ICC Champions Trophy 2013

India vs. Pakistan, 10th Match, Group B

Edgbaston, Birmingham, Jun 15, 2013

Batting: Pakistan

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
1.1OTHERUmesh Yadav to Nasir Jamshed, no run, excellent review by Nasir Jamshed that. It was a short of length delivery that came in a touch after pitching on leg stump, Jamshed was on the backfoot and hit just over the knee roll. Hawk eye says that it was going over the stumps. The appeal from Umesh Yadav was not too convincing as well, and it was quite surprising that the umpire Kettleborough gave it out in the first place3/0
2.3OUTBhuvneshwar to Nasir Jamshed, out Caught by Raina!! Bhuvneshwar gets the first wicket and it is a big one, because Nasir Jamshed is known to score big against India! A short of length delivery that starts from off and nips away, Jamshed pushes at it and gets a thick outside edge, Raina does the rest at second slip. Good start for India. Nasir Jamshed c Raina b Bhuvneshwar 2(9)4/1
5.5FOURUmesh Yadav to Hafeez, FOUR, lovely cover drive. Absolutely beautiful to watch. This was full and outside off, Hafeez reached out and drove it along the ground to deep extra cover, beautiful!13/1
6FOURUmesh Yadav to Hafeez, FOUR, back to back fours. Umesh switches to the short deliveries and Hafeez expects it, rocks back and pulls it away to deep square leg, Ishant ran across from deep backward square but couldn't get there17/1
6.1FOURBhuvneshwar to Kamran Akmal, FOUR, Akmal decides to attack. Not a bad option. Bhuvneshwar starts with a short ball, Akmal takes a step out and pulls it over square leg, Umesh Yadav tries his best in the deep but the ball wins the race21/1
6.3FOURBhuvneshwar to Hafeez, FOUR, inside edge and four! Luck with Hafeez. Short and outside off, Hafeez throws his bat at it and gets a thick inside edge, Dhoni was moving the other way and had no chance to stop it26/1
7.3FOURIshant to Kamran Akmal, FOUR, short and outside off, Akmal goes on the backfoot and cuts it hard past cover, there was a fielder at short cover but he had no chance as it was hit too hard30/1
8FOURIshant to Hafeez, FOUR, wrong line and Hafeez puts it away. Back of length but down the leg side, Hafeez gets some bat on it and glances it to fine leg, 9 from Ishant's first over35/1
9.4FOURIshant to Hafeez, FOUR, lovely batting. Fine leg was inside the ring and Hafeez picked his spot, shuffles across a few yards and clips it off his pads wide of short fine leg, not a bad ball at all - just superb batting41/1
12.1OUTBhuvneshwar to Hafeez, out Caught by Dhoni!! Superb catch that by Dhoni! Bhuvneshwar strikes first ball after the break. This was full and outside off, Hafeez stayed rooted to the crease and looked to dab it towards point but got a thick edge, Dhoni dived across and took it with his right hand inches above the ground. Great start for India after the rain break and it's Bhuvneshwar once again. Hafeez c Dhoni b Bhuvneshwar 27(31) [4s-5]50/2
15.1OUTAshwin to Kamran Akmal, out Caught by Virat Kohli!! Sharp catch by Kohli! This Indian fielding unit continues to impress. This was nicely tossed up outside off, Akmal drove away from the body and got a thin inside edge, it hit Dhoni's pads and then lobbed over leg slip but Kohli was quick to stick out his right hand and takes a sharp catch. Not easy at all, especially because it hit Dhoni's pads. Kamran Akmal c Virat Kohli b Ashwin 21(38) [4s-2]56/3
18.3FOURUmesh Yadav to Shafiq, FOUR, short again from Umesh Yadav and this time Shafiq puts it away. Swivels and pulls it between deep mid wicket and mid on for four70/3
19.3FOURAshwin to Misbah-ul-Haq, FOUR, nicely played, a reverse sweep and he connects well, finds the third man fence76/3
26.1FOURRavindra Jadeja to Shafiq, FOUR, Shafiq starts the over with a boundary. This was a bit too short, Shafiq goes on the backfoot and pulls it to deep mid wicket, no man in the deep there105/3
26.2FOURRavindra Jadeja to Shafiq, FOUR, back to back boundaries. This is clever batting, Jadeja fires it quick and outside off, Shafiq waits back and plays a late cut, uses the pace and runs it down to third man for four109/3
26.4OUTRavindra Jadeja to Misbah-ul-Haq, out Bowled!! Jadeja gets a wicket. His super-series continues. This was fired quick, pitches on length and goes on with the arm, Misbah made a bit of room and looked to defend but the ball sneaked through the gate to hit leg stump. Misbah-ul-Haq b Ravindra Jadeja 22(33) [4s-1]110/4
27.5FOURVirat Kohli to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, buffet bowling from Kohli, the ball slips out of his hand, ends up offering a half tracker, Malik rocks back and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary117/4
29.3FOURIshant to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, the Indians seem to be benevolent in giving gifts for Malik, this was short and wide outside off, Malik gets on top of the bounce and cuts it up and over point for a boundary125/4
31.1OUTIshant to Shafiq, out Caught by Dhoni!! Superb call from the Indians, Ishant and Jadeja in particular. This was a nothing ball to be honest, full and on the pads, Shafiq was looking to flick it away, the ball catches the inside edge of the bat, goes off the pads and is taken by Dhoni diving to his left. He was not convinced about the edge, but Ishant and Jadeja were adamant. Replays proved that they were right. Shafiq c Dhoni b Ishant 41(57) [4s-3]131/5
33OUTRavindra Jadeja to Shoaib Malik, out Lbw!! A waste of a review from Malik. Excellent piece of bowling from Jadeja. He came from wide off the crease, drifted it flatter and quicker, Malik was on the backfoot as he looked to force it away towards mid-wicket, missed and was caught in front of off. Easy call for umpire Gould and the replays vindicate him. Shoaib Malik lbw b Ravindra Jadeja 17(23) [4s-2]
33.3OUTAshwin to Riaz, out Bowled!! Pakistan are crumbling here. Nice piece of bowling from Ashwin, this was tossed up outside off and breaks back in sharply, Riaz was half forward as he looked to defend, the ball goes through the gate, hits his forearm and rattles the stumps. Riaz bags a duck and Pakistan are in some serious strife. Riaz b Ashwin 0(2)140/7
35.1FOURIshant to Amin, FOUR, fab shot, a wide juicy half volley from Ishant, Amin bends his knees and drives it crisply behind point for a boundary145/7
36.2FOURRavindra Jadeja to Amin, FOUR, this is good batting from Amin, comes down the track to a full ball and lifts it back over mid-off, gets enough bat to beat the man running across form long on154/7
37.2OTHERUmesh Yadav to Ajmal, 1 run, on a good length and just outside off, Ajmal pushes it in front of cover, takes on Rohit's throw and makes it as the shy misses the stumps157/7
38.1OUTIshant to Ajmal, out Caught by Rohit Sharma!! Excellent catch from Rohit at cover! This was full and outside off from Ishant, Ajmal went for the big drive, gets it high on the bat and ends up slicing it towards cover, the ball was dying on the fielder, but Rohit dives forward, gets his fingers underneath the ball and completes a safe catch. Ajmal c Rohit Sharma b Ishant 5(16)159/8
38.2OUTIshant to Junaid Khan, out Junaid Khan Run Out!! Another sensational piece of fielding by Kohli. This was full and outside off, Junaid got forward and drove it crisply and to the right of mid-off. Kohli gets across, puts in the dive, stops the ball cleanly and makes a direct hit at the bowler's end. Junaid was struggling to make his ground and was caught just short of his crease. Junaid Khan run out (Virat Kohli) 0(1)159/9
39.1FOURUmesh Yadav to Amin, FOUR, fab shot, handy runs from Amin, short and on the hips, Amin swivels across and pulls it behind square for a boundary164/9
39.4OUTUmesh Yadav to Mohammad Irfan, out Mohammad Irfan Run Out!! Unlucky for Mohammad Irfan, but Pakistan have been bowled out for 165. This was full and on off, Irfan made room and drilled it back at the bowler's end, the stumps came in his way though and saved four runs for India. Amin wanted the strike and was rushing through to the other end. Irfan has a late start and has no chance as Yadav picks up the ball and removes one stump. Mohammad Irfan run out (Umesh Yadav) 0(2)165/10

Batting: India

Over No.Event TypeEventTeam Score
3.2FOURJunaid Khan to Dhawan, FOUR, thwack! Full and wide outside off, Dhawan runs down the track and smashes it through the cover point region, in the gap and it races away to the fence. Junaid has a hint of smile on his lips.11/0
4.1FOURMohammad Irfan to Rohit Sharma, FOUR, perfect timing from Mr Talent. Full and outside off, Rohit gets his front foot moving and opened the face, plays it in between extra cover and point. The ball runs away to the fence.17/0
4.2FOURMohammad Irfan to Rohit Sharma, FOUR, this is actually a very good shot considering that square leg was standing at the edge of the circle. Short and coming onto the face, Rohit gets on his toes and pulls just over and to the right of that fielder, no chance for the fine leg fielder running across.21/0
5.4FOURJunaid Khan to Dhawan, FOUR, this is a replay of the four Dhawan hit in Junaid's last over. Length ball outside off, Dhawan gave himself a bit of room, took a couple of steps down the track and drove powerfully through the cover point region.27/0
6.2FOURMohammad Irfan to Dhawan, FOUR, short outside off, Dhawan gets back and cuts uppishly, but over the in-field, it races away to the square third man fence. Third man was just few feet away, but had no chance.34/0
10.4OUTAjmal to Rohit Sharma, out Caught by Misbah-ul-Haq!! Smart field placement and sharp catch. Flighted up on middle, Rohit dances down the track and flicks uppishly off the pads. Misbah had placed himself at short midwicket and moved quickly to his left to take the catch. Rohit Sharma c Misbah-ul-Haq b Ajmal 18(32) [4s-2]58/1
11FOURAjmal to Virat Kohli, FOUR, this is a high quality shot. Tossed up wide outside off, Kohli gets to the pitch of the ball and plays a square drive past point, there was nobody in the deep and the ball rolls away to the fence.62/1
14.1FOURRiaz to Dhawan, FOUR, cracking shot from Dhawan, slightly short in just outside off, Dhawan crashes the square-cut past backward point for a boundary73/1
14.2FOURRiaz to Dhawan, FOUR, short of length ball and around the off stump, Dhawan looks to slug it across the line but gets a top edge that flies over the keeper and to the third man fence78/1
14.3OUTRiaz to Dhawan, out Caught by Nasir Jamshed!! Oh dear, Dhawan misses out on a half-century. The slow short delivery outside off, it cuts away and it kicks up from the deck as Dhawan cracks the upper-cut to third man, but Jamshed runs back a bit and takes the catch. Dhawan c Nasir Jamshed b Riaz 48(41) [4s-5]78/2
15.5FOURAjmal to Virat Kohli, FOUR, Ajmal drags the delivery short and on middle stump, Kohli rocks back and clobbers the pull shot to long on, Junaid Khan misjudges it completely and the ball goes over his head, bounces just in front of the ropes for a boundary86/2
17.3FOURAjmal to Dinesh Karthik, FOUR, wonderfully done by Karthik, flighted delivery but too full just outside off, Karthik gets forward and laces the drive past cover for a boundary95/2
19FOURRiaz to Virat Kohli, FOUR, scores level, short ball and on middle stump, Kohli swivels and clubs the pull shot to deep mid wicket for a boundary101/2