square leg fence91/2
38.1SIXS Smith to Pietersen, SIX,Wallop! Pietersen dances down the track, takes this on the full and slams it several rows over the long on boundary, good catch in the crowd as well - well done!98/2
39.5OTHERJohnson to J Root, 2 runs, full and tailing on the pads, Root flicks it to deep mid wicket to earn a battling fifty under relentless pressure. 4th Test half-century for the talented young turk. England will want him to carry on from here104/2
42.1SIXS Smith to Pietersen, SIX, KP has murdered that. This was dropped short on middle, Pietersen rocks back in a flash and whacks it over deep mid wicket to notch up the 100 of the partnership in fine style120/2
43SIXS Smith to Pietersen, SIX, KP has come into his own. He reaches his 34th Test fifty with a massive six. Clarke is not impressed though. This was tossed up on off, Pietersen frees his arms again as he launches it over long-off. That was a bazooka hit128/2
47.1OUTSiddle to Pietersen, out Bowled!! Dragged on. Peter Siddle cleans up his bunny! This is the ninth time the banana man has snared Kevin Pietersen. Australia are chuffed. Was this a rare lapse in concentration from the veteran? This was a back of a length delivery on off with a bit of shape in, Pietersen gets forward to defend with bat and pad apart, the ball kisses the inside edge and dislodges the off bail. Pietersen b Siddle 53(99) [4s-2 6s-3]131/3
50.4FOURLyon to Bell, FOUR, drops it short with width on offer as well, Bell latches on to it as he goes deep in the crease and cracks the cut to the sweeper cover fence. Nimble footwork that136/3
51.5FOURSiddle to J Root, FOUR, too full and straight, Root flicks it nicely, the ball scurries away to deep square leg, where Nathan Lyon makes a tumbling stop to reel it in inches before the ropes but unfortunately for him, it trickles over140/3
53.4OUTS Smith to Bell, out Caught by Johnson at mid-on!! Yes, Clarke's move of throwing the ball over to Steve Smith has reaped rich rewards. Mitchell Johnson takes a sharp catch as England sink further. This was a tossed up delivery just outside off, Bell chips down the track, aims to swing it over long on, mistimes it off the toe-end of the bat as he finds Mitchell Johnson, who takes a low diving catch. The bat turned in his hand, a clear indication that Bell did not get hold of that. Bell c Johnson b S Smith 6(19) [4s-1]143/4
56.1FOURLyon to J Root, FOUR, bad delivery and J Root has put that away, short and spinning down leg - Root rocks back and pulls it hard down to backward square leg where there is no-one. Nice way to start the session147/4
56.5FOURLyon to J Root, FOUR, a carbon copy of the first delivery and J Root helps himself to another boundary, really bad bowling this - short and down leg with no protection on the fence151/4
60OTHERJohnson to Stokes, no run, reversing into Stokes, who got forward to defend, got a thick edge, Australia thought it was pad first, but Dharmasena was right159/4
61.4FOURJohnson to J Root, FOUR, superb shot! The slower off-cutter from Johnson, Root stands up tall and punches it through cover. The ball raced away166/4
62.1FOURLyon to Stokes, FOUR, Stokes gets his first boundary - short and wide outside off, Stokes rocked back and crashed the cut past a diving cover170/4
64.2OUTLyon to J Root, out Caught by Haddin!! Root walks! Good catch by Haddin. An unlucky dismissal it must be said. Sharply spinning off-break, Root went back to defend, got a thin edge onto the thigh, it bounced to the right of Haddin who went with one glove and snaffled it. Erasmus immediately put his finger up. Root didn't even wait or consider a review - he just walked off in disappointment. End of a fine innings. J Root c Haddin b Lyon 87(194) [4s-9]171/5
65.2OTHERR Harris to Stokes, no run, pitches around off, shapes across Stokes who is very late with his defensive stroke. Australia thought about it for a while and then decided to go for it. Haddin the culprit again. It wasn't coming back in enough to hit off, so Stokes survives171/5
67FOURLyon to Prior, FOUR, positive intent from Prior - use of the feet again and whacks this over mid-on, hit that very cleanly and a confidence boosting boundary175/5
70FOURR Harris to Stokes, FOUR, a gift for Stokes. R Harris is frustrated and that shows in that act - the yorker length delivery is dug out back to him, he shies unnecessarily and bisects Haddin and the slips. Immediately puts his hand up to apologise181/5
70.2FOURLyon to Prior, FOUR, a pressure release stroke! Comes down and goes with the spin to leg, hoicked away into the vast acres of space185/5
73.2FOURJohnson to Prior, FOUR, that is a fine hit! Short of a length delivery rising high just outside off stump, Prior stands tall, gets on top of the bounce and just guides it backward point and gully190/5
76.3FOURS Smith to Stokes, FOUR, that is a brave stroke. Actually, Smith wouldn't mind him sweeping. That flighted delivery just missed the rough, Stokes hit it well and it raced away to deep square leg196/5
76.5FOURS Smith to Stokes, FOUR, first time England get to 200 this Ashes. Excellent shot from Stokes, just delayed the drive as Smith tossed this up even more, crashed it from the middle of the bat and deep extra was the direction it went200/5
82.4FOURR Harris to Stokes, FOUR, good looking shot. Full delivery just outside off stump, Stokes drives off the front foot past the bowler through mid-on, Siddle gives chase but the ball teases him all the way to the fence208/5
84.1OUTR Harris to Stokes, out Caught by Clarke!! Australia have their man, after a fine knock Stokes walks back. A well deserved wicket for Harris. Fullish and shaping away, Stokes defends away from the body, gets a thick outside edge and Clarke doesn't make a mistake at second slip. Safe as houses! Clarke throws the ball high in the air in joy! Stokes c Clarke b R Harris 28(90) [4s-5]210/6
86.2FOURR Harris to Broad, FOUR, now that is a good hit from Broad. Length down the leg side, Broad holds a good shape while flicking, sends it wide of the mid-wicket fielder and it races away222/6
87FOURR Harris to Broad, FOUR, that is more like it Stuart Broad. Fight fire with fire. Full delivery outside off stump, Broad smashes the loft over mid-off and it goes on the bounce to the fence226/6
88.2FOURLyon to Broad, FOUR, too short and Broad will not miss out on those. Rocks back and punches it powerfully past the diving cover fielder and it runs away to the fence234/6
89.3FOURJohnson to Prior, FOUR, brave pull shot. A sharp bouncer on the stumps, Prior times it very well, keeps it along the ground by rolling the wrists over it and it races away to the deep mid-wicket fence. Johnson has a word with Broad who was congratulating Prior for the shot242/6
89.4FOURJohnson to Prior, FOUR, ho, ho! Johnson is really getting under the skin of these two. Prior didn't handle a short ball all that well, he went for the hook but top-edged it, luckily it went very fine past the keeper. Now Clarke joins Johnson to sledge. All happening out there246/6
90.4SIXSiddle to Broad, SIX, well hit! There are two men out there for the mistimed hook/pull but Broad has timed this really well, gets on top of the bounce and pulls it over the deep square leg fielder, the fielder was a fair way in, then back-pedalled but the ball was always winning the race there254/6
90.5OUTSiddle to Broad, out Caught by Lyon!! Gift! Absolute gift that. Yet another Englishman has given it away. Nice thinking by Siddle. The short delivery is repeated again - but this one had more oomph and pace, head high, Broad hooks it straight to the fielder at deep square who had an easy catch. The trap was set and like a mouse, Broad has fallen into it. Australia just three wickets away now to go 2-0 up. Broad c Lyon b Siddle 29(26) [4s-3 6s-1]254/7
91.1FOURJohnson to Prior, FOUR, superb shot! That's Prior at his best. Short of a length and angling across, punched with power and timing, giving point no chance. The ball raced away - moved back and across and then played the punchy back foot shot258/7
91.3FOURJohnson to Prior, FOUR, now Prior takes on the short ball and puts it away - rocked back and pulled it hard to the deep midwicket fence. Controlled it well and that should give him a lot of confidence. Moves to 40262/7
93.3FOURJohnson to Prior, FOUR, Bang! Even Johnson was impressed with that shot - didn't say a word and went back to his mark as soon as the ball hit the bat. Short ball on the stumps, pacy one too, but Prior absolutely creamed that to the deep midwicket fence, nearly a six - one bounce over the ropes. The sound from the bat was sweet275/7
94.4FOURSiddle to Prior, FOUR, that's fifty for Prior - his 27th in Tests. The Barmy Army and Cook applaud the effort. Another short delivery and another cracking hook - was in the air, but well wide of the man in the deep, one bounce over the ropes four at deep midwicket280/7
96FOURJohnson to Prior, FOUR, cries of 'catchhhhhhh' but that has eluded Davey Warner at third man. Short outside off, Prior gave it an almighty slash, the ballw as in the air, but wide of the man. Another boundary for Prior285/7
96.5FOURSiddle to Prior, FOUR, magnificent on-drive - shows that Prior is slowly coming back into his own. It was full on the stumps, too full in fact and Prior just met it with a firm push down the ground. The timing the essence of the shot290/7
97.3OUTR Harris to Swann, out Caught by Clarke at 2nd slip!! Edged and gone! Swann isn't a happy man, swishes his bat in the air in disappointment after edging that. He could've left that alone - it was well outside off, with a bit of extra bounce, played away from the body and the healthy edge was grabbed near his face by the Aussie skipper. Just two away now are Australia. Swann c Clarke b R Harris 6(14)292/8
98FOURR Harris to Prior, FOUR, Prior meanwhile is batting superbly, that is another top-notch stroke - not that short, but Prior timed the back cut so well that it didn't give third man a chance. Now moves to 67. Can he get a hundred?297/8
98.5OUTSiddle to Prior, out Caught by R Harris!! Prior is gone too now. Well-hit by Prior but he has found Harris at deep backward square leg. The short ball is taken on by Prior who times the pull, but unfortunately hits it too well and straight to the fielder. Harris caught that cleanly and then tumbled to ground. Signals that he caught it cleanly. So Prior goes for a well-made 69. Prior c R Harris b Siddle 69(102) [4s-12]300/9
100.2FOURSiddle to J Anderson, FOUR, somehow J Anderson got that away, short one on the body, rearing up, Anderson tickles it over the leg-gully man, in the air but over the fielder307/9
100.4FOURSiddle to J Anderson, FOUR, if it is pitched up, J Anderson will go after it, times the drive past the vacant mid-on. The ball teases the fielders, but reaches there311/9
101.4OUTR Harris to Panesar, out Caught by Chris Rogers!! Game over! Australia are 2-0 up. Tame dismissal - Panesar trying to drive on the up and presents a simple chance to short cover. Rogers accepts the dolly and throws the ball away. Panesar c Chris Rogers b R Harris 0(7)311/10